Saturday, 15 November 2014

This is the secret! It is, it is! It cannot be anything else.

"people bring all kinds of agendas to these things. and I don't know whether people wanna talk philosophy or recipes. I don't know whether they wanna talk politics or, you know, share experiences. so I want to, just in order to make sure we all understand the domain we're operating from here, I would like to talk a little about what it's like to be loaded. because I think that's ground zero of what we're talking about. psychedelics are like any other social phenomena – there are a lot of notion of the psychedelic cosmogony – if you want to think of it that way – is it's like a bulls-eye. it's like a series of concentric circles. and various substances place you in various quadrants of that mandala at various distances from ground zero, which is at the absolute center. attitude was always a 'show me' attitude. I don't believe in faith. I don't believe in belief. my favorite gospel story is the story of the apostle Thomas, who was not present when Christ came the first time after the resurrection to the upper conclusion about this story is that alone among all humanity and all times and places, only one person every touched the incorporeal body of God. Thomas the doubter touched because he doubted.
it was not necessary that the believers should be vouch safe to such a boon, but the doubter was awarded the supreme enlightenment.

...Alladin's lamp is real. fairyland is real. magic is real – in the most real sense! in the same sense that what we call reality is real. and I learned this through this compound. and one of the great puzzles about this compound is why more people don't know about it.
no, no brotherhood initiated me. no lineage reaching back to the fall of Atlantis brought me in to its circle. therefore, I feel completely free to say anything I want. nobody has ever come to me and said, 'you are spilling the beans, you are telling the secret.'

a long long time ago – and, you know, we all have different opinions, this is mine, I hope it doesn't offend – but a long long time ago I took an oath to tell all secrets that came my way. don't tell me a secret, I won't keep it. I'm against secrets. I'm against hierarchies, lineages... all assumption of special knowledge on the part of anyone in the presence of anyone else is abhorrent to me. I mean, I'm a true anarchist first and foremost."

so, DMT, like all things in this world, has a physical body – a presence and a presentation. in this case it looks rather like earwax. it is orange. it is crystalline. it smells vaguely of moth balls. and for my money, it is the lapis, the quintessence, the universal panacea at the end of time has sent a reflection back through the temporal labyrinth, and wherever this touches, where ever this concresses, the mystery is fully present. so what is it, then? well, it's an experience, and I maintain it's the most intense experience you can have this side of the yawning grave, without doubt. I mean, people say 'is it dangerous?' well, the answer is 'only if you fear death by astonishment.' yes, that's a joke here. it's not a joke there, because you find yourself literally holding your heart to verify that you have not, in fact, had a coronary thrombosis induced by wonder, terror, reverence, and astonishment.

so, here it is. the quintessence, the orange thing. was it transponded in from Arcturus? was it handed down through some ancient eldritch brotherhood that found this secret before the pyramids were built? who can say? whatever it is, wherever it comes from, here's what happens when you allow it to pass through the blood-brain barrier of your own alchemical vessel which is your body.

the first thing that happens is that there is a sense as though all the air in the room had been sucked out. all the colors brightened. this is that increase in visual acuity that I made so much of yesterday. all edges become sharp. distant things stand out in their clarity. this is at one toke. at two tokes, you close your eyes, you feel a sense of anesthesia seeping through your body. you close your eyes and you see a floral pattern rotating in space, usually yellow-orange. people who do this occasionally – and nobody does it a lot – call it 'the chrysanthemum'. it's a floral pattern like a pattern in a Chinese brocade. this forms and stabilizes and then you either break through it, or you require one more toke. and these are matters of physiology, shamanic intent, so forth and so on. the leather lunged hash smokers among us have a leg up in this department. this is a spiritual discipline where the ability not to cough makes the difference between shunyata and, you know, 'try again, Sam.'

