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Tweets and RTs November 2013

05'03'12 My weapon of choice is a loaded vocabulary.

02'03 -pic* Would you fuck me like that? #assup

02'18 -pic* A kiss for her, her and her

03'14 @JeffZander That is seriously the nicest compliment I have ever received! Thank you!
Working on a parenting post now...

05'02 I just tried to log out of Twitter.
My iPhone made some crazy laughing noise and went right back to a refreshed live feed.

05'04 -pic* the beauty of the slit

05'14 "The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue." Dorothy Parker

05'17 My boyfriend on the phone with me at 3AM: "I'm standing outside and there's an eight year old girl eating ice cream and cat-calling me."

05'22 Nearly fell off my treadmill at the gym watching a hot guy jump rope this morning.
Three words: Huge. Helicopter. Dick.

05'25 I think you're suffering from a lack of vitamin Me.

05'27 Another one bites the dust, bye bye.

06'08 Some people underestimate how erotic it is to be understood...

07'12 Intelligence without pedantry. I like that shit.

07'21 I never expected sensuality and myself to appear in the same sentence. BLOG POST 

08'30 He said, "Will you inflict permanent damage on me?" I said, "Isn't being male permanent damage enough?"

09'22 Definitions for #Trivium and #PrussianEducation. The Ultimate History Lesson VIDEO  #PeaceRevolution

10'13 -pic* your vessel

10'13 @Epiphora I think it would be hilarious if it becomes the first thing I ever actually learn thrusting with.

10'22 The Cush Effect. I'm still smiling. :-) BLOG POST

11'01 Peace Revolution episode 077: The Rise of the Surveillance State.
Freedom Isn't Free PODCAST #WorldFederalism #NWO

11'04 -pic* Good to have the Magnificent 7 back!

11'08 -pic* beautifully matured

11'14 Orgasm for dummies: Neuroscience explains why sex feels good ARTICLE #health

11'14 What Makes A Relationship Real? BLOG POST @TBK365

11'14 -pic* pleasure point

11'14 @KinkAcademy @GoDeeperPress so true, I love being a switch.
if you're confident in your dominant side, you can have a lot of fun subing too.

11'15 Stop retweeting stuff you just don't have the balls to tweet yourself.

11'16 "Ich liebe dich." "Komm mir jetzt nicht so."

11'16 "Agnostic" and "atheist" are not different points on the same scale. They're separate considerations.
You can be both (I am).

11'18 -pic* there's pussy, and then there's seriously cute pussy

11'18 eat your way to my heart <3

11'19 The Truth About Bitcoin VIDEO
US Government has just declared that Bitcoin is legit currency, with no plans to regulate it.

11'19 Independent Energy. Joseph Newman (hr 1) Richard Grove, Tarrin Lupo (hr 2, 3) VIDEO/MP3

11'21 Alyson Tyler: I am made speechless (a rarity, trust me) by this REVIEW

11'21 When the conscious becomes the unconscious, you're drunk.
When the unconscious becomes the conscious you're stoned.

11'22 -pic* typical whale problems

11'22 listen I'm not saying I dressed up as a bloody tampon for Halloween.
but if I HAD, this is what I would have looked like PHOTO

11'22 if you missed my segment on @SexOutLoudRadio or want a transcript with links and photos of toys...
it's all RIGHT HERE 

11'22 -pic* good night Ladies. stay wet... wish you sexy dreams

11'23 -pic* gold shimmering cock sword-of-Damocles style

11'23 -pic* men are demigods

11'23 @mellifluentm that's it. exactly

11'23 @cosmopinciotti This is the first time I found Interview With A Vampire and Submissive Lifestyle combined in a same mind other than mine. Kudos!
@devirani123456 THANKS GODDESS. it touches me deeply.
where should these twilight stories come from if not from the erotic realm called kink?
@cosmopinciotti You touched me where it matters most, dear. Indebted to you *kisses*

11'23 "The Jesuits were a despotic organization and they had systematically subverted the French political system."

11'23 I don't think I have ever been blocked. That kind of pisses me off.

