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Outpourings of a Mushroom October 2014 pt 3

10'08 Sibel Edmonds: Villains, Heroes And Villain-Made Heroes TUNNEL 
We often hear of viewing the world in black and white terms...I don't know how much of this is cultural, nor have I pinpointed a correlation further explaining this phenomenon. But I know one thing: in our current political world filled with deception and showcased on a stage of smoke and mirrors, this trend of seeking absolute heroes and villains counters the ultimate goal of finding the truth and real answers.

No one can deny the existence of a multitude of dark villains in the center of the current political machine directing our current police state..

..Think about wolves in sheeps’ clothing. Think about the use of decoys. Think about penetration and neutralization.

Let me put it this way: the latest surveys show that virtually No One trusts the mainstream media. #SeeItForYourself
A new Gallup poll shows that a whopping 77% of Americans distrust mainstream media television..

..Don't you think the villains are perfectly aware of this reality?..

..Do I have to spell it out further? If you are the villain, and you are aware of the new trend called 'alternative media', would you still plot, plan, and work as you did years ago, and extend your tentacles only into the mainstream media domain? Or would you grow more tentacles, grab hold of the outlets within the new arena called the alternatives? Would you put all your plots and actions into baskets no longer trusted, such as Fox, NYT or Times Magazine? Or would you cast your net over and get your hooks into villain-made and funded channels posing as alternatives, such as the Nation, Salon and the like?..

..Villains never underestimate the power and importance of heroes. In fact, they take it very seriously. Serious enough to plan, create, and plant their own heroes posing as the people's heroes. Let's call these plans the villains' counter-hero measures, or perhaps Manchurian-Heroes: villain-made heroes.

Villain-made heroes have tremendous utility. They can be used to penetrate the real heroes' realm.
They can be used as decoys to neutralize or eliminate real heroes. They can be used to distract and re-channel the people's dissatisfaction, discontent, and/or rage. They can be used to manufacture consent..

..If I were a villain among the plentiful villains, I would put my hero-sniffers out via NGOs who have been set up to detect and neutralize heroes or to-be-heroes. If I were a villain, I would pick, groom, and plant alternative journalists who would be perceived by many real heroes as trust-worthy channels to turn to.
I would make sure my villain-made journalist looks as real as possible by having him or her write some damning condemnation of me, and be the loudest amongst the villain-damning crowd. How else could you fool, entrap, and neutralize real heroes and real public condemnation?

After being a whistleblower for over eleven years, and working with government whistleblowers and whistleblower issues for nine years, I have learned a thing or two about villain-made channels and villain-made heroes. 
And I am certain I have before me much more to learn...they manage to stay a few steps ahead of us.

What I have learned and experienced – personally and through dozens of real whistleblower cases – tells me that things are rarely what they seem to be. It is important, crucial, to investigate, ask questions, and demand real answers. Sometimes it is unpopular to question and expose the popular villain-made channels or heroes. It is a matter of mass psychology. It is one of the greatest contributing factors to mass ignorance. It was the case when I publicly questioned, criticized and condemned Barack Obama in 2008-2009-2010. He talked like a real hero, he wrote like one. He even assumed all the body-language and mimics of a real hero. He was a villain-made masterpiece among many other villain-made heroes.

It was an unpopular thing for me to do during the height of popularity of that Manchurian-Hero. Today not so much. Same goes for our staunch stand as a news and information site when it comes to casting needed doubts on currently popular channels posing as alternatives and characters masquerading as heroes. Time and experience have taught us to look beyond the hero appearances, detect irregularities and inconsistencies, ask the questions that need to be asked, and help expose what needs to be exposed. Doing all that when no one else does – daring to dare current popularity. The real truth is never popular when truth really matters.

Like so many cover-ups throughout history the veils covering villain-created channels and villain-made heroes are bound to fall. It is up to us whether to leave the unveiling to the passage of time as we become history, or to take it upon ourselves to lift the veils. It is up to us to seek and attain the truth sooner rather than later, unpopularity notwithstanding.


"JUST OUT 'Villains, Heroes, and the Villain-Made Heroes' by Sibel Edmonds | Boiling Frogs" BLOG POST
10'08 the dark mentality at the center of the cultural machine bleeds into all levels down the power pyramid
@sibeledmonds I'm not so sure if villain and victim is the appropriate language here. it is a power play.
it's human, it's natural, it's the most ordinary thing. brilliantly written though and very true, but corporatism features militarism – the criminalistic touch is wrong.

10'08 Commentaries to Edmond's "Villains, Heroes, and the Villain-Made Heroes" TUNNEL 

07'06'13 A truly useful compendium of sources to be leery of

07'06'13 Thank you, Sibel, for taking the time to write this very insightful piece on a crucial topic. I, too, request more names. Who are the 'fake' alternatives?

