Monday, 3 November 2014

Outpourings of a Mushroom September 2014 pt 1

09'02 "No message is more important and critical than the exposure of the Jesuits and the Vatican as the originators and architects of the New World Order."

09'02 brain shroom and bleeding tooth fungus PHOTOS 

09'02 whenever I come across the vocable truth, it always sounds to me as if they who use it would be positive that they've learned enough already

09'02 "It's one thing to read books of this nature, it's another thing to understand and apply what you're reading." REVIEW 

09'02 "David McRaney's back-fire effect as the biggest reason for my greatest reoccurring frustrations for much of my life" ARTICLE

09'02 "People are dumb self-deceivers.
I enjoyed and greatly value this gentle intervention by a superior alien sociologist." REVIEW 

09'02 "the very concept of intelligence in our society is way off the mark" ARTICLE 

09'02 "ultimately, you are what you believe you are.
know that your habits are the children of your beliefs" BLOG POST 

09'02 I think, truth could be handled much better, if we consider it a basis of negotiation rather than being some sort of a firm and fixed price.

"There is a kind of meaning to be found in the resonance of your words."
09'03 @jvesdale resonances consist of meaning completely

"No one really knows anyone just by their tweets."
09'03 @PhilosophyMsgs only as long as you don't correspond

"It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind!"
09'04 @nietzschealive @nr1woman opinions belong to the most valuable expressions of one's individuality. if they don't exist, Twitter does neither
@nr1woman whose reflections differ from their opinions? thinking is always based on certain beliefs. you can only get higher the deeper you dig, but does that mean, the stages of this way lose their right to exist? I for instance welcome "lies", because they contain even more "truth". the "dirt" is beautiful... with blooms made of astounding clarity
@cosmopinciotti I like the way you express yourself.
@nr1woman I'm very aware of the fact that you need the ability to inspire on both sides for more in-depth online conversations
@cosmopinciotti And what is your need?
@nr1woman precision
@cosmopinciotti Who are you?
@nr1woman the weirdest of all guests TWEET 

09'03 @cosmopinciotti are you saying I'm taking the wrong perspective regarding my empathy?
@ExistentialINFJ could be. I mean, if that's TWEET not the ultimate superpower to float through everyday life with ease...
@cosmopinciotti LOL I knew you wouldn't let that RT pass.
@ExistentialINFJ yes. but I didn't had that in mind before you've asked this question.
and there's more about it... TWEET
@cosmopinciotti I'll read it as soon as I'm off work.
@ExistentialINFJ you seem "extra environmental" to a certain extent, like the McKenna brothers.
me too! but: I've decided to dig in the dirt
@cosmopinciotti I really am anxious to read this. And digging in the dirt seems to be a reflex for me. I get uncomfortable with comfort.
@ExistentialINFJ no, it's a thought-through concept actually. the practical consequence of a new perspective.
and relax about these 20 memes
@cosmopinciotti that was quite an intriguing read.
In my youth I had extensive experience with psychedelics. They changed me for the better.

09'04 "psychedelics are drugs. they do what they do because we are made of drugs. you can't get more biological than that"

09'04 yes, "9/11" is the spotlight that fell from my sky "Sirius is therefore the star of initiation" ARTICLE
thanks, Avery, for that

"If a person is honest he'll never be satisfied with himself."
09'04 @tolstoysaid excuse me? if honesty won't satisfy you, what else will?

09'05 -pic* @LatexKleding @rubberdom wait a minute. there is a "beyond sexy"? what could that be?

09'05 @shadow_abyss does your notion of "accepting all people" include the possibility to block them?
because that's what you do

"I can't think of any greater demonstration of heart, intellect or wisdom than that of empathy.
I can't think of any greater comparison."
09'05 @campfirelover but don't make it a tragedy over and over again. it could be sexy, you know

09'05 @_PattiM_ I think this girl is quite straight forward TWEET | TWEET 

"It takes me a second to figure you out, it'll take you a thousand years to figure me out." #INFJ
09'05 @INFJThoughts and can you enjoy it? because this sounds pretty desperate to me. @nr1woman

"I hate it when people try to 'read me' and always get it wrong. I'm sooooo not what/who you think I am, TRUST ME." #INFJ
09'05 @INFJThoughts if you can't make yourself plausible, you don't know anything more. you're fishing in muddy waters as well, trust me @nr1woman

"Take the mask off when you speak to me."
09'05 @campfirelover @nr1woman You cannot disguise the way you think.

"To those out there who feel alone: I know the feeling."
09'05 @INFJ_Believer where psychology meets religion...

"The naked truth is always better than someone's best dressed lie."
09'05 @WomenOfHistory I don't think so because in the theatricality, in the scenes or the dresses, you'll find even more than without it

09'06 -pic* @MeetAnimals @kimwilliamz do they all have the same in mind?

"Endless discussions but nobody understands. I'm tired of translating and simplifying. Nobody seems to get me."
@nr1woman what's so hard to understand about your particular condition?
@cosmopinciotti It's not hard to understand, that's the frustrating part of it. Emotions versus logic.
@nr1woman what kind of logic? your own? do you feel differently to your thinking?
@cosmopinciotti No. Business versus friendship.
09'06 @nr1woman like civil law vs canon law?
"UCC – the bible of business on the earth directly based on Vatican canon law" VIDEO 
@cosmopinciotti Yes! Exactly, what I was trying to explain! However, it made me think...
Am I brainwashed by some world order?
@nr1woman "in the end, it's money that rules a nation, and it's religion that rules a population." 
this goes deeper than brainwashing, I believe
@cosmopinciotti I have been saying this for years! Safety in numbers is a lie.

