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Outpourings of a Mushroom November 2014 pt 11

11'24 pietology: what is it "the heart"?

what process? a personal one as a social being or a social one by a number of persons?
"more than something you can own and hold" smells personally but doesn't really clarify the point. it too doesn't make it quite clear whether it's meant idealistically or just plain factually, or maybe even both.

"How you look for it is what matters most."
"truth", according to this definition, would be how I think about it, or, let's say, how a society seeks or handles "truth". a modus operandi, in other words, through which "truth" becomes whatever is being called "truthful". 
that's tautological: "truth" as just a token...
although this is right for its common usage, you can't solve a tricky subject with a tricky terminology

the fact that it's mostly loaded with moral pathos is, in my eyes, the worst aspect of this token, which makes it the uncoolest and most humorless word of all time.
all media are filled with "truth" and nonetheless, "9/11" shows the whole fucking system is a lie. even the fucking "9/11 truth movement" is a fucking lie!
everything and everybody is so FUCKED UP because of this fucking rhetorical joke called "truth".
as if we were condemned to act like preachers all the time...
it's the key element of this power play between smart and stupid.

@sibeledmonds simple story: if you face someone who isn't just let's say ten times more intelligent than yourself but really really really smart, what chance would you have in a power play? nearly none. 
a phenomenon no party wants to talk about... not a conspiracy. TWEET | TWEET 

and don't get me wrong, that's privately the same game as publicly.  
it's just too normal to have the faintest notion of the political nature of romantic thinking. this is a huge, complex and complicated issue. embodied by words like "truth", "heart", "god", "love" and others.

"truth isn't a matter of opinion or 'world view'. a belief that contradicts facts is false. period." TWEET

this is John Winsor's answer to everything.
not that helpful. it covers only a segment of a much larger terrain.
because of his inability to use another language he's nailed on the "truth" like Jesus on the cross.
he represents kind of the scientific level...
"I mean, science is really the plumbing level of reality." Terence McKenna TWEET | TRANSCRIPT

@WinsorJohn and what is with business truths? are they more reasonable or more wishful?
beliefs are also defined by hope and power relations... TWEET

the probably most accurate periphrasis or interpretation of your idea of "truth", I think, is "way of enlightenment".
whenever I come across the vocable truth, it always sounds to me as if they who use it would be positive that they've learned enough already TWEET

and that should be the only right to exist for this foolish term with its antiquated implications
"Truth was the last thing on my mind, and even if there was such a thing, I didn't want it in my house." Bob Dylan
"Veritas odium parit... Truth brings hatred." TWEET

does "truth" come in types, in your opinion?

because assuming someone's individual "truth" described the personal "way of enlightenment", "truth" was a synonym for personality. deducting the idealistic component, all you're saying is that "truth" is just life and what matters is how to live it.

well, I believe that this world could be far less hypocritical without its priestly attitude of constantly preaching "the truth".

"Woah. That's weird. Someone actually told the truth for once. How do I deal with this!?" TWEET

"I don't want a truth, I want to be void of questions.
I don't want to be inspired to question or think about stuff that doesn't concern me" TWEET
"this is not a truth I want, it's an absence I want. a great life/death would be a destruction of conscious, a void. that's a lullaby for me" TWEET 
"what one 'should do' is irrelevant, I suppose, likely. we only can ruminate until we don't." TWEET 

"Feelings are sometimes difficult to discover. Yet hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth." TWEET

Twitter is a good place for dirt diggers to study this absurdity of fractal absoluteness called "truth".
are you familiar with the MBTI grid? WIKIPEDIA 

you say, "truth" stands for the personal way of life, psychology says, personality changes from type to type, ergo "truth" must be typical. but what kind of "truth" is this?
because this kind of understanding of "truth" would be identical with the common notion of someone's "heart"...
and I don't know if it's attracted your attention already but the more somebody needs and preaches "the truth", the less they're interested to open this black box called "heart". a very peculiar but helpful contradiction once you've understood the social function or traditional significance of "truth".

the list of types of personality mirrors/parallels the spectrum of intuition: every type must have its own specific range/field/composition TWEET

now, INFJ is considered the rarest characteristic with probably the largest and most pronounced comfort zone.

