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Outpourings of a Mushroom October 2014 pt 8

10'29 Do you really want to wait for that?
The mushroom TWEET will cut this #Nine11 shit TWEET off the steam.

10'29 look at what the National Security Act has become over the years TWEET
and it gets worse with the Patriot Act every day...

10'30 if you like the militarization of your homeland, you will love its big brotherization. 
look forward to a great show of mafia-style perfection

10'30 After 800 years, "9/11" has pulverized "habeas corpus" for a global audience... consider this in relation to the rise of the World Wide Web.

10'29 "this is an INTERVIEW I did with Sylvain Collette for a French music zine called Dig It"
What happened to Patrick Lundborg? Why is he dead?! 

10'30 Do we know what the composer of what some call The New Psychedelic Bible died of 18 months after it was published? REVIEW

10'30 "Now this is pure speculation on my part...I'm as curious as anybody as to what the heck befell him." COMMENT

10'30 @BentonRooks Do you know something specific about the man's death perhaps?
Or do you maybe know somebody who could know something?
@cosmopinciotti Hey there, no I'm sorry, afraid I don't.
There were others that were closer than I but none who I have direct contact
10'30 @BentonRooks Thanks for answering my question, Mr. Rooks.
Until yesterday I was completely unaware of the man! Am still totally overwhelmed.
@cosmopinciotti No problem! I'm sorry I can't be of more help and I'm glad to hear you enjoy Lundborg much as I :-)
10'30 @BentonRooks I'm a great admirer of shrewd heads who strive to provide a deeper and clearer understanding. especially between different beliefs

10'30 "to explore the places and emotions and ideas that you run into during a psychedelic trip, then Buddhism or Hinduism has nothing to offer"

10'30 My definition (of the use) of truth: people feel at home within their paradigms, and an alternative way of thinking is not known officially.

10'30 approaching psychedelia as its own culture and way of life TUNNEL

I realized that the question of a true psychedelic culture had never been properly studied or even identified, and so that became my mission with the book – approaching psychedelia as its own culture and way of life.

...Obviously the Great Mystery at Eleusis was an exceptionally important "ground zero" for Western psychedelia.

...People would say things like "you can get to the same place without drugs by meditating". This is simply bullshit. There is no way you can get into the massive sensory onslaught of a full-spectrum hallucinogen trip without the use of drugs. Meditation doesn't make you see music streaming out as red and green notes from the speakers, or put you in contact with trickster aliens who explain the secrets of spacetime while juggling bizarre colorful objects in front of your eyes.

...Songs like Tomorrow Never Knows and Strawberry Fields are masterpieces of early psychedelia and helped push the boundaries of rock music into unknown domains. Nothing like those tracks had really been done before.
...The Rolling Stones can be considered bandwagon jumpers when they did Satanic Majesties. But that is still a really good album. The Beatles on the other hand were so early into psychedelic music (Spring 1966), that they were actually pioneers of the style.

...The psychedelic experience is an extremely powerful modifier of consciousness and personality. Almost all people who do it a few times and have primarily positive, illuminating experiences go through important changes as to who they are, how they see the world and what they want to do. Some of these changes are rapid and noticable, others are very subtle and may not be discovered until you look back on your life and see how you changed your behavior and what caused it. These changes are not random, nor wholly individual – there is a pattern as to what happens to a person who takes psychedelic drugs.

...People who take psychedelic drugs enough times tend to become more relaxed, more open to new experiences, more accepting of faults in the world or in themselves, and more prepared to live in situations where the boundaries and rules are unclear or conflicting. One of the classic signs of psychedelization that I like to point to is that one has no problems handling ambivalence and ambiguity, which the modern world is full of.

This is of course because the psychedelic trip rips apart false dichotomies and dualisms like they were wrapping paper, presenting you instead with an Innerspace world where everything is three different things at once and everything is in a flux, like Heraclitus' "panta rei" or the Merry Pranksters' "nothing lasts". Spend enough time in Innerspace and the joy, and magic that goes with it, and everything that used to be rigid and uptight about you will fade away, and be replaced by a person who is both more mature, and in a paradoxical way, more child-like.

...In other countries, such as the USA, the squares are terrified of those who make themselves free, not because they're a threat, but because they believe their whole society and way of life would collapse if too many people freed their minds and their personalities with psychedelic drugs. And the funny thing is that I think they are right.
...One million Americans took LSD enough to become permanently changed, and this created a spiritual counterculture that affected the entire society for a number of years. Imagine what would happen if 100 million Americans took LSD? Those financial pillars and big corporations and government functions would find themselves filled with people who suddenly questioned everything that went on, who decided that they didn't need this shit in their lives, and walked away from their jobs and the whole grid.

