Sunday, 2 November 2014

Redeleted Retweets 10 + 11 October 2014

10'02 Hey girl, are you in some kind of fitness protection program?

10'05 -pic* I tried starting a gang once. It turned into a book club. SO HARDCORE

10'06 -pic* This could be us, but I can't pause right now.

10'08 -pic* My #wcw @Lucy__Vixen #Page3Forever #LoadsMorePage3

09'21 @BhaINFJaan I wonder if I'd have a stable MBTI type if I'd not partook in so many, um, trips. 
It's a cumbersome thought. @INFJThinking

09'21 @BhaINFJaan It's productive to objectively dissect your emotions while also pinpointing things that confirm your strengths. @INFJThinking

10'09 -pic* Goodmorning weed lovers, time to wake and bake #weed #wakeandbake

10'09 I don't smoke weed to escape reality. I smoke weed to enjoy reality even more.

06'07 -pic* Just try to escape. No desire to? Exactly what I thought. #underfoot

07'28 To humiliate and demand money from a sub is one way, but to seduce it from them?
#mindgames #mindfuck #brainwash #mindcontrol #hypnosis

07'28 -pic* feet in the air #brunette #feelingsexy #financialdomination #goddess #toes #footfetish #benjamins #soles

07'27 I have refused to engage you because I found your accusations absurd, and because I generally avoid creating public dramatics...

07'27 Even when you sent threatening emails, both "anonymously" and unveiled
(from the same IP, being the genius hacker you are)...

07'27 threatened to publicly expose me, hunt down my family, contact my work, professors, etc...

07'27 ...You threatened to "rape me on camera", "strangle me with my cheap lingerie," and that "you know my name and where I live."

07'27 HEAR ME: I have never plagiarized you. The concepts you take issue with are inherent to findom and femdom...

07'27 I wrote that I possess a fetching voice and a captivating presence, etc. etc. Guess what?

07'27 NEWSFLASH: So does every other Domme! And I did it in my own words, my own language.

07'27 Did you invent findom hynopsis? If not, whom did you copy?

07'27 Grow up and accept that, in regards to financial domination, you are not a singularity.

07'27 To regress and then accuse me of rearranging your words is another outright lie. You are NOT my inspiration.

07'27 (I have a portfolio of writing, from college and my career that will attest to my style and voice... should anyone here give a fuck.)

07'27 FYI: It is degrading to prostitutes to use their profession in an attempt to insult.

07'27 This may be hard to accept, but I am not trying to be you. I am comfortable and confident in myself, as myself. Devastating news, I know.

07'27 BTW, how does one find the time to compose such abundant and lengthy prose about how fat and un-toned and ugly I am?

06'19 GATEWAY to My presence...

06'20 @Jpfootslave I am an advocate if it's done subtly and depending upon which public.

06'18 @random_tammie That's why I only date in the 40 – 45 range. Any younger is a disaster.

06'15 Practicer of stratification... socially, intellectually and sexually. WEBSITE #nonpareil

06'15 Innate Domination – My journey to becoming a Domina has been interesting, to say the least. Along my pathway... BLOG POST

06'15 @cuckolddreampay It requires a keen intellect, strong submissive tendencies, and cash. Lots of cash.

05'24 @TheMistressVee by that I hope he meant Beautiful Goddess who he adores with all his heart and is utterly crazy about

09'23 Competence is such an exotic bird in these woods that I appreciate it whenever I see it. #HouseofCards

05'23 Traditional sexual relations hold no value, in my opinion. Hence, you are required to offer more.

05'23 As with everything else... economy, ecology, physics... nature balances itself.
As fetishism spreads, vanilla may very well be the new kink.

05'23 Feminism: I would burn my bra if I didn't love lingerie so much. #feminism #femdom

05'21 @Plekers14 A good sign of relationship potential if you feel that you can be open. 
Right partner will want to understand and explore.

05'05 -pic* You are stammering. Were you trying to say something? #femdom #findom

10'10 @TheMistressVee fascinating lips, considering your talent for words and all sorts of surprises!

05'11 @bigbotmct Of course you are. We are a superior species. And I know everything about you because you are typical and I know your type.

05'11 @lustylaila It is irrelevant. Religion is a business and culturally determined, and is not synonymous with spirituality. Ignore her.

05'11 Learn why submitting to the rule of a Mistress brings your life peace. VIDEO 

05'06 @markremond It is surely implied, however I am fond of explicitness when it comes to agreements.
Contracts are detailed for a reason.

05'04 I'm just always happier driving a stick shift.

07'10 -pic* delicate mare

10'07 -pic* big white cock

05'10 @Cuck4Snowbunny @bon4chastity @FootMistress I like an eager slave. Sycophancy is a desirable trait.

05'10 @Fetish_Date Very true. Many struggle, a futile activity that results in frustration and misidentifying.

05'10 @patrickq007 Can you handle the public knowing what I make you do?

09'23 -pic* I've tried to look into her eyes, but she keeps looking away

10'27'12 I'm predominantly a vaginatarian, but I enjoy meat as well. #TeamBisexual

09'18 -pic* You've probably already seen Susan Sontag's copy of Finnegans Wake. Time to stare into it. Deeply. 

09'25 Yes RT "@dmtqueen Guys flocking to facades of beauty while disregarding the most important component of attraction: intellectual chemistry."

