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Outpourings of a Mushroom October 2014 pt 1

10'01 the sheer unimaginable in disguise TUNNEL
"you just mentioned that the mushroom is really important for our country right now"

"I'm talking about the shockwave that precedes eschatology and is modern times, basically. it has been increasing throughout history...the confusion, the amount of contradiction...just the amount of vibration in the system is increasing to the point where it seems that the system is about to fly to pieces"

"the relationship of intellectuals alive today, who are familiar with the state of modern science and that sort of thing, to a question like the existence of extra-terrestrials is approximately in the same place or degree of closure as the relationship of 15th and 16th century intellectuals to the real properties of matter.
in other words, they had only a tenuous grip on the real properties of matter"

"so then consequently we go into our heads and there seems to be the extra-terrestrial. it may be a true extra-terrestrial, but it is odd that it has hidden itself in the place where we expect to find it. and this causes me to assume that actually it's something far more profound than an extra-terrestrial. it's something which to gain our confidences disguised as an extra-terrestrial, because its real nature is so much more devastating than that. that that is the way in which it insinuates itself into our lives so that we can dream of a hegemony of organized intelligence out in the galaxy that we will relate to and be assimilated into"

"Q: are these entities coming from outer space or are they more part of us?

it's impossible to tell. this is the game that you must play with them. it is through dialogue, trying to figure out if this is the previously unseen human psyche or whether it is actually a thing coming from the outside. it is not an easy thing to decide because we are so alienated from self that we don't really know what it would be"

Psilocybin and the Sands of Time TRANSCRIPT

10'01 @JesuitJustice the holy CIA-"Holly Wood" -WIKIPEDIA- mass murder live on world-wide TV called "9/11" is the most blatant and most highly concentrated, concrete expression of the general and deep-seated insanity that's rampant in our Western Christian culture. and I'm not only susceptible to that, folks, I can demonstrate it in detail on pretty much every level with my new intellectual approach.

10'01 @JamesMartinSJ fiat currency for a fiat mentality. Loyola's loyalists only love power

"According to my wife, you are all a bunch of freaks wasting my time"
10'01 @TlaxBoy05 freaky, man

10'01 "when people use beliefs to fill the psychological gaps in their personalities they no longer care about the belief itself..."
@cosmopinciotti @nr1woman I used to do that alot :( Sadly.
10'02 @LoveAnINFJ everybody does "the western mind is a house of cards" and it's not a conspiracy if nobody wants to talk about it, right? @nr1woman
@cosmopinciotti @LoveAnINFJ unfortunately it is ingrained as "reality", as accepted values, and people don't even question why. and then there's of course the psychological society who tells you exactly how you should feel politically correctly
@cosmopinciotti @nr1woman I wouldn't say conspiracy, but definitely something we all push our selves in. maybe it's the natural progression of development. Ouch. Haha. Psychology is my love. 
It's that it's much too generalized. It's easy to find the average.
@LoveAnINFJ @cosmopinciotti psychology seems to be the new religion
@nr1woman precisely. could not find even one scientific institute in the English-speaking world addressing this particular issue. psychology and religion go hand in hand, in my opinion, when it comes to pieties of any sort. 
it's the same mentality @LoveAnINFJ
@LoveAnINFJ @cosmopinciotti again trying to fit people in. if not, take a pill.
most dictators had psychology backgrounds
@nr1woman @cosmopinciotti So where is the line?
I can't assume everything is right in order to be freed from societal norms.
@LoveAnINFJ @cosmopinciotti that my dear you have to find out for yourself (work in progress)
@nr1woman @cosmopinciotti I mean I have an idea for myself, but I wanted to know how you handle it.
10'02 @LoveAnINFJ I think so too. it lies in the very fact that the nature of what we call (the metaphorical) heart has to be romantic. although everybody uses the term, no one can define what "the heart" really is, because making others believe is not only the biggest business at all, the whole rhetorical understanding of language divides everything in truths and lies. the line is from my perspective to believe what seems plausible, but without any kind of blinders. learning as adventure @nr1woman

"Trying to be understood is fucking exhausting."
10'02 @RobotSkeleton69 as long as you consider understanding being some sort of one-way road like preachers and teachers commonly, it has to, naturally
@cosmopinciotti As long as you're attempting to rely on language that can only be deconstructed by your opposites' understanding of words...
10'02 @RobotSkeleton69 main reason for different interpretations: separate belief systems, various schools of thought. what matters is personality
@cosmopinciotti And, thus a demonstration of precisely my point. This conversation, that is.
10'02 @RobotSkeleton69 what do you expect?
the current global education system was invented by Roman priests mainly in the 18th century in Prussia
@cosmopinciotti So you've already come full circle and are making my point for me? Thank you! :-)
10'02 @RobotSkeleton69 you are welcome. it's all about inspiration now with computer communication.
smartypants will become anachronistic evermore

