Sunday, 2 November 2014

Outpourings of a Mushroom August 2014 pt 2

"If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it's still a foolish thing." Bertrand Russell
08'10 @machavelli7 but a foolish thing with political power

"I'm the addiction you love to fight."
08'11 @redzillart ssshhhhh!!
@cosmopinciotti and why would I do that?
@redzillart you wouldn't like it watching me fighting PHOTO 
@cosmopinciotti I'm not really into watching.
@redzillart hell no! I've studied almost 500 pages of your gracefully dirty mind I know exactly what I'm fighting against. so please, sshhh!

"When you feel the need to look to others to feel lovable, that's the time to look inside and realize you have all the love you need."
08'10 @anaturaldreamer You can't love yourself the way you fall in love with others.
You won't find a substantial feel of love just by being alone.

"Love for yourself doesn't make you a narcissist. In fact, underneath, narcissists hate themselves.
They expect positive attention from others."
08'10 @anaturaldreamer You need company, contact to make love to yourself. Otherwise, it would be an abstraction.

08'11 @DanielleJanof you're not the only one apparently in this field of expertise TWEET
"One day, people are gonna write songs about the nap I'm about to take."

08'11 @cosmopinciotti Am I something you enjoy studying too?
@AnnieCatten *blushes*
@cosmopinciotti Don't think I didn't feel you looking.
@AnnieCatten Have I perused your rumpus room not discreetly enough, is that possible?
@cosmopinciotti how you are is just fine. :-)
@AnnieCatten The opinions are deeply divided on this issue...
you're in fact a great inspiration, Annie, when it comes to how I like it most.
@cosmopinciotti my opinion is that you are exactly what you are. I accept that. It's a great way to like it.
@AnnieCatten It's a great way to connect with your passion, to directly connect with the heat in your mind.
Like a striptease of your fantasies...

@cosmopinciotti What kind of clarity?
@cnstantstranger Conceptual. I've read all your tweets of the last 2 to 3 months and find them really impressive in this regard. Also very winsome.
@cosmopinciotti Thank you. I still think I may be getting more credit from you than is due.
@cnstantstranger Your tweets were giving me the impression that you could operate with intellectual precision in the depths of the soul.
@cosmopinciotti Maybe someone else's soul...
08'12 @cnstantstranger "the blending of a piercing intellect with emotional intensity"... 
I feel a great attraction to this.
@cosmopinciotti Me too.

08'13 "I am fond of suggesting that psychological type is a 600 horsepower engine of understanding that is usually driven about 15 miles per hour."

08'14 "If Robin Williams is dead, then light no longer refracts, atoms no longer bond, and gravity has gone out of business. Yes, it's that implausible."

"Do you really believe you have original thoughts?"
08'17 @irememberfallin with a complete new perspective? every day

"When you read a TL and think, I would like to know this person, yet you know that Here is the only place this person really exists."
08'18 @SumbodyShootMe cyberspace is soul space... and the soul is the biggest part of every intelligent creature.
I mean, this is our great chance
@cosmopinciotti eloquently put. Tell me more.
@SumbodyShootMe for the first time in the history of mankind *drum roll* the web offers the possibility to overcome spiritual tutelage completely
@cosmopinciotti explain it like I'm a 5 year old.

"Raised in a culture that promotes dominant men and submissive, compliant women... struggling to escape that pervasive mindset."
@OutreDragon the overture to a new love song?
@cosmopinciotti love song, life song, way of being...
08'18 @OutreDragon absolutely! that's the reason why I let my sexuality explode. spiritually

"I'd love to know what it is like to take all of you inside of me."
08'18 @GrDenice quite an excellent definition of a "cocknitive connection", thank you!

"If I told you my ass is a garden, would you plant your seed in it?"
08'18 @NachHolez I'd cultivate the shit out of it!

08'18 "the fact that 13 presidents all belong to a single fraternity, I mean, that should have been clue enough"

"an opinion exposed to public scrutiny is most valuable."
08'19 @FarikoBrainiac exactly. opinions could be exchange-traded shares

08'19 @anaturaldreamer "We can believe whatever we want, but how much of it is true?" isn't that THE question?! because people only believe what's true
@anaturaldreamer I personally try to avoid thinking about opinions that people fight about that can't be fact-based (like religion).
@BhaINFJaan @anaturaldreamer although where blinders are responsible for the constitution of truth, you can learn most about its real nature
@cosmopinciotti @anaturaldreamer about religion or truth?
08'21 @BhaINFJaan about the religious or romantic dimension of "truth". about why people want to be things true or lied. you see? @anaturaldreamer

"When you can wring meaning out of anything, it's hard to distinguish which of those meanings are actually meaningful."
@cnstantstranger complexity comes in layers. so-called truths are mostly just cuttings from bigger pictures and for that reason alone very dubious
@cosmopinciotti Then how are we to make sense of anything in life?
@cnstantstranger there's no other really reliable way than to do it like they do it who rule the world. who make the laws and every sort of god.
08'19 If you don't use the biggest picture, the highest level, your sense of anything can be overtrumped with great ease at any time.
@cosmopinciotti I don't know how. I really don't know anything at all.
10'27 @cnstantstranger nobody does, effectively. there lies the power of the real perpetrators. their intellectual superiority makes them untouchable
if we don't find a way to attack the secret services and the secret organizations above them, we will live in the dark forever.
08'21 imagine guys like Nietzsche, Kafka or Kundera could make their money on an international knowledge-building security market
@cosmopinciotti A very intriguing idea. And how did you know I love Kundera?
@cnstantstranger very, indeed. how could one not love the oeuvre of Milan Kundera?!