...What they might have been wrong about, however, is that the new society that would replace the old rat-race treadmill pyramid game would by necessity be inferior to the old ways. In view of what psychedelics do to healthy, adult people, I think chances are good that a society built by psychedelicists would be superior to what we currently have in the West.

...Given what the Western world looks like today, the most predictable outcome are psychedelic enclaves that co-exist with the old system. A model which has already been experimented with and continues to be of great relevance. I believe that this is the future we need to consider, and that is why I spent a whole chapter in the Psychedelia book on discussing psychedelic congregations and communes, building small-scale Utopias.

...So, understanding that Psychedelia represents its own, standalone path of spiritual training is the first step. Moving ahead from that, I believe that there are schools and traditions that are useful to be familiar with as one learns to navigate inside the psychedelic trip.

INTERVIEW with Patrick Lundberg

10'30 "I knew that I needed to find a perspective that was both new and strong enough to carry a book."

10'30 "I realized that the question of a true psychedelic culture had never been properly studied or even identified, and so that became my mission with the book – approaching psychedelia as its own culture and way of life." TWEET 

"Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where all things are connected and known."
10'30 @astral_arbiter intuition is the most intimate thing, the source of one's reality. 
and overstated romanticism is especially dangerous there.

10'30 @JoshCRandall2 The world is full of make-believe TWEET and we have no effective instrument against it yet.
@cosmopinciotti aren't you haunted by the knowledge that a shift in conscious is the only obstacle to a better world?
10'31 yes and no. because what you call the only obstacle appears to me more like a quantum leap in public awareness. a major fundamental shift in mentality towards curiosity. 
but I'm not haunted by it, I really enjoy the ride. deeply and passionately
@cosmopinciotti I watch the world catastrophe of Western politics and think "if they could but truly feel what they are doing to others."
11'01 @JoshCRandall2 absolutely right.  
unfortunately, democratic republics are made of Loyola/loyauté/loyalty. look at which type of personality Kafkaesque hierarchies wash to the top. "to be as a corpse without any opinion or will of my own" the callous mind is the norm

10'31 instant satisfaction! #FF @failingjoyfully @Diana_M_Joice @jbmurray @TheMistressVee @dominatorcultur @SchoolSucksShow @waitbutwhy @Dvitalis

10'31 -pic* @angrygn0me sometimes it feels that way

10'31 PinPoint Audiences by UberMedia WEBSITE
"We start with rich social profiles derived from Public Social Networks..."

10'30 Do Catholics have to believe in the Big Bang now? ARTICLE 
10'31 @tlthe5th "The Big Bang theory supports evidence of a divine creator."
Most contradictions disappear once you've begun to study Jesuitism...
10'31 @tlthe5th "this is the limit test for credulity...whether you believe this or not" TWEET

10'31 "This is the limit test for credulity." TUNNEL

"Every model of the universe has a hard swallow. What I mean by a hard swallow is a place where the argument cannot hide the fact that there's something slightly fishy about it. The hard swallow built into science is this business about the Big Bang. Now, let's give this a little attention here.

This is the notion that the universe, for no reason, sprang from nothing in a single instant. Well, now before we dissect this, notice that this is the limit test for credulity. Whether you believe this or not, notice that it is not possible to conceive of something more unlikely or less likely to be believed! I mean, I defy anyone – it's just the limit case for unlikelihood, that the universe would spring from nothing in a single instant, for no reason?! – I mean, if you believe that, my family has a bridge across the Hudson River that we'll give you a lease option for five dollars! It makes no sense.

It is in fact no different than saying, 'And God said, let there be light'. And what these philosophers of science are saying is, give us one free miracle, and we will roll from that point forward – from the birth of time to the crack of doom! – just one free miracle, and then it will all unravel according to natural law, and these bizarre equations which nobody can understand but which are so holy in this enterprise."

Terence McKenna QUOTE 

10'31 Catholicism is piety science.

10'31 I'm calling Jesuitism a science from now on. TUNNEL

Well, in case you haven't noticed, TWEET the Big Bang goes Catholic now with a Jesuit as Pope.
Back to the roots, so to speak. TWEET 

so what I mean by stating that theology is in fact piety science – theatrically disguised as religion if you will – is, for instance, that I cannot imagine how Cardinal Avery Dulles SJ or Reinhard Marx, Cardinal Archbishop of Munich and Freising, or any other member of the Roman priesthood initiated as bishop did/do really believe in an abstract (theoretical), uber-cosmic (transcendental), single male being (God) driven by fatherly attention, not with the best will in the world. they say they do, sure, but they actually don't.

