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Outpourings of a Mushroom August 2014 pt 1

"I'm a tool for you, you don't have to pretend sentimental affection" right.
I just enjoy the circus of your heart... PHOTO 
07'31 @cosmopinciotti I enjoy that you use my fantasies in your back and forth.
@redzillart wouldn't use them that much if they weren't matching my own preferences that perfectly.
just consider me a fan of your good taste
@cosmopinciotti :-)
@redzillart well, what else can I say...
@cosmopinciotti nothing really.
@redzillart nothing, indeed PHOTO 
@cosmopinciotti I love that type of thong.
@redzillart while I got a bit excited about the whole package, you know, from head to toe... PHOTO
@cosmopinciotti I do not think she would appreciate you using this openly...
@redzillart you're living on the moon! she looks so beautiful in this pic, she could be part of your collection. besides that you may be right
@cosmopinciotti I told her as much as well. I do love the moon, but it's isolating.
08'01 @redzillart not quite as isolating as the anonymity of a big city nevertheless, if I remember correctly.
Dinner for two? PHOTO 

08'01 @Sweet_Cheeses @cnstantstranger does this advice feel reasonable, obvious, clear, and useful to you or more like preaching something abstract?

08'01 @cnstantstranger why must the heart be such a fortress? to defend the ego, the self?
for what reason exactly does the heart need prison walls?

"hmm, yes. it's a puzzle."
07'30 @OutreDragon no, it's not actually. it's simple.
you want to be liked by someone you adore. the urge to be better than you think is just logical
@cosmopinciotti that makes sense. Trying to put your best foot forward... gets to be tiring after a while.
@OutreDragon you also become familiar then day by day with the most crucial aspects and realize the extent to which your intuition was right

08'01 @cnstantstranger I'd play with them like criminal investigators play with their hints and guesses or book authors with their ideas

"Medieval love poetry was addressed to a mistress or a distant, unattainable idol, not a wife." Camille Paglia ESSAYS
@OutreDragon @cnstantstranger "culture is not your friend"
@cosmopinciotti @cnstantstranger If only we didn't have to live within it...
@OutreDragon anything you're able to understand can no longer harm you on the level of the soul, according to my experience @cnstantstranger
@cosmopinciotti even if your soul is already bruised and damaged? @cnstantstranger
08'01 @OutreDragon with a consistent perspective definitely, yes.
because with it you can go deeper than your own abysses are... @cnstantstranger
@cosmopinciotti I'd like that. @cnstantstranger
@OutreDragon it requires the courage to think big enough.  
any individual abyss is embedded in greater historic dislocations @cnstantstranger

08'02 @LegionAvalon @cnstantstranger lust

08'02 @cnstantstranger let the world see your heart, let the whole history of mankind into your heart, and you'll feel freer and stronger than with walls

08'02 @cnstantstranger but not in the half-dark PHOTO

07'14 @cnstantstranger Okay. I blogged. I'm afraid I'm going to really piss some people off with this. BLOG POST 
@anaturaldreamer I finally got a chance to read this. I'm also distrustful of religion and agree that it is a human creation that served to control people, and that it is responsible for a much bloodshed. Also that questioning is important and should be encouraged. I would respectfully disagree with your conclusion that the failings of religion erase the possibility of God's existence. I am all for individual exploration of spirituality. Thanks for sharing your POV. :-)
@cnstantstranger IMO religion/man created God's existence. I don't believe there is one thing creating everything. Maybe chaos theory, likely.
@anaturaldreamer You have a science background, right? Do you feel science and religion are fundamentally at odds?
@cnstantstranger They both try to explain existence. It's just one uses observation and tools. The other uses stories. I'm glad you enjoyed it. One of the reasons I don't post much about religion or lack thereof is because most people are already set in their viewpoint. I know that my idea of living in a godless world is idealistic. We would have to replace it with some kind of structure for those who need it. I think it'll eventually happen, if we don't become extinct first.
@cnstantstranger do you believe in this specific possibility (of God's existence) even cleanly secluded from religion? @anaturaldreamer
08'02 @cosmopinciotti @cnstantstranger That God exists without religion? I don't think so. I believe we are in the dark about how we connect though. I think our core beings are similar, but we adopt false ideas that keep us separate and afraid of each other. False ideas about spirituality, ourselves, others, politics, etc. We need to take the time to find the truth instead of blindly following. People are different from each other in personality, talent, passion... Our differences are good. Our false ideas are not.
@anaturaldreamer well, this question was meant for Stephanie, not the atheist.
thanks for your answer nonetheless, Rebecca @cnstantstranger
@cosmopinciotti @cnstantstranger Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
@anaturaldreamer no no it's fine I'm just convinced the spiritual power of such a father figure arises from a social matrix. @cnstantstranger I basically agree and think the main problem are the blinders, but they're the fruits of the romantic nature of the human soul.
@cosmopinciotti Makes sense from my perspective. We create theories based on what we know.
@anaturaldreamer The question here is, could you connect with a god on your own? Would that even be possible, and would you actually want that?
@cosmopinciotti That's a good question. Old civilizations have imagined gods, so I would think a person could without external influence. But it might be unlikely for them to continue to believe in it if they can't get others to agree with them.
@anaturaldreamer precisely. is my opinion too. if you can't share a god or your self, your way of thinking and feeling, it has not much value.

