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Outpourings of a Mushroom September 2014 pt 4

"Now I see that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family's heart. #Mulan"
@OutreDragon imagine you had (or "worked on") a "family" that would be able to do this TWEET  from the get go...
@cosmopinciotti these things are already solidified. Decisions made long ago. Nigh impossible to change mid-stream.
09'26 @OutreDragon wasn't meant as word of advice or even as another opinion, but rather as a confirmation in the form of a conceptual conjunction

09'24 @TonySobrado refreshing to see conspiracy rhetoric finding itself lined up alongside other ideological paradigms. it's fun to watch how theories produce beliefs.
but if it's all about perspective, why are there no piety scientifical faculties who would deal with opinion makers of all sort? because this is the biggest business at all? I mean, "is there a theory of theory making?"

@TonySobrado @ABC the reason I call career journalists the worse politicians: they make themselves the propagandists of a system that they don't even try to understand really. if "9/11" is a lie, pretty much everything's theater also. imagine all the implications.
09'24 I'm aware that you cannot discuss this topic openly, even if you wanted to.
see it as reminder of your lack of consistency

09'19 "Monsanto Woos Mommy Bloggers" Modern Farmer WEBSITE
09'27 "The company is fond of using language that's commonplace in social media circles like 'join the conversation', 'creating community' and 'engagement'." ARTICLE 

09'27 empowerment means deconditioning TWEET from the programs of a neurotic culture TWEET
and not an ego trip

"Stop taking Twitter so seriously and you might actually have fun with this place. There, I said it."
09'28 @AphroditeAfter5 this is absolutely out of the question

"Feel like my skin is humming. I'm only offering rough things."
09'28 @redzillart together with your sweat TWEET eroticism at its finest, top class!

"Laughter is important." "I do like to watch a man writhe." "I like to be covered in joy."
"I danced in a cage last night." "I'm frequently on high burn."

09'28 -pic* just 5 more miles...
@AnnieCatten seriously, sweating suits you. you're looking sexier than ever
@cosmopinciotti I run every day. mostly so I can eat a lot of cake

09'29 the single human soul as a reflection of the world soul TUNNEL
"we can transform ourselves no more quickly than we transform our language. 
and the way we transform our language is by really pushing on the envelope of the act of communication.
you know, the caterpillar in 'Alice in Wonderland' says, 'say what you mean and mean what you say, I do.'
and this is the thing: a search for a clarity in a new domain of language.
Rupert's notions revision causality. that means, induct you into an entirely new way in which things happen...the models that Ralph is working with show that the world is not an engine running down toward a heat death, but a tremendous kaleidoscope of unpredictable, creative, open-ended activity on every level. I mean, it's really a dazzling, kaleidoscopic vision...but we're seeing it on the screens of computer simulations of this mathematical domain, that is also the neural domain, that is also the social domain, that is also the eco-planetary domain.
this is not err. this is not mysticism. this is the real facts of how it is, how the world fits together.
it fits together through the infusion of its invisible soul. the mathematical and field-oriented structures that make it into a whole, a cosmos, in which we are living and which we can find our way in, if we will open ourselves up to this image. see ourselves as microcosmic reflections of this macrocosmic order. the soul of human beings as a reflection of the world soul. and then building of a modern vocabulary to describe and revivify these things and hopefully make it the world into a better place"

09'30 "psychologists actually have started calling ugly people those with severe appearance deficits"

09'30 @lifessubatomic "Clinton might be full of shit but at least he lets you know it" George Carlin
"I call this piece 'Advertising'..." BLOG POST

"Anything You See In Any Magazine Ever Is Fake."
09'30 @officialjaden "the media are almost literally exploding with bullshit...sitting right at bullshit junction" TWEET

09'30 George Carlin – 40 Years of Comedy TUNNEL
"America's leading industry is still the manufacture, distribution, packaging and marketing of bullshit.
high quality bullshit. world class designer bullshit, to be sure. hospital tested, clinically proven bullshit. but bullshit nonetheless.
and it always amuses me that so many people seem to think that bullshit only comes from certain sources.
you know, advertising, politicians, salesmen... not true. bullshit is everywhere. bullshit is rampant.
parents are full of shit. teachers are full of shit. clergymen are full of shit. law enforcement people are full of shit. the entire country is completely full of shit. in fact, this country was founded by a group of slave owners who told us that all men are created equal. that is what's known as being stunningly, stunningly full of shit.

and I think, people show their ignorance when they say they want politicians just to be honest. what are these people talking about?! if honesty were suddenly introduced into politics, it would throw everything off! the whole system would collapse! and I think, deep down the American people know that. the American people like their bullshit out front, where they can get a good strong whiff of it.
that's why they re-elected Clinton. listen, Clinton might be full of shit, but he let you know it. Dole tried to hide it: 'I'm an honest man.' bullshit! bullshit! people don't believe that shit. Clinton said, 'hi, I'm full of shit and how do you like that?' and the people said, 'at least he's honest. at least he's honest about being full of shit.'