"The Western mind is a house of cards." TWEET 

I mean, they know exactly the power and importance of psychedelia for the soul, for mankind, and I assume they use it heavily for their own strength, but instead of sharing the mystery, sharing the experience, they use it to rule. they make their intellectual and emotional superiority out of it. very systematically, yes, scientifically. in other words, they deal with subtle stories of spiritual and political significance which they don't believe in literally themselves, just deliberately as piety politicians above the milieu that we call politics. say, why can I find not one non-limited, piety-theoretical academic institute online?

"Culture is the effort to hold back the mystery, and replace it with a mythology." Terence McKenna

in my view, that's precisely what Rome is responsible for with its occult masterminds. the Roman Empire aka the Catholic Church has been reformed by the Jesuit Military Order, the first effective globalization movement. they form the CIA of the Vatican, but they're much more than just a secret service. so Catholicism today is Jesuitism basically. these messianic extremists are in charge in my opinion, world-wide since Nagasaki. mainly through their Jesus Magic but also through freemasonry, Scientology, illuminism, Mormonism, fascism, Jacobinism, communism, what have you. through jurisdiction, through fiat money and pop music, Hollywood, the education system, the media paradigm... through corporatism altogether. they invented solidarism! enough.
in short, they're able to give willing executioners on all levels of "the old rat-race treadmill pyramid game" good reasons to do what they do, and I'm calling that a science from now on.

Joe L. Mitchell, Jr. writes in Theology – The Silent Killer: "Theology has been a secret, like the Washington, D.C., sniper hiding in the bushes. No one knew who he was or where he was going to strike next. 
The truth about theology is as unknown as the identity of the sniper was at the time.
...Theology mixes with some truth is as dangerous as natural gas because it will go undetected."

yesterday I got inspired to think this TWEET "American Hustle"...

"The beginning of the world was not chaotic, he continued, but rooted in love. And beliefs in creation and evolution can co-exist.
...In fact, it was a Catholic priest, Georges Lemaitre, who in 1927 first proposed what became known as the Big Bang theory. Later, Pope Pius XII asserted evolution and Catholic doctrine are not contrary, and St. John Paul II backed him.
...These discoveries invite us to even greater admiration for the greatness of the Creator, prompting us to give him thanks for all his works and for the understanding and wisdom he gives to scholars and researchers."

If theists in sensitive position are indeed transforming the voice of Patrick Lundborg's Overseer INTERVIEW
into this fantastic – as almighty as imperceptible – poetic superhero – and that for centuries – I'd think they deserve a lot of credit for such a tremendously spectacular achievement.
You know, their science is to fabricate elaborate stories for manipulating the romantic heart, our epicenter of existence, and I am convinced that they can only control what people want to hear and also finally embrace.

in principle, "9/11" is the same dialectical good cop-bad cop story like Christianity TWEET 

The corporate system, the so-called government, preaches one patriotic conspiracy, Ray McGovern, Alex Jones and many others are preaching the antagonistic patriotic version of it.  
The "9/11" truth movement makes Philip Zelikow's and Richard Clark's official theory even safer, because as long as they fight against each other there won't be any progress or a solution.

my question would be: who really wants to understand this controversy? I mean, really? TWEET

okay, I know, that's a pretty rough ride for a proper first explanation. how about we call this a beginning?
a pile of fresh dirt that needs to be examined until the beauty of it suddenly arises.

Theology: The Silent Killer. An Unknown Weapon Is Revealed by @MrJoJoSmooth Joe L. Mitchell, Jr. BOOK

10'31 Curiosity should be rewarded. Here, TWEET this is your answer. Thanks go to @tlthe5th Thomas Richards.

10'20 @johncusack You're right again, man. "9/11" is but a symptom of a long standing illness
(no, I'm not marginalizing Sep 11th)

10'31 @johncusack haven't read it yet John but don't you think it would be far more important to have a sketchy idea of what government in fact is

10'31 @johncusack in the language of "9/11": a global corporate government needs world crises desperately... so there will be no peace, period

10'31 @johncusack who does not think big enough won't move at eye level with guys like Kissinger, Clinton, Bush and Brzezinski

10'31 believing is a matter of taste, and tastes differ.
you choose your beliefs like you choose your foods. you are what you are. the rest is silence

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