Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Redeleted Retweets 12 – 17 October 2014

10'10 -pic* sexy jeans biatch

"What is more rewarding than spending time with people with whom you feel more fully yourself, or more heartbreaking than never doing so?"
10'10 @moonlightbaby struggling with this right now too.

07'24 -pic* @piersmorgan @karindarnell @_JaydeTaylor @Hockeyroos @AusComGames omg love it!

10'12 -pic* What Sunday afternoon was made for. Cheers.

10'11 @AcharyaS great work

08'10 -pic* spikes vs lips

"How terrifying it is to not know how much of yourself is purely you and how much is socially conditioned into you"
08'05 @ThePatanoiac @bellan0va How terrifying it is when you realize all of your best conversations die unheard because they're with yourself.

10'06 -pic* My sis can grow gardenias

10'12 -pic* Good morning to read Aldous Huxley in the hot woods in only a flannel and high socks

05'07 Some Want It Hard BLOG POST 

10'06 -pic* tied up foot

10'07 -pic* Sometimes I take pics of my morning hair because damn.

10'08 They call it a cock because it wakes up before you in the morning.

10'09 -pic* I did the grapevine on the treadmill for a mile today...
And then ran 4 miles on a hiking trail. On my lunch break.
10'12 @AnnieCatten it surely would be fascinating to rummage around in the depths of your soul with the sensorium of a curiously demanding dick...

10'08 Running is great for making myself so tired I don't jump everyone's bones.
And giant sweaty tits are fun to slap. Maybe it's not working.

10'10 -pic* Causal Friday? Jeans? Yay! Welcome to titty city.
@AnnieCatten visual artistry at its finest... this pretty surface of decency – so fragile

10'13 Be excellent to each other.

10'13 -pic* pygmy goatee

08'13 The essence of knowledge lies in emotion, not thought.

03'28'13 My favorite hobby. Learning the #Trivium. Thanks Jarett Sanchez! BLOG  #TriviumBinder ARCHIVE 

08'09'13 Conversational-Centered Leadership BLOG POST 

04'05'13 learning at the edge: the future of dialogue, new contexts, the Creative Arts WORLD CAFÉ #constantcontact   

04'27 John Buck, co-author of We The People. Consenting To A Deeper Democracy explains #Sociocracy to Jim Rough. VIDEO 

03'31 MANUAL for Jim Rough's Dynamic Facilitation Method

12'14 A fascinating conversation with Jim Rough recorded in Austria earlier this year.
His work has inspired Wisdom Council. VIDEO 

04'15 Center for Wise Democracy WEBSITE

04'15 Wise Democracy – Jim Rough on Wisdom, Choice Creation and Dynamic Facilitation VIDEO

09'29 Collective Wisdom Initiative WEBSITE 

09'25 -pic* another excellent visual narrative via @kelvy_bird. changing mindsets, changing behaviours

10'13 @AnnieCatten your wet breasts are a true feast for the eyes #FetishPotential
@cosmopinciotti any wet breasts or just mine? ;-)
@AnnieCatten yours especially. they are GLORIOUS. almost a bit Too Real already!
@cosmopinciotti when I'm running they seem to hypnotize people.
@AnnieCatten #GlamorousEntities

"Ran 4 miles cross country with 25lbs of extra weight"
10'13 -pic* @AnnieCatten and it is not only the sight, the glossy moisture, you know, but also the heat, the energy, the achievement, the pride, the joy

10'14 Massive Female Energy PHOTO | PHOTO | PHOTO 

10'13 Sometimes when I'm alone and it's quiet I whisper "I love you" to the empty air so my lips don't forget how to form the words.

@cosmopinciotti Why this one?
10'12 @Diana_M_Joice the ultimacy with which you crave a man's touch who's able to drill himself through open flesh right into your head and heart
10'14 @cosmopinciotti Under his penetration lies a longing. For death. A death from a mediocre existence into the ecstasy of surrender.
10'14 @Diana_M_Joice soulgasms... the notion of resurrection through a series of maybe life-changing sex acts seems very spiritual, almost occult.
@cosmopinciotti What makes you think that? *curious*

10'14 Barrett Brown, American journalist faces 8.5 years in prison WEBISTE #Anonymous #FreeAnons #FreeBB

11'28'13 I put the 'again' in vagina.

11'22'13 -pic* "I should just make my cunt real slippery so that I could play 'GLIDE' on this hunk's sixpack." #KillerBody

10'13 Cruelty is in the eye of the beheader.

