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Redeleted Retweets 25 – 31 October 2014

10'25 -pic* funny owls in the dirt

10'24 -pic* showing some booty

10'24 -pic* wild #Redhead

09'20'13 -pic* Love this dominant position!! Retweet if you would love me to have you like this?

08'14'13 The deviant boys are the ones I play with.
To slake their desperate thirst for submission, they'll eagerly swallow even the bitterest brews.

10'25 -pic* bunt bemalt

10'01 I'm guest posting at @kksorrell's place today! Where I Found God: In the Silence BLOG POST 

10'20 Huge new post: A religion for the nonreligious. BLOG POST

08'12 A difference of opinion doesn't mean an absence of love or respect.

08'12 Just because I think differently, doesn't mean I'm trying to silence you.

08'12 I am free to disagree with your opinion – you don't get to silence me because you choose to take my opinion personally.

08'12 Possessing and expressing a different opinion is not a personal attack. 
Taking it as one only displays the fragility of your own ego.

07'29 This is an amazingly powerful, and beautifully written piece by the incredible @failingjoyfully. Wow. BLOG POST

10'25 @lifessubatomic too much redundancy? too little fresh feelings?

06'20 @failingjoyfully That left me speechless. So right on, and so beautifully written.

06'13 Some beautiful writing from @failingjoyfully on faith and doubt. BLOG POST

10'25 There are two kinds of emotionally dead people: sociopaths and romantics.

10'25 Perhaps we judge the success of a relationship by the longevity of it and that's why we are miserable.

10'24 I have a ridiculous, raw honesty that either scares the fuck out of people or they're like, ok she's odd but I dig her. No middle ground.

10'25 -pic* #SantaMonica #Photography
10'12 -pic* gunmetal-grey beach #Photography #SantaMonica

10'19 -pic* Yes (Is love just a trick of evolution?)

10'15 -pic* Santa Monica minimalism

02'02 If You Can't Explain It Simply, Then You Don't Know It Well Enough. #Einstein

10'22 If you can make her panties wet by just your words, you're doing good.
If it's because she's peeing her pants laughing, even better.

10'26 -pic* #StayHorny

10'23 "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." Carl Jung

10'24 -pic* light being Temet Nosce

10'23 -pic* Kachari Megaliths, Dimapur, Nagaland

10'23 "The dragon is probably the oldest pictorial symbol in alchemy of which we have documentary evidence." Jung

10'24 @AnnieCatten plot twist?

07'23 -pic* Float On... #CosmicConsciousness #Oneness When I stop struggling, I float. It is the law.

08'02 -pic* giraffes take selfies too

06'25 New blog content! Higher Education, Technology, and the Corporate University BLOG POST 

07'16 -pic* Goosebumps on top of goosebumps #yesliterally

07'14 @cnstantstranger Okay. I blogged. I'm afraid I'm going to really piss some people off with this. BLOG POST
07'15 @anaturaldreamer I am all for individual exploration of spirituality. Thanks for sharing your POV. :-)

08'02 @cosmopinciotti @cnstantstranger That God exists without religion? I don't think so.
I believe we are in the dark about how we connect though. I think our core beings are similar, but we adopt false ideas that keep us separate and afraid of each other.

07'16 -pic* My cute little ducky

05'07 "Medieval love poetry was addressed to a mistress or a distant, unattainable idol, not a wife." Camille Paglia ESSAYS 

10'20 -pic* Mars or #Earth? #BlueDot PHOTO 

10'26 -pic* Was hält die Erde davon ab, eines Tages wie der Mars auszusehen? Wir wissen es nicht! #BlueDot

10'24 -pic* #Sahara sand. #BlueDot

10'24 -pic* Im #Himalaya sieht man deutlich den Winter einziehen. #winteriscoming

10'26 -pic* When I lie in my sleep station, my head is only 20 cm from the base of the robotic arm in this picture.

10'21 -pic* This is what our atmosphere looks like most of the time. Makes me wanna dive in there... #BlueDot

08'18 @BhaINFJaan @anaturaldreamer I prefer to avoid thinking of things in terms of facts.

08'18 When you can wring meaning out of anything, it's hard to distinguish which of those meanings are actually meaningful.