it's like the business world. all businessmen are completely full of shit. just the worst kind of people you could ever want to run into: businessmen. and the proof of it is, they don't even trust each other! they don't trust each other. when a businessman is negotiating a deal, the first thing he does is to automatically assume that the other guy is a complete lying prick who's trying to fuck him on the deal. so he has to do everything he can to fuck the other guy a little bit harder and a little bit faster.
and then when it comes to dealing with costumers, that's when they get a big smile. that's when they get a big smile. a businessman always has that big smile on his face as he carefully positions himself directly behind the customer and unzips his pants and services the account. 'we specialize in customer service.' you heard that? now you know what that means. whoever coined the phrase 'let the buyer beware' was probably bleeding from the asshole.

then you have advertising. advertising is the businessman's cheaply dressed two-dollar blow job. advertising sells you things you don't need and can't afford, that are overpriced and don't work. and they do it by exploiting your fears and insecurities. and if you don't have any, they'll be glad to give you a few by showing you a nice picture of a woman with big tits. that's the essence of advertising: big tits. threateningly big tits. and speaking of big tits, what about show business? show business – completely dishonest, corrupt and full of shit. but in a nice way...then you have the media. not just the news media, let's include them all.

the media are almost literally exploding with bullshit. because they're located right at the crossroads of all the other bullshit. the media are made up of equal parts of advertising, politics, business, public relations, and show business. these people are sitting right at bullshit junction. there's enough bullshit in the media for Texas to open a branch office, and you still have enough left over to start two law firms and a christian bookstore.
because folks, I gotta tell you, when it comes to bullshit, truly major-league bullshit, you have to stand back in awe of the all-time heavyweight champion of false promises and exaggerated claims: religion. organized religion. it's no contest. religion easily, easily has the best bullshit story of all time. think about it.

religion has convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky, who watches everything you do every minute of every day. and the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn't want you to do. and if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place of burning, and fire, and smoke, and torture, and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer, and burn, and scream, until the end of time. but he loves you. he loves you.
he loves you, and he needs money. he always needs money.
he is all-powerful, all-present, all-knowing, and all-wise, he just can't handle money. religion takes in billions and billions of dollars. they pay no taxes. but somehow they always need money. you talk about a good bullshit story... if I may be permitted a small pun: holy shit!"

09'28 "I still don't believe that the people who deal with consciousness realize how mutable consciousness really is." TRANSCRIPT

09'30 I think of it as a kind of god TUNNEL
"the real controlling modality on the planet is never visible and it is this group mind. 
it controls the release of ideas into history by designating certain people as geniuses, and if there's a certain type of imbalance, a certain kind of religion will arise to collapse that kind of imbalance...I think the whole consciousness movement that has evolved over the past 20 years is an attempt to map, verify, and open a dialogue with this thing, which is the other that we call the alien, but it is actually the over-mind of the species. 
it seeks this dialogue and it has been waiting all these millennia for us to essentially come to a point of intellectual maturity where we did not then require messiahs, religions, and these various crude interventions into the human experience that keep us from destroying ourselves"

Q: this is all what Jung called the collective unconscious? TRANSCRIPT

"right. but he painted it as a very passive kind of thing. more like a databank or a place where all myths and all memories were. I think of it as a god, a kind of god, and I think, it’s active in three-dimensional space. it can be active in something as personalistic and circumscribed as a string of coincidences, which you experience and seem to be turning your life in a certain direction that you may not have expected. or it can be active in something like the worldwide phenomenon of flying saucers. flying saucers are nothing more than miracles, and they occur essentially to bedevil science, because science is a human institution that has arisen in the last 500 years that dreams of displacing the over-mind without ever realizing that it exists. science dreams of this place of preeminence, but science creates alienation, species survival problems, and all of these things"

09'27 @GnosticMedia you still believe the trivium is everything, don't you. since about five years now. and that mind control has to be a conspiracy

09'27 @GnosticMedia wouldn't want to fight things which I haven't tried to understand. that's not the sort of stress I like. TWEET

09'27 @GnosticMedia what if I'd still call you a conspiracy theorist despite the fact that these secret networks manipulating our culture exist...

08'16 PODCAST "Researcher and operator of GnosticMedia.com, Jan Irvin, joins THC to discuss his long history of researching psychedelics, the work of John Allegro into the mushroom-fueled origins of Christianity, and most importantly the vast array of CIA sponsored, false prophets and mind control marketing programs of the counterculture. According to Jan and the sources he's found, these false prophets include Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, and many others. You decide!"