11'23 I love people who have to have the last word (when we're not arguing).
Allows me to not freak out about not responding to every email.
11'23 I mean, I respond to emails that need responses, but when it's obvious the convo is over, I can just relax with last-word-needers.
11'23 With non-last-word-needers, I'm always fretting over whether or not I should have responded.
I'm ridiculous. LOL

11'23 Giving a man morning sex is like holding a door for a woman. It's how you know you found a winner.

11'24 Have a hot date tonight!! and by date I mean I am going to alphabetize my comics and dust my action figure collection. Maybe re-pose some.

11'24 -pic* shiny ass addict

11'24 People who like to follow the rules can't be trusted.

11'24 @allisulli "due to the rarity of kind, strong, principled mastery..."
this rarity makes sense in this connection TWEET

11'24 -pic* she wears her passion out in the open, crowned by her flaming glory

11'24 My friend Lisa has her first MFM threesome. Here is what made it special and hot! BLOG POST 

11'24 "We spent three days making out and dry humping like young teenagers, until we finally just couldn't take it anymore." ARTICLE A Time To Heal: Sex After Birth

11'25 "porn women vs real women" ARTICLE

11'25 "the 13 biggest failures from successful entrepreneurs and what they've learned from them" BLOG POST 

11'25 @Red_Sekhmet True but way too harshly expressed.
It's this harshness that's quite like a mirror traitorously reflecting excessive loneliness.

11'26 Just finished two hours of REDDIT Enjoyed it, the time passed quickly, but now I need a drink.

11'26 -pic* rivers of sperm

11'26 @learnnaturallaw now tell me, how could it become that big, that fundamental and universal.
how could it become such a tremendous lie. why?

11'27 @learnnaturallaw nevertheless the most normal thing that there is isn't it regarding social mindsets.
calling that "mind control" is freaky.
@learnnaturallaw absolutely true. but the conditioning makes it normal, standard, and the trivium "doesn't care" about anyone's feelings.

11'27 She loves the way I joke, I laugh, I talk, I smile, and I love the way pizza exists.

11'27 I bet Martha Stewart has an exquisitely manicured vagina with a hint of cranberry and festive turkey feather accents.

11'27 Yes, I am talking about internet censorship in the UK again. BLOG POST

11'27 -pic* by the window

11'27 Why is there no middle ground between hardcore erotica and common pornography?

11'27 @StefanMolyneux and @PeterSchiff debate #Bitcoin and #Gold VIDEO 

11'27 "The desire to prevent 'offense' often cloaks the desire to silence one's opponents." ARTICLE

11'27 "The Danes see both the domestic and personal life as an art form and not every drudgery to get away from." WEBSITE 

10'27 Ageplay is a common theme within the BDSM/Fetish lifestyle.
Age differences either real or imaginary set the stage for erotic adventures.

11'28 "Later I would realize that that uncertainty, the not knowing what was going to happen, was what made the scene hot." BLOG POST 

11'28 Nice vitamin water. I call mine beer.

11'28 @piecesofjade "It's lovely how you've described your emotional journey during this experience thanks for being so open." BLOG POST 

11'28 -pic* juicy cock

11'28 -pic* juicy cunt

11'29 "Shallow men seek gratification from sex. Complex souls understand the value of love-based sex." TWEET 

11'29 "I love prostitutes and I see glamour in their work!" TWEET

11'29 -pic* "This is how you anally fuck me." TWEET 

11'29 If it's dirty, naughty, kinky, filthy, sexy, freaky, messy or just plain wrong, I want it...

11'30 How's it even possible you've lived THIS long and someone hasn't sunk a fuckin' axe into your forehead yet?

11'30 I have not had an orgasm or any manner of sexualised touch since Monday.
I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin. I do not like this me.

11'30 "Sigh. I'm too sentimental to make you a pet dog, bitch. You should know that I love you too much." TWEET

11'09 -pic* for any doubters. see. baby stingray. twins with ravioli
11'13 -pic* a group of baby stingrays. let's all watch me lose my grip on reality

09'15 Soooo good to have my slave in the cage, even if only for a short time.
I'm sure the anticipation is better than the reality for him...

10'08 I'm so horny now. Wish my slave was home to give me a thorough licking.

10'22 Having slave in the cage is one of the best feelings in the world. And in rubber. And steel.

11'02 Slave locked in the cage, harnessed, cuffed, collared and restrained...
It doesn't get much better than this.

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