Thursday, 6 November 2014

Redeleted Retweets 20 – 22 October 2014

08'19 A car sound system's bass so deep it changes your dimensional frequency and the spirits become visible.

07'11 I'm pretty sure the users have taken over and turned Twitter into something it was never supposed to be.
I like it better this way.

07'09 Relationship Status: My cats look adorable in these baby clothes.

01'03'12 either you like me, or you're wrong

12'18'13 I have no desire to find my RL friends on Twitter, but I'd give just about anything for a way to import some of my Twitter friends into RL.

11'20 @cosmopinciotti Thank you... I wrote today about rape porn/fantasy issues which might interest you. ARTICLE 

11'15 Our TOP 100 SEX BLOGGING a Superheroes of 2013. I owe a whole lotta reviews and posts to deserve this!

10'14 "Denkst du eigentlich öfter an Kekse oder an Sex?" "Schokokekse oder Spekulatius?"

10'19 Es ist Sonntag. Ich weiß gar nicht, was ich zuerst nicht machen soll.

07'21'12 Twitter ist die Herausforderung, sinnlose Scheiße möglichst interessant zu verpacken.

09'13 In dieser Familie, hinten links, kommt man nicht dazu, ja, aber räum es auch wieder auf, einen Gedanken zu Ende, warte ich hol ein Pflaster.

08'30 -pic* Schrappse, 19, ready to Party

09'02 Meine Freunde sagen ich darf nicht so viel über Hurensöhne, Alkohol und Nutten twittern wenn ich mal Lehrerin werden will. Tja. Scheiße.

11'23 Keep your eyes open. Look at me. I want to see them when you cum. 
Focus on nothing else. Just me, my voice, and what I'm doing to you. Cum.

10'20 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Named to Board of Beijing Business School ARTICLE 

10'19 -pic* Welcome your new robot watchdog overlords ARTICLE 

10'18 @lifessubatomic forced into this silky flesh and at your service, my lady.

04'16'13 @ChrisRyanPhD is one of my Top Sex-Positive Recommendations! BLOG POST

11'19 -pic* roses and petite mask

11'22 -pic* You Nailed Me With This

07'21 I'm not asking you to fall in love with me, but perverted lust and obsessive adoration would be nice.

09'22 My goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from. #GoodMorning

11'08 -pic* magic fingers

09'25 -pic* gorgeous Asian brunette

09'08 -pic* breasts and stuff nicely arranged

09'08 -pic* #stunning @xHaydenWintersx DIGITAL DESIRE 

10'14 -pic* in the eye of the tiger

10'21 -pic* @DrNickCampos WOW! this is quite something!
like the epiphany of a deity – better than one could imagine

10'21 *gets bored during apocalypse*

09'15 -pic* getting called a cunt about 30 times tonight is delightful

10'21 Having sex with a @Fleshlight is pretty cool, but you can't strangle it to death after.

09'21 -pic* This weekend is completely BOOKED

10'11 -pic* RT @STRIPLVMAG: @Kayden_Kross sample 2 coming soon in @striplvmag mouthwatering #milf

10'16 From speeding up ships to space travel, compact fusion is closer than you think. WEBSITE #fusionenergy

10'21 I've had enough of this weather. Time to privatise the Gulf Stream. ARTICLE 

10'21 -pic* Mushroom Sculptures by Carsten Holler

08'15 -pic* You change for two reasons: 
Either you learn enough that you want to, or you've been hurt enough that you have to.

10'15 @oc_f1fan @Furiousnurse They're actually more imprisoned than we are.
Impossible to hold us anymore once we've unplugged. They're screwed.

10'15 -pic* Yes...

10'18 -pic* We have splashdown! #LCSDetroit gets her feet wet in the Menominee River! ARTICLE 

09'09 -pic* ICYMI: #LMTeamJLTV Production Readiness Review is complete! We're ready for assembly. ARTICLE via @UPI

07'31 -pic* Theodore Van Kirk obituary. Navigator of the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. ARTICLE 

07'30 -pic* Theodore Van Kirk, last surviving member of Hiroshima mission, dies at 93. ARTICLE

10'15 @SafeAffordable @PositivelyJoan @Furiousnurse it's all about seed freedom STOP corporate control

10'10 @KatyStrssRelief @AmbreJadeNF @HayleeVoxNF @KinkyDivaNF @ReaghanHaide Thank you for the shout-out, lovely!

