Thursday, 6 November 2014

Redeleted Retweets 18 + 19 October 2014

10'16 -pic* lions in love

10'17 If you're interested in alternative healing and shamanic practices, free screening today. Quite good. VIDEO 

10'18'13 Dynamic Facilitation/Choice-Creating WEBSITE

01'27 "Open Space Technology is effective when real learning, innovation, and departure from the norm are required." Harrison Owen

08'23 -pic* How's the view, Jim?

10'16 -pic* get your face under me and catch my juices as they drip out of me

09'15 -pic* killing it on Skype tonight

08'07 -pic* love spending your money pig @georgefister

09'15 -pic* going through all these Greece photos... remind me to take less next time
(and this one is still my favorite)

10'16 Your two adult eras: 1) Before reading Sex at Dawn. 2) After reading Sex at Dawn.
No going back, and that's ok. @ChrisRyanPhD

10'14 Interesting stuff in here. Hinduism is a British creation?
Religion Is Not to Blame for All the Bloodiest Wars ARTICLE 

10'14 You're in for a surprise if you picked your partner while on the pill. ARTICLE #relationships

09'05 -Opinionator- David Bornstein: Reclaiming "We the People" One Person at a Time ARTICLE 

10'15 @herrgooch grin. I love that you know me so well!

"Wet leaves on my run... yes, I was laying in the mud. sometimes you just need to get dirty."
10'18 @redzillart I could so spank you for making me picture your delicate particulars covered in nasty moisture together with your precious sweat

10'10 -pic* My entire spiritual philosophy: "Try not to be a cunt." -Buddha

10'15 I can smell the negativity in the air around you. 
Your smile can't hide that. It doesn't reach your eyes.

10'10 -pic* My two most popular tweets. Vastly different vibes going on there...

10'14 Feeling tangled up. It's not altogether unpleasant as I like a little rope play.

10'17 -pic* This morning. She doesn't like to look at me when I'm leaving. #derpfacejones

"Emotions are odd. Rarely do they make logical sense."
10'18 @AnnieCatten no, they all make logical sense (the more consciously you have them) like this prickling in my stomach right now and a pulling...
@cosmopinciotti pulling toward what?
10'18 @AnnieCatten a pulling towards soft flesh which could turn out to be a bottomless and wonderful psychedelic abyss...
@cosmopinciotti sounds fun. ;-)
@AnnieCatten but serious fun, you know.
I'm totally impressed and excited by the writings of @Diana_M_Joice right now. how she expresses herself
@cosmopinciotti @Diana_M_Joice I'll have to look into that tomorrow. :-)
@AnnieCatten right! you should sleep. sleep, sleep, sleep... entirely satisfied and deeply immersed.
10'18 @cosmopinciotti I'm rarely if ever entirely satisfied.
10'18 @AnnieCatten exactly the kind of female I'm looking for: hungry for intimacy beyond reason.
beyond explicability! The Tao of Holding Space

10'15 Don't be so damn benign and don't waste my fucking time.

*Supposes she should put her tits away at some point*
@AnnieCatten don't you dare! there's no scenario in which this would make even the slightest of sense.
you must obey your hypersexual nature
10'18 @cosmopinciotti my hypersexuality gets in the way sometimes. Much like my tits.
@AnnieCatten I cannot imagine that. not with the best will in the world!
@cosmopinciotti I've had relationships end because my drive was too much. 
Insecurities cropped up, doubts of my loyalty... And I sometimes knock drinks over with my tits.
@AnnieCatten yeah, I know that problem.
I too have to move extremely carefully when I am naked and sexually aroused... #elephantintheroom
@AnnieCatten very understandable, because you transform lots of energy, and you can't hide that, nobody can.
the intensity must just correspond
@cosmopinciotti so what is the solution?
@AnnieCatten I guess we have to face the truth. pack in your lingerie, your corsets and latex dresses, and come over here. let's see if this works!
10'18 @cosmopinciotti I'm going to need a couple of suitcases just for the rope, bindings and whips/crops.
@AnnieCatten you do burn hotly TWEET and brightly and thoroughly, in almost every single word.
it's a total turn-on for me

10'16 -pic* No this is fine. I can run in public like this...
@AnnieCatten the majesty

07'06'12 "The purpose of dialogue" David Bohm suggests "is to reveal the incoherence in our thought."

09'18 The Future of Work – Interview with @jacobm #fow #yam ARTICLE 

09'17 At least 75% of #Agile adoptions "fail" because folks adopt the tools, practices, and processes, but not the mindset.

08'31 Michael Herman: publications for the practice of #OpenSpaceTechnology WEBSITE

06'24 David Bohm: Dialogue – A Proposal
Started a group in #Leeds based on these principles. So far so good. WEBSITE

11'10'13 The spirit of a Bohmian dialogue: The spirit of dialogue is the ability to hold many points of view in suspension, along with a primary interest in the creation of common meaning.