07'06'13 A very astute analytical article, Sibel. After reading David Ray Griffin's book 9/11 – Ten Years Later two inescapable conclusions have cemented my thoughts. One, is power. What people fear they will gravitate towards so as not to be a casualty...The second variable is the one that confronts us tactically...The belief that government is good and would never do such heinous crimes...on its people. It blinds such reasoned men as Bill Moyers and William Parry. Two who have fought over the years, in varying degrees, against government corruption.
But, for Moyers and Parry to admit that our government is indeed capable of such nefarious acts toward Americans would require that they reevaluate their own belief system. Moreover, by evaluating their cognitive dissonance and its accompanying 'Nationalistic Faith' would mean that they invalidate their system of truth.

07'07'13 I can't shake the feeling you're still talking about Glenn Greenwald...
You're right to highlight this strategy of the 'villains'. After all, why wouldn't they do that?
They're clever, and they spend a lot of time thinking about the art of war.
I sometimes wonder how paranoid is too paranoid. I mean, for me.
With all this disinformation and spies and halls of mirrors and impostors and fake stories and partly true stories hiding deeper stories and hero villains and villain heroes, a person could literally go mad.
Clearly a high level of distrust is called for, but when I find myself second and third guessing people who have, for example, done something useful but maybe it doesn't tick off ALL my boxes, I just want to say to hell with it all, politics is a cesspool, they can have it, I'm focusing entirely on art and love from now on.
But so far I haven't quite been able to forsake the mundane world.

07'07'13 Great piece Sibel. I for one think you are doing the right thing in 'not naming names'. If you were to do this I think your site might degenerate into a name naming vortex, whereas you leave it up to us to make our own judgements. I'd rather you stay with what you do best, helping us connect the dots in the matrix. Thanks!

07'07'13 Most Americans are apathetic and cynical, without leaders or direction...To determine who is a real leader, the best bet is to take a close look at their record...His mother was not an 'anthropologist': she was a CIA agent who helped Suharto betray the country to the Empire and kill some 500,000 Indonesian citizens. Obama is a complete and total fabrication. Snowden has no prior record so it's hard to say. On he other hand, Sibel has an impeccable record for her entire career.

07'07'13 FAKE AND FAKER This is a pretty good summation of what seems to be the fakery of Assange/Snowden.
Plus it mentions how Sibel, on the contrary, was pretty much ignored by the Corporate Media.
I only take issue with the description of Greenwald as a 'homosexual'.
This may be true, but his sexual orientation is irrelevant and is an unnecessary and unfair smear."

07'07'13 ...the continued deception of 9/11...has broken the back of our collective ability to 'know' and deal with great crime. These awful people have stolen the joy from the world which may well be one of the reasons for it.
But that we are unable to recognise malevolence at this level because it is so well dressed, by glitz, by love of UNIFORM, is one of the great triumphs of the deception.
The conspirators are indeed 'ahead' of 'us'.
They write the script...Kevin Ryan has just published a book – Another Nineteen – full of NAMES.

10'09 forestalling negative stress with positive one 11'30'13 "The mindset is everything.
People who usually complain about mindset teaching and ask for 'meat and potatoes' are in dire need for mindset training. One can not constantly surpass its own self-image. Self-image is our own subconscious picture about ourselves built during our childhood with messages we were given by parents, teachers, friends, etc. 
If someone has bad self-image, it's impossible for them to be successful in life. Dr Maxwel Maltz wrote a great BOOK about it, The Science of Psycho Cybernetics, it's a must read for everyone who wants better life." Alan Borcic 

10'09 Could there be a kind of imagination working in nature which is similar to our own imaginations? TUNNEL 

"If the universe is evolving then the laws of nature may be evolving as well. In fact, the very idea of the laws of nature may not be appropriate. It may be better to think of the evolving habits of nature.

The Big Bang theory is like the ancient mythological idea of the cosmos beginning through the cracking of a cosmic egg, followed by the growth of the organism that comes out of it. 
This embryological metaphor is a developmental model. It replaces the notion of an eternal machine slowly running out of steam with the concept of a growing, developing organism that differentiates within itself, creating new forms and patterns. On earth, this evolutionary process gives rise to all forms of microbial, animal, and plant life, as well as to the many and varied forms of human culture.

A theory of evolutionary habits demands a theory of evolutionary creativity. How can we understand the creativity that has given rise to new ideas, to Beethoven's symphonies, to theories in science, to new works of art, to new forms of culture, to instincts in birds and animals, to the forms of flowers, and plants, and leaves, to the many kinds of rocks and crystals, and to all the forms of galactic, and stellar, and planetary organization?
What kind of creativity could underlie all those processes?

