Monday, 17 November 2014

Tweets June 2014

06'01 "Never had that happen with sex.
I'm very peculiar about my feet being handled, but god-dammit I had shivers head to toe upon reading that."

06'01 "You wouldn't be able to romanticize me into a fictional character anymore lovable than I am to you already, would you?"

06'05 "I'd not thought about that (porn) being the reason for his lack before. I bet you are right.
You are also a smart man, not only sensual."

06'05 -pic* @belkacemi goddess, world... world, goddess.

06'06 @deedragonhunter omg, the omg guy!

06'08 -pic* @muireann59 @OurWorldPhotos @OurWorldPix Amalfi Coast

06'08 "See this shit? Your fucking fault."
don't lay all the blame on me for a Christian culture that throws sex in the dirt in every way possible

"I can turn happy into miserable in the blink of anxiety."
 06'08 @Andee_Stewart @lifessubatomic also the other way around in the blink of euphoria?

06'08 When people ask me how I am I scream in my head like I'm being stabbed then smile and say I'm fine.
@redzillart does that mean you never pose this question yourself to someone?
@cosmopinciotti I usually know how people are without having to ask them.
@redzillart that's it. and empty phrases kill sensitivity... and more.
are you sparing with word in RL too? I'd bet on it.
@cosmopinciotti it depends on who I'm with really.
@redzillart my, my, these are good news! a sense of precision is very appealing to me
@cosmopinciotti I'm sometimes quite verbose.

"What cruelty destroys, kindness rebuilds."
06'08 @SSparklesDaily @redzillart there's this woman cruelly hot who destroys who I am from time to time and it's a kind thing if you think about it

06'07 If you don't lose things in your lap because your chest obscures the view of a lot of it Then you don't know how it feels to be me.
@redzillart get dinghies also lost there?
TWEET "Yeah, we haven't talked in months, but please do go on about wanting to dock your dinghy in my slip."
@redzillart it could be me, but here seem to exist what's called a causal relationship
@cosmopinciotti generally things that start casual end up with them wanting more and me hurting them.

06'06 "Welcome to Twitter @CIA! Honored to host our first joint-conference with you next week." #INTELCON ARTICLE 

"Today – and certainly not for the first time in our history – America's intelligence community is at a crossroads," said CIA director John O. Brennan at the agency's first public national security conference. "The transformational impact of technology and enhanced scrutiny and skepticism of the value, legality and appropriateness of our mission have prompted a re-examination of the work of intelligence agencies, understandably and rightly so."
The all-day conference in Georgetown's historic Gaston Hall, "Ethos and Profession of Intelligence," was co-sponsored by the university's Security Studies Program.

...Citing global issues such as the rise of extremism, territorial disputes and cyber attacks, Brennan said identifying and analyzing information before an event occurs is the CIA's priority.
"While we do not have a crystal ball, we have an obligation as intelligence professionals to look beyond the next horizon to not only highlight key events around the globe, but to explain the forces that are likely to shape those developments in the weeks, months and years to come," he said.
Former FBI director Robert Mueller delivered the conference's introductory remarks.
Mueller, who began his tenure as FBI director one week before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, detailed how the FBI transitioned its priorities to counterterrorism and counterintelligence during the start of his 12-year tenure.

Conference panelists and moderators included U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Bruce Hoffman, professor and director of the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown, Siobahn Gorman, reporter for The Wall Street Journal, John Negroponte, former U.S. deputy Secretary of State and former ambassador to Iraq, and Paul Pillar, security studies faculty member and author of such books as Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy: Iraq, 9/11, and Misguided Reform (Columbia University Press, 2011).

06'08 @Georgetown @CIA of course, Georgetown University... take a deeper look
@Georgetown Jesuits in San Salvador were murdered by SOA's Atlacatl Battalion, trained using CIA manuals.
You are utterly contemptible.

06'08 @CIA about the stunning history of the Jesuits with their today's world-wide cultural dominance too?
although that's of course for eyes only

"Breaking news: My tits are out. I know, I know, are they ever not?"
06'08 @redzillart that's right, let's face it, tits like these can never be not out

06'08 "I need to be made love to," she whispered. it touched me

06'09 @FarikoBrainiac another truth preacher full of the usual militancy. extremists need truth most
@cosmopinciotti totally agree. I am here to explore Yin Yang extremes in life.
11'07 @FarikoBrainiac now, this would be my piety-theoretical approach: TWEET
what's your opinion to that?

