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RTs June 2014

05'29 -pic* bathtub creature

06'02 The more she wants The more he gets.

06'02 -pic* bitch-fox

06'04 It's okay, I'll be fine, oddly alone when surrounded by folks like usual.
Ignore my eyes shiny with tears held back.

06'07 Oops, I cared again.

06'08 -pic* Asian puppet

02'19 The world is a tough place. You drop your guard for one second and it'll kick you right in the ass.

02'17 That's the sound of your brain trying to comprehend it's own stupidity.

02'17 You know, I'd like to help, but not as much as I'd like not to.

@FEZakdfjaajskdf what was President Dwight D. Eisenhower's greatest achievement?
@ericformansdad he led the Allies to victory in World War II and sent those jack-booted Nazi bastards home to cry in their sauerkraut.
@FEZakdfjaajskdf I didn't understand a word you said. But I heard "Nazi bastards", and that's good enough for me.

02'19 Well, the way he's screwing up his life, death will be a sweet release.

02'19 Work is work. You don't show up late. You don't make excuses. And you don't not work.

02'19 If it wasn't work, they wouldn't call it work.
They'd call it "superwonderful crazy fun time," or "skip-a-dee-doo."

02'19 Work is not about fun. It's about work. It's about seeing how much crap you can take from the boss-man.
And then taking some more.

02'28 Me: Do you know why Tiny Tim walked with a crutch?
Eric: Because he had a smart mouth?
Me: That's right.

02'25 -pic* shiny helmet!

06'09 your account was alright until you posted a selfie

06'06 how about girls that embody all the ancient world religions in just the way they walk

06'09 Not only has @TheVulgarVag taught me invaluable lessons about life in 140 characters or less but she has also become my most cherished deity

06'11 Feelings? Yes, I have them. I keep them in a locked box in my closet. You can't touch!

06'11 If he doesn't make you feel good, make him suck his own dick.

06'11 "I love you" = wet panties. "Good girl" = panties drop. "You're mine" = panties evaporate.

06'11 I like to think of myself as an amateur expert.

06'12 -pic* Soft.

05'28 -pic* ass art

06'04 -pic* baby giraffe

01'07 My thoughts taste like you should be inside of me.

12'11 I'll let you know when you've had enough

06'07 The paradox of worshipping her and owning her is maddening...

04'01 You have sex with a body. You make love to a soul.

06'14 I bet sex isn't even real.

06'15 The sexiest thing someone can do for you is to inspire you to think a thought you never knew possible.

06'08 A girl as dangerous as a banned book.

05'11 If I get to a thousand followers I will kill someone live on Skype.

06'15 I like coloring with multiple colors then covering it with black and doing scratch drawings.

06'18 I added a VIDEO to a @YouTube playlist: DMT, the Spirit Molecule -full documentary-

"The reason DMT is the most illegal drug in the country is because of the very fact that it connects you back to God and makes you sane."
06'17 @ripster31 they've banned a chemical that is naturally produced in the human brain. DMT is the spirit molecule.
@NicholaSzeto Yes, DMT is produced in the brain. They made it illegal. It's like making skin illegal.
Cover your ass up, Taliban!
@ripster31 that's the whole point of fluoridating the water. Calcify the pineal gland. 
Reduce the brains production of DMT. End result being lack of multidimensional awareness. 
A dumbed down individual operating within a low frequency vibrational level of reality.
@ripster31 I read somewhere that a study was done. Autopsies took place on several individuals who reportedly had a high level of psychic ability whilst alive. Each individual showed a larger than average pineal gland obviously resulting in an increased output of dimethyltriptamine.
The pineal gland truly is the gateway to our multidimensional existence. The ancients knew this.

06'19 How old were you when you found out your parents were using Santa Claus as a behavior-modification tool?

05'30 Men that turn your body into a volcano.

06'05 A firm grip is a tool.

02'23 -pic* Forgive me father for I have selfied on a Sunday.

06'19 -pic* A little pussy flash

06'06 -pic* For you

06'20 -pic* Fingers crossed

06'20 @cosmopinciotti I'm an eyesore, really. :-)

"When did peanuts, gluten, and lactose become weapons of mass destruction?" #gutreaction
@hecksign when I was born. I react to it like I have food poisoning.
The fact that hipsters have made avoiding it popular is just a bonus.
06'20 @hecksign I grew up on a farm.
Nothing was pasteurized and if you cried when you were forced to slaughter animals you were punished.
@redzillart yikes
06'20 @hecksign pain is weakness leaving the body. Even emotional pain.

