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Outpourings of a Mushroom October 2014 pt 2

10'06 the future is not unknowable TUNNEL

"We know from studying quantum mechanics that things are not simply located in space and time. This error is what Whitehead called the fallacy of misplaced concreteness.

I've always felt that biology is a chemical strategy for amplifying quantum mechanical indeterminacy into macrophysical systems called living organisms. Living organisms somehow work their magic by opening a doorway to the quantum realm through which indeterminacy can come.

I imagine that all of nature works like this, with the single exception of human beings, who have been poisoned by language. Language has inculcated in us the very strong illusion of an unknown future.

In fact the future is not unknowable, if you can decondition yourself from the assumption of spatial concreteness."

Terence McKenna, The Evolutionary Mind – Trialogues at the Edge of the Unthinkable 1998 FACEBOOK

@cosmopinciotti ...which is impossible of course (Heisenberg)...10'06 this sounds kind of static like a time travel thing.
now, "if you had the consciousness of a pidgeon..." BOOK  
@cosmopinciotti That's all Bullshit, you know? @OutreDragon
10'07 @lifessubatomic you think? why? because we count the days?
the moment is your only chance to change what you may think is over @OutreDragon

10'17 The moment is the space where the future and the past coexist together.

10'06 "This is our birthright. TUNNEL 
It is profoundly our birthright in the same way that our sexuality is our birthright. The notion that a person would call themselves intelligent and aware and present in the world and that they would go from the cradle to the grave without ever having a psychedelic experience is nothing short of obscene, it's absurd. It makes my flesh crawl in the same way that celibacy and virginity make my flesh crawl. What a horrible, horrible waste of a human life."
Terence McKenna – Touched by the Tremendum (March 27, 1990) VIDEO plus transcript

10'07 "You know that saying, fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity?
On the same token, politicking for freedom is just like fighting for peace." COMMENT

10'02 "I have actually worn my asshole-dom as a bit of a badge of honor, but the truth is...the absence of self-confidence" BLOG POST 

10'07 "I have written more than 100 posts on this blog and about 50 of them are what I would classify as 'important'." BLOG POST 

10'07 science that leads us into these incredibly alienating abstractions TUNNEL

"...there's no theory for much what happens in the human world. In the human world the invariance of time forces itself upon us, so we create categories of human knowledge outside of time, like psychology or advertising or political theory, that address the variable time that we experience. then we hypothesize a theoretical kind of time, which is invariant, and that's where we do all the science that leads us into these incredibly alienating abstractions.
  This goes back to Newton, who said time is pure duration. He visualized time as an absolutely featureless surface. Now take note that Plato's effort to describe nature with perfect mathematical solids was abandoned long ago, because nowhere do we meet perfect mathematical forms in nature. The only perfect mathematical form that has been retained in modern scientific theory is the utterly unsupported belief that time, no matter at what scale you magnify it, will be found to be utterly featureless.
  There is absolutely no reason to assume this is true, since all experiential evidence is to the contrary.
The problem is, if we ever admit that time is a variable medium, a thousand years of scientific experiments will be swept away in an instant. It's simply a house of cards that's better left where it stands."

Terence McKenna in Trialogues at the Edge of the Unthinkable – The Evolutionary Mind BIBLIOTECA Pleyades | BOOK

10'07 an inoculation against the formation of the narcissistic ego TUNNEL 
"This is our cultural response to the presence of this dimension.
But the idea that it is in any way understood, or its implications have been assimilated, is absurd.

I believe that what we have here, in this prehistoric situation, is an incipient symbiosis..

..One of the most interesting effects of psilocybin is that it seems to stimulate the language forming capacity...I mean, it is literally true that the mushroom shaman is a man of language...a psychology in which the ego barely existed. It's almost as though you could say psychedelic drugs are an inoculation against the formation of the narcissistic ego..

..Any compound or dietary constituent which dissolves the boundaries between human beings poses a profound problem for the kinds of social organization that we have been familiar with throughout recorded history..

..the psychology of an alcohol cult is entirely different from the psychology of the psilocybin cult..

..Later these same people settled into Çatalhöyük in Southern Turkey. Çatalhöyük is 3,500 years in advance of any other civilization on earth at that time. The chief investigator of the site, James Mellaart, called it a premature flash of complexity and brilliance. And it disappeared. Mysteriously. The motifs may have been transferred to Crete, but as far as we can tell, that was the last vestige of this psychedelically motivated partnership society. It was destroyed by the Kurgan invaders, the wheel chariot people who came from north of the Black Sea with an entirely different psychology. You see, their psychology was shaped by the domestication of the horse, which was a permission for a raiding psychology, a psychology of nomadic plunder, while the domestication of cattle in Africa some 5,000 years before had created the opportunity for this goddess/mushroom/cattle kind of psychology to evolve.