07'16 -pic* Goosebumps on top of goosebumps #yesliterally
@OutreDragon "perhaps true sexuality demands the destruction of the ego" BLOG POST soul-making by love-making...
@cosmopinciotti 1. my ego is not ready to surrender to anyone, sadly 2. "pleasure is never simple," ha
@OutreDragon 1 so you love yourself more than anybody else?
2 "it is. of course it is" what do you think is it? I think it can be very easy
@cosmopinciotti 1. Apparently. Don't most people?
2. It is when you have 30 years of puritanical teaching crawling through your mind.
@OutreDragon 1. no. if so, there would be no (obsessive) adoration
2. yeah, sure, that's massive! and with no means to escape from it?
@cosmopinciotti 1. don't people usually want something from the object of their obsession (iow, have a selfish motive)? 2. working on it :-/
@OutreDragon "when you love" TWEET when I love: "suppose we think of sexuality as fusion, losing the other" I'm not so sure about # 1.
# 2 obviously is a tremendous abyss, shared by many in the course of centuries
@cosmopinciotti losing oneself is difficult when you have a tenuous hold on what one's self is in the first place.
@OutreDragon you think? but that mostly comes from being alone with yourself too much and too often, as far as I know. it's hard to find a self if you only observe you as person.
08'02 steeling one's self by destroying it sexually is the ultimate form of identifying yourself
@cosmopinciotti *pondering*
@OutreDragon and how about integrating the soul of civilization as a whole into your own by conceptualizing a cultural history of the soul?
@cosmopinciotti that seems like a whole nother can of worms...
Most days I'm already somewhat overwhelmed by daily life
@OutreDragon I'd call it the jackpot

08'02 "We have no idea what a self is. So how can we fix it?" ARTICLE 

08'02 "Ashamed? Not in the least. My superiors told me, the results of my work saved thousands of British and American lives." WIKIPEDIA

08'02 Carroll Quigley, Jesuit-trained WEBSITE 

08'03 "I'd be less likely able to shut myself away, if our conversations happened while you pinned me by the hips and locked me down from the inside"

08'04 "It is a somewhat beautiful fact that the underlying theory of the self-help industry is contradicted by the self-help industry’s existence."

08'04 @redzillart if he knew! TWEET 

08'05 @ellswell @cnstantstranger @NYMag "might not surprise...the science of romance isn’t incredibly romantic" does it understand this need then?

08'05 @BestOfCosmos do you know why nobody had any satellite images on TV or anywhere else in reflection of this mass murder spectacle afterwards?
08'05 @BestOfCosmos did you even wonder about this specific deficiency?

08'05 @hTX78 in other words, don't cock it up

08'05 @OutreDragon @failingjoyfully "It might just mean I'm discarding that soggy old teabag that I tried dunking one too many times..."

