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Outpourings of a Mushroom October 2014 pt 4

10'12 "Wendepunkt in der Kulturgeschichte zwischen mittelalterlichem Denken und neuzeitlicher methodischer Forschung" WIKIPEDIA

10'12 "Blake glaubte, dass...die lebensverneinenden Religionen der Welt und damit auch die rechtgläubigen Christen in Wirklichkeit Satan anbeteten." WIKIPEDIA

10'11 "then you begin to have a theory of what the psychedelic experience is"
"Understanding just falls through the phenomena of the world endlessly."

10'11 "because we're not used to pouring the energies of cognition into articulate speech...honest straight talk that draws from as deep as it can"

10'12 "We need a new language. And in order to have a new language, we must have a new reality." TWEET

10'12 @Diana_M_Joice the vigorous effect of your language, your thoughts' poignant poetic thrill is so enormous because your mindset hits the mark

10'11 A Woman's Craving BLOG POST via @Diana_M_Joice

10'10 Dorothy S. Becvar: Handbook of Family Resilience (Springer, August 2012) BOOK

10'11 -pic* @Astro_Alex this is what Germans do when they don't play football

10'12 Speculations in vacuo TUNNEL 
for your information, Thomas,
I'm not a McKenna apologist like he has been an apologist of "father" Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ.
Terence had no idea of Roman British Maritime Law, no idea of how monolithic this corporate system in fact is. no idea that socialism and solidarism rhyme with Jesuitism. he called culture a kind of con game but did not try to investigate and show how it works and operates in particular. especially on the level of the soul and the heart!
he speculated in vacuo basically. which means his work has no more weight or, let's say, has the same weight for me as the groundbreaking research of Eric Jon Phelps.

I am convinced that, if the two main "9/11" belief streams don't start to try to understand each other, the game is over. history's over. so that's what I'm working on.

a world trade center for opinions. a new type of international dealing floor where you can trade innovative or prophetic thinking, clarity, alertness, any kind of inspiring novelty. a completely open and transparent "9/11" online bourse of ideas, independent from any secret organizations and services of the current church/state system, independent from the whole notion of corporatism in all to be precise.

10'12 thanks for the follow, man TWEET you know you're my hero. like Joe Casaliggi
@cosmopinciotti don't know Joe but thank you all the same.
It's rare when someone appreciates the time I put into my website. best wishes
10'22 @tlthe5th for me, you have done perfect work with your videos, articles and debates.
one of the greatest inspirations ARTICLE

10'11 piety is the key. the conspiracy is us.
A militarily ruled democracy BLOG POST 
Rhetorisch verbarrikadierte Betstuben – praying parlors rhetorically barricaded BLOG POST
Komplexität als Waffe – complexity as weapon BLOG POST 
In den Räumen hinterm Urknall – in the rooms behind the Big Bang BLOG POST 

10'12 Image of the World by @Zeteticus on @scoopit SCOOPit

"The primary way the soul is deepened is through imagination."
10'12 @Zeteticus very right. I mean who's really able to imagine the full depth of #Nine11 in the light of how to define civilization correctly...

10'12 #TheGangsterNatureOfGovernment ARCHIVE 
10'12 @cosmopinciotti someone should have asked Mr. McKenna what he precisely thinks what government actually is/represents and consists of really

"Existence is overrated." (God)
10'12 @TheTweetOfGod no, it's not PHOTO 
10'12 @TheTweetOfGod I swear! PHOTO 

"What matters most in life are quotes and stuff that tell you what life is really about.
And here's a picture of a tree."
10'12 -pic* @Music_Madam Wait, titties matter a lot too.

@Diana_M_Joice "it is the blood lust emerging from the darkness of my soul, the trance in which every feeling is amplified. I crave the pain."
10'12 @Diana_M_Joice if true sex isn't the most soulful thing you can do with a lover, I don't know

10'13 -pic* on the notion of comfortable stress TUMBLR

10'14 -pic* you'll lick me until I'm fully satisfied TUMBLR 

"The Holy Spirit is afoot. And alive. And active. And present to us as a church.
And, most of all, as ever, the Holy Spirit is unpredictable."
10'14 @JamesMartinSJ sounds dangerous. when it comes from a Jesuit #Nine11 #MenInBlack

10'14 "Most significant history is hidden." Barrie Zwicker
"Anniversaries are reservoirs of sacred power." Larry Ray Confronting the Evidence DOCSTOC
Robert B. Stinnett: Day of Deceit. The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor BIBLIOTECA Pleyades 