"how many more remakes of superhero action movies until we collectively say 'enough, enough'"
06'09 @TheVulgarVag Hollywood is an excellent and therefore preferred place to launder money

"I need to disappear for a while. Or forever. One of those."
06'09 @redzillart aren't you alone on the moon? or aren't you alone enough even there?
@cosmopinciotti people keep finding me. I want the anonymity of a big city.

06'11 -pic* We are disheveled.
@redzillart gracefully though
@cosmopinciotti thanks :-)

"If you have a way with words, you will have your way with women."
06'12 @olievl if you don't know how to feel, you'll have nothing

06'14 "I say it's not necessary, but I still crave it, could cravings really all be necessary?
That would change my entire grasp of the world."

06'14 -pic* @SweetBiAndBi @Pornofilos @nsfwdump servant to her queenly cunt

06'14 -pic* volcanism PHOTO

06'14 -pic* "so hard and good that I can barely suck" TUMBLR

06'14 -pic* good talk position TUMBLR

06'15 -pic* @redzillart yeah, you mean it
@cosmopinciotti yes. I do.

"Do you ever feel like #life has painted a bullseye on your body and that life has a really good sharpshooter whose finger is on the trigger?"
06'15 @deedragonhunter isn't this a pretty interesting question

06'17 es dürfte nicht schaden, ein paar aufgespießte Schrumpfköpfe im Vorgarten zu haben

06'17 @Arteymis @redzillart you mean, good is bad?  
what do you think defines "the heart" actually? what belongs to its "coordinate system"?
@cosmopinciotti @Arteymis I mean good often gives more than they get.
@redzillart not likely. or get bad more than they give? @Arteymis
@lifessubatomic @cosmopinciotti @redzillart Does it matter? 
Good or bad, a heart feels the way it wants as per individual.
@Arteymis does it matter? does understanding matter? you use that term day in, day out. any idea what it means?
@cosmopinciotti @lifessubatomic @redzillart Do you think it matters? Why do you even care? 
My thoughts, my words, my heart, my feelings.
11'17 @Arteymis here is why I must care what the heart really is, instead of just beating around the bush: TWEET
11'17 @Arteymis and I think I've found a first preliminary definition TWEET as foundation stone of a piety theory
11'17 @Arteymis with a satellite-based Hand of God in sight TWEET it becomes crucial to use language in a non-confrontative way.
06'18 @lifessubatomic I wouldn't call this market of the hearts free as long as the whole herd remains that much manipulated @redzillart @Arteymis
06'18 @lifessubatomic and I wanted to know why nobody wants to really understand this most normal and maybe deepest human condition @redzillart @Arteymis

06'18 @MikeSwansson worship of what?
@cosmopinciotti If I have to tell you, you wouldn't understand.
@MikeSwansson or can't you say it in one tweet... do you like to let certain things unsaid?
@cosmopinciotti There is a time for explicitness, and a time for lacunas.
@MikeSwansson absolutely. and it's fun to surprisingly fill some of them with something very explicit
@cosmopinciotti Mhm. Myself, I spend my spare time figuring out what rhymes with The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock.

06'19 -pic* @MikeSwansson freedom through control

06'19 you want valleys? WIKIPEDIA Silver Valley WEBSITE here's where I live: PHOTO | PHOTO | PHOTO

06'19 @DivorceZen the more intense the mental bonding, the more vehement the loveplay

06'19 Radweg 3 Seen von Wallgau aus PANORAMIO 

06'20 @lifessubatomic you massage me with how you are, Jenn, like the ocean massages its shores, like the moon massages the oceans...

06'19 "You work me like bread dough. Flour, Knead and rise. Over and over."

06'19 this is not me WEBSITE

"Torn." 06'19 @MikeSwansson hostile acquisition?
@cosmopinciotti Due dilligence is paramount.
@MikeSwansson well said, Mister Swansson

06'19 @lifessubatomic how could one rely on something fickle as you are!

