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Outpourings of a Mushroom October 2014 pt 5

10'17 you can't make a show about sex that's intelligent TUNNEL
The day when Robin Williams died, Cerea Lynch on Christopher Ryan's Tangentially Speaking PODCAST 

79:39 Chris: not that I'm an expert on any of this, but my advice would be, don't do anything unless you have creative control.

Cerea: exactly, yeah.

Chris: I mean, just this morning, I met with this guy over breakfast to talk about potentially doing a show about sexuality. and the reason he captured my interest is that he's got a plan where we would own everything.
and, you know, I think, if it's gonna be about sexuality – precisely because the culture is so fucked up around these issues – if you let any executive have any control, they're gonna make a mess, you know.

Cerea: right. they'd turn it like into a circus show.

Chris: yeah, it's gonna be sleazy... I met way back at the beginning – I don't know if I've told this story on the podcast before – but one of the very first people I met with about the possibility of doing a TV show – this was like two years ago – was one of the founders of HBO, and he was one of the guys who did the REAL SEX thing.
and he's no longer with HBO, he got like a 300 million $ buyout, you know, one of those guys. 

and so I met with him in his office in New York, and he looked at the package I had...and all that stuff, and he said 'yeah, okay, well, you'll get on TV, and this looks good, and I like the episode summeries.'
but he said 'this will never work because your concept's wrong.'
'so what do you mean?'
he said 'well, you can't make a show about sex that's intelligent.'
seriously, that's what he said. I say 'what do you mean?'
he said 'if it's about sex, it's gotta be either like dry scientific professor talking about insect penises, or it's gotta be sweaty bodies slapping together, there is nothing in between.'
and we got into, you know, a respectful argument and I said 'I think you're wrong.  
I think, that's exactly what the culture's hungry for right now.'

Cerea: and what it needs! totally.

Chris: anyway, and then he said 'name me one feature film in the last ten years that was about sex, one good film!'
and luckily I thought on one. I said 'American Beauty'. you've seen that? it's a great film.
and he said 'oh, it's not about sex.' dude!

Cerea: wasn't everything about sex, except sex, which is about power?

Chris: well, the other line is 'everything is about sex, except sex, which is about everything.'
that's an old psychologist quote."

exactly the same phenomenon like "9/11" – if I may add – the global strategy behind the murderous, volcano-like eruptions of skyscrapers in New York City live on TV. they'll either show you the most serious respectabilities plus popular screen gods and goddesses or the most crazy "conspiracy nuts" and doomsday prophets and nothing in between. the basic principle of civilization is still untouched till this day

10'17 @cearalynch @ChrisRyanPhD greatness in action. both of you.
I have transcribed the best part: TWEET thank you very much!

@cosmopinciotti "a gallery of different selves" – never thought of it that way.
So the goal wouldn't be to unify them, but just to coexist?
10'17 @OutreDragon no idea, it's new to me either.
but The Tao of Holding Space and a symbiotic use of language seem to be very close to each other
@OutreDragon "Self-hatred and self-love are equally self-centered."
it could be "the wonderful complexity of the self" needs a wider context
@OutreDragon in the sense of this sort of listening, I'd suggest TWEET Parker J. Palmer QUOTE let it flow...

"Today-9/11: REMEMBER those killed.
May we all stay vigilant and angry-united to defeat those infected w/the disease of Islamic extremism."
10'17 @MIntensity angry-united? forget it!
all believe what they want to believe, don't they. the question remains however, what do they really know?
Tell me, are you a pro-"9/11" man, Mr. Intensity? TWEET by cosmo.pinciotti@gmail.com or use DM if you want

10'17 "each person's equivalence, identity and integrity...when we learn how to listen more deeply to others, we can listen more deeply to ourselves"

10'17 "different methods can work in a given situation but what matters most are the beliefs of the facilitator"