One is the materialist viewpoint that says, the whole thing is entirely due to blind chance – that there is nothing but a kind of darkness where blind, material processes going on, and then, by chance, new things happen.
The other model for understanding creativity, I think, is provided by our own imaginations.
Our imaginations are not full of fixed platonic ideas which are always the same, like platonic minds, they're ongoing, changing, dynamical processes with that kind of creative richness that always surprises us.

So the question is, if nature, if the universe, if the earth have a kind of mind or soul of their own, if living organisms are in some sense mind-like, or if this is a mind-like process that works in nature, then how does it express its creativity? Then the question is, could this creativity in nature be a product of the imagination of Gaia, of the Gaian mind? Could it be a product of a cosmic imagination?

Could there be a kind of imagination working in nature which is similar to our own imaginations? Could our own imaginations be just one conscious aspect of an imagination working through the whole natural world – perhaps unconsciously as it works underneath the surface of our dreams? Perhaps sometimes consciously? And could this ongoing imagination be the basis of evolutionary creativity in nature, just as it is in the human realm?"

Rupert Sheldrake
from The Sheldrake-Mckenna-Abraham Trialogues WEBSITE 5. Creativity and the Imagination
resp. Chaos, Creativity, and Cosmic Consciousness (2001) BOOK 

10'09 INTERVIEW with one of my favorite authors alive: Sylvia Linsteadt
And her newest Wild Tales By Mail project Elk Lines

"Nietzsche? Hans Joas says: 'No.'"
"Ich glaube, dass die Theorie, die Nietzsche dafür entwickelt hat, falsch und bis zur Absurdität falsch ist, also psychologischer und historischer Unsinn. Wenn jemand daran zweifeln sollte, bin ich gern bereit dies zu begründen."
10'10 @lorenzguitar @NeinQuarterly Nietzsche ein Theoretiker? Das wäre mir neu.

10'10 @NeinQuarterly #Nein11?

"Myhilism" 10'10 @NeinQuarterly gobbledygook all day long?

10'10 RT @dominatorcultur: "The Evolution of a Psychedelic Thinker" #McKenna #PsychedelicSalon no. 367 TRANSKRIPT 

10'10 When Jack Welch Was Deputy Director for Intelligence 04'14'07 ARTICLE
"Washington, DC, September 2017: The following are the remarks..."

"Saw a beautiful #BloodMoon during this mornings" #LunarEclipse
10'10 -pic* @mikedmorgan it has to come deep from the inside... from the gut, from the genital. not from the head

10'10 words emulating flavors of someone's unique essence

10'10 Why Bad Science Is Like Bad Religion TUNNEL

I am more and more convinced that the spirit of free inquiry is being repressed within the scientific community by fear-based conformity. Institutional science is being crippled by dogmas and taboos..

Bad religion is arrogant, self-righteous, dogmatic and intolerant. And so is bad science. But unlike religious fundamentalists, scientific fundamentalists do not realize that their opinions are based on faith. 

They think they know the truth. They believe that science has already solved the fundamental questions. The details still need working out, but in principle the answers are known.

Science at its best is an open-minded method of inquiry, not a belief system. But the "scientific worldview," based on the materialist philosophy, is enormously prestigious because science has been so successful. Its achievements touch all our lives through technologies like computers, jet planes, cell phones, the Internet and modern medicine. Our intellectual world has been transformed through an immense expansion of scientific knowledge, down into the most microscopic particles of matter and out into the vastness of space, with hundreds of billions of galaxies in an ever-expanding universe.

Science has been successful because it has been open to new discoveries. By contrast, committed materialists have made science into a kind of religion.
They believe that there is no reality but material or physical reality. Consciousness is a by-product of the physical activity of the brain. Matter is unconscious. Nature is mechanical. Evolution is purposeless. God exists only as an idea in human minds, and hence in human heads.

These materialist beliefs are often taken for granted by scientists, not because they have thought about them critically, but because they haven't. To deviate from them is heresy, and heresy harms careers..
..Materialism is now facing a credibility crunch unimaginable in the 20th century..

..In physics, too, the problems are multiplying. Since the beginning of the 21st century, it has become apparent that known kinds of matter and energy make up only about 4 percent of the universe. The rest consists of "dark matter" and "dark energy". The nature of 96 percent of physical reality is literally obscure..

..Good science, like good religion, is a journey of discovery, a quest. It builds on traditions from the past.
But it is most effective when it recognizes how much we do not know, when it is not arrogant but humble.

12'01'12 Rupert Sheldrake

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