06'20 I fell and Ella brought me juice. I trained her to do that because I'm diabetic.
She then ran back and got my cell. She did that by herself.

06'21 @redzillart Kid says you were already cool, but now you're amazingly cool and awesome.

06'20 When I pay a lady attention, she pays me to leave her alone.

06'19 -pic* Controlled.

06'18 @lifessubatomic If I do not need a seatbelt to stay on the stool, than the two of you are not giving me a good enough show.

06'17 "Corporations are people, we've learned. But generally, they're sociopaths." Jon Stewart

06'14 "Love begins...at the point when a woman enters her first word into our poetic memory." Milan Kundera

06'17 How I love the way you fuck me with your words...

06'20 -pic* President Theodore Roosevelt at Columbia University, New York City, 1902

05'25 -pic* Lovely picture! RT @TheKingsToys New York City

06'21 When Thomas Muller jumps into a swimming pool, Muller does not get wet. The water gets Mullered!

01'11 -pic* nailed it

06'20 -pic* kiss me when you fuck me

06'21 I'll never understand people who relentlessly cling to their way utterly convinced it's THE only way.
@lifessubatomic I'm flexible and reasonable, and don't need to have my way.
I'm more interested in the idea of adjusting natural tendencies.
06'20 I believe what's important/can go the distance is a willingness to understand individual needs and work toward a common ground :-)

06'12 -pic* Dream House

06'20 Parkour, the ancient French martial art of running away.

06'09 -pic* "I try to be available for life to happen to me." Yes, yes, and yes!
8 Things Bill Murray Can Teach You About Living An Amazing Life ARTICLE via @HuffPostComedy

06'20 -pic* Trained so well she doesn't need her hands bound. TUMBLR 

"I was taught my sexuality lay between my legs, and that I shouldn't open them.
The truth is, it lies between my ears, and is mine to give."

06'13 @mellifluentm Hottest. Slut. Ever!!

06'05 -pic* For a submissive ropes, chaines, and cuffs do not make her feel vulnerable, they make her feel safe.
When her body is bound her mind is free and her soul sighs.

05'05 A push-up bra is like a bag of chips. You open it and it's half empty.

05'31 pic* beach boobies

06'14 Is Marijuana an "Exit Drug"?
Study Suggests Some Are Taking It as a Substitute for Prescription Drugs and Alcohol ARTICLE

06'17 -pic* Griechenland

06'22 I have no trouble separating reality from fiction but sometimes I wish I did.

06'22 I dare you to find something wrong with my magnificent pussy. Also my cunt.

06'22 -pic* I don't know why but this amuses me greatly.

06'22 Today's tweets are brought to you by loneliness, aggravation, hormones, sexual frustration, annoyance and a severely underfed libido.

06'12 I stopped listening after you told me it was in my best interest.

05'16 You know, if you put your dick in my mouth... I'll stop talking.

06'13 Ugh, I need a dickstraction.

06'23 What the fuck is foreplay and where do I get such a thing?

06'16 I'm so excited I could just throw myself off a cliff.

06'16 -pic* I'm thrilled for work.

05'04 -pic* I need to get laid

06'23 @BlueEyeBeaner I'll shoot you with my finger lasers first! *pewpewpew!*

04'06 -pic* On the coast of #Scotland.

06'23 Dirty minds are better w/ a pretty face.

04'23 My friends most commonly describe me as "who?"

06'19 Cumming is the new going. That makes no sense... fuck it.

06'26 @lifessubatomic Practical stuff is BORING.
I don't know how to describe the strong dislike of practical matters.
@anaturaldreamer have you ever thought about the possibility to look at them psychedelically?
that could kill some of the boredom perhaps...
06'26 @lifessubatomic I know I'm supposed to be in the moment, enjoying the present, but I'd much rather discuss ideas.

06'25 I support freedom of religion, but recognize that most organized religious institutions are scams for money/power. It's not complicated.

06'23 -pic* Sweet rain...

11'23 Lettuce. Because water should be crunchy.

04'24 Drink until I'm her.

06'23 Tyrion: My sister has mistaken me for a mushroom, she keeps me in the dark and feeds me shit.

06'26 Amazing ARTICLE on the insight of creativity, mental health and intelligence. 

06'28 I put a smile on her face after the 4th orgasm.

06'19 -pic* this bitch works

07'05 "Morning wood!" It's nice to be polite to your furniture in the morning.

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