The mushroom-using peoples of the ancient Middle East and of pre-desert Africa were living in a dynamic equilibrium with the environment. this was the endemic state. If you read the story of Genesis carefully it is clearly the story of a drug bust...And an angel was set at the gate of Eden with a burning sword so that they cold not find their way back. This is the story of centuries of continual drought, shattering the back of a partnership civilization that was at equilibrium in central Africa 15 to 25,000 years ago.

Now, we are the sad inheritors of this situation...What the ancient authors said, what was practiced secretly at Eleusis was practiced openly at Gnosis. There’s considerable evidence that the mushroom cult may have persisted a long time in Crete..

..We have an absolute obsession with the alteration of consciousness...We, as a species, are the victims of a dysfunctional childhood. We were torn from that which gave life meaning by climatological and cultural factors which forced us then into the nightmare of history..

..The ego is like a calcareous tumor on the personality of each of us. This tumor must be psycholytically removed.
It must be dissolved. Not that we must have no ego...we are sick with it, through, through and through.
No less a bastion of conservative and establishment thinking than Arthur Koestler in his book The Ghost In The Machine finally concludes we have to have a drug...we have to interfere with the ego. It's completely unnecessary.
It's a burden to everyone who has it, and the collective impact of it is absolutely thanatoptic.

The archaic revival is an impassioned and unconsciously-driven reaching back into time: nope, the Renaissance won't do it. nope, the Greek ideals are not sufficient. no, Pharaonic Egypt is not enough. no, no, no, until finally we reach the brink of the last glaciation and there we find people who are functioning. Their fertility levels, their supply and demand relationship with their environment – all of this is working..

..this tremendously powerful tool, which our institutions immediately leap upon and attempt to stigmatize, drive under ground, criminalize, and discredit. But they have a vested interest in continuing momentum of all of this insanity..

..All of these psychoanalytic models fail utterly because ultimately the psychedelic experiences hardly seems to be addressing the personality of the individual...We don't understand what it is. We haven't got a clue. We believe in matter, causality, the here and now, the discreetness of objects, the unknowability of the future and so forth and so on. It's just a laundry list of wrongheaded notions that you can immediately disabuse yourself of with five grams of dried mushrooms.. 

..The psychedelic experience is half the world...It requires nothing more than a personal act of courage to discover whether or not what I'm saying is true or horseshit. You know, you just have to go and look. People want to talk about it, they want to argue about it. This is not a philosophy, or a theory, or a position, this is an experience! it's an experience...If the expansion of consciousness does not loom large in the future of the human species then what kind of future is it going to be?!"

Terence McKenna – Touched by the Tremendum WEBSITE

"One of my favorite REVIEWs of The Lone Gladio. Thank you Pearse!"
10'07 @sibeledmonds "The novel brings to life the reality of what we have come to know as The War on Terror."

10'08 Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story. A Memoir (2012) TUNNEL 
"She was warned repeatedly by others in the bureau who sympathised with her concerns but knew from their own experience that it was impossible to change the culture of the organisation. She learned from them of more serious cover-ups. Top US government figures, such as Condolezza Rice, were saying there had been no information about the impending 9/11 attacks, but this was wrong. High-level figures in the FBI, the CIA and the Defense Department were doing everything possible to avoid responsibility, and this meant covering up the truth.
One of her superiors informed her in these words:

'You need to know a little about some policies that are followed religiously in the FBI.
Policy one: one for all, all for one.
Policy two: problems and embarrassments are always swept under the rug – always.

They don't want to know about serious and embarrassing problems, no matter how scandalous. They don't want people reporting these types of issues and cases. Especially on the record, in writing.' (p. 104)

'They' in this quote referred to 'the management, the headquarters, the director'.  
The implication of this advice was that protecting the reputation of FBI management was more important than protecting the US from terrorists and criminals..

..One big disappointment was the response of US watchdog bodies.

The day after I was fired, I began looking for an attorney, which proved difficult. Good, affordable attorneys willing to take on the FBI and Justice Department are a rarity in Washington, DC. As far as government watchdog and whistleblower organizations go, none of them call back unless you happen to be famous.
(It took me years to understand the game: high-profile cases are cash cows for many of these groups, who use the funds they raise to pay the salaries of their staffs, none of whom are whistleblowers.) (p. 152).. she knew she could never again visit the country, because she would probably be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed..