08'05 I'm the boner queen

09'06'13 With a great vagina comes great responsibility.

10'10 -pic* tied, teased, fucked, then ruined!
well, what do you expect? it's @MistressTdotnet at the Mansion #femdom #ruinedorgasm

08'24 RT "@uhohwow: I always do the giving and everyone else does the taking"

10'10 Sarcasm is NOT a healthy response to emotion, Jennifer.

10'07 never underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary ARTICLE

09'26 Love Me. Rape Me. BLOG POST 

06'28'13 Captured by Your Presence BLOG POST
10'10 @Diana_M_Joice utter excellency
@cosmopinciotti Thank you
@Diana_M_Joice your writing breathes, and grabs, tastes of sweat... I'm truly impressed
@cosmopinciotti Thank you. Which piece spoke to you the most so far?
@Diana_M_Joice A junkie and her fix.
@cosmopinciotti Why this one?
@Diana_M_Joice probably because it shows salaciousness as raw mental need and because I too don't consider masturbation as really having sex
10'12 @cosmopinciotti I see it not as a mental need, but a bone deep throbbing hunger, a carnal instinct written into our existence.
Define sex.

@Diana_M_Joice going deep together (to reach new heights)
were you always aware of this bone deep carnal craving or not until an awakening?
10'14 @cosmopinciotti For most of my life I felt dead inside. Learning to hide your desires, being shamed for it, feeling guilty the social expectations had me fear my own sexuality. After my divorce I searched for that. I simply couldn't be bothered with this shit any longer.
@Diana_M_Joice understood. it would be very interesting to hear your opinion about this particular media phenomenon: TWEET
10'17 @cosmopinciotti There is a way to create a show that is not only sultry but also educating. I believe to have exactly that in my work.
10'17 @Diana_M_Joice yes you have, absolutely. and that in supreme quality. I'd really like to make @ChrisRyanPhD aware of your exceptional beauty
@cosmopinciotti Thank you. I'd greatly appreciate it.

10'04 A Hangover service that delivers you breakfast, coffee, Tylenol and deletes all your bad decisions from the night before.

09'19 Gone for a While BLOG POST 

07'05'13 Madness And Regret – When Women Face Incompleteness In Intimacy BLOG POST 

10'10 @Diana_M_Joice "Whispers – of Pure. Devilish. Bliss." PINTEREST

04'21'13 Us women are insatiable, really. When a man knows how to unleash this carnal hunger.
Wanna learn? Get in touch.

08'07 Sworn To Love And Death BLOG POST 

04'22'13 Because I can't do it on my own, no matter how hard I try.

04'17'13 What makes roses the ultimate symbol of love? Is it its color, its scent, the way it develops into openness?

04'06 PICTURE Where we find ourselves... "in the vortex of carnal urges we find ourselves. savage beasts. slaves to the never ending call of the wild side within us"

04'13 PICTURE  ...a desire smoldering like a hot steamy lake of lava underneath the surface.

07'21'13 A Woman's Dark Side BLOG POST

03'07 -pic* Several of these on my flight means no one has to die. #ginandtonic

10'10'13 -pic* Booze for my birthday? I'm almost insulted. Almost.

10'01'13 -pic* Came back to my office and someone had left this on my desk.
It feels like more of a threat than a treat.

09'04'13 @LaurKelly33 I'm glad my pain isn't wasted.

09'02'13 -pic* Finally alone. I'm the only idiot who goes this far on a hot day.

06'04'13 -pic* My most vicious beast. Doris.

10'08 "One can be the master of what one does, but never of what one feels."

04'22 Not to brag, but I can ruin any conversation by being too honest.

08'10 @Elizasoul80 @philandher96 Hahahaha! #Truth "If you stop having sex with your husband, he notices all the other things you're not doing. I'll be back in 3 minutes."

01'05 If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

10'11 @cosmopinciotti I find the poison even more devastating if it drips from something sweet.
10'11 @TheMistressVee anything that increases the intensity...

11'06'13 @adamrensch @earthcritter After reading The Fractal Geometry Of Nature, the world was literally a different place for me.

06'23'13 without gravity, bullets would miss, and sad people could just float down from tops of tall buildings into the arms of people who love them

10'10 Obama wants Ebola in America to make it more like Africa.
I am a grown person with responsibilities, and those are my sincere thoughts.

10'11 I have plenty of interesting things around me.
If you want to capture my attention, you must be deemed diversion worthy.

08'10 Him: hey, why haven't you ever said yes when I've asked you out.
Me: don't you find consistency comforting?

10'12 In 2008 my house was raided at 5AM by Federal Marshals, State police, child welfare agents and a few other... FACEBOOK 

10'05 The Bold Thing this Priest Just Said May Make Him One of the Most Hated Men in the World ARTICLE 

10'01 Molest victim makes stand at Fordham against Jesuit priests ARTICLE

01'09'12 Most awesome site: Alchemical Archives – audio of Burroughs, Huxley, Bukowski, Pound, more, more, more: WEBSITE 

07'06'12 Alchemical Archives: A Deep Dive Into The Mind Of McKenna | @scoopit AUDIO 

10'11 In our day, viewing the world metaphorically and imaginatively has taken a back seat to science, engineering and technical learning.

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