so, you take, let us assume a third toke, long and slow through a glass pipe. you vaporize this stuff. you don't mix it with weed or oregano or any of that which was done in the past. you want the pure stuff. ynd you take it in and in and in and there is definitely somewhere in here a threshold. a threshold which you must exceed. and when you do that, this membrane-like thing, this chrysanthemum will actually part and there is a sound like the crumpling of a plastic bread wrapper, or the crackling of flame. a friend of mine says 'this is the radio entelechy of your soul exiting through the anterior fontanelle at the top of your head.' could be! in any case, this crackling sound and a tone – a tone – a [hum changing from low to high pitch] – and then there's this impression of transition. and you're now 20 seconds deep into this experience. there's an impression of transition. it's as though there were a series of tunnels or chambers that you are tumbling down, being propelled by some kind of muscle behind you that is pushing you. I mean, yes, birth canal, yes yes of course. but anyway, a tunnel. and what I've noticed about this tunnel is the walls and ceiling flux and come down to meet each other and where they touch, they pull apart with a [makes a sucking sound]. and then you're propelled into the next space, and then the next, and then the next, and there is this [repeats the sucking sound] – right. and then you are 'there'.

and this is what I want to talk to you about, because of all communities – I hope perhaps collectively, singly – someone can say something enlightening about this. then you are there. and where is 'there'? it's underground. how you know this you cannot say, but there is an irreconcilable sense of enormous mass surrounding you. in other words, you are underground. you're at the center of a mountain or something. and you're in a room which aficionados call 'the dome' and people will ask each other 'did you see the dome? were you there?' it's softly lit, indirectly lit, and the walls – if such they be – are crawling with geometric hallucinations: very brightly colored, very iridescent with deep sheens and very high reflective surfaces. everything is machine-like and polished and throbbing with energy.

but that is not what immediately arrests my attention. what arrests my attention is the fact that this space is inhabited – that the immediate impression as you break into it, is there is a cheer. the gnomes have learned a new way to say 'hoooooray!' you break in to this space and are immediately swarmed by squeaking, self-transforming elf-machines. these things which are made of light, and grammar, and sound that come chirping, and squealing, and tumbling toward you. and they say 'hooray! welcome! you're here!' and in my case, 'you sent so many and you come so rarely.' and my immediate impression, no matter how many times I do this – and I've done it maybe 30 or 40 times which isn't a lot in a lifetime of worshiping it – my immediate impression is that they are welcoming. there is something going on which I over the years come to call 'LUV' – L U V. not 'light utility vehicle' but LUV. that is not like Eros or not like sexual attraction, I don't know what it's like exactly. it's almost like a physical thing. it's like a glue that pours out into this space. and my immediate impression in there is, I'm appalled. I'm appalled at how far I've come.

and one of the strange things about DMT is that it does not affect your mind in an ordinary sense. in that, you know, drugs they make you giggly, they frighten you, they stimulate you, they depress you. DMT does none of this. you go to that place with all your groceries. you're there, and you're there thinking 'Jesus H fucking Christ, what is this? what is it?!' and you're thinking 'I must be dead, I've done it this time.' the psychedelic mantra: 'I've done it this time. I must be dead!' and so you, you know, you think 'heart, heart? yes, hmm, heart, hmm, hmm. pulse, pulse? yes, yes.'

and meanwhile these things are literally in your face. and what they do is they jump into your chest and then they jump out again. and what they're doing – and this is the point I think – what they're doing is they are singing, chanting, speaking in some kind of language that is very bizarre to hear. but what is far more important is that you can see it. they speak in a language which you see. and this is completely confounding! because syntax is not something you ordinarily reach out and touch. and in this space that’s what happening.

and so like jeweled self-dribbling basketballs, these things come running forward. and what they are doing with this visible language that they create, is they are making gifts – they are making gifts for you. and they will say [language disassociated from meaning] which condenses as something that looks like a cross between a Sopwith Camel, a Havana cigar, a piece of abalone, an opal, and a nookie, and they offer it to you! and you're looking at this thing, and as you look at it, it also transforms, changes, speaks, sings, undergoes metastasis, undergoes metamorphosis. and these things are just accumulating. and each elf-machine creature elbows others aside, says 'look at this, look at this, take this, choose me!'

and as you direct your attention into these things, you have the overwhelming conviction that if you could bring a single one of these objects back to this world, that somehow you wouldn't have to say anything. you would just walk up to people and say 'friend'. and people would say 'oh my god! you got a piece of the action, the real action!'

this state of ecstatic frenzy – and it's like a bugs bunny cartoon running backwards in cyberspace or something – this state of incredible frenzy goes on for about three minutes, and all the time the elves are saying 'don't give way to wonder! do not abandon yourself to amazement! pay attention, pay attention! look at what we're doing! look – at – what – we're – doing!' and then 'do it, do it!' and it's this thing where then everything stops and they wait and you feel like a torch, a spark, lit in your belly that begins to move up your esophagus.