"What's your biggest frustration in life?"
@OutreDragon My concern for what people think of me.
06'20 @inhumanbeings It's hard not to feel lonely when you hide from people. 
At least that's been my experience. @OutreDragon
06'20 @inhumanbeings @OutreDragon Chameleons do hide, though...
that's the whole point of changing their color – to avoid being seen by blending in.
@inhumanbeings @cnstantstranger hiding was sort of a survival technique for me from a young age
@OutreDragon @cnstantstranger We just need a ton of time alone.
It's more of like if I don't do it, I feel unhealthy and abnormal.
06'20 @inhumanbeings @OutreDragon yes, but I am thinking of hiding more in a conceptual sense – hiding who you really are
@cnstantstranger @OutreDragon yeah. That seems to be a pretty major archetypal challenge for the enigmatic INFJ race.
@cnstantstranger @OutreDragon who would understand any of us if we acted fully out there? 
They'd start burning witches again
@inhumanbeings @OutreDragon This is why we need to found our INFJ colony. Let's go in search of our home planet.
@cnstantstranger @inhumanbeings but imagine how long it would take us to put the furniture together...
06'20 @OutreDragon to not have enough time

"Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul." Picasso
06'21 @luto2space or: understand the dust, and it will turn into something else

"Today I spent five hours at the park watching birds and squirrels and a lone rabbit feasting and frolicking in the grass. It was awesome."
06'22 @cnstantstranger thank you. this helps me to understand why you blocked me

"Good god, why is it so hard to get someone interested in having sex with me? It's the Internet, for fucks sake!"
06'22 @bone_lotus7 it is. TWEET I can have sex with almost anyone. I don't need that.
I want intimacy, passion, and fire. I want the entire world to disappear when I hold you.

"I'm finding it hard to forgive myself."
06'22 @mellifluentm one good reason to crave the destruction of the ego from time to time, isn't it

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."
06'22 @ACommonFemaIe nothing? really?
as if everyone would fight a totally different battle which isn't the case enter the next level

"Tattoos are attractive. I don't care what anyone says."
06'22 @TatooPorn I'm thankful for people tattooing themselves, it saves a lot of time

"boldness is so attractive. but that's a tricky one:
too bold and you look over-eager, not bold enough and I'm bored."
06'22 @mellifluentm resonance can be a squeamish being

06'26 when you can lie about something, there must be some truth...
@cosmopinciotti not necessarily true. oft times a lie is just a lie – complete fabrication.
@shadow_abyss why should one lie without a purpose?
@cosmopinciotti the correct question is: why would one lie without a purpose?
@shadow_abyss have you ever lied without a purpose?
any lie is a political action... in other words, truths have goals.
@cosmopinciotti I do not lie, a simple rule in my life.
however there are mentally unstable people that do lie with no purpose.
@shadow_abyss you declare yourself mentally stable but also love @lifessubatomic who already lies for purposes of entertainment: interesting
@shadow_abyss the original tweet intended the definition: a truth is when you can lie about it
11'16 @shadow_abyss let's face it. truths and lies belong to the same category.
the half-dark of the heart belongs to another TWEET 

"Everyone is all like 'if I could go back in history I'd wipe out Hitler cause he was bad', yet nobody steps up to take out today's evil."
06'28 @Beer4AGoodTime "nobody" that's right.
because you have to understand it completely first, before you can really try to change something...
@Beer4AGoodTime oh, forgot the main part: "Hitler was a baffoon."
if you don't dare to think as big as they do you won't have any chance at all

06'29 "a cosmic equivalent to the human mind" WIKIPEDIA

"Why do we try to define ourselves based on other people? Why does it matter what 'they' think?"
11'17 @OutreDragon is there really such a big difference, regarding this question, between the one or few you sincerely love and the many others?
@cosmopinciotti it's all speculation anyways, since I'm not a mind-reader. :-/
@OutreDragon what makes the difference is if you like to "speculate" or if you hate it, and skill comes with practice: "The Flow of Meaning" TWEET
06'17 @OutreDragon We have our own reality. 
It's helpful to see things through another persons perspective. We wonder if their reality is true.

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