Friday, 21 November 2014

Tweets July 2014

"Two things I require in a man. Intelligence and a filthy mind. So, basically a pervert with a high IQ."
07'06 @ella__fraser or, in short, a good sense of precision, with which you get the most out of each situation

"Sometimes we lay awake all night listening to the leaks in our roof emptying into buckets and pots and cups."
07'06 @redzillart I like that you never copy thoughts of others
@cosmopinciotti I don't understand why anyone would copy.

07'06 where marriage turns sex into a duty after it was adventurous once YAHOO 

"Dirty notes on the napkins under my drinks = extra tip money for the bartender."
07'06 @redzillart hopefully a lot dirtier than your tweets
@cosmopinciotti my mind is a LOT dirtier than my tweets. The notes were significantly dirtier than my tweets.
@redzillart it is! PHOTO that's nice

07'06 -pic* @AnnieCatten you could do it just with your eyes, actually, if you ask me

07'06 -pic* @AnnieCatten what kind of elixir is this cup offering?

07'06 "this stuff is making my work hotter, more honest, more urgent" BLOG POST 

07'09 -pic* @Leatherbelle the will to lust

"Tweet like none of this matters. Because it doesn't. No, seriously it's really irrelevant."
07'19 @LittlestSlobo @knowwheretoturn most live on serious nonsense, I call them wannabe adults people without any cognitive or spiritual needs...

07'19 "No king ever existed without the permission of the priesthood." BLOG POST 

07'19 regarding "9/11", ask yourself which job includes the public incineration of people in the middle of market places... BLOG POST 

07'19 "Jesus is a shill, the ultimate shill." BLOG POST

07'19 "Dialogizit├Ąt" BLOG POST

07'19 "I was through with America. I was through with all of it." BLOG POST

07'19 I love you for the fact that you can still be a complete 12-year-old as a mother of three

"Are you always sucking on something? Me: *removes lollipop* ...yes."
07'20 @redzillart I think I know now where the unuasual power and beauty of your tweets originates from. you play the balls over the boards, don't you. a bit like a diplomat who attempts to control the context of his words. you express yourself behind a thin veil between your lines

07'20 -pic* @redzillart you look so innocent at the first glance, but in reality it's resoluteness PHOTO

07'20 -pic* @DpimpactRick @Hot_lesbian_69 @EroticAngels69 body language

07'22 the people who play god (with other people)...

07'22 "Jesus as the sun"

@cosmopinciotti do not ever presume to know me, ever. you would be exceptionally wrong
@shadow_abyss a game for kids
@cosmopinciotti cruelty is a game for kids.
07'22 @shadow_abyss cruelty is never a game, lady
@cosmopinciotti then stop playing it.
@shadow_abyss who says that I'm playing?

"Lying on my bedroom floor, speechifying."
07'25 -pic* @OutreDragon that ought to help PHOTO followed by this PHOTO
if there was the question I've heard included
@cosmopinciotti I'm puzzled as to how my tweet elicited this response...
@OutreDragon nice try

07'25 -pic* how to tattoo... PHOTO

07'25 -pic* wearing a napkin PHOTO

07'24 I'm so used to being passive that contemplating taking action is hard.
How to know what to say? How much is too much?
@OutreDragon oh dear

07'25 @snowglobeman Tom Snow tweets like a girl
@snowglobeman stop it! you need some harsher tones in your symphony

@cosmopinciotti considering females are strong, thoughtful, and intelligent, this should be considered a compliment.
@Babs0920 you tweet like a girl too! @snowglobeman
@cosmopinciotti hm. wonder why that is
@Babs0920 I've no idea TWEET 
@cosmopinciotti a pic from the other day... Score!
@Babs0920 is this how you give somebody the cold shoulder? TWEET 
@cosmopinciotti is this you stalking my pictures?
@Babs0920 is this you being not amused? TWEET 
@cosmopinciotti well, that answers my question. should I be flattered or calling the guards?
@Babs0920 are you in or a danger?
@cosmopinciotti I can be a danger, yes
@Babs0920 Tom Snow probably never sounded more manly than you
@cosmopinciotti and exactly what is your definition of sounding like a man?
07'25 @Babs0920 how about you had to discern a certain probability for the existence of some balls
@cosmopinciotti Tom Snow has very nice balls. Don't you, Snowy?
@Babs0920 maybe they're just too little, so I can't hear them
@cosmopinciotti opening your mind may also help open your ears.
@Babs0920 show me one mind that's more open than mine and also meaningful

@cosmopinciotti he happens to tweet beautiful words and has tons of followers that agree... you are just insignificant. shame!
@beeee49 popularity cannot change matters of fact. never
@beeee49 just because I don't follow him does not mean that I don't like girls
@cosmopinciotti your opinion was an insult. so if you got nothing good to say, shut the fuck up!
@beeee49 why should Tom retweet an insult?
@cosmopinciotti look, seeing as you don't follow him, it's not personal, is it??!! move on.
@beeee49 now, as he stopped following me, I can
@cosmopinciotti argumentative twat all you are. Blocked!
@beeee49 spoken like a true ruffian

"If I risk transparency, what will the consequence be?"
@OutreDragon vulnerability
@kmac1187 yes. scary.
07'25 @OutreDragon quite the contrary TWEET 
@cosmopinciotti What an amazing, wonderful quote!
@OutreDragon and you hold all qualifications to just use this power

"If you breathe like a brachycephalic animal we can't be friends."
07'26 @redzillart hey, this may happen just for seconds! PHOTO