and eventually when it reaches your mouth, your mouth just flies open and this language-like stuff comes out. acoustically, it's [language disassociated from meaning] but what you're – you're not hearing it. the startled friends who sent you to this place are putting up with this – what you're experiencing is a visual modality where these tones are surfaces, shading, colors, insets, jewels, you are making something [language disassociated from meaning] you know, erase, move forward, add cerulean, put in stippling – it's that sort of thing.

and they go mad with joy when you do this. and then, you know, this goes on for about 30 seconds and then there is like a ripple through the system and you realize these two continua are being pulled apart. and I had one trip where the – and often it's very erotic, although I'm not sure that's the word. but it's something. it's almost like sex is the surface of something of which this is the volume. and I'm a great fan of sex. I don't mean to denigrate it. I mean to raise DMT to a very high status. but it's astonishing. in one trip as the pull-away maneuver began, all the elves turned simultaneously and looked at me and said 'déjà vu, déjà vu.'

so, this is an experience which in some form – I mean it will be different for each one of you – but in some form at least what will be similar to my description is how dramatic it will be. it will hit you as hard as it hit me if you do it right. this, to me, this experience is of a fundamentally different order than any other experience this side of the yawning grave. and why religions have not been built around it? why empires have not risen and fallen around the control of its sources? why theology has not enshrined it as its central exhibit for the presence of the other in the human world? I don't know. I can tell the secret. as you notice, nothing shuts me up. but why this is not four-inch headlines on every newspaper on the planet, I cannot understand. because I don't know what news you were waiting for, but this is the news that I was waiting for. it's an incredible challenge to human understanding to try and make sense of this.

and I started out, you know, reading Jung, doing my Hindu, you know getting up to speed with all that, studying Zen Buddhism, studying shamanism. ...the thing that puzzles me about DMT is how little trace there is of it in the human world. I can't point to a period in European art, or the art of some group of islanders somewhere, and say that is very much like DMT. it isn't. and yet the DMT thing is, it's like an avalanche of orgasmic beauty, but a certain kind of beauty that only words that I can find for the kind of beauty that it is, is bizarre, alien, outlandish, outré, freaky, and at the very edge of what the human mind seems to be able to hold. well, where is this coming from? and what is happening? and this is what I like to discuss with people such as yourselves who have wide experience in the world and in the realms of the unseen. this has to be taken seriously. In other words, ‘it’s only a hallucination’ thing – that horse shit is just passé.

...what we've got here, folks, is an intelligent entelechy of some sort that is frantic to communicate with human beings for some reason. and the possibilities can be logically enumerated. what we've got here is either 'this is an extraterrestrial', you know, evolved around a different star, possibly with a different biology, may not even be made of matter, came across an enormous distance sometime maybe long ago, has some agenda which we may or may not be able to conceive of, this is it – the real thing as the little girl said in Poltergeist 'they're here!'. so that's one possibility. that’s just one possibility.

I present these without judgement, because I'm not sure. if an extraterrestrial wanted to interact with a human society, and it had ethics that forbade it from landing trillion ton beryllium ships on the United Nations plaza – in other words if it were subtle – I can see hiding yourself inside a shamanic intoxication. you would say 'let's analyze these people, okay they're kinda hard-headed rationalists, except they have this phenomenon called -getting loaded- and when they get loaded they accept whatever happens to them. so let's hide inside the load and we'll talk to them from there and they'll never realize that we're of a different status than pink elephants.' okay, that's one possibility.

...there is a third possibility, which – I leave it to you to decide whether this is the more conservative position or the more radical position. and I reached this reluctantly and I'm not sure this is my position, but uh... these things have a weird – these tykes, as I call them, these self-transforming machine elves, these syntactical homunculi – have a very weird relationship to human beings. first of all, they love us! they care for some reason. whoever and whatever they are, they're far more aware of us than we are aware of them. witness the fact that they welcome me. so is it possible that at the end of the 20th century, at the end of 500 years of materialism, reductionism, positivism, what we're about to discover is probably the least likely denouement any of us expected out of our dilemma. what we're about to discover is that death has no sting. that what you penetrate on DMT is an ecology of human souls in another dimension of some sort.