Kevin: That was a wild one. I imagine that was pretty uncomfortable to do, then edit, then post, but I think it's good to hear an interview go off the rails every now and then. And even though that was tense, it never really went totally off in the weeds.
That's what keeps the alt-media so much more interesting than the main stream pre-processed and packaged programming that's available through the cable box.
Obviously Jan is an "intense guy".
Is there one absolute way to interpret past events? Can things that happened 1 year ago, 10 years ago, etc... be known with absolute precision? Even the best documented events are filled with contradictions and gaps of data.
I don't see how any researcher, who is always uncovering more and more information, and evaluating their beliefs on a daily basis can have a really strident view on any of these freaky-deeky subjects.
Anyway, these topics are more or less ways to interpret our lives and make sense of the world as best we can, as a counterpoint to the mundane orthodox history/philosophy.
B. Tucker: Okay, Jan talks over people, and can be a bit aggressive in situations which should probably be a little more casual – sure. But don't let this dissuade you from looking at his research.
He's also been the subject of some online abuse from people who are taking it to a pretty personal place while not looking very closely at his material, so the nerves may be a little raw, and the frustration and stress levels a bit high.
I personally do not think the McKenna "confession" is as unambigious and damning as Jan, but this is but a small piece of the puzzle he (and several associated researchers) have assembled.
Then, of course, we have the work of Dave McGowan. These people are not swinging at phantoms in the night. Something important is going on – something that most people missed – and we ought to carefully consider the connections they're making.

Gregory Moore: I was disturbed by the way "feminism" and "socialism" were both somehow framed as complete fabrications created by a shadow government. That story disregards the real history of genuine people struggling to make their communities better. Both of those words are attached to real live international movements that are all too alive and real. Just because Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA does not mean that feminism is a CIA creation.
The feminist movement is a long and deep tradition with many many variations. Irvin brushes the whole thing aside with a shockingly flimsy argument about guys making radios and stuff for women. He dealt with the whole subject with unwarranted contempt. I am super interested in learning about the way CIA and other government departments get involved in politics and popular culture. It is really a fascinating subject. This guy made me mad though.

Doug: I actually thought you got more clarity out of him than most interviewers with him that I've heard. I am grateful for this information to go over. In one sense it feels this conversation should have been a whole lot less awkward. But on the other hand there is just something to love about this episode. I very much cherish it and thank you for being such a great host.

Clare Russo: I love your show so much Greg! Your style is always so refreshingly honest, funny, and humble in the most original fashion I've ever seen.
Your topics are outrageous and fascinating. Jan was essentially the polar opposite to you. Whilst he did have some interesting points, it became so distasteful listening to them thanks to his repugnant, contemptuous attitude. Even when you tried to change tact and ask him about health he still couldn't be professional. He sounds like a very bitter, sexist and therefore ignorant, pompous jerk-off! I must say it was entertaining listening to you try to be the professional in this awkward situation! Love your work and your passion! Clare from Australia!

Veneer: Mr Carlwood, I'm relatively new to your show and have enjoyed the handful of episodes. Your caveat in the intro was totally unwarranted, as I found this your most interesting interview to date. Jan is an intense guy who doesn't suffer fools. I mean this with all due respect, but Jan schooled you (if you listen to the entire interview a 2nd and 3rd time I think you'll agree). Sure his delivery is a bit jarring, but the info was solid. A good understanding of the work of Dave McGowan and Henry Makow would put Jan's seemingly disparate views in proper perspective. He was basically detailing the elite's full spectrum dominance via mastery of Hegelian dialect.
Of course McKenna espouses some very attractive doctrine, and rat poison is 95% sugar. However, it does seem that the elite abandoned whatever plan they had in store for the "psychedelic" movement, which mutes the power of Jan's convictions now 50+ years later.

Alb: I'm just a new guy listening to your podcast. But man, that 'guest' was horrible. What an arrogant creeper.
I'll be sure to avoid his pompous style from now on, whether it's here or elsewhere. Talk about lack of communication skills.

PK: Wow. Just wow. Jan was confrontational simply for the sake of being confrontational. Good for you for hanging in and not backing down. But that was rough to listen to (through no fault of your own).

Dusty Rockets: Whether you agree or disagree with what he's saying, this interview just showed me that Jan Irvin is a RUDE, RUDE man and I don't do rude. You don't cut-off or talk down to a person who is kind enough to bring you on their show and give you their ear. Sorry Mr. Irvin, I'm not going to read any of your work or even visit your website because I don't support YOU. If someone NiCE tells me the same things... I'll absolutely listen to them.
Kudos to you, Greg!! You handled that way better than I ever would have.

