Saturday, 8 November 2014

Redeleted Retweets 23 + 24 October 2014

10'11 Bat shit crazy is just regular bat shit with a Twitter account.

09'21 reaction from a walrus after getting a fish cake

10'15 An 18 y.o. Told me he'd "Twitter bang" me outside his dad's law office.
So, yeah young boys are becoming classier. I had to google "it".

10'16 @creamhorner_ Thanks for the unfollow notice.
I'll have a ceremony for the loss, as your opinion is of tremendous importance to me XOXO

10'19 -pic #foxy

10'20 -pic* I'm not that. Well... everything but the hopeless romantic part.

10'22 -pic* Lunch break: interval training.
@AnnieCatten they are truly fucking majestic so royally illuminated and, most notably, in the light of your mind
Interval training sounded never as sexy as it does right now, I swear.
@cosmopinciotti there's a lot of sweating and panting and bouncing.
@AnnieCatten stop it! I'm not up to your brilliancy, temptress. don't make me smell your heated flesh driven by ravishingly naughty intentions
@cosmopinciotti whatever do you mean? Stop what? I'm completely innocent. *batts eyes and bends over*
@AnnieCatten don't! fuck! don't let your sweat gather at your nipples and then let it drip down from there!
visible, wilfully, and irresistible
@cosmopinciotti slick and flushed pink.
10'23 @AnnieCatten it's official now: your sweaty breasts are my newest fetish. they're full of psychedelic magic. universal, extensive, forceful.
@cosmopinciotti they'd make a nice sound when smacked.
@AnnieCatten I'm sure they would be very convincing as a spectacular sound machine when used in the right rhythm... and with the right energy.

10'19 The only person who can get away with calling me "doll" is @stuffshethought
the rest of you are risking life and limb.

10'22 Dance break brought to you today by the letter B for bounce. PANDORA 

10'22 Dude, tacos. And other things I say to my dog like she's a person.

10'21 My subconscious: I'm gonna go smoke whatever I find in my pockets.

10'21 Me: I've left my demons in the eyes of people who created them in me. 
I have issues, but I relinquished my grip on the pain.
Her: deep shit

10'01 Redheads have to be dealt with gingerly...

10'19 When people start to argue I always suggest a thunderdome battle, because I'm a professional like that.

10'19 I'm "turned my head and all my vertebra cracked from base of head to mid back" level of tense.

10'18 My panties say "I love to read" just in case you needed to know my level of sexy nerd.

11'28'13 -pic* "It is not enough to conquer. One must know how to seduce." Voltaire

"Society is unprepared to deal with problems mostly because it is unified in the systematic creation of them as a byproduct of individualism."
@Feenohmenal in the sense of "don't look for meaning, that's a trap"? because that's what you've retweeted.
@cosmopinciotti I don't actually keep track of each RT in the sense of Twitter doesn't have that much meaning to me.
10'23 @Feenohmenal you mean, Twitter as some sort of clueless playground?
a place for brainstorms and jokes rather than coherence and consistency?
@cosmopinciotti Haha! Never.
@Feenohmenal so the retweet has more weight than your own tweet.
that's why my question, that's what I wanted to know.
@cosmopinciotti Ah, I see. My words are more representative of my walk, but I covet a different experience.
10'24 @Feenohmenal people can be brought into line individually as well as collectively through repetitively advertised, complex belief systems
@cosmopinciotti Yes, which is shit, I'll agree.
I'm keenly aware of my own pathology, precisely why I replied the way I did.
@Feenohmenal excellent! very astute.
to really cure myself, I believe, I have to understand the pathological core of civilization as a whole
@cosmopinciotti The self-actualizing psyche is alive, yet The Social Contract restricts that manifestation.
So, who is free then? Are you?
10'24 @Feenohmenal a little bit. if the most important place for freedom is the mind, you need a way out of the labyrinth. I think, I've found one

09'10 @georgeW_kush420 @marihuanero247 a 2 at 10 is a 10 at 2

06'29 -pic* #weedporn

06'24 -pic* "I said NO to drugs. That's why I smoke weed." RetWEED IF YOU AGREE...

05'23 Henry Ford's Hemp Car ARTICLE
hemp plastic panels said to be 30% lighter than a steel car and 10 times stronger? #Ford #hemp

05'13 -pic* Ford's #hemp car Suppressed as per usual.

10'01 Eventually astronomers will make contact with a planet and that planet will send a message back that says "fuck you".

10'06 -pic* probably my favorite photo on the internet

10'10 Don't get too cocky there, fancy pants. I know who you did last summer.