08'06 how to acquire adulthood: "I ask you, who made the rules for what's OK and what's not? *crickets* that's what I thought" BLOG POST 

08'06 "cognitive dissonance momentarily erupts as I contemplate what truly lies beyond the surface of the photograph" BLOG POST 

"The worst thing you can do is try to compartmentalize me. I am one person. You love all of me, not pieces. #INFJ"
@LoveAnINFJ That's one of the big illusions, for instance, related to MBTI, I think.
But only because your feelings are holistic at every moment does not mean, you really are it all the time. The way you feel and think has an individual essence. That's all there is, actually.
@cosmopinciotti I more closely look at it as a pattern of behavior. Not an end all be all.
Nothing in the psyche is stagnant.
08'07 @LoveAnINFJ Solid patterns of behavior are obvious proof that the psyche is mostly stagnant and stationary. This is the very notion of personality.
@cosmopinciotti In relation to your post I think people are very capable of changing.
Slowly or sometimes all at once. Even with constants.
@LoveAnINFJ Surely not. Within a certain range, yes, but not beyond that, no way.  
The soul feels ageless, this incapability is the reason why.

08'05 That awkward moment when you have to be around someone who starred in a vivid dream of yours, and then you wonder if they somehow *know*
@cnstantstranger Would it be more or less awkward than to just share the dream? #introvert
I mean, what could you lose by talking about it?
@cosmopinciotti More awkward to share in most cases
@cnstantstranger As a self-declared, passionate, navel-gazing day-dreamer, are you good in letting fantasies become part of your daily life?
@cosmopinciotti Not at all

08'07 "our work...has been referenced as a progressive and forward-thinking example...worldwide" WEBSITE 

08'07 "A work of this feat of engineering that will to the traveller be most fascinating and memorable" WEBSITE 

"There is no right. There is no wrong. There are perspectives.
Strive for understanding. Ask questions. It's an opportunity to learn"
@DanielleRitchot yes, indeed. but the fineness of perspectives varies in how consistent they can be and how consistent they in fact are finally
@cosmopinciotti hmm. Not sure I follow...
@DanielleRitchot blinders, for example, straiten or even define perspectives which allow them to be consistent only within certain paradigms. positivism, for instance TWEET or theistic convictions. any holy request for an ultimate truth eventually
@cosmopinciotti ah, I see what you mean. We all have our unique perspectives, shaped by many things. I think what's more important is keeping an open mind, a willingness to shift the way we see things.
08'07 @DanielleRitchot precisely! how about an open mind And a fully consistent perspective? do you think this could be possible?

08'07 @OutreDragon the quantum leap in understanding of what's really going on by use of the information possibilities on the global data highways

"I cannot have company when I dream For I dream of you And when I wake up I want to spurn all that is not me"
@DanielleJanof what? why?
@cosmopinciotti I am so very raw, a lover who kissed poison severed my spirit. I was the vital heroine. For now, I awaken to my aura/realm...
08'08 @DanielleJanof great answer! you mean a bit like coming back from an orgasm?

08'08 @cosmopinciotti the tediousness, flatness, predictability of everyday life. it's killing me slowly, from the inside out #sorrymelodramatic
@OutreDragon but you know that's an illusion as well TWEET put your life on the line before it kills you #sorrysmartalecky
@cosmopinciotti yes. I think I've taken the first step: honesty with myself and others #onwardandupward
@OutreDragon "What Jung is saying about conceiving your life as a quest is absolutely true." TRANSKRIPT
I can only recommend it.
@cosmopinciotti I like his idea of romantic love. And that God rewards doubters... Have you experienced these psychedelics?
@OutreDragon NO!! I'm still a virgin!! still high from the massiveness of #Nine11. overwhelmed from all its social implications. that's my daily intoxication. boundary dissolving beyond comparison. the reason I sent you the link? Terry's telling personal background
@cosmopinciotti his account of, as a child, being into fantasy and then science fiction?
I can relate to that part for sure
@OutreDragon yeah! his "I was psychedelic long before I knew anything about psychedelics."
those 5 steps from the butterfly to the traveller

08'08 @Pontifex Everything a Jesuit says is a blatant lie.

08'08 "We need an introverted judging function to organize our emotions and scale them down to a manageable size."

08'08 "Here are seven ways I deal with the overload of being an emotional sponge:" BLOG POST 

08'09 "The introvert's mind is like a super-computer that processes events and emotions deeply and thoroughly."

08'09 "Draws parallels between the aftermath of '9/11' and that of another massive exposure: the atomic-bombs dropped on Japan" ARTICLE  

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