08'07 @DanielMezick sure it can be controlled. because the complexity is only relative to the simplicity of the minds trying to make sense of it. create a simple enough system and fill it with even simpler minds, and you will keep them puzzled for ages. that's what magicians do
10'17 @DanielMezick complexity's the sharpest weapon in the hands of any plumber of piety. 
it's a shame how Terry McKenna ignored this simple fact

10'17 new rules of engagement ARTICLE "agility, focus, and convergence: the future of command and control"
"using robust networks"

10'17 "you should run your startup like a cult. here's how.
no company has a culture, every company is a culture..." ARTICLE 

10'17 @ChrisRyanPhD "the whole world begins to remember" "the veil is thinning" "breathtaking"
"beautiful, true healthcare" VIDEO 

10'17 "Despite being Freud's English publisher and, by virtue of the imperial status of the English language, his global popularizer, Woolf rarely mentions Freud in her letters or journals."
Daryl Ogden: The Language of the Eyes BOOK

10'18 @ChrisRyanPhD Himmler and Hitler were staunch Catholics. and the so-called Holocaust was based on the Christian belief of a Jewish world conspiracy
10'18 @ChrisRyanPhD "Soviet communism was from the beginning as much a religion as a political project" taken for granted BLOG POST 

"My two most popular tweets... Vastly different vibes going on there."
10'18 -pic* no, they obviously belong together. they do even depend on each other...

10'18 sex is not me just wanting you... wanting to fuck you – no.
sex is me wanting you wanting to fuck... As! Fuck!

10'18 "What I'm about to say is fact. The secret organizations of the world power elite are no longer secret" VIDEO

10'18 Allen Greenfield: Secret Rituals of the Men in Black BOOK | BIBLIOTECA Pleyades 
"Sex is the route to power. Scarlet women! They are the secret to the doorway."

10'18 @BDGarp what makes a mystery, a myth always a little bit more interesting? a controversy...

10'18 "My first rule: I don't believe anything the government tells me. Nothing. Zero.
And I don't take very seriously the media or the press in this country."

@cosmopinciotti makes me wanna go walking the woods.
10'18 @lifessubatomic as if this little fellow wants to be the sun
@cosmopinciotti His dreams lie in the fantastic. There too they shall die.
10'18 @lifessubatomic perhaps he is or was a sun... from a galaxy far far away. subatomically enchanted
@cosmopinciotti no, not that. but I may pick up aspects of craft again
10'18 @lifessubatomic he just came home after the job was done, okay?
every mushroom has been a celestial body once, in case you didn't know that.
@cosmopinciotti *in case I didn't know*

10'19 this is the finest coconut oil that I am aware of PRODUCT
smells, tastes and feels really exotic. aromatic, fresh, intense...

10'19 "Best. COMMENT. EVER."

10'19 you're welcome to blow my mind as hard and as long as you wish to

10'19 "Communication as ever, is key. Tactful communication!" BLOG POST

10'19 "the truth just punched me in the gut like a bag of oranges in a mob movie.
I'm looking for intimacy. connection..." BLOG POST

10'19 @lifessubatomic shocking revelation after 500-2000 different sex partners:
"I'm looking for intimacy. connection." TWEET

10'19 "it is not 'looks'...it is the brains, imagination...a touch of vulnerability:
something real and fragile...deep within" BLOG POST

10'19 "it hurt. both of us. and you know me – my vagina is not a wimp. so I was offended" BLOG POST

"I love when someone stronger than me, more logical than me, and who had power over me, controls me and quiets my mind."
10'19 @mellifluentm precisely the same what "the sheep" think of their "shepherds" on the big scale

10'19 "The more you talk, the more I want to get bent over."
@cosmopinciotti not so very poetic
10'19 @lifessubatomic "if you'd let me free, you would take freedom away from me"
"a desire brimming like tears... ready to flow at the first jab"

10'19 "You are apt to know anything about me whether I tell you or not...you probably gauge my reactions in ways most people are incapable of."
@cosmopinciotti Are you digging ditches?
10'19 @lifessubatomic you mean like trenches? nothing could be further from the truth.
"My nipples won't stop being hard and tingly this morning."

