Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Outpourings of a Mushroom September 2014 pt 3

"Realizes I've exposed a new level of creepy... shifts slightly back into hiding."
09'20 @lifessubatomic you should give it a try PODCAST it's fun

"Love is a particle of joy and a wave of vulnerability at the same time."
09'21 @SwiftOnSecurity the art of enjoying your vulnerability, precisely

"Society is the most contagious disease."
09'20 @TheEyeOfControl after this shocking diagnose, what's your medical advice, Eye? hermitism?

"'A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.' Kafka on what reading does for the soul"
09'21 @brainpicker this is how I read The Web

09'21 @ideas William Jefferson Clinton is undoubtably a "9/11" protagonist...

"You do not measure the depth of a universal mystery with the neural network of a primate." #TerenceMcKenna
09'21 @PsychedelicLozo full TRANSCRIPT so shamans aren't really able to understand it but merely tap into it in his opinion

"Anarchy Is Order Without Power"
09'21 @PsychedelicLozo "what capital does to labour, and the state to liberty, the church does to the spirit. this trinity of absolutism..." Bingo!

09'21 "this is how mathematics really works. it has very little to do with number. it has to do with the conceptualizing of relationships"

09'21 @PsychedelicLozo the universe as well as the own life "it can't be understood" Terence says. "a receding mystery", "a continuing carrot", reality "always outruns apprehension". "what is reality?" "it's a mystery."
I wonder how much this very logical approach corresponds with the mystifying notion of the "inexplicable ways" of a transcendental, almighty guardian usually called God

09'21 @cosmopinciotti "it's often safer to be in chains than to be free" Franz Kafka QUOTES 

"A Psychedelic Point of View"
09'21 @PsychedelicLozo "how much of that has been taken away from us...by these priesthoods, by these cults, by these philosophical shell games?!"
09'21 @PsychedelicLozo "I mean, science is really the plumbing level of reality." TRANSCRIPT 

"Romance – Horror. Seems about right. There's a fine line, after all."
09'21 -pic* @AtticusFinch917 very astute. and that both on the large and small scale.
"9/11" for instance wouldn't work, if we weren't such romantics...

"America doesn't need whistleblowers, it needs mutineers"
09'22 @DougValentine77 wrong. the world needs a world trade center for opinions, a new type of bourse, where the best idea will win @corbettreport

@KristinKling Being opposed is not the same as hating.
@ChloeShell18 in essence it is. you use negative energy against an entire movement which you clearly know nothing about
09'22 @KristinKling no, it is not actually. you pretty much walk into the trap of rather old timey rhetoric essentially by promptly intertwining any criticism with negative energy.
I mean, what would be the consequences, if that was the rule

09'22 @KristinKling "everything is flattened by the banality of modernity. this is the heritage of all the bad little boys of the 18th century: Nietzsche, Darwin, Hegel, and Schopenhauer. these clowns were on a bad trip and they were loud about it. what they give us is a universe devoid of soul"
09'22 "I think a society on the brink of social breakdown is the healthiest situation for individuals"

09'22 @AnnieMachon a little bit too jesuitical for my liking, this guy, you know

09'22 "Christian socialism is a form of religious socialism based on the teachings of Jesus"

@Furiousnurse Both events had all the intrigue and fascination required to spawn them. Interesting stuff.
09'22 @BobRey77 James, Kate, and Leonardo couldn't care less, could they @Furiousnurse
@cosmopinciotti @BobRey77 LOL took a minute but I got it. I was like "Who is Jame, Kate, what?" LOL good one
@Furiousnurse it's meant symbolically.
TWEET who would risk their career/reputation/life to support clearing up cultural crimes of this magnitude?
@cosmopinciotti Most are without a clue. I was for a long time.
@Furiousnurse I'm from East Germany. 
just needed two months to get rid off my TV... if "9/11" is a lie, pretty much everything is a lie also
09'22 @cosmopinciotti Well done, no TV in my home too. And you are right... VIDEO 
@Furiousnurse WOW, this is genius! ARTICLE a direct hit. that's exactly what has to be done TWEET thank you

09'22 where does inside end and outside begin? 
does not anybody who just want to intuitively believe their version get their "9/11" job done also?

09'22 -pic* @OldRifleman the exact technical term for this very special horror show is inculturation.
"9/11" was an act of inculturation...

09'23 @MulualemW "In addition, a charity can spend as little as 1% of its budget on its programs and be in compliance with GAAP and IRS reporting requirements." WIKIPEDIA

09'23 @lifessubatomic @cnstantstranger @OutreDragon for all those, who need their own bubble of melancholic tidal air at any given moment, right?

"I'll never push my beliefs on to anyone.
But if you throw your beliefs in my face and won't shut up, I'll defend my beliefs and will win."
09'23 @J_Sleek_21 the year is 2014, and language still means fighting each other basically... battling for a victory when it comes to serious issues

"When I look back at my life, many of my happiest times were also the loneliest. There's lasting depth in solitude."
09'23 @ChrisRyanPhD it's complicated to move together with others in greater spiritual depth

"1/3 of Americans believe 9/11 was an Inside Job"
09'24 @Patriot_Zero if it was just a crime story, nearly everyone could understand it. but it's not TWEET | TWEET 

"It's freedom OF religion, not freedom from religion. These atheists groups have no chill."
09'24 @DanFinocchio it's a new thing, you know. freedom from all ideological paradigms.
only becoming possible today by international data highways

09'24 transcripts from Christopher Hitchens' debates, discussions, and interviews with theists WEBSITE

09'25 "whatever the imagination is, psychedelics catalyze it. psychedelics enhance it. the thin bandwidth of interior self-monitoring that goes on in normal consciousness becomes much more clear, three-dimensional and intensified under the influence of psychedelics"

09'25 "for a very long time, I mean one millennia, five millennia...experience has been hierarchically distributed in human society from the top"

09'25 "literally a schizophrenic species...we are at war with our own nature...more and more childlike...we are semi conscious. this is our problem"

09'25 "the entire society is an engine for producing certain behavioral outcomes in the marketplace. 
everybody is being programmed and manipulated"

09'25 "those ontologies that glorify the phenomenal world – and that would be paganism, psychedelic thinking and shamanism – notice that these are more nitty-gritty positions, not driven by a thirst for abstraction but driven by a thirst for sensation"

09'25 @PsychedelicLozo do you think Terry had had the capacity to handle such a massive event/strategy of inculturation like "9/11" appropriately?