I mean, this is hair raising to me, and I've spent my whole adolescence and early adulthood getting free from Catholicism and its assumptions and I never imagined that a thorough exploration of life's mysteries would lead to the conclusion that, in fact, this is but a prelude. we are in a very tiny womb of some sort. our lives are just stations, and this is not where we are destined to unfold ourselves into what it means to be human. this is some kind of metamorphic stage like the pupa of a butterfly. and so, this is deep water. because, we are fairly agitated over the fact that we fear the planet is dying and us with it. this stuff raises the issue: you don't know what dying is. therefore it's very uncertain exactly what sort of an attitude we should take to it. and as I say, I'm not advocating a position. mysteries are not unsolved problems, they are mysteries. when you stand naked in the presence of the mystery, it is still utterly and completely mysterious.

but I enjoy talking to people about this, because I think that the human body, the human mind, these are tools for the soul to use in the effort to unlock its meaning and its destiny. and millions of people, perhaps billions of people, have gone to the grave without knowing that this is possible – this experience that I've just described to you. and it's perfectly harmless. I mean, I think that if science would back out of politics and do its work, we could establish that DMT is the most harmless, the safest, of all hallucinogens.
the fact that it occurs naturally in the human brain is the first clue to the fact that it's benign. the second clue is the fact that it only lasts 8 to 12 minutes. what that means to a pharmacologist is the body perfectly understands what to do with this compound – you take a hit of DMT and your body says 'oh, I recognize this, activate deamination cycle, activate demethylation cycle, activate...' – it knows what to do. and so within ten minutes your down. a drug that you take and 48 hours later you're lying around in warm baths and refusing telephone calls is a drug you shouldn't have taken. because it's hitting you too hard, it's not clean, it's not smooth. DMT – the most powerful hallucinogen known to man and science – clears your system in 15 minutes! I mean, you're so down, you don't have a small headache or need to take a nap or anything! you're ready to do phone calls.

so how can it be then that a compound which each of us carries – right here – right in the pineal gland, right in the Ajna chakra. the philosopher's stone is no further away than that. how can this be secret from us? how can we be trapped in a dimension of such limitation and such mundaneness when our own nervous systems, and the ecology around us, and our own history over the past half million years argues that this is what we were born and bred for. this is where we belong. this is what 'at play in the fields of the Goddess' must mean. and somehow history has made us dysfunctional, buried the mystery, made it, if at best, a piece of secret knowledge jealously guarded by somebody. I mean, I don't know. there are lots of mystery cults and secret societies in the world. I don't know if any of them are guarding DMT as a secret. it may be so. no one told me to keep my mouth shut.

a very suggestive short story – I'm sure many of you know and love the Argentine surrealist writer Jorge Luis Borges. well, Borges has a book – I believe it's called 'Labyrinths' – and in Labyrinths there is a short story called 'The Sect of the Phoenix', and it says: 'there is a sacrament older than mankind. the sectarians have been the victims of every persecution in human history, and the sectarians have been the purveyors of every persecution in history. these sectarians are not identifiable by race or place or language or time. to the adept, the mystery appears ridiculous, yet they do not speak of it.  one child can initiate another. it is orange. ruins are propitious places. do it in the moonlight in the thresholds of buildings.' and that's all it said – it's a page and a half. and it suggests – and see, here's the thing – I'm not as articulate on this subject as I wish I could be – if this is not the secret that these lineages are guarding, then they're guarding an empty house.

this is the secret! it is, it is! it cannot be anything else. it is the neoplatonic One. it is the trans-substantiant object – the panis supersubstantialis of the alchemists. I'm not saying that people have known about this for a long time. DMT is in many plants as I said, but spread very thinly and we don't have historical records of anyone ever concentrating it. I've done the DMT plant preparations of the Amazon – the snuffs and the ayahuasca. and on ayahuasca, if it is heavily laced with the DMT-containing plant, after hours of breath work and drumming, alone in the jungle, you can begin to open it up to the place that DMT will carry you to in 45 seconds in an upper east-side apartment, whether you like it or not.