10'16 Deep within, there is a gallery of different selves. TUNNEL

"I believe, the hardest of spaces to open are within ourselves.
So a One Person OS is also valid." Elisabeth T. 09'11'12 WIKIPEDIA | OPEN SPACE LIST 

"Matilda Leyser held a delightful session "A Circle of One – Opening Space On Your Own" Berlin at the 2010 World Open Space on Open Space. It was an innovative and very useful session, where Matilda demonstrated how she uses OST on her own to help her resolve issues and especially creative scenarios for playwriting using different...stuffed animals to represent different aspects of her own psyche or persona. I wish I had written up notes for the event...What I that she would begin with the regular opening with a circle of herself and the stuffed animals or other objects, then write out the different topic sessions – and then have different representatives move to the different spaces, and she would move around between them using the law of two feet, and move the representatives as well." Harold S. 09'12'12

From the BOOK Anam Cara. Spiritual Wisdom From The Celtic World by John O'Donohue (1999) pp146-48:
"Individuality is never simple or one-dimensional. Often it seems as if there is a crowd within the individual heart...At the deepest level of the human heart, there is no simple, singular self. Deep within, there is a gallery of different selves. Each one of these figures expresses a different part of your nature. Sometimes they will come into contradiction and conflict with each other. If you meet these contradictions only on the surface level, this can start an inner feud that could haunt you all the days of your life. Frequently, you see people who are sorely divided. They are in a permanent war zone and have never managed to go deeper to the hearth of kinship, where the two forces are not enemies but reveal themselves as different sides of one belonging.

We cannot embody in action the multiplicity of selves we encounter in our most inward meditations.
But without a knowledge of these numberless selves, our existence is severely diminished and our access to mystery is blocked. We are talking here of the imagination and its riches.  
Too often we degrade imagination into a problem-solving technique.

We need to develop a new sense of the wonderful complexity of the self. We need thought models or patterns that are fair and appropriate to that complexity. When people discover their own complexity, they become afraid, and with the hammers of second-hand thoughts they beat this rich internal landscape into a monoscape. They make themselves conform. They agree to fit in. They cease to be vivid presences, even to themselves." Brendan McKeague AMAZON

McKeague: "This notion got me to thinking, how would it be to facilitate an Open Space meeting for my 'inner village', or 'inner family', or 'inner tribe'.

A colleague of mine had introduced me to the Jungian 'thought model' of 'Active Imagination' where we can create a space for conversation with these inner-village people by intentionally engaging our imagination. These characters often appear in dreams and I had been setting time aside to have a yarn with each of them in response to the purpose behind their appearance in my subconscious world. I would sit quietly with journal and write out the conversation as it unfolded... a kind of imaginary dialogue with 'part of me' that needed to be given voice in my conscious, ego-controlled presence. This was very useful for me in surfacing and addressing some 'shadow issues' with a trusted companion (spiritual guide, therapist).

I then wondered what it would feel like if I invited whoever wished to come along to an Inner Village Open Space meeting – and guess what, it was very similar to an outer-world meeting. Issue an invitation around a theme that's significant for me at the time, see who shows up, post topics, host conversations, converge and plan actions. With me (ego state) the sponsor/facilitator recording the proceedings and getting more in touch with the deeper recesses of my 'truth'... and I must confess that some quite shady characters often show up – an old/familiar acquaintance, a shy stranger, a domineering autocrat, a frightened child, a passionate activist... all the right 'people' of course!

So maybe it's the leprechauns in me – regardless, I love it. Even though some of these meetings can be very draining and last for a couple of hours. It's a rich experience."

"Yes, Harold, you remembered the session in Berlin well and Brendan's description of how he opens space for himself is wonderful, as is that quote of John O'Donohue's. My own process has also been influenced by a body of work known as 'Voice Dialogue,' developed by Hal and Sidra Stone, which is precisely about the many selves we carry inside our self, and developing the ability to hold space for all of them." Matilda Leyser WEBSITE

10'16 @OutreDragon on the notion of a healthy ego in the light of OST, Open Space Technology: TUNNEL 
"The ego is this strange transference of loyalty from the group to the self, the individual body." T. McKenna TWEET

10'16 @janhoglund "Of course I might encourage you a bit to be as powerful as you are, but it is not something I can give you. You must claim it for yourself. Strange as it may seem, I find the notion of 'empowerment' to be just the opposite of that fundament of effective working relationships (or any relationship) RESPECT." BLOG POST 

"Intuition: Genuine or just wishful thinking?" WEBSITE 
10'16 @ultrafeel intuition – a deeper level of thoughts and emotions where both are still in the making together?