part 1
"I wish I had x-ray vision, but for hearts."
@cnstantstranger not so difficult any longer once you really know what it is exactly TWEET
@cnstantstranger I'm thinking you may already have some ability to sense or feel what's in the hearts of others.
@AstroPistachio perhaps I do, in my own heart, but I'm still learning to silence the doubting voice in my head
"Maybe this is a case of 'be careful what you wish for'."
@cnstantstranger I don't think so. clarity can never be a handicap.
@cnstantstranger it would only be uncomfortable for those in my opinion who don't want to know what they're actually believing in precisely TWEET
@cnstantstranger you can lend my goggles for awhile, but careful, the power can be overwhelming.
@cnstantstranger I'm learning that not every heart is as gentle as an INFJ.
@findyourownroad True. It would hurt to learn that some people do not love us like we thought they did.
But we learn that anyway in time.
@findyourownroad Also, we might find that some people love us more than we suspected. That would be nice.
It's possible, right?

part 2
"My ability to coherently describe or discuss a subject is proportional to its distance from my heart."
@cnstantstranger you sound like someone with kind of an orbit and sort of an atmosphere... TWEET
@cosmopinciotti Perhaps? Can't get far enough away from myself to know for sure.
@cnstantstranger this isn't just a fascinating picture, it seems to be a good start to think about the heart in new, not too romantic ways.
@cnstantstranger let's consider romantic truths as being factual TWEET 
how could this fit in with the notion of intuition?

It's your intuition, it's your logic that you create with your life – rationally as much as romantically. TWEET
one's personal truth is the window to her or his intuition TWEET

there's one rule in the universe of intuition:
"the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding" TWEET

"We need to develop a new sense of the wonderful complexity of the self." TWEET


"the complex wave of...mystery is collapsed – into the word" TWEET

one's beliefs define one's intuition, and vice versa.
this feedback mechanism is the main part of what's called the heart TWEET

"They think they know the truth." Why Bad Science Is Like Bad Religion TWEET

no one believes what they don't think was true TWEET
and this type of civilization is characterized by the sad fact that the worst criminals can sell themselves as the biggest philanthropists TWEET

this very circumstance manifests itself in everyone's heart just by force of cultural habit.
if you need a conspiracy, this is the only one that's real, but the "patriot" who just watches and likes to believe the "9/11" mass murder is not less criminal than the "Jesuit" who planned and executed it for this very reason.@sibeledmonds WE ARE the conspiracy, NOT "9/11" TWEET
the notion of truth as such has in fact a conspiratorial nature...

"Stay real, stay loyal, or stay away from me." TWEET
@ImThatGentleman this is it in a nutshell: the heart, piety theory, the whole thing...
Loyola – loyalty – turns truths into knight's castles.

shout out to all contributors, these are remarkable days for the "9/11" Mushroom Foundation. TWEET
"That's deep. My life versus the truth." TWEET
"Life was so much more pleasant before I took the blinders off." TWEET

"truth" as such seems to be incomprehensible, because the smart ones don't want to give away its magical power, and the stupid ones don't want to look in their abyss of ignorance.
the "9/11" power play is symptomatic for everyday life situations... as extraterrestrial as it may appear, it's in reality not exotic at all. we play this game even with ourselves which makes the western mind this house of cards.

there's a schizophrenia here that is not academic. I mean, are we trying to get the patient well or are we pulling the plugs one by one? we seem to be acting in both dimensions simultaneously. and I think it's because we have not in this culture awakened to the depth of the crisis that surrounds us…the collapse of Marxism is only the collapse of the outer edge of the societal and civilizing assumptions that we have made. after all Marxism is nothing more that the millenarian retread of Christian millenarianism and so is modern science another secular retread of Christian millenarianism. so our culture is in trouble – not trouble, we are at a terminal crisis. a bifurcation that can only go one of two ways: horror beyond your wildest imagination or breakthrough to dignity, decency, community, and caring beyond your wildest imagination." Terence McKenna VIDEO | TRANSCRIPT

"comedians are one of the few people around who really have licence to tell the truth, you know. TV personalities don't really have it. comedians do. because ultimately, they are only responsible for themselves" TWEET | VIDEO "Totally Bill Hicks – It's Just A Ride" 1994

I think we need a completely and fundamentally new approach on this well-worn and ugly phenomenon of priestly poison.
"truth" is really nothing but a joke if you don't realize its dialectic history and practice.
I'm so sick of this word I can't hear it anymore. all noble motives in its name can go fuck themselves from now on. who says he knows "the truth" only says he knows it better, period. I'm done with it.
no, I will attack the fucker: I will show that "truth" means lying and that the lies are "true". good luck, Jesuitical Argument, against a theory of the blinders...