so, some of you may have seen, years and years ago, this B movie about a guy who has a big ranch in Mexico, and one of the campesinos comes rushing back from having encountered a brontosaur in the forest, and he can only point inarticulately at the woods and say 'something, something, something, something!!' and that's what I am! I'm a monkey. and I've come back to the troop, and I'm telling you there's something over the next hill that is off the scale, off the scale. and I have made it my business to, you know, delve, I'm a delver, I'm a noetic archaeologist – obscure heresies and strange rites and all of this stuff – been there, done that. it's all pale soup compared to this.'s another dimension. it is literally another dimension. I took DMT to a lama of great accomplishment, not one of the grab-ass can of Budweiser welded to the good right hand lamas, but a real lama. this guy was over 90 when he smoked DMT and since his wheel has turned. and he said to me 'it's the lesser lights'. he said 'you can't go further into the Bardo and return.' and so I think that we stand at the brink of an enormous frontier – call it incorporeality, call it non-material existence, or, you know, bite the bullet call it death. but this is the frontier that we stand on the edge of. this is what history has been about.

...this thing is calling us toward itself across aeons of cosmic time. we are asked to mirror it and as we mirror it, we become more of its essence. and as we become more of its essence, we leave behind the animal organization that we were cast in, in the beginning. and what this is about? who knows? is this a drama of cosmic redemption? is it the transcendental other at the end of time? is it a gnostic daemon? what is it? we do not know. but I really believe we are in the era when we will come to know.
and what the psychedelics are, are periscopes in the temporal dimension. if you want to see a little bit into the future, elevate you psychedelic periscope outside of the three dimensional continuum and peer around.

...think of the fetus in the womb at the moment of transition. surely it must despair. the walls are closing in. it's being crushed and strangled. gone are the endless amniotic oceans of a few months before: the weightlessness, the effortless delivery of food through the umbilical cord. suddenly, it's just boundaries and agony and crushing pressure – that's where we are. and we are going to have to shed history like a snake sheds its skin if we want to slip off into hyperspace, where I think all of magical humanity is awaiting us and cheering us on, lending their weight. they're all out there, you know, Proclus, and Plotinus, and Plato, and Hypatia, and Henry Cornelius Agrippa, and John Dee, and Robert Fludd, and Eliaphas Levy – they are all out there pulling for us. and every shaman and shamanness, every magician practitioner as far back in time as you go was part of the plan, the conjuration, the great work, the distillation of the quintessence. history is a magical invocation, and at the end of that invocation – if it is correctly done – all boundaries will dissolve into the stone, the lapis, a trans-dimensional vehicle that can move through space and time. that is, the collectivity of all human souls free at last in what William Blake called 'the Divine Imagination'.

and you don't have to wait for the general dispensation. you can join up anytime by hyper-spacializing your metaphors and your point of view through psychedelic symbiosis with the plants that are pouring this hyper dimensional Gaian vision into the minds of anyone who will detoxify themselves from history and linear thinking, and but open themselves to the presence of the trans-formative mystery that is going to leave this planet unrecognizable to us within our lifetimes. so that's the basic spiel. and I think it raises a lot of questions and yours is first.

question: are there any northern hemisphere, western herbs that inhabit DMT that we would have access to?

the answer is yes, yes. the question is 'are there herbs in the temperate zone that contain DMT?' yes. there are certain grasses – Phalaris arundinacea, Phalaris tuberosa. these can be ordered from plant dealers or gotten, ironically enough, from agricultural experiment stations because these are pasturage grasses. a lot of people are doing wonderful work right now learning how to make DMT preparations out of native plants. the mature Phalaris grass – it's very diffuse, the DMT. so what people are doing is they're getting the seeds and they're spouting them in a sprouter. and then they're taking the sprouted seeds and air drying them. well, you can imagine how powdery sprouts become if you air dry them. well, then you can powder up a handful of these sprouts and twist that into a bomber and come very very close to the flash point.

the other thing – I mean, since I'm talking to recipe-oriented magicians – the other thing you need to understand if you want to work in this area is that DMT can ordinarily not be taken orally, because there is an enzyme system in your intestines called the mono amine oxidase system (MAO) and it will destroy the DMT. but the good news is there are certain compounds called MAO inhibitors – didn't you know it. if you take a mono amine oxidase inhibitor, and then you take DMT, the DMT will survive the gut and pass into the blood stream, and pass the blood-brain barrier.  
so here is a very important piece of practical information I am about to give you.