10'19 "Where is my show of love today?! Bitch, where are you?"
@cosmopinciotti In the bottom of my coffee pot.
10'19 @lifessubatomic "the longer I bottle lust up biologically, the more sensitive I become to your words...and this runs through the whole body"

"What is real, what is fake, and what is make believe?"
10'19 @JustTashie make-belief is a real thing. "let's say that an emotion is grounded if it involves a belief which is true" Gregory Currie: The Nature of Fiction BOOK 

10'19 "the word 'Egypt' is a Greek word...nowhere in all of Egypt is there one single word written about a pyramid...nothing!" Jordan Maxwell

10'20 "It's fine if you disagree with me" @KintheHay A Roll in the Hay ABOUT ME

10'20 "It possesses me, and exorcizes itself out from me at the same time.
Oh sweet complexity, how twisted, and completely apt."

10'20 @OnlyFastEddie and love's crucial to life generally...
o it would always be a pretty fucking crazy situation according to this, with or without love

10'20 "Words allow you to use your imagination as to what the characters look like and put your own spin on the scene."
BLOG POST "Guess if you don't have much imagination... it's pretty rubbish!"

"The future is mental, figure it out!
If the mind does not loom large in the future history of this species, then what the hell future is it going to be?! I mean, this is our crowning glory!"

for Terence, the biggest part of a human being is his fantasy, his powers of imagination. I think so too.
consequently, what you need most for spectacular intercourse is a solid and iridescent cocknitive connection.
this is the key

10'20 I care about intensity. The more intensity, the more intimacy. The higher level wins the match. COMMENT

10'20 "It's clear that if you're not paying for a service, you are not the customer – you're the product." ARTICLE

10'20 "Social TV Market is set to take the television industry by storm as television manufacturers are betting big money in this technology. There exists a diversity of players in the Social TV ecosystem, as the industry is open to experiments and is witnessing many tie-ups between broadcasters and social networking companies.
While some broadcasters are amalgamating Social TV within their own platforms, there are many, who are integrating Twitter into their Social TV platforms for enhanced custom experience and participation. Industry players such as BBC and CNN, on the other hand, have signed deals with social networking players such as Facebook, as social networking companies are aggressively trying to venture into this space." REPORT 

10'20 "Everyone says that social television will be big.
I think it's not going to be big – it's going to be huge." Ynon Kreiz, January 2011 WIKIPEDIA

10'20 "I'm sure if the police asked them for my tweet history they'd turn it over in an instant...What's to 'work on'?!" COMMENT

10'20 "A copy of everything you said or shared, every photo you posted, every friend you made, all safe in a personalised library on your computer forever...See your story unfold...SocialSafe automatically organises your social network activities into a living journal...Every time something is added to any one of your social networks, it will be added to your SocialSafe...What you do on...social networks is very personal. It's who you are...SocialSafe brings everything together...It's your story, own it." WEBSITE

10'20 "We found that the best way to search old tweets on Twitter is through Snapbird." ARTICLE
#diggingtools #consistency #TwitterArchive

10'20 "You are responsible for your words wherever they appear."
how to access your old tweets: ARTICLE

10'20 @OutreDragon You access them... carefully... and then you delete them, ha! ARTICLE
I'm using the #TwitterArchive. It's great.

"The most courageous thing humans do is try to love"
10'20 @allisulli come on, this is ridiculous.
if love was such a courageous thing, people wouldn't do it. that's just another kitschy thing to say

"Everyone has blind spots and filters. Claiming you don't is disingenuous."
10'20 @OutreDragon precisely. and what's needed is some sort of "blindspotology" or "piety science"... which doesn't exist. not even rudimentarily

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