@OutreDragon precisely. and what's needed is some sort of "blindspotology" or "piety science"...
which doesn't exist. not even rudimentarily TWEET

I think, truth could be handled much better, if we consider it a basis of negotiation rather than being some sort of a firm and fixed price. TWEET

@Thunderflask she said her cognitive clitoris is excited and I shouted GROSS TWEET

the Trivium deals with the power play, that's right, unfortunately, it's blind for the romantic nature of the human soul TWEET

there are also some other new developments that seem very promising... like
The World Café BLOG POST
The Flow of Meaning TWEET 
Open Space Technology TWEET 

"truth" amplifies one-sidedness and arrogance much more than it helps to solve problems and clarify things.
"truth", hope, and "god" are the most devastating political instruments, mainly responsible for all the warfare that's going on. "truth" needs abolished, seriously. 
the only ones who really do need "truth" – like a drug – are those who actually intend to lie – to others as well as to themselves. you can get by without it if you're honest and creative enough.

in the end it's a question of consequence

put all these different types and instances of being inconsequentially together and you'll get a picture of what secret political power is made of TWEET

it was in the 16th century when one man went to Asia to conquer China for his organization... WIKIPEDIA 
the Jesuit spirituality doesn't know any scruples to achieve their goals. if it's necessary to murder millions of Jews to justify a Zionist state in the Middle East, no problem. TWEET 
Hiroshima/Nagasaki? TWEET 
this culture is thoroughly driven by a mafia mentality under the occult reign of the Black Pope

without a profound counter project to all varieties of Loyola's loyalty this will happen:
After 800 years, "9/11" has pulverized "habeas corpus" for a global audience...
consider this in relation to the rise of the World Wide Web. TWEET

"truth" is so disastrous because messianism is deeply ingrained psychologically.
rational and romantic notions merge into one another without being noticed. TWEET

"So much of it is about how we feel, rather than what we think."
@MsMielAbeille it's an illusion to believe these were different things. we feel-think or think-feel.
like body and soul form a unified whole. it's the reason why we don't differentiate rational from romantic notions. we always mix them together. TWEET | TWEET

"truth" creates and requires mindcuffs, and they are the disease

@lifessubatomic I don't believe that.
but I do believe "9/11" can't be understood as a conspiracy if it is in fact a disease of civilization TWEET

"he was making a statement about the human condition. he was saying 'it's hard for us to do this, just the way it's hard for you to do this.' I've discussed this with mushroom shamans in Mexico and Ayahuasqueros in South America. they say 'it is not easy to do this, it is not easy to plunge into this hallucinogenic maelstrom.  
no culture prepares you for the modalities of the psychedelic experience. a culture can give you personal authenticity, self-control and courage. these things will serve you well, but in terms of preparing you for what you will experience it's virtually inconceivable.'

I think that the great gift that is going to come out of ayahuasca is the ability to open our heads to each other, to truly deindividuate. to truly create for ourselves a group mind and now on a global scale.

you see, the masculine engineering mentality is just running along behind the feminist-shamanist parade, hard-wiring all the changes into technology. the engineering mentality doesn't believe it unless it turns on with the red light when you hit the button. but all that the engineering mentality can dream of or ever accomplish – it's in place in this vegetable matrix, this other way of doing it that doesn't give you much to show.  
no Amazonian shaman can point to an edifice like the World Trade Center, or an atom-smasher, or a moon probe, and say, the genius of my worldview allowed me to create these things. but the genius of their worldview allows them to create authentic caring, a reasonable transmission of gnosis from one generation to another, an ability to walk lightly on the earth, an ability to intuit the needs and feelings of other people. and this is what we lack is any sort of emotional sensitivity, any sort of ability to call on the rational mind at its roots to authenticate us personally in moments of stress and crisis.

the ego really is a poor substitute for authentic being.
and it's the poor substitute for authentic being that we have each and every one of us opted for: man, woman, oldster, child. the neurotic programing is so deep that it is very difficult to transcend it...the archaic consciousness lives! this is why we're so strongly drawn to involve ourselves with these archaic people. 
because we recognize that they have answers to questions that we couldn't even ask until the 1960s."

Terence McKenna and Nicole Maxwell – Amazonian Shamanism VIDEO 

"they tell me that they are doing this work to heal the world for everyone...that's exactly the point though.
the lack of novelty goes mostly unnoticed." BLOG POST

"as a result of the genocide which took place in the Americas in the guise of the conquest and inquisition, it is not surprising that traditional mushroom use went underground.  
ironically, in order to survive, the old religion was forced to blend its gods with the Catholic pantheon, and the outer trappings of conversion shielded the decidedly indigenous truth. the elder gods survived in various Christian guises while the population continued to practice divination, healing and age old shamanic ceremonies in the remoteness of the mountains. to this day the mushrooms are referred to as 'the little saints' and even the local priest in Huatla de Jimenez is said to ingest them so that he could talk directly with God." Kevin Furnas ARTICLE 

"If you can't explain it simply, then you don't know it well enough." #Einstein TWEET
Shut up, I know.

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