@cosmopinciotti what is your strength? and what is your weakness?
@nr1woman the combination of openness with consistency. my greatest weakness: time
@cosmopinciotti Time. Yes!! And the fragile state of our shell.
@nr1woman you know, a child needs his father, fuehrer/pharaoh, messiah... TWEET I prefer adulthood
@cosmopinciotti I cherish both the child and the adult in me.
@nr1woman in terms of reality awareness you do?
@cosmopinciotti That would be impossible!
@nr1woman what would be impossible?
@cosmopinciotti to go back to the innocent reality I had as a child
@nr1woman cherishing your inner child as a "pseudo-grown-up" has a spiritual dimension from my point of view and it's also extremely popular. so I wonder why you end up having this unfortunate feeling that "nobody seems to get me" like you said. what's the problem here?
@cosmopinciotti It's all about connection.
@nr1woman tell me about it! but either you can't express yourself as good as it's needed or you can't read others as detailed as you want...
@cosmopinciotti Do you get me?
@nr1woman a little bit, I think, but does that matter? important is how you feel about this particular question.
if there is potential or not.
"alphabet" from Erwin Wagenhofer is a perfect example for this kind of cognitive impotence on two accounts TWEET 

06'06 "I take my tinfoil hat off to those who invented this system of social order so many moons ago what a concept indeed" ARTICLE 

09'06 "but there is one attribute these grandiose ideologies have overwhelmingly in common – people take them seriously..." ARTICLE 

09'06 the hidden strategy behind the "9/11" Hollywood mass murder is the undisputed tip of the iceberg. 
the chief corner stone of Christian culture

09'06 "I am free to think whatever I want. the only control I have over this earth is the control I have over my thoughts" ARTICLE 

09'07 -pic* @AnnieCatten or TWEET 39 minutes earlier... respect, Annie! very impressive

09'07 "one of the key components of churchology is a concept called dualism. we have engaged these concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, dead and alive our entire life. these polarizing precepts are so entrenched in our thinking that it is near impossible to see beyond them" Julian Wash ARTICLE 

09'07 "in a war culture you go to 'war' on everything like with most templates of social order, political correctness is just another illusion..." Julian Wash ARTICLE 

09'07 "legends and strange phenomena cling to this hellish, smoke-wreathed landscape..." ARTICLE 

09'07 "the term is a tool" ARTICLE which depends on an even more severe and powerful linguistic tool: truth – the common belief to know

@natalietran sadist identified.
09'08 @vivyenneisepic @natalietran not that she'd shed a tear while raining in someone's parade.

09'08 "in this den, one may never know their true potential. the sorcerer rules in this darkness" ARTICLE

"Other people's interpretations of you are essentially their restrictions. Be careful not to make them yours."
09'09 @TheGoldenMirror @nr1woman you wouldn't say that about people who you do adore, would you?
@cosmopinciotti I'm talking about intentions here.
@nr1woman and I'm talking about potentials TWEET 

09'09 do I polarize too when I argue, @RealAlexJones's job is to polarize first and foremost and to avert the smallest amount of clarity by doing so?

"Why don't we do it in the road?!" 09'09 @DanielleJanof we don't?

09'09 "the middle of the 20th century marked a break in tradition" 
Avery Cardinal Dulles SJ and "the population of hell"... BOOK 

09'10 "government school children are left in the dark about the existence of influential groups with complex social agendas aimed at their lives" The Cult of Scientific Management by John Taylor Gatto BOOK

"If all you meet are assholes you have to deal with, there's a safe bet that you are the asshole everyone has to deal with."
@KirkDiedrich normalcy, truth, personality... 10'03 someone's darling is another one's bugaboo, assholeness is relative. but the more... TWEET  yeah you're right

09'10 "Everyone in our legislative system uses magazines and journals controlled by The Economist Group...
Let me take a quick minute to make it real for you."

09'10 people believe what they think is true The Economist Group WEBSITE

09'10 "heavily influenced by Fabianism are
Ford Foundation
Russell Sage Foundation
Stanford Research Institute
Carnegie Endowment Aspen Institute
Wharton School
and this short list is illustrative not complete.
Tavistock has intimate relations with 30 research institutions in the US"

09'10 "in his essay, Brzezinski called common people an 'increasingly purposeless mass'." WEBSITE

09'10 "the degree of intellectual domination shocked him... the extent...of the strength of the business ideology" ARTICLE 

09'10 "Erwin Wagenhofer's most radical film so far"
"'alphabet' takes a brave step towards watering the educational desert" WEBSITE 

09'11 "people do their best when they do the thing they love, when they are in their element.
the evidence is absolutely persuasive, when people connect to this powerful sense of talent in themselves, discover what it is they can do, they become somebody else" BOOK

09'11 "der Ansatzpunkt liegt für mich in diesem schrecklichen Menschenbild, das immer das Schlechteste annimmt" ARTICLE 

09'11 "unser Hauptproblem ist, dass wir ein so unvorstellbar grausliches Bild von uns selber haben" genau dieses katastrophale Fundament ist aber zutiefst katholisch. Und wer hat das preussische Erziehungssystem entwickelt?
Die Reformer der Kirche: Jesusfanatiker, eingeschworene Priester

09'11 "wir brauchen Menschen, die alte Bildungssysteme richtig zertrümmern und Neuem Raum geben"
Sattelberger ZITAT in "Alphabet"

"Anyone disrespectful to 9/11 will be blocked." #911NeverForget  
"A day that broke America's heart, but made us stronger as a nation."
09'11 @rockthechuck @diddy87B @shot_of_cabo disrespectful to what? the myth?
@rockthechuck @diddy87B in what way stronger? more patriotic? a bit reminiscence of Civil War patriotism?
but what kind of strength is this?

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