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Outpourings of a Mushroom November 2014 pt 6

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11'12 thank you @Total_Giving
and you can support the "9/11" Mushroom Foundation by applying the falsification principle on this TWEET

11'12 "The appearance of an online trade in illegal drugs will be seen, I believe, as a pivotal moment in legal history."

11'12 @CryptoSourcing piety theater TWEET
"The cult of the State is the biggest in the world. Meets all the criteria of a cult."

11'12 Closing Silk Road 2.0 Isn't Going to Stop Anyone from Selling Drugs Online

November 7, 2014 by Mike Power ARTICLE

Any coders out there fancy a new job? Working from home, you'll choose your own hours and, to a certain extent, set your own wages. It's a lean and agile start-up – minimal staff, operating in an incredibly hostile legislative environment, with hundreds of dogged, highly experienced cops working overtime to parade your sorry scalp on primetime.

The rewards, though, for running the latest iteration of the dark web's most notorious drugs bazaar, the Silk Road, are proportionately high: $300,000, tax-free, a month. The right candidate will have a vainglorious streak of political libertarianism and an enormous, misguided sense of self-confidence. Oh, and another tip – if you do end up becoming the world's biggest illegal Bitcoin businessman, it's probably best not to go splashing your virtual currency on expensive electric cars.

This was one mistake of Blake Benthall, the 26-year-old "rocket scientist" and "Bitcoin dreamer" who got arrested for running Silk Road 2.0, which was shut down yesterday by the FBI. Allegedly helming the site under the pseudonym "Defcon", Benthall reportedly cashed out $270,000 worth of Bitcoin and put down a $71,000 deposit on a Tesla Model S – a luxury electric car worth $125,000 in December last year. Did he not watch GOODFELLAS?

Mind you, I see where the temptation arose. According to the criminal COMPLAINT filed against Benthall – a Californian with facial hair, a floppy fringe, and a fairly awful singing voice – the site was clearing $8 million in sales a month from its 150,000 users – figurees any other startup would kill for. Commission ran at about $300,000 a month, according to the FBI.

If Benthall did do it, how did he think he'd get away with it? There's something strangely solipsistic in the hacker mindset. It's not clear what comes first: the isolated working environment with only code for company, or the outlook that finds such work enjoyable.

What is certain is that most people, after the shuttering of the original Silk Road last year – and the intricately detailed criminal case against alleged owner Ross Ulbricht – would not believe themselves smarter than the FBI's Christopher Tarbell, who busted Ulbricht and now works as a private consultant for a cyber-security firm. Of course, the "Defcon" persona that Benthall is said to have operated under speaks to the self-assured way he allegedly went about his business.

He's now facing one count of conspiring to commit narcotics trafficking (at least a ten-year stretch in prison), one count of conspiring to commit computer hacking (five years more), one fake ID charge (another 15 years) and one money laundering charge, which could get him another 20 years in the can if the judge is feeling uncharitable. The poor, poor bastard.

Long-term, this bust makes no difference. A new .onion website will be online in a few days selling drugs to anyone who wants them. In fact, there are dozens online already. There are even sites for individual vendors, which you can only use via personal introduction. You can now buy enough bulk LSD direct from the chemist to dose an entire festival. Kilos of MDMA can be yours by next-day delivery. People are growing weed to order.

The appearance of an online trade in illegal drugs will be seen, I believe, as a pivotal moment in legal history. Because what will police do when the market inevitably grows and we end up with drug-related criminality on an scale?

TheGrugq, a renowned computer security specialist, told me recently that a whole new sector of organized criminals are now involved in the online drug market.

"What I've been seeing is that a lot of the 'next gen' guys are not technologists [because, obviously, if you're a skilled technologist you make money by gambling on start-ups, not risking jail time]," says theGrugq. "They're using outsourcing sites to get an unwitting third-party developer to build the site for them. They are compartmenting themselves from the infrastructure component of the business and focusing on, presumably, the capitalization, marketing, and so on."

This game has been going on since the net first flickered into life. The first online TRANSACTION a human made was for a bag of grass, and it's Silk Road that's responsible for truly monetizing prohibition. But Silk Road 2.0 was the absolute proof-of-concept: Many people want to buy and sell drugs online, and there are fortunes to be made.

For some, it's just fun or convenient. For others – like one user who told me that the consistent delivery of high quality heroin took him away from the constant temptation of street dealers, therefore helping him control his smack and crack habit – it can be a lifesaver.

"It means I can live a normal life, go to work and avoid all the financial, social, and health problems that come with drug addiction," he said. "I'm able to be a responsible, contributing member of my family and the wider community around me, instead of being a burden and a social pariah, costing society through crime and treatment."

We might laugh snidely at the alleged site operators' adherence to the slightly incoherent principles of AGORISM, or their beards, or whatever, but there's a chance these gung-ho hippy idealists – the latest of whom EVEN REPAID thousands of users millions of dollars following a hack – are actually some of the most forward-thinking and fundamentally revolutionary agitators of the 21st century.

Think about it: What have you ever actually done to end the war on drugs?

"I bet sex isn't even real."
11'12 @classickrispy what if sex was a feeling that you can have all day long

11'12 "9/11" as significant as "the birth of Jesus Christ"... TWITLONGER
Much bigger than The PNAC Sacrifice! TWEET
11'12 @cosmopinciotti come on Pinciotti, "the Western mind is a house of cards", people can't handle #Nine11... that's not possible! it is too big

11'12 There is no such thing as death. There's ONLY birth and rebirth... there is only life.
11'12 @DeniseLescano look, TWEET "there is no such thing as death."
why bother about wars or genocides? no one ever dies really!

11'11 "Physical death is merely a transformation, like water turning into steam, to a different state of being."
The Messenger by Denise Lescano EXCERPT 
11'12 @DeniseLescano you see? TWEET
no "9/11" victim really died, they just used the pulverization to change their phase of matter
11'15 @DeniseLescano "there is no such thing as death – only birth and rebirth – only life."
what if somebody murdered you? assistance at a birth?
12'17 "Denise has extensive experience in Criminal Investigation and works directly with Local and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Private Detectives, Military Agencies, Attorneys and sometimes families." WEBSITE 
11'18 @DeniseLescano Macht es einen Unterschied ob der Tod aus 72 Jungfrauen oder einer Art Jungbrunnen besteht? 
Ich denke nicht... piety science.

"An interesting ARTICLE on the meanings of 11:11 and other repetitive numbers that's capture our attention"
11'12 @DeniseLescano that is TWEET as far as it goes:
"Jung, the father of analytical psychology, was fascinated by numerology."
11'12 @cosmopinciotti Jung would've been no help regarding "9/11". academics had to unlearn the most.
they are like an anchor for the corporate mind.

"Stay real, stay loyal, or stay away from me."
11'12 @ImThatGentleman this is it in a nutshell: the heart, piety theory, the whole thing...
Loyola – loyalty – turns truths into