"Thinking about time travel. When it's realized, would I want to travel backwards in time, or jump ahead to the future. Hm. How about you?"

09'25 @DanielleRitchot two thousand years ahead, at the minimum

"You have no idea that you're hurting a part of me that I never let on."
09'25 @INFJThinking if that was really the case, I wouldn't be able to touch you there TWEET you understand?
@cosmopinciotti I understand.
But the people who would be able to hurt me there are the ones I couldn't open up to... I take back *never*
@INFJThinking "only through vulnerability do we truly live wholeheartedly"
"because the western mind is a house of cards" that's my position
@cosmopinciotti I needed to hear that right now, thank you. I couldn't agree more.

09'25 -pic* @Ltd_To_Two golden planet

09'25 -pic* @AnnieCatten this funny she-dog with the clown face
@cosmopinciotti she's the best thing. :-)
@AnnieCatten maybe because you both go together so well
@cosmopinciotti we take care of each other. :-) when I'm not feeling strong she doesn't like people near me.
@AnnieCatten true love... and she even brings you your medicine in case of necessity, if I remember that right
@cosmopinciotti yup! A great pup.

09'26 @WelkinCooper these are marmots.
"excellent diggers, able to penetrate soil that even a pickaxe would have difficulty with"
@cosmopinciotti Groundhogs? I noticed the lack of beaver tails after the fact but didn't want to ruin my joke.
@WelkinCooper a little boy with mature marmots living in the wild in an alpine landscape. that's really a great photo MURMELTIERSALBE

"Trying desperately to live in the present instead of the past or future"
09'26 @OutreDragon mix memory with imagination to find the types of stress you're comfortable with...
@cosmopinciotti comfortable types of stress, that's an interesting idea
@OutreDragon one could probably create a whole new school of thought by translating everything into forms of stress. catalysts for instance
09'27 @OutreDragon "chronic stress during your developmental years, significantly impacts the brain's anatomy and physiology in adulthood"
09'27 @OutreDragon stress factors of all sorts and their interaction during childhood could possibly explain various types of personality pretty well
@cosmopinciotti I've heard this theory before, it makes sense.
I know I'm still trying to shake some things from my childhood.
@OutreDragon @cosmopinciotti that describes Enneagram
@OutreDragon Maybe we needed the right type of stress now, according to the false stress back then, to compensate our most painful deficits.

09'26 "where it gets weirder and weirder and weirder, and finally the very machinery of explaining to the observer what is happening begins to melt"

09'26 "the early books were manufactured with chains on them so they could be bolted to tables..addicts would not tear them loose and take them home"

09'26 "this had the impact on Europe that flying saucers on the White House lawn would have on us. 
it was an alien planet...an alien civilization"

09'26 "the shaman's job is to be...an archetypal plumber...knows where the shit goes...how to repair the system that is invisible to everybody else"

09'26 "there is no mundane dimension, really. if you have the eyes to see it, it's all transcendental. every object, a leaf, a bird, a pebble..."

09'26 "the whole society is phobic of the mind, terrified of the unconscious, terrified of dissolving the ego...it's a real issue. it's a taboo"

09'26 "an incredible workhorse organism. it will take dry weight of rye and transform it into dry weight of mushroom at 12% efficiency...amazing!"

09'26 "very difficult problem violence without violence to women is like a circus without lions.
violence is code word for violence against women"

09'26 "Trialogues at the Edge of the West" WEBSITE 
"education in the New World Order: the workshop system of education as a model"

09'27 "Since all culture is a kind of con game, the most dangerous candy you can hand out is one which causes people to start questioning" Terence McKenna

09'27 "we lack the intellectual vision, the ability to change our minds. we must decondition ourselves from 10,000 years of bad behavior...not easy"

09'27 "television is by nature the dominator drug par excellence" QUOTES 

09'27 "it's only when we begin the journey of perceiving the deeper mechanics of this reality that all of this grotesqueness starts to make sense"

09'27 "culture is an extremely repressive cult that leads to all kinds of humiliation and degradation, and automatic, unquestioned and unthinking behaviour"
09'28 where culture's inspiring I'm kind to it, and I don't think that that could be wrong

09'27 "it's not for your elucidation. it's not part of your self-directed psychotherapy. you are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness." WEBSITE

07'13 The Psychology of Nature's Number One Killer: Stress ARTICLE 
09'27 @LearningMind1 "there is a link between childhood stress and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders and even PTSD"
09'27 @LearningMind1 "your brain is quite literally changing and shrinking just because of the daily annoyance you experience at work or at home"
09'27 @LearningMind1 "in order to avoid stress taking over your life and dominating you, your thoughts and beliefs must change...stress can be helpful"

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
09'27 @dear_winsome what if the love of power is fueled by the power of love?
09'28 @dear_winsome "9/11", for instance, was an act of/is a strategy of love by the most powerful men, the most powerful "fight club" on earth...

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