"What's the one thing that has surprised you the most about your life so far?"
08'21 -pic* @OutreDragon the rabbit hole. and how deep it goes PHOTO

08'21 "it took some time to realize we were actually there. I don't think I still fully have" PHOTOS 

08'21 "Córdoba was founded in 1613 by the Jesuit Order" BLOG POST

08'21 "if the pain and the happiness are the rehearsal, the exercise of what's in the middle is the true gift of being..." BLOG POST 

08'22 @ExistentialINFJ you make clarity sound like an ambulance or an UFO...

"Your mind is extremely powerful. Never underestimate yourself."
08'24 @trutherbot @ExistentialINFJ only if you train it like a very special muscle

08'25 -pic* RT @lyndaluvsjosh "I took the test and discovered I'm an FIJI."

08'25 "he is perhaps best known as 'an author who injects humor into the serious subjects of magick and the occult.'" WIKIPEDIA 

08'25 "I am a spiritual craftsman. I fashion my creations from thought and dream and will..." SCRIBD

08'27 -pic* Music is the strongest form of magic. @Things4Strings @lyndaluvsjosh and therefore one of the most dangerous

"Only fools rush in. And in case you wondered, I am definitely a fool."
08'27 @cnstantstranger I'd always prefer women or companions who can act spontaneously

"There's only 2 options...
1. They think we're too stupid to figure shit out.
2. Even if we know, we're too fucked up to do shit about it."
08'27 @Raoul_Duke_71 both apply. nevertheless, "9/11" shows that they are afraid to the core.
because they know very well how culture really works

08'28 "this craving did not ever go away. I have never met a rock I didn't love, or a rainstorm that has been ignored"… BLOG POST 

08'28 "in common. they all make the statement: 'I don't have a choice here. this is something I'm compelled to do'" (54:25) PODCAST 

08'28 "at its price and location, this sweet timber loft pad may not be around for too long" OFFER 

"Lots of people appreciate my honesty and sincerity. Far fewer care to reciprocate."
08'29 @cnstantstranger yes, it is more natural, more familiar, more basic to you. you also need it more

08'29 "the effect is seemingly universal it has been observed in people from many different cultures and geographic locations" WIKIPEDIA 

"We treat those who are fools or willfully ignorant with cruelty. Anything less is too kind." #INTJ #cruelty
08'29 @INTJMasterminds I like it a little cruel

"If you could reason with religious people there would be no religious people."
08'29 @INTJMasterminds religious people are romantic people... I for one cannot be angry with dreamers

08'29 @INTJMasterminds @INTJproblems @intjprobs @INTJLife @INTJposts personality typing and memeplexes...

08'29 "the best example of someone whose passion for privacy has shaped her life" WEBSITE

08'30 "and that's why God gave us marriage" Katherine Albrecht (49:33) PODCAST

08'30 @lyndaluvsjosh "no child left undiagnosed" TWEET

08'30 "evil represents a demonstration of power" Philip Zimbardo VIDEO

05'08 I don't really believe anything. I know a great deal, I have facts, but almost no beliefs.
Beliefs are just too fickle for me to invest in.
@GrantMcCovey which means you don't take these INTJ-isms for real actually
@cosmopinciotti you talk a lot
08'30 @GrantMcCovey blogging is masturbation. I like to correspond

"I could spend all day explaining to you why you're stupid, but I think that would be rather pointless."
08'30 @GrantMcCovey and why would you like to do that in the first place
@cosmopinciotti I don't think it will be necessary for us to exchange words.
@GrantMcCovey and you don't do things that aren't necessary, I understand

"I do my best work when I'm driven by hate."
08'30 @GrantMcCovey who's your employer?

"Someone like you shouldn't laugh at others misfortune."
08'30 @GrantMcCovey okay, I won't *smiles* but I'm asking myself how often you'll probably use this phrase in your defense

"If I seem surprised, I'm just doing it for your benefit."
08'30 GrantMcCovey but you don't pretend your contempt, right?

"Offending you is my job, you simple minded fucks."
08'30 @GrantMcCovey Now I get it. TWEET That is consistency!

"Can we skip to the part where people like you no longer exist?"
08'30 @GrantMcCovey you're really working hard on your unpopularity TWEET

08'30 "the biblical roots of social justice go deep" BLOG POST 

08'30 "without this solid foundation, our talks and lectures become soulless propaganda.
evil isn't simple and doesn't fit in a box" ARTICLE 

08'30 "I say it because I was the Stanford Prison Experiment's chief consultant" BLOG POST 

08'31 -pic* @MeineBehnke @icpchad which other company combines military and educational power more consequent than the globally operating Society of Jesus?

08'31 @yorickesq @wholeset there is no other organization in the world which could be a possible opponent to the Jesuit military educational order

08'31 @MeineBehnke @lifessubatomic it couldn't be love, if it was the other way around. love's always preceded by admiration, adoration, adulation
@cosmopinciotti thats why he left me. life, according to him.

08'31 @rednewsom "until this week, 'modern' sugar daddy dating was barely known in Britain" ARTICLE

08'31 @ExistentialINFJ not this she TWEET

08'31 -pic* @RobertWindsor2 Jesus means business...

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