Margaret Bar: Dusty,
I have listened to Jan for MANY years.. he does have SPOT ON information, especially on the trivium. Your knee-jerk reaction to Jan's admittedly "paranoid" and hostile defensive reaction is not sound. Do not "shoot the messenger". You need to definitely study the TRIVIUM and LOGICAL fallacies... it is one of the most productive and important things Jan has in his work... I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it.
Just shutting down and saying because you didn't like Jan's defensive and admittedly rude reaction later in the interview is not using your brain. You are just then as reactive as Jan seems to be. HE has solid research in many areas and while I respect that research I will admit I do not agree 100% with all of Jan's conclusions and assumptions and beliefs about the evidence. He does appear to insinuate that basically all the 60's bands were consciously aware of their collusion and participation in the "downfall of society" which I am sorry, I find complete bullshit. At most they were influential DUPES, but that is it.
and one more thing. There are a lot of "NICE" people telling you LIES all the time. They LIE to you but they are doing it in a NICE way.
Yet someone who is telling you TRUTH might say it a bit too loudly
or you don't like the way they look and so you ignore the truth based on their presentation. YES, Jan has unfortunately adopted somewhat of a defensive stance over the past few years and it is turning folks away, BUT DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!
You need to check out Mark Passio's WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING podcast!

klantee: It seems to me that if this guy had his way, no one on earth would be allowed to believe what they thought themselves unless it was he who told you it was TRUE! A total shame really, as the context of what he was actually talking about seemed really interesting to me as a uninitiated on the subject of psychedelics. But credit for letting this one loose as on one hand it gives us your listeners some understanding as to the real personalities of some of these alternative researchers possess. This in turn helps decide whether to invest in the work!
But on the other hand, maybe an idea to shelve these episodes for a Xmas special so to speak.

Harold: All this guy wanted to do is tell his point his way and would not listen to your thoughts or ideas on what he was trying to say. He kept saying you were interrupting him and would do the exact same thing – over and over.
I think if he would have listened to you more and responded to your questions – he might have more effective with his points, instead he sounded like a preacher in church yelling fire and brimstone from the pulpit – telling you his points and nothing else could be correct.

David: Either his way or the highway. This really makes it difficult to get on board with anything he's saying.

The Chris Brake Show: This is the second episode I've listened to of the Higherside Chats, and I gotta tell ya... I love it! You should have more guests on that you argue with. I'm serious! John

Cosmic Creature: Psychedelic comes from the words Psyche – the human soul, mind or spirit – and the Greek word Delos – evident – or Deloun – to show. "to show the soul/mind"
Psycho, or rather psychosis, is also derived from the word psyche and Osis – abnormal condition or derangement. "abnormal condition of the mind"
Yes the words are related but not in the way Jan insists. He reminds me of an asshole version of John Nash.

08'31 "@RE4SON: @HighersideChats What are your thoughts on Jan Irvin?"
That his rudeness and lack of social grace ruined our interview.
Ricky: @GnosticMedia has no social skills, and what he considers solid evidence of #McKenna's link to CIA is humorous. great job keeping your cool Greg and dealing with Jan's inability to wait for his turn to talk.
John: he became hostile any time he was challenged. couldn't defend his claims at all. still a good interview.
Jan: what I find humorous, Ricky, is people who look at the evidence and ignore it VIDEO
he ruined the interview, won't study either. Greg had the info on feminism and McKenna but speaks from emotion and refuses to study. spreads disinfo.
Ricky: we know about link between CIA and LSD, but your "evidence" for McKenna being CIA is a speech full of sarcasm. you preach the Trivium, then come up with conclusions and sound so sure without any real solid evidence.
ever think maybe he was trying to be funny? why is that not a option? doesn't seem like critical thinking.
Jan: What's not solid evidence? Did you even review all of the evidence? Terence's admission is primary. I have thousands of pages of evidence... obviously you've studied NONE of it. WEBSITE
Of course I considered it. Ever think he was telling the truth? Why are you arguing that he's lying? Try to look at just some of the ON SCREEN documents: VIDEO 
Ricky: When your best piece of evidence could possibly be just sarcasm I'm not looking at 1000 inconclusive documents.
Jan: Unfortunately, your "could be" is not supported by the evidence – the several quotes of the FBI/Interpol chase. As well as the fact that the quote is from a recording at a CIA organization, and he's PR – like the others. 
Prove that he's lying when he says he's in deep background and PR – "the less said the better". Joke? Really? 
Also explain why his CIA, FBI and court records are all classified, and why ALL of his records are missing. 
You're also free to study his background... his connections to many agents: WEBBRAIN 
Carlos: "personally, that was the first time I've heard of you and have actually started to look into what you say.
I like exploring"
Twittus Maximus: "Very weird, he undermined his argument by his demeanour and came across as a double disinfo agent himself!"
09'27 @GnosticMedia Terence studied a lot of things deeply, the control system as such – "all culture is a kind of con game" – was never really an object of his interest

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