08'07 -pic* #chemtrails
@_WeAreAware_ if this looks normal to you you're a fucking moron @FilmCriticOne
@KidKapam Everything is a conspiracy, look under your couch.
Just kidding, even your couch is a conspiracy, just look at it.
10'02 @FilmCriticOne if it's not in television, it doesn't exist, right, gleeman?
you see it, but it can't be true TWEET @KidKapam

"Closed-mindedness is a disease with no apparent cure in sight."
10'02 @Starlight2112 how about a world trade center for opinions?
a completely new type of international dealing floor. working on it for 3 years now

"Contrails my ass." #chemtrails PHOTO 
10'02 -pic* @_WeAreAware_ they basically put the planet in cooking foil and shout out loud "global warming", "climate crisis", "world political authority"

-pic* "Daily reminder..."
10'02 -pic* @redzillart kill me softly if you have to, will you?
@cosmopinciotti I rarely do things softly.
@redzillart you're such a lioness auntie Zilpha PHOTO 
@cosmopinciotti it's very true

10'02 @Pontifex pure unadulterated madness that gives a meaning to the whole clusterfuck world-wide

10'03 -pic* @DavidNelsonNews @onyxiris babies are the shit

10'03 Your attentiveness turns me the fuck on.
10'03 @KittenEaterrr and people are willing to pay for it
#goddess #worship #bowdown #findom #mistress #heelfetish #underfoot #cuckold
@KittenEaterrr wait, there's more #moneyslaves #humanatms #paypiggies #femalesupremacy #trampling #cockandballtorture "I'm your religion"

@cosmopinciotti that kid has a great laughing smile
10'02 @lifessubatomic this tickle attack made it into the encyclopedia WIKIPEDIA
while K is a lot funnier if he doesn't crack a smile

-pic* "Look at this amazing crucifix that my roommate's parents put up at my new place!" #LoveIt #Awesome
10'03 @ChristumInVia reality feels pretty naked and trivial without these cozy and sexy royal clothes made out of false promises of hate and love

10'03 @ChristumInVia on the level of the soul people block each other, like they do on Twitter. 
this is how it works and why it's not a conspiracy

"The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass, God is waiting for you." Werner Heisenberg (Christian) Nobel Prize in Physic "for the creation of quantum physics"
10'03 @smorozcog boomshakalaka TWEET @CatholicClassy

10'03 @CatholicPrblm "in the world today most people look at the things which are happening in this world and they can't make heads and tails out of it. it doesn't make any sense at all. it's destructive, it's lunacy, it's chaos. but in point of fact, the things which are happening in this world are not chaos at all. it is very well planned, organized and directed." BLOG POST

"While most boys were trying to unhook a bra one-handed, I was trying to unlock her heart with a single conversation."
@KevinDeanGander @2stubbornlymine doesnt sound like a normal 14-year-old thing to do.
Sounds more like a Catholic priest thing.
10'03 @surferaffair @KevinDeanGander this is perhaps why priests are so sexy... TWEET and so surprisingly freaky

10'04 "Hitler is also said to have called Himmler 'my Ignatius of Loyola'." WIKIPEDIA
10'04 @nr1woman "Hitler was a buffoon. Hitler wasn't a writer.
He never wrote 'Mein Kampf'. He never read a book according to Kurt KrĂ¼ger who was Hitler's psychologist."
"I Was Hitler's Doctor" AMAZON
"a fascinating inside view of Hitler's mind"
10'05 @nr1woman the word was coined by Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, at an radio interview on Sep 23, 2007 PODCAST

10'04 "I will harass you if you give me way. it's a thing with me and it bothers people"
I wished you would say something like that... "well, I have"

10'04 "they think you're perhaps pervy or poison to my mentality. you could be too, I do not deny that.
who are you? why does 9/11 strike you so?"

10'04 "9/11" is the corporatist solidaristic system plain-talking... the dark side to Pixar, McDonalds, BMW and Facebook... its militaristic heart

"It's nice to celebrate America's independence from monarchs while forgetting how its populous remains subservient to oligarchs." #July4th
@AbbyMartin Our oligarchs still bow to the queen, and kiss ring of Pope, regardless of religion.
Independence is a myth.
10'04 @NeoPlexus that's how it goes, plain and simple. the so-called New World Order is just the perfected previous world order, which is Roman...

"The human desire for positive self-regard is one of the most fundamental addictions of a broken species."
Stefan Molyneux
10'04 @NeoPlexus My man! Or in the words of McKenna:
"The Western mind is a house of cards, and the people who built that house of cards know that."

