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Outpourings of a Mushroom October 2014 pt 6

10'21 "9/11" as significant as "the birth of Jesus Christ" TWITLONGER

"I don't know the truth, I just know I'm being lied to." "Do you think it's even possible?" VIDEO 

May 12, 2006, the "9/11" commissary Richard Clark, the BIGGEST lying scumbag when it comes to "9/11", on Real Time with Bill Maher, word-for-word: "All these conspiracy theories have two basic problems. One, they believe the government is competent. And, two, they believe the government can keep a secret."

Maher *annoyed*: "Well, let me ask you then, because everywhere I go, people say to me, 'Why don't you cover on your show what really happened on 9/11? Why don't you talk about the fact that a missile was what brought down Flight 93, and that the World Trade Center was a planned explosion?'
Do you believe any of those conspiracy theories? Do you think it's even possible?"

Cornel West: "No, I don't. I don't believe it. But I know the world is a mysterious place.
Which means I'm open to coordinated activity in secret places. But I don't believe in conspiracy."

problem #1: people have no idea what government in fact is. what it really consists of
problem #2: the biggest gatekeepers for the corporate system are professional journalists themselves. together will all other careerists. actually, there is not one profession which was an effective opponent for the global supremacy of Jesuitism

If Maher would even start to think 'What if this was possible?' he'd lose his show in a jiffy.
And a music guy who calls himself legend cannot be anything else than a full-time opportunist.

The "War on Terror" in practice: Every single human in the whole wide world who's inclined to oppose a World Political Authority must be defeated. Everywhere and under all circumstances. WIKIPEDIA
THAT is "9/11".
About as significant as the Nativity of Jesus, "the birth of Jesus Christ".
I am not joking.

10'21 "Everywhere I go, people say to me, 'Why don't you cover on your show what really happened on 9/11?" TWEET 

10'21 @lifessubatomic very funny, JWL. very funny
@cosmopinciotti I'm still amused you responded to it
11'05 @lifessubatomic Do you check your tweets for originality before publishing them?
"Want to see who reads your tweets?" BLOG POST
@cosmopinciotti no

"it is through other people, in our relationships, that we confront ourselves"
10'21 @DeniseLescano if you want to sharpen a thing, you need another one... BOOK

10'22 you'll find the answer to this topic in the "hot and swollen kingdom within the woods"...
@cosmopinciotti @MichaelaChung1 It's not that big of a deal. Thank you though.
@lifessubatomic and if it was a big deal, it would always be just fifty percent of it, I know
@cosmopinciotti and you know that change is the most common constant.
@lifessubatomic but only if there is something that could change.
if there exists nothing or little, the question of change's quite obsolete

10'22 "I was born a perfectionist, meaning I am open to constructive criticism!
Hate mail, love letters, rant notes, whatever! Send them my way."

10'22 @chrismurphys Islam was never anything else than Catholicism for the Arabs – same story... except they won't have some sort of Protestantism

10'22 Why are you making such a big deal out of that our governments have turned two world-famous skyscrapers into city volcanos live on TV, huh?!
11'13 @cosmopinciotti that's why TWEET "9/11" is as significant as "the birth of Jesus"! TWEET

10'22 "work the kinks out...why limit ourselves...Let's face it – we live in a patriarchal, sex-negative society. This breeds ignorance and fear."
10'23 "our society is obsessed with sex, but for the most part mainstream culture either avoids frank discussion about sex" ARTICLE

10'22 kink had to become a fairy tale to kneele before the mainstream
@cosmopinciotti kneele?
10'22 @remittancegirl kneele, yes.
kink had to become soft as vanilla to get heard and accepted by the mainstream-minded... "cliché to the max"

"Hoping is pretty exhausting."
10'23 @Sarcasticsapien give somebody hope, and they'll do whatever you tell them. this is how it works. on any level. in non-psychedelic societies

10'23 FIRE was founded in 1999 after the overwhelming response to the book The Shadow University WEBSITE

Annual Causes of Death in the U.S. 10'23 -pic* @DabDaily The War On Marijuana
Or: Stoners Are The Real Terrorists TWEET

"Okay. Here's the thing. No."
10'23 @Corey_Dawn no you know the thing is this: if you can handle #Nine11 you can handle anything.
everything becomes clear, bit by bit @tlthe5th

"Yes I'm A Christian. I Love My Savior, Taylor Swiftsus Christ. Amen."
10'23 @horroraf celebrities – the ever-present, modern cult of personality: a very very Christian thing.