"I'm not quite sure you fully comprehend the vast advantages of being almost fully detached from everything."
@inhumanbeings must be a beautiful country. so free... like a bird in outer space
@cosmopinciotti is Austria not free and bird like?
Canada is quite beautiful, I'm very fortunate to have ended up here by chance.
@inhumanbeings depends on what "fully detached from anything" exactly means. I'm not interested in being detached. Vorarlberg is quite upscale
@cosmopinciotti have you read up on Enneagram Personality theory?
I fall into type 5. Very detached/thinking style as a natural disposition
07'27 @inhumanbeings I only know that the Jesuits are big on as well as in this type of spiritual exercises... haven't studied it myself yet, no
@cosmopinciotti it is a good compliment to MBTI. 
The two systems together can give a decent explanation of brain uses/motivations
@inhumanbeings yes, I suppose the two together could be a crucial territory for the search for a definition of the true nature of the heart
@cosmopinciotti at the very least they can give very helpful pointers for individuals. 
It's tough to ever properly qualify individualism.
@inhumanbeings right!

07'27 @CarolReynolds2 brilliant! if you want honesty And loyalty at the same time you better don't expect perfection

07'28 @OutreDragon the power of magic (pyr a mid = a fire in the middle)

07'28 Robert Bly 1996 The Sibling Society EXCERPT

07'29 why sex is nothing you could do on your own PHOTO

07'29 "what you have displayed to me I can care about.
so you and your always saying I can't/don't care can go fuck yourselves"

07'29 "the exercise of seeing you everywhere may not be intentional but asking myself if I'd still hold you close if anyone was you is so far yes"

07'30 Have you heard "Lose Again" by stephaniebriggs on #SoundCloud? SONG
@cosmopinciotti Thank you for sharing my song.
07'31 @cnstantstranger no no, I thank You for sharing your Excellent singing. very very well done.
I can hear a lot of passion in this clear voice
@cosmopinciotti Conveying passion and emotions is my goal.

"Why do we get so awkward and insecure around people we're attracted to? It's a puzzle."
07'30 @OutreDragon no, it's not actually. it's simple: you want to be liked by someone you adore, the urge to be better than you think is just logical
@cosmopinciotti that makes sense. Trying to put your best foot forward... gets to be tiring after a while.
@OutreDragon you also become familiar then day by day with the most crucial aspects and realize the extent to which your intuition was right
07'30 @OutreDragon Maybe this is just me, but the more I want to be liked by someone the more insecure and awkward I get in their presence. And I most want to be liked by someone I have a crush on. It feels like every move I make and word I say could make or break me.
@cnstantstranger yes. And then after you wonder what you could have said or done differently to get a different end result.
@OutreDragon Yep, although I have found that in fact when someone actually likes me it doesn't much matter what I say and do.

07'30 -pic* @AnnieCatten measuring device... PHOTO 

07'30 @IntrovertDear if you're tough enough you'd let your bluebird fly, because there's nothing better than to defend the depth against a shallow world

07'31 "You may even invent a few new feelings, I know I certainly have." ARTICLE 

07'31 I just need that as tweet... PHOTO

"I'm a tool for you, you don't have to pretend sentimental affection" right.
I just enjoy the circus of your heart... PHOTO
07'31 @cosmopinciotti I enjoy that you use my fantasies in your back and forth.
@redzillart wouldn't use them that much if they weren't matching my own preferences that perfectly.
just consider me a fan of your good taste
@cosmopinciotti :-)
@redzillart well, what else can I say...
@cosmopinciotti nothing really.
@redzillart nothing, indeed PHOTO 
@cosmopinciotti I love that type of thong.
@redzillart while I got a bit excited about the whole package, you know, from head to toe... PHOTO 
@cosmopinciotti well yes. Me too, but I was ignoring that part. :-)

07'31 "this is not a truth I want, it's an absence I want.
a great life/death would be a destruction of conscious, a void. that's a lullaby for me"

07'31 "I don't want a truth, I want to be void of questions.
I don't want to be inspired to question or think about stuff that doesn't concern me"

"Every now and then I read my DMs and I'm terrified.
You all want to do unspeakably filthy things to redheads with generously sized tits."
11'19 @redzillart I actually thought of myself as a secret admirer, but of course you are right.
indescribably deliciously filthy formidabilities!

@amulaire Those exact same thoughts were in my brain as I was typing! 
The difference between a balanced convo and monopolizing the stage.
@DanielleRitchot :-) it's an art. One that isn't easy to learn and needs to be genuine, but worth it.
@DanielleRitchot It's a grey area. Sometime answers can be crafted for broad appeal to negate it being about "self". Inspires introspection. It's so difficult to word it. It's not always absolute answers. It's a casual comment based on experience to invoke thought.
07'09 @SevenLokas oh, yes yes yes! I understand completely.
It’s an art and takes awareness, practice, and a genuineness that cannot be faked.
@SevenLokas Inspiring introspection :-)
I think, among other things, good convo is triggered by a desire, beyond self, to understand...
11'19 @DanielleRitchot @SevenLokas @amulaire thank you very much for such fine and valuable considerations!
I'll save them TWEET

"DH: Man, you really have a dark side. #infj"
07'30 @OutreDragon most people truly have no idea what's lurking inside us
@cnstantstranger "inside us" – do you have any idea what that would be? are we talking about the heart? TWEET
11'21 @cnstantstranger wasn't the Catholic teaching of the evil child newly anchored by Freud's "discovery"? TWEET
@cnstantstranger psychology couldn't have been something new to a political priesthood and its offsprings.
that's their business!
@cnstantstranger what do you make of the idea the heart may be the playground of beliefs and intuition? TWEET
@cnstantstranger are you maybe afraid of, let's say, the bottom of your heart? if so, could you say why? TUNNEL

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