..The government pulled out its strongest techniques. The case was originally assigned to what seemed to be a fair judge. Through behind-the-scenes pressure, it was reassigned to a judge who was a pawn of the Bush administration, and who would rule for the government no matter what the evidence..

..This result had nothing to do with national security. Quite the contrary. It damaged security but protected incompetence, negligence and criminality within the national security apparatus..

..Edmonds continued to believe in official channels. If the courts had become tools of the system, she next put her hope in the political system, and organised lobbying of politicians...Obama had voiced support for whistleblowers, but his administration took tougher action against them than Bush's. So much for putting trust in political reform.

For years, Edmonds poured incredible energy into her campaigns, holding herself together by the hope of real change. Her husband was a pillar of strength through every crisis. Eventually the disillusionments became too great, and she broke down, unable to do anything. It took a long time for her to recover and to forge a new path: running a blog and website, and writing her book Classified Woman..

..There is another stage worth mentioning: going to the media. In many whistleblower cases, the mass media are powerful allies. A balanced treatment of a whistleblower story is often highly damaging to the employer, so media coverage is often the best support a whistleblower can obtain. But this applies only to cases within a certain political context. Some cases are too hot to handle even by the media. In the US, the mainstream media will not challenge the status quo beyond a certain point, as Edmonds discovered.

Early in her struggles, the media were keenly interested, but as the stakes became higher and the implications more far-reaching, suddenly the media lost interest. Concerning tough questions about espionage and invoking state secrets privilege, 'The media – that is, the mainstream media in the United States – never asked these questions, never sought an answer through investigative work. Never.' (p. 283) Meanwhile, alternative media and foreign mass media remained intensely interested..

..The higher the stakes, the more consideration should be given to anonymous leaking. Edmonds did not take this road, so how well it might have worked for her is uncertain. It is worth noting that speaking out means the attention is often more on the whistleblower and the injustice of reprisals than on the issue being addressed..

..Another lesson is not to trust official channels. Edmonds tried one after another, continually searching for justice. Eventually she learned that the system was sewn up: there was no way to achieve reform on the inside. Through a process of elimination, she found only two reliable ways of having an impact: mobilising other national security whistleblowers and alerting the wider public..

..If Edmonds had known what was coming, she might have chosen an entirely different strategy, lying low, collecting information, leaking information, and anonymously notifying committed campaigners about ways to intervene against corruption in the security apparatus. Perhaps some future insider dissidents will take this path. 
Meanwhile, we can be thankful that there are individuals such as Edmonds who have taken the noble, principled path of speaking out, paying the penalty for pushing for honest and effective behaviour, and surviving to mobilise others and tell a story that can inform and inspire us all."

REVIEW by Brian Martin

"It was a great pleasure to be interviewed by my partner and favorite host Guillermo Jimenez on The Lone Gladio!" PODCAST 
10'08 @sibeledmonds "All Roads Lead To #Nine11" that's right. I had a question... TWEET

10'08 "9/11" and "11/9" TUNNEL
Can you imagine that there could be an even bigger picture of the "catastrophic and catalyzing event" than that that you describe and that the PNAC document tries to conceal? A purpose which would connect the 9th of November (1989) and the 11th of September (2001) much closer with each other than the battle for resources and world domination?

What was it that made the almighty bloc confrontation obsolete for real? What brought the era of the East-West conflict to an end finally and, at the same time, stirred up a completely new and unknown, huge imminence for those who needed a #PatriotAct paradigm of some sort at all costs?

10'21 @sibeledmonds the moment BM put this question TWEET he was doing it himself what seems oh so impossible #allroadsleadto911

10'29 @sibeledmonds Have you noticed? PUBLIC NOTICE 
The "9/11" chip is the real deal TWEET not "the grand chessboard".

"Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give to an American."
Edward Snowden
10'08 @PsychedelicLozo #AllRoadsLeadToNine11 #SpitDickCheneyInTheFace ARTICLE 

10'08 "Let's call these plans the villains' counter-hero measures, or perhaps Manchurian-Heroes: villain-made heroes." BOILING FROG

10'11 "If the mainstream media supposedly has this pervasive influence on peoples perceptions of reality, then surely the internet can have the same effect, creating it's own 'invisible axioms' with it's constant reinforcement of a one-sided, and therefore distorted, presentation of the facts and – more importantly – the interpretations of those facts." ARTICLE 

10'11 "I find it frustrating when people allow themselves to be conned into believing the most elaborate lies.
I've been focusing so far on 9/11 because I think the fallout from this 'false flag' operation has been catastrophic for the world. Freedom and peace have been casualties along with a lot of good people.
As long as Dick Cheney's face continues to make me mad, I won't get bored of writing about 9/11." ABOUT

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