10'08 watch Alain Ducasse's new chocolate factory: created w/ the willingness to get back to the roots of #chocolate making VIDEO 

09'30 I'm surprised that sociocracy feels so "obvious" and natural but with so many non-traditional ways of running an organization.

09'30 Sociocracy is influenced by Quaker meeting practices, cybernetics and Nature.
The core values are transparency, effectiveness and equivalence.

05'07 One difference between democracy and #sociocracy is that minorities cannot be bullied by majorities.

08'03 @TheMistressVee Even your hands are carved from the heavens, Mistress. #MrGrey

08'04 I care about you... with the purpose of what you can do for me. 
It's not merely cruelty. It's evolutionary efficiency. #topofthefoodchain

08'03 @AllForPrincess Well, it is true that I am better than anything else in your life.

@TheMistressVee That statuesque and delicious body is pure power... #mrgrey
@TheOnlyMrGrey You have an excellent eye, Mr. Grey.
@TheMistressVee You should see the rest of me.
08'03 -pic* @TheOnlyMrGrey How very cheeky.

10'17 The moment is the space where the future and the past coexist together.

05'08 -pic* You love it when I take control. Fucking love it.

05'12 I breathe vibrancy into the mundane. WEBSITE #mistress #findom

05'12 Complacency, mediocrity, weakness... these are dirty words to me.

05'12 I have sovereignty. Therefore, you owe me. Don't fuck with the laws of the universe. TUMBLR

05'12 Transcend the boring and based physical routine of sexuality. 
Embrace the cerebral stimulation of a true Mistress. #mistress #findom

10'02 -pic* Oh little locked slavey's, yes I am going to ruin your orgasms. #findom #femdom #chastity #milking

10'02 -pic* Classy little princess taking you deeper and deeper. No return. #cuckold #Dominatrix #Mistress #slave

05'11 @lostlittleboy82 One would have to be well educated, cultured, and devastatingly wealthy. 
And even then I would just use you for furniture.

05'11 This is the principle of financial domination. 
Want me to take my clothes off? Go to a strip club. Want sex? Call an escort.

05'11 Rather, you give me money and in exchange you receive the pleasure of... paying me. #findom #mistress

05'11 For clarity's sake... I will never have sex with you for money. That would make me your employee.
I am not your employee, I am your Dominate.

10'13 -pic* I uploaded (downloaded to #Earth) the last images from #EVA27 #spacewalk. See them on FLICKR 

10'08 -pic* a perfect #spacewalk by @esa astronaut @Astro_Alex FLICKR 

10'09 -pic* Great perspective of aspen #trees in this photo by Nickie Altamirano FLICKR

09'25 When in doubt, create more options.

10'11 -pic* The road from #Moscow to St. Petersburg. #BlueDot

10'08 Deep space is like regular space but more distant, emotionally.

09'23 The Art of Powerful Questions: Catalyzing Insight, Innovation, and Action SCRIBD

10'17 @cnstantstranger @tinadico Dennis Merritt Jones: The Art of Uncertainty.
How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It BOOK

09'23 Harrison Owen speaks about Open Space and Self-Organization VIDEO #openspacetechnology #tedxtalk

09'23 Beautiful video showing the steps of an Open Space VIDEO #openspacetechnology

09'23 Chris Corrigan – The Tao of Holding Space BOOK #openspacetechnology ARCHIVE 

10'12 -pic* #SuperTyphoon #Vongfong is enormous even on a global scale. #BlueDot FLICKR

09'24 simple but not easy: What creates the magic of Open Space? BLOG POST #sgber #sgberwomen

10'15 Do any of you grammar policia get tired of my refusal to end questions with a question mark.
Does that bother you. Why.

10'10 The Crumbling of #Christianity BLOG POST

10'03 @_Hermit_Thrush_ @RichardDawkins That's disappointing. This means that there is only one type of 69ing.

10'07 #infj Great PODCAST for INFJs or people who want to understand them. from @PersonalityHack

"New resolution: I will stop apologising for my feelings"
10'08 @OutreDragon I am in full support of this resolution.

10'04 I'm excited to be participating in @PersonalityHack's #intuitiveawakening program this weekend!

03'25 @RichardDawkins I am praying for you, Richard.

10'17 "Belief is no adequate substitution for inner experience." C.G. Jung #quote #Jungian

10'17 More people died from asbestos poisoning post-9/11 than died from the government sponsored attacks on the WTC. #WatchLooseChange

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