"I don't hate men. I find they can be useful, hence I manipulate, train and use. It's not hate, it's superiority."
10'16 @TheMistressVee precisely the kind of spiritual uplifting I enjoy
@cosmopinciotti Old time edification.
10'17 @TheMistressVee timeless almighty female divinity...

10'17 languaging beings – everything we do, we do in conversation TUNNEL

08'16'09 Juanita Brown, inventor of the World Café, on The Next Step podcast with Jarett Sanchez:

"...when a conversation made a difference. when it was something that you were very interested in, that you cared about, that really connected to something that was important to you. those are conversations that matter. and perhaps not only important to you but important to the others who were in the conversation as well. so I don't think it's a fancy definition, it's more like talking about what counts...goes beyond just talk...a conversation that matters, you can tell in your own heart. because your interest stays in it, your excitement is there, your curiosity is there when you're exploring want to be there, you don't want to miss of the reasons, I think, why we actually have that kind of cavalier or nonchalant attitude toward conversation is that we don't really realize how critical conversation is to our human existence and to co-creating the future.

I was really awe-struck the first time I read a quote by a revolutionary biologist – and this guy really blew my mind. his name is Humberto MATURANA, he lives in Chile, and he said, our human existence is one in which we can live whatever world we bring about in our conversations, even if it is a world that finally destroys us as the kind of being that we are. indeed, this is been our history since our origin as languaging beings. a history or the creation of new domains of existence as different networks of conversation.
and when I heard that, I thought to myself, OMG that’s true. everything we do as human beings, we do in conversation. we’re creating meaning together through language, and that that is one of the core faculties that we have as human beings. and this is how we bring new things into being...everything we see in the 'real world' around us is actually the result of people who have made meaning together and have coordinated their actions in conversation.
so there's no real difference between talk and action. we live in conversation.

and when I realized that and realized that conversation was actually a co-evolutionary force, I thought to myself, OMG this really needs to be my own life work...if we know how powerful our conversations really are in creating everything around us – whether it's our feeling tone or whether it's actually something like building a house – then we can be more choiceful about how we participate in those conversations...the way systems evolve is through the millions of choices made by ordinary people. the World Café as a way of hosting dialogue in both small and large groups, which was discovered by accident, I might say, in our living room...we were increasing the density of connections in an ermergent way around a critical the third round, the room was like lifting off attractors, we were shocked at the amount of energy, and creativity, and excitement that was going on...we were amazed at the quality, the new ideas, the innovative insights, the possibilities for action in this new field...and we knew right then that something unusual had happened, we didn't know exactly what... the pattern that we saw in our living room with 24 people and 6 tables...was like the ancient idea of the circle in an intimate way...over these last 15 years, the World Café has spread into an incredible global dialogue movement...gone around the world from the UN to the nation of Singapore, to Japan...I can not believe where people are signing in from!

from Kabul, Afghanistan. from Pakistan. from India. from China. from South America. from South Africa. from Australia. I mean, from Vietnam! I'm just like blowing away, I have to tell you! I'm very touched...experiencing the magic...I am so impressed...because we can now have global conversations around questions that matter, and that's exciting to me...the democracy movement in Thailand has hosted a café with 10,000 people...we discovered...7 core principles...people can feel connected like they do on the internet...the world as café's very encouraging...the nation of Singapore is becoming a café nation... for example, the city of Dresden.

they held 12 simultaneous cafés – this was 2 years ago – on all different aspects of the life of the city. and then they held another whole set in Bilbao, they're beginning to work with the whole European Union...we are trying to build collective intelligence around complex issues. whatever that issue might be, from water problems in a local community where you got different need to have all of those people who have the different lenses on this issue together. able to think together. or we will never solve the kind of critical questions we're facing now. and when I began to realize that, it was like oh, this is more like a compassionate form of activism, if we want to use that language. I'm not sure I would use the language of activism to describe that. but certainly, social action, or constructive social change, or I would even might call it co-evolutionary change in the new paradigm. and we've seen some amazing things happen...we're beginning to figure where can we use these new – what I would call – social process technologies. like the World Café, like Appreciative Inquiry, like Future Search, like Open Space...those are the names of some of them, if people are interested. to begin to build collective intelligence. and we now know this stuff works. we now have 15 or 20 years of experience in a lot of these methods and had done a lot of research on them. and now it's our opportunity to put them to work at a critical moment in our common history."


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