if you want to inhibit your MAO in order to make DMT trips longer, or mushroom trips longer and more intense, or to activate DMT if you only have a little bit of it, then what you should get are the seeds of Peganum harmala. you can either order it under that name from seed dealers, or go to an Iranian market and buy what is called Hurmal. this is simply Peganum harmala seeds. they use it as an incense to fumigate rooms. but two grams – don't take more – two grams of this macerated in a mortar and pestle with spring water taken from a spring at the new moon near a crossroads will inhibit your MAO. it will inhibit your MAO.

consequently, then when you smoke the bomber of Phalaris dust it will grab on. or you can even smoke mushrooms then, and they will grab on.
so knowing how to inhibit MAO is one of the key techniques in this kind of herbal shamanic magic.
other plants that contain DMT, and here's one you should all be aware of because it's probably right around here, is Desmanthus ilinoensis – Illinois Bundle Weed. it's a rank weed. I've not seen it except in the dry form, but people have grown hundreds of pounds of this stuff in a few months. and the root bark has the highest concentration of DMT ever measured in any plant. it's higher than the ayahuasca admixtures used in the Amazon.

in the root bark. the root bark which you dry the root, and then scrape the bark off, and you'll get this reddish root bark. the red is actually the DMT. virola trees in the Amazon shed DMT in their sap, and it's always a blood red sap. and to show you how strong it is, the indians in the Amazon – some of the tribes – they roll their arrow points directly into that sap. and it's a paralytic poison in the bloodstream of monkeys and small animals.

so a great deal of work is being done right now and you should, if you're of an experimental and herbal and alchemical and magical bent, people are creating what they call ayahuasca analogs. this is where you use local plants to create a brew which is chemically equivalent to an Amazonian hallucinogen. and of course, you have the satisfaction that it's yours. it's your magical recipe. no one on earth is doing quite what you've got and it's very – a lot of interesting work is being done and you'll hear more about this. in fact, Jonathan Ott just wrote a book called 'Ayahuasca Analogs' in which the state of the art is spelled out, and it would be worth your while to check that out if you're an experimentalist.

the question is 'is there a more – is there a simple reagent test for the presence of DMT?' the answer is: sort of. you can do a paper chromatographic test and all you need is a little UV light and some chromatography paper and some solvent dishes. I mean, it's at the level of a 7th grade science project.
yes, I don't know how much I should say on this subject. I'm probably about to say too much, but at one gathering I go to, one of the people who's a very regular part of that particular posse, is a wheat breeder. so when he heard about the Phalaris, he was a geneticist and a wheat breeder. and he has been working very quietly on his own to produce super strains of Phalaris, and I think we will soon see super strains because the underground community is incredibly creative in this area.

the compound I talked about yesterday – Salvia divinorum – that's all underground work. Bret Blosser, the anthropologist who discovered it is a complete freak. the guy, the chemist who extracted it, who would prefer I don't put out his name, is a complete freak. the people who then did the confirmation studies – my brother and his band of performing pharmacologists – all freaks. so we actually, we do not take ourselves seriously enough. I mean, we have our scientists, we have our philosophers, we have our thinkers, our legal experts, we are a complete community. and it's no longer, in my mind, even necessary to publish in straight journals and to seek a pat on the head from, you know, the American pharmacology community. they don't understand what these things are for anyway.

question: could you give that name of it?

yes, I'll repeat this and strengthen once again my case to the guy who owns the company that he should pay me, for gods sakes. if you want a catalog of extremely rare and useful psychoactive and magical plants, probably the most complete in the world – the company is called 'Of The Jungle' PO Box 1801 Sebastopol, CA, 95472. write and ask for a catalog. and tell them George Bush sent you. no, I'm teasing. don't tell them that they won't send you the catalog.