09'01 @LoriAdorable There's a reason some 80% or more of the books on my shelf about human sexuality are written by sex workers.

09'02 @BlackEyedMaya Absolutely! I'm just digging into The Feminist Porn Book – The Politics of Producing Pleasure right now myself.

09'11 -pic* May you find the secret to serenity and know the peace that is found in the comforting embrace of calm.
09'11 @introspektre Yeah, it's a good reminder to me that I need to make sure I set aside adequate quiet time to write and clear my mind.

09'15 -pic* The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: a human creature born abnormally sensitive. #HSP #INFJ

10'16 @DaveGrigger *bows ceremoniously*

10'14 I was beginning to get discouraged, but I may yet reach my goal of writing a song this year.

10'14 @FarikoBrainiac @INFJoe Relax, the parties are on different nights! I'm not THAT crazy. lol

10'11 I see rain through my window but in my heart it's a blue sky sunny day.
@cnstantstranger I have the opposite :-( Need to learn how you do it!
@Elise_ium I'm sorry to hear that. :-( I don't think we have much control over these things.
@cnstantstranger I believe it's a choice.
But it takes a lot of strength to make a choice to see things differently than they appear to be.
10'11 @Elise_ium Well, yes, I think we can choose which attitude to adopt.
I can't control the emotions I feel, only how to respond to them.

10'20 I find such a hot and swollen kingdom within the woods

10'20 -pic* Mmmmmm coffffeeeeee

10'20 Pay attention to the gentle waves in the collective unconscious.

07'08 I have been inspired, motivated, moved and lifted higher by strangers on Twitter than all my friends on Facebook. Different worlds!

05'10 -pic* It's the vibrations that emanate from you people feel...

07'03 -pic* #mbti #compatibility

07'03 -pic* #mbti #talents

11'11'11 Feelings are sometimes difficult to discover. Yet hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth.

06'28 Lesson learned today: eye contact is the catalyst of all social interaction.

10'21 "the corporate environment is poison to my soul"

"My best kept secret is my playfulness and my silliness." #INFJ
@LoveAnINFJ Who makes you hide them?
10'21 @cosmopinciotti just myself. I'm a pretty reserved person when you first get to know me.
If I twerk in front of you, the trust is real. Haha
@cosmopinciotti do you actually go back that far through tweets or do you have an app that does that? :-)
10'21 @LoveAnINFJ I'm jumping through the Tweet Tunnel.
@cosmopinciotti ahh. I need to try it out.
@LoveAnINFJ "I'm to myself, yet give so much.
I'm like a dam which lets a few small streams flow, yet breaks to release it all." makes sense

06'30 Now is the time for introverts to take back their self-worth and wear their introversion proudly.

06'30 It is to get my worst fears, emotions, thoughts out. So Fuck it. This is me.
There is a nice shiny unfollow button. :-)

10'22 20-minute parent-teacher conference that could've been summed up in one sentence:
She's smart as hell and lazy as fuck. That's my girl!

10'21 Men of Twitter, you know the women of Twitter talk to each other right?
10'21 @countryclubhell I know!
I hope you lovely ladies keep spreading the word about how polite and charming and fucking awesome I am <3

10'05 -pic* Leann Chan

08'17 -pic* @milanicosmetics flamingo pose, you have my heart...

09'25 I'm a bloguer, I have a blogue

08'30 @martin1975 @RDGluck ceux qui prétendent qu'on peut toujours "trouver de l'aide" et qu'il suffit d'en chercher n'imaginent pas non plus...

08'30 I admit, I desire, occasionally, some backtalk from the mute sky.

09'22 find it so upsetting that #NotInMyName has to exist because of others' inability to avoid generalizing others

10'14 Was given a new nickname today: Kristin K'il'ling.


10'22 Loving you has got to be like the devil and the deep blue sea

03'06'13 -pic* Do I look like I mean business?

03'10'13 An intelligent response to two recent sex-negative articles that hit mainstream media about BDSM. ARTICLE

11'26 -pic* Sums up it quite well :-)

10'16 -pic* Where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic

09'23 -pic* Turns out that dragons are real and they come from South Africa (Latin name 'Smaug gigantaeus')

10'21 -pic* redhead in sauna

10'16 I found my identity in something that I am not

03'11 You don't deserve what you don't respect.

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