08'10 -pic* Music is the strongest form of magic.

10'27 "I felt as if I were my own minority group – I truly do want to know that which I don't want to know."

03'04 You adopt or create a code, and you live by it.
Otherwise, you'll live by whatever happens to wander by. Be a tree, not driftwood.

09'02 Convince me by calling me a fucking idiot AGAIN!

10'27 The difference between me being extremely awkward and overly confidant is a very fine wine.

09'27 Seems like I'm mad at somebody, but I can't figure out who.

08'20 the best way to get over someone is probably with your car

09'16 I want love. Then I remember watching people in love is a like watching skater boys hit a railing and turn their balls into a smear.

08'31 Shut up conscience, not today okay?

09'29 -pic* NEW! Annie's tits repackaged

09'28 It's not that two hours of sleep isn't enough to function on once.
It's when it's every night that I tend to get cranktankerous.

09'28 I try to be positive about the good that can be found and nurtured in all of us.
Today? Not so much.


10'27 It's time for a change. A big one.

10'28 I crouch in that space between the ground and the sky.

10'26 Intimacy is so enchanting to me.
Maybe it's because I've forgotten what it feels like to be so divinely close to someone you love so much.

10'26 Intimacy is like a combination lock, you can't just use any numbers to unlock it, there's a specific formula to open it's true potential.

08'16 Why would I dismiss you for being different? What would I learn if we were both the same?

08'16 I make it a point to write back everyone who reaches out to me.
It might be days later, but I know just how much it means to be acknowledged

08'16 Rather, I know just how much it hurts to be ignored by someone you esteem very highly.

08'17 Only ego defends ego. That which you resist persists.
Presence is being aware of the awareness of the ego which countervails the structure.

"What if we can time travel through orgasm?!"
10'29 @AjnaGyptian fascinating thought.
maybe not through language-based TWEET but dream-like, psychedelic orgasms @lifessubatomic

09'06 Molto interessante. RT @vannisantoni Unified Psychedelic Theory: An INTERVIEW with Patrick Lundborg

06'22 Check out this great INTERVIEW

06'23 "What is needed now and for the future is a Western Shamanism" INTERVIEW with Patrick Lundborg R.I.P.

02'27 Psychedelic Plato: A REVIEW of Patrick Lundborg's vibed out book Psychedelia by @BentonRooks

05'07 -pic* "Psychedelia" A book by Patrick Lundborg. Stoked to read this beast

02'27'13 My REVIEW of Patrick Lundborg's Psychedelia is now published on @PsypressUK

05'14 -pic* Proto-psychedelic mind mapping? Image published in 'Oedipus Aegyptiacus' by Athanasius Kircher

10'27 @irishpiggybank Thank you pet. A naturally occurring weapon in my arsenal.

10'29 Self-loathing is but one of the symptoms. I can show you the perfect reality of your lot.

10'14 -pic* Olivia Curry

10'26 Neuroscientists Find God In Psychedelic Mushrooms BLOG POST 

09'22 What are the benefits of decalcifying your pineal gland and activating your Third Eye vision? BLOG POST

10'09 INTERVIEW by @the_oak_tree with Owsley Stanley, legendary sound engineer for the Grateful Dead 

10'02 Apocalyptic Witchcraft. A New REVIEW by Henrik Dahl 

10'17 Try Backyard Farming: The Double Dig BLOG POST 

10'29 -pic* Your highest calling shouldn't be buying shit, it should be freedom.
Look at this bald eagle motherfucker.

10'29 -pic* Meanwhile, these mountain goats still don't give AF about gravity.

10'29 An old white woman called me an "urban terrorist" for protesting a month ago.

07'02 I like my women like I like my waterfalls: Awe-inspiring, yet terrifying.

07'18 -pic* I look forward to this every single time. The moment when you drop your act and I hear your true song.

10'20 -pic* Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure we're all looking for the same thing.
Why squabble over fictitious divides?

10'16 -pic* Why Is Salvia So Uniquely Terrifying? ARTICLE

10'15 -pic* Newsweek on psychedelics: ARTICLE
Pleasantly surprised to find myself quoted in this fair and balanced article.

10'31 The Prussian Connection to American Schooling pt 4 by John Taylor Gatto: VIDEO 

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