...all these popular aliens that are running around – you know, the Whitley Strieboids and all these things – are much
more mundane than what I encountered. I mean, what I encountered was terrifyingly not human. terrifyingly alien. and I just do not quite get – and Madame Blavatsky was into it and they're always saying, you know the – I don't know, they're all very cut and dried about it. and when I encounter an extraterrestrial alien or a creature from another dimension, the main thing that's happening for me is the implications are blowing my mind! they seem totally immune to the implications.

yes, what is not much talked about – the part of the experience which is anomalous – and maybe people who know more about magical literature than I do can correct me – but what the elves are really interested in, is this stuff which I call 'visible language'. that's the whole point of the encounter, is to exhibit it and to get you to do it.

well, now first of all, think for a minute about ordinary language – it's really weird! it's the weirdest thing we do. I mean, if you were looking for the thumbprint of God on creation, human language would be a good candidate. because, look, we're suppose to be some kind of animal who just went a little further than the next guy, but to get out of that Shakespeare and Milton is a pretty amazing accomplishment. hardly to speak of the mathematical languages that we generate. so something happened – some people think only 35,000 years ago. imagine if that's true. I mean, I don't care, some people say 150,000 years ago.
but to speak, to take small mouth noises and to turn them into signifiers for symbols and relationships in spite of some people's enthusiasm for cetaceans and dolphins, I just am not overwhelmed by the evidence. I mean, to me, you know, it is a miracle to be able to speak poetry. it is a miracle. I mean, when Coleridge wrote...that’s language! and it's magic! we have a fascination then. we also paint. then we sculpt. then we write. then we create electronic databases. then film, television. clearly, what we want to do is we want to communicate visually. and these things are saying there's way to do it. do it! and I don't understand: do we all have to be loaded on DMT all the time? can you learn to do this?

the gentleman who asked about dreams: here's a piece of information that is critical in this jigsaw puzzle. if you have smoked DMT at any time in the past, it is possible to have a dream in which people are running around and you're checked into the Mars hotel and the luggage is lost and this and that, and in the middle of all that someone drags out a little glass pipe and hands it to you. it will happen. it will happen in the dream! not a memory, not a simulacrum, it will really happen. well now to me that's an amazing piece of data because what it's saying is 'you can do it on the natch'. you may have to be dead asleep, but still on the natch this can be done. and the lucid dreamers, the biofeedback people, the people who claim these wonderful things that you can do with sleep and dream and programming, I challenge them: teach people to have DMT dreams in their sleep. and then let's figure out how to drag that puppy into the light so that we can do it at will on the natch.

b>one thing that I have come to believe is that we remember no more than five percent of our dreams, and it's the most mundane five percent. I think – and there's scientific evidence to support this – remember I said that DMT is in the human brain? well, it concentrates in the human cerebra-spinal fluid on a 24 hour cycle and it reaches its peak of concentration between 3 and 4 AM in most people. that's when the deep REM sleep is happening. when you give somebody DMT, they lay back, they close their eyes, and the way you – the guide, the sitter, I don't like the word guide – you the sitter, the way you can tell that they're getting off is their eyes dart wildly behind their closed eyelids. it means they're in REM, they're in REM sleep, they've been immediately shoved into deep dreaming.

so I believe that what DMT is doing in normal human metabolism is it mediates the decent, the spiral decent into dream and that every single night we are reunited with the boundary-less oceanic mystery of being that we are so frantic about in waking life and so distant from. and that if we could, in fact, just engineer a drug that would allow us to remain fully conscious as we drift deeper into dream, we would need no other drug or substance – that that's where we want to go. and I think that's where history is headed. what the archaic revival is about, is a revivification of the aboriginal dream time. we are going to live in the imagination. we are preparing to decamp from three dimensional space. I mean yes, the earth is the cradle of the human race, but you don't stay in the cradle forever, you know. and it’s something like going into dream. it's something like taking the hyper technical virtual reality internet head of the snake and inserting the shamanic, late paleolithic, ecstatic, orgiastic tail of the snake and then you have the ouroboric completion. then you have the quintessence and the work is complete and history ends and we live then in the light of the stone made manifest.

...I'm very interested in environmental and electronic simulations of psychedelic states, but we're not going to do better than the psychedelics. if we can do as well it will be a miracle. I mean, you see more beauty in a first wave of psilocybin than the human race has produced in the past five thousand years – and who are you? you know.

I hadn't considered that, but that sounds possible. I mean, we're definitely coming to some enormous cusp, and whether you think it's the cusp of cusps, or just a big cusp, it's hard to say. somebody faxed me – I got a fax right before I came here – I don't know who sent it to me, it was just an anonymous fax, but in huge letters is said 'when you strip away the hype, it's just another concrescence'."

Terence McKenna – Everything you need to know about DMT – Rap Dancing Into the Third Millenium FACEBOOK

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