10'05 Its details have never really been investigated. BLOG POST
Just hushed up by Zelikow & Co. What tremendous psychological weapon!

10'05 @PedroAnzTorres Christ in Egypt BOOK The Christ Conspiracy @AcharyaS
why they say Jesus to the sun PHOTO

10'05 "the religious institutions of this world are at the bottom of the dirt"
golden moments of clarity PHOTO 

10'05 Samuel Roth and Leo Hamalian TUNNEL 
" the Dark Ages, the Pope ruled the kings, the kings ruled the people.

if the people revolted against the Pope, the Pope would use the king and his armies to suppress the people.

if the king revolted against the Pope, the Pope would use the peoples to overthrow and to assassinate the king.

but when the peoples and some kings realized they didn't need the Papacy anymore, they broke the Pope's temple power. and one of these nations was Sweden"

"it was Pius XII. who brings Hitler to effect, there is no Hitler apart from America, Britain in helping to bring this criminal to power and do what he did"

both quotes from the same podcast TWEET

thanks Cornelia for making me aware TWEET of Samuel Roth WIKIPEDIA and Leo Hamalian ARMENIAPEDIA
I haven't read the Krueger book about Hitler, and I had no idea this could turn out to be a fabricated piece like some sort of The Hitler Diaries possibly.

I'll finish reading the 33 pages of Hamalian's article on once their site is repaired.
"We are sorry for the interruption and will be back online as quickly as possible."

Upton Sinclair seemed to believe the story back then in 1942... REVIEW 

"The book is of first-rate importance if it is true, and of less than no importance if it isn't.
The existence of Dr. Krueger is certified to by Dr. K. Arvid Enlind, M.D., Lieutenant-Colonel of the Medical Reserve, United States Army. Besides Dr. Enlind's preface, the book contains an introduction by Otto Strasser, whose brother Gregor was murdered in the blood purge. At a distance of three thousand miles from New York, the only testimony which I can give is that I wrote to Dr. Krueger and received a genial and convincing letter in reply.
For the rest, one has to depend upon the contents of the book."

Seb. Haffner's The Meaning of Hitler is a good read on this subject by the way.

And I found this BLOG ENTRY about class consciousness and self-concealment for further zooming in on the question of The Fuehrer's holy-hollow theatricality.

"Hardly any other person in history stylized themselves so powerfully, with such nitpicky consistency, and made themselves untraceable even in their own personal details. The view of himself that he had, approximated more closely a monument, than the picture of a human being. During his life he was determined to conceal himself behind it...'He had in his whole life something indescribably distancing'...At the beginning of his political career he made sure that no one published a picture of him, and in this one can see the well-thought out tendency of a confirmed propagandist: as the man whose face was unknown, he made himself an object of mysterious interest."

from one of the over 50 comments:
"The reason the power structure hates Hitler so much has nothing to do with any of the claims that we are all familiar with. No, this hate for Adolf Hitler is rooted in the will of Adolf Hitler. the idea that an ordinary man of the West could motivate a broken people to strength, just by will alone, is as dangerous as gets for an elite...Adolf Hitler, who instead of being the tool of the power structure, became the power structure...So when reading about Hitler the important point to take from his life is not necessary the ideology or tactics like the retarded 'Nazis' do today. The crucial aspect of Hitler that one must learn from him is his will. If we can generate even half of this will, our destruction will be very unlikely."

Unfortunately completely wrong. I mean, one could more probably claim such a thing about Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov who has been a true intellectual, bookworm, and prolific writer, but even he and Stalin were disciples of the Jesuit Order like Napoleon and Catherine the Great, for instance, and therefore always embedded in a mightier organization.

that's all for now, to be continued

10'05 @nr1woman my interim answer TWEET
Clint Richardson –The Corporation Nation– is convinced Bush Jr. only simulates the fool

10'05 popularity 2014
09'23 I really enjoy complaining about good looking people while eating junk food in my pjs. It just feels right.
08'23 I got told today that I didn't really look like my profile picture in real life.
No shit. Why do you think I use it?
08'16 Just completed tests involving fake heart attacks and pretend fainting to see if my cat would find help if I were in trouble. She wouldn't.
@cosmopinciotti What does it take?
10'06 @nr1woman "an argumentum ad populum is a fallacious argument"
which "basic 'if many believe so, it is so'." WIKIPEDIA
@cosmopinciotti sheeps PHOTO 
10'06 @nr1woman there's nothing wrong with that, it's a lifestyle.
and I see myself as a piety researcher, not a con preacher WEBSITE

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