"Some people expect you to defend your actions, based on their opinion of them.
Now, why in the fuck would you bother to do that?"
10'23 @Feenohmenal are you always as livid as you're in your tweets?
it's really funny compared to a diaphanous being like TWEET 
10'23 @cosmopinciotti I was born with a mouth full of venom and a head full of psalms – quite the predicament.
I fight myself to the death, daily.
@Feenohmenal yeah, right, the usual suspects, learning the hard way, I understand.
that's it! the whole idiocy of this culture in a nutshell
@cosmopinciotti Certain things can be learned only by experience. Telling someone to write doesn't teach the skill. Repetition does.
10'24 @Feenohmenal and the urge to understand things deeply.
or an unrealistic worldview endows you with eternal distress TRANSCRIPT
@cosmopinciotti  It's absurd to call society "idiocy" based on personality, shaped by my worldview/experiences, of which you have no insight.
10'24 @Feenohmenal the idiocy is the discrepancy between reality and implanted beliefs, which is typical for the Western mind and the main problem

"Cunt in the streets. Kitten in the sheets. Shut the fuck up. These are the streets, asshats."
10'23 @Feenohmenal these are the streets? really? what a shame

09'10 Your 'poetry' sucks. Yes, YOU.

10'21 Twitter is full of amateur comedians, poets, and photographers. You all suck and need to JUST STOP. Cunts.

08'25 I'm getting trolled hard this morning. Good thing I know how to report, block, smoke weed and move on. Cunts.

08'14 I don't trust people who sneeze quietly. Deceptive cunts.

08'15 The crazy people on Twitter aren't those who say they don't give a fuck.
The crazy people on Twitter are the ones who talk about love.

10'09 There are like 25 of you sick fucks on here that are the reasons I can't ever leave this mind-sucking shit hole. I love you guys.

10'07 people who seem like undiscovered libraries

10'07 The fight is minute by minute. It always has been this way for me.
I've destroyed many addictions this way. 60 more fucking seconds. Done.

10'07 I finally gave up on being with my soulmate, Trent Reznor.

10'07 The terrifying reality that many women seek my advice in real life. I help them.
Helping myself is much more difficult.

10'17 MIT launches Laboratory for Social Machines with major Twitter investment ARTICLE 

03'09'13 -pic* @BryanCranston tell me what you think!

08'09'13 As we near the final 8, I'm overwhelmed by the art that BrBa spawned.
Check out @MikeRobinsArt an amazing sketch. VIDEO

10'13 -pic* RT When You See It

02'03 -pic* that's one theory

05'16'13 140 characters because it's not your fucking diary.

02'17 -pic* Ornate, Paris, France

10'24 -pic* tired and unamused

10'23 Him: your eyes are the window to your soul...
Me: and your zipper is the window to your fun parts
Him: *cough sputter*

10'23 Everything you need to know about me you can learn from The Secretary.

10'24 -pic* @AnnieCatten your sweat glistens like body oil this time, and where others refer their prayers to the anointed one...

10'13 Reading up on Energetic Boundaries so I can help my empath daughter hone her superpowers... AMAZON

07'29 @TBK365 It is the whole Prison Industrial Complex. There are reasons. Interesting ARTICLE attached.

07'29 USA has more people in prison than China?? SERIOUSLY? VIDEO 

02'20 My TED talk is up! If you like it, please rate, comment, and help spread it far and wide.
Let's go viral, baby! VIDEO 

08'09'13 "The U.S. government, in its rush to spy on everybody, may end up killing our most productive industry." ARTICLE 

12'20'12 An evolutionary analysis of the pick-up techniques described in The Game, by Neil Strauss. ARTICLE

08'27 Them: you're so hot. Me: feel free to come up with something new.

08'24 @cosmopinciotti You are special

07'30 If education is ever against your beliefs, then your beliefs are hiding something from you...

08'24 The most important thing he taught her was herself

07'29 "@VVanGone: They say the wings of a butterfly can start a hurricane and she's living proof." I like this.

10'24 The squeamish always unfollow when I get violently horny. Bless them. 
They'd be super terrified to know me in real life.

10'24 I had no idea that a person could live this long without sexual interaction.
I wish someone would beat me up at least.

05'20 -pic* Selfie

04'17 -pic* When people ask me why I make such an effort I feel like this

08'23 The aching tenderness in his touch completely undid me, left me totally vulnerable... #13wordstory

08'18 For people who don't like people, you're quite a chatty bunch.

08'21 @redzillart "when you touch yourself Jesus cries. <3 mom"

"I am burned out on the virtual. Give me real, tangible, face to face connection."
08'19 @cnstantstranger (The irony of tweeting this is not lost on me.)

09'02'13 Thunder and lightning. Nature at its sexiest.

05'09 -pic* perfect face sitting

"Sure, you can pick my brain. I'll warn you though, the last guy pretty much wiped it out."
@Feenohmenal What was the crucial point about him?
10'25 @cosmopinciotti He showed me new things, made me think in ways I had not, created a hope I hadn't felt since adolescent naivety.
@Feenohmenal extremely inspiring, I assume. not to say phenomenal... and the disappointment?
10'25 @cosmopinciotti Some live for theory, others experimentation. 
I am disappointed if the passionate for either is unwilling to try both.
@Feenohmenal I see. You're very good at nailing things.
I crave intensity like a junkie, meaning, I live for understanding experiences deeply.

11'17 -pic* Beautiful! Good morning Amelie

10'24 -pic* She's mad but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire.

10'23 True love isn't found. It's built. #FoodForThought

"What does a woman want? A straight fucking answer."
11'23 @TheCaraSutra Oh yes, any day of the week!

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