09'19 The challenge, I suppose.
"The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained." #DavidBohm

07'12'13 David Bohm: Dialogue can be considered as a free flow of meaning between people in communication.
WIKIPEDIA #GurteenTalk

09'20 The Flow of Meaning WEBSITE
@janhoglund thank you so much. that's precisely what I was looking for with my clumsy symbiotic attempt BLOG POST

09'20 Now reading Wholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm BOOK 

09'20 "My suggestion is that a proper world essential for harmony in the individual and society as a whole." David Bohm #quote
@janhoglund the inner core of what we call "the heart", romantically, that no one can define so far

09'20 "Our fragmentary way of thinking, looking, and acting, evidently has implications in every aspect of human life." David Bohm #quote
@janhoglund or in the words of Terence McKenna: "The western mind is a house of cards."
that's exactly it. and it becomes more and more obvious

08'29 lick my pussy to taste power

08'29 -pic* hot but apathetic

09'05 Because I like you I won't kill you... today.

10'15 Spore boy
@DanielleJanof Billow girl

10'15 Going to proceed your worship of me in my transcendental dream realm instead

02'19 -pic* "It's not about how bad you want it, it's about how hard you're willing to work for it."


09'04 I'm on fire.

09'04 -pic* Adele looks so beyond sexy and transcendent in latex

09'01 -pic* pink slim

09'03 The places where I wish you'd touched me light up like glow in the dark paint.

09'04 -pic* We're going to need a bigger sweater.

07'21 -pic* pink latex dress

08'31 There is a want in the back of my heart, in a dark closet, on a dusty shelf, in a box marked "not for the faint of".

10'18 @lifessubatomic ravage and plunder my flesh

08'31 You want a bad bitch like this.

10'18 -pic* "Annie"

@lifessubatomic Real life's kept me busy in a good way, but I miss interacting with you all too.
@cnstantstranger #SocialQuestion: Do you see yourself as a proficient mediator?
09'26 @lifessubatomic Yes, but not directly, not in the moment. I do it more behind the scenes.
@cnstantstranger Sort of a subliminal manipulation of their conflict?
@lifessubatomic Bingo.

"My ability to coherently describe or discuss a subject is proportional to its distance from my heart."
10'02 @BhaINFJaan @DaveGrigger Yes, the closer to my heart the harder to talk about.
My words could've been more precise here...
@DaveGrigger @BhaINFJaan I think talking about my passions makes me feel vulnerable so I only do it with people I trust.
@cnstantstranger @DaveGrigger Same. And even then I'll hesitate while talking about them.
@BhaINFJaan @DaveGrigger Someone pointed out to me yesterday that I even break eye contact when I talk about these things.
@cnstantstranger @DaveGrigger DUDE. It happens to me too. I swear I look less at the people I trust because of this.
10'03 @DaveGrigger @BhaINFJaan A necessity for intimate connected conversation :-)

09'30 @anaturaldreamer I have access to a river of intuition/creative inspiration within me, but I haven't yet found a way to go there on command. But when I do, it's like the inspiration just bubbles up, all I have to do is dip my cup in and take a sip.

10'06 All I ever wanted was to be quick-witted.

"The curse of #INFJ: Picking up on fluctuating interpersonal nuances and vibes, but not knowing the source or whether the other person is aware."
10'06 Then: torturing oneself with endless analysis and dissection of the interaction.
@cnstantstranger this is a really great description, these two tweets together

08'29 I remember the look on my Sunday school teacher's face when I said that since Jesus was human he must have gotten erections. #proudmoments

06'20 -pic* #latex #meesteres #dominatie #femdom #bdsm prachtige club met de mooiste Meesteressen

07'06 -pic* #sexy #model #boots #spandex #leather #latex -Hot Porn Pics-

08'19 Hey, does anyone want to join a Fight Club? I'm in a Fight Club. Message me if you'd like to be in the Fight Club. Fight Club.

10'19 "you hype my input up far too greatly. you seem like the symbolic smooth surface of my lake filled with monsters. an entrapment. an illusion"

09'04'13 -pic* words are a powerful aphrodisiac... #words #aphrodisiac

11'17'13 WOW! I wonder how many sex partners I've had this year? And how many times I've had sex!
This guy tracked his sex life ARTICLE 

09'05 Wanted: creative, non-smoking male contortionist to sponge paint my bathroom walls with his testicles.
No weirdos.

"If we're being honest, the fascination with bukkake videos makes about as much fucking sense to me as the appeal of Reaganomics."
06'30 @IdStandOnThat trickle down?

08'12 Not now, I'm disgracing myself on the internet.

10'15 Some people just know exactly how to make you smile. ...and think absolutely inappropriate thoughts about them all day.

10'17 No. I'm fine. I'm just going to live in this permanent state of confusion because attempts at clarity just result in further fuckery.

10'17 Lyrics for screaming

03'24'13 there's something disgustingly beautiful about being self-destructive

08'13'13 life: "sorry you're not my type."

09'24 Brain: Don't be an idiot. Heart: Too late.

09'24 You told me I needed a panic room, so I built a wine cellar. Whatever, same thing!

05'15 Probably my greatest achievement was in kindergarten when I invented drawing the sun in the corner of the picture. That's right. That was me.

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