10'23 The Philanthropy News Digest on #Nine11: BLOG POSTS 

"A stolen tweet is just like a regular tweet except you're an asshole."
10'23 @slamdancenance "Do we need copyright on memes?"
Tweet theft is as trivial as people think that Twitter is, isn't it. ARTICLE 

"someone that is in love with your mind, someone that wants to undress your conscience"
10'24 @OutreDragon me too. it's the jackpot, I think

"I dreamt of you... BLOCK"
10'24 @LexeGrey "things we can't always see, because we exist at a level of scale, of experience, that hides them from us." ARTICLE

10'24 "this dramatic exhibition of practical inter-faith peace seeking among four major religions...under the Pope's sponsorship, set a precedent" ARTICLE

"Religion? Or Twitter? -pic*
'Follow me or burn in hell... Just remember that I love you. But seriously, I'll burn your ass.'"
10'24 @WarriorFreckled Saint and Satan Jesus Krishna

"The Hypocrisy of Government – Michael Taylor Monsanto/FDA"
10'24 -pic* @IaM_LucyJayn corporatocracy: the more important the corporation, the more involved they are in the corporate structure called government...

10'25 If the system swallows #Nine11, it will swallow pretty much everything.

10'25 "In Sex at Dawn renegade researchers Chris Ryan and Cacilda Jethá debunk almost everything we think we know about sex." WEBSITE

10'25 RT @devirani123456 "You're stripping my mind, and I am ashamed to admit that I'm unabashedly unashamed when I'm supposed to not to be so..."

10'25 "as the years passed, he became convinced that the way schools were was what society wanted" John Holt WIKIPEDIA

10'25 @Goddess_Cleo The Trivium for beginners: WEBSITE 

11'25 episode 248: The #TriviumMethod Applied – Voluntary #Communication (part 2 of 4, Process) PODCAST #NVC #nonviolentcommunication

"The things my internet flirt friend and I say, which we could never tweet…"
10'25 @LoraxOfSex @Feenohmenal Maybe you're right with your analogy. TWEET
Twitter will simply be what people see in each other.

10'25 @cnstantstranger you're right they're good. thanks! @space2live @failingjoyfully @PersonalityPhD @waitbutwhy @druidjournal @DrKellyFlanagan

10'25 @brenna_rhiannon Hallelujah! IDGAF if somebody follows or blocks me. Quality is all that matters, nothing else

10'25 @failingjoyfully Sweet, honest, correct, beautiful – I am impressed.
One can sense the accurate texture of your "banana skin" in every word.

10'26 Uncertainty may in principle not serve as a complimentary ticket for talking rubbish PHOTO

"In general, the heart seems to have a more reliable memory for what benefits the psyche than does the head" Jung
10'26 Have we an idea what "the heart" actually is? TWEET

"I am free to disagree with your opinion – you don't get to silence me because you choose to take my opinion personally."
10'26 @failingjoyfully Have you perhaps heard of the World Café yet? TWEET

10'26 "I really dislike TED. For what it's worth, there's nothing I dislike more about it than the cult of the nauseous Sir Ken Robinson." BLOG POST 

10'26 "Today TED is an insatiable kingpin of international meme laundering – a place where ideas, regardless of their quality, go to seek celebrity, to live in the form of videos, tweets, and now e-books. In the world of TED – or, to use their argot, in the TED 'ecosystem' – books become talks, talks become memes, memes become projects, projects become talks, talks become books – and so it goes ad infinitum in the sizzling Stakhanovite cycle of memetics, until any shade of depth or nuance disappears into the virtual void...Since any meaningful discussion of politics is off limits at TED, the solutions advocated by TED's techno-humanitarians cannot go beyond the toolkit available to the scientist, the coder, and the engineer. This leaves Silicon Valley entrepreneurs positioned as TED's preferred redeemers. In TED world, tech entrepreneurs are in the business of solving the world's most pressing problems. This is what makes TED stand out from other globalist shindigs, and makes its intellectual performances increasingly irrelevant to genuine thought and serious action." BLOG POST 

10'26 the figure of a future researcher TUNNEL

"One story tells of the posthumously-published life's work of literary scholar Harold Loomis (Legends of Memory, 383 pp.) whose painstaking close readings of Marcel Proust and Victor Hugo, James Joyce and Henry James, reveal in great detail the mundane contexts of these authors' master texts: 'Loomis claimed to know what Joyce has eaten the day he penned the final lines of The Dead.' Ultimately, however, he discovers (it is suggested), buried deep within the literature he is reading, 'the figure of a future researcher...who Loomis recognized, probably too late, as the figure of his own self already contained in the texts he was reading.' Likewise, The Purgatory Press provides a mirror to the reader: as we scan its catalogue we imagine ourselves reading the books it describes, but because those books are missing we suddenly realize ourselves alone with only blurb for company."

"Culbert's slim volume is well worth cracking, not so much to find resolution (in the sense of 'cracking a case') as to follow the cracks, the twists and turns of chatter and plot, the promise of meaning and its ironic inversion. This is a truly great book, which teaches us the virtues of close attention and the rewards of quiet focus on the pleasures of the text." BLOG POST

"Sarcasm is the shield, intelligence the dagger."
10'26 @TheAlexP definitely too gladiatorial
intelligence is no guarantee against stupidity and being sarcastic in most instances just a workaround

10'27 "The shittiest thing about the fog is that when you're in the fog, it blocks your vision so you can't see that you're in the fog." Fuck that mother foggin' fog! ARTICLE

10'27 Some people seem to love their hate.

10'27 Why is it that schools treat kids like mini adults? BLOG POST 

10'27 Creative People BLOG POST 

10'27 Love Is Everything BLOG POST 

"Tell me something that's true that very few people agree with you on."
10'27 @OutreDragon Contrarianism at its finest: I'll tell you something no one agrees with me on. 
"9/11" and "11/9" '89 are part of the same strategy
@cosmopinciotti what happened in 89?
10'27 @OutreDragon Nothing. Did something happen in 2001?
I'm joking, you know TWEET No, this is the real dimension of #Nine11!

10'27 Ed Caruthers: "Shouldn't answers to this question be displayed from least upvotes on top to most upvotes on the bottom?" QUORA

10'27 burning bridges is good for you

10'27 "hard work is woefully overrated.
laziness coupled with efficiency and a dash of cleverness is a much better alternative" QUORA 

10'27 "how could you mesh well with anything, if you don't want to make sense at all?
this kind of freedom must be nightmarish!" -lis- 08'02

"What if connection with others is just a way to feel safe?
You know what? We can believe whatever we want, but how much of it is true?"
@anaturaldreamer our beliefs are true to the extent we believe them.
10'27 @kscutiepie I'd like to apologize for my hasty assumption.
actually, you are saying pretty much the same... TWEET don't you.
@cosmopinciotti It's not an easy subject is it?
I'm grateful to be able to exchange ideas with others. Have a great day.
10'27 @kscutiepie I'm really sorry about that. and yes, it's hellishly complicated and crazily foggy.
which makes it so adventurous on the other hand

"I prefer vague tweeting for broad interpretation and relevance."
10'27 @ExistentialINFJ 04'06'13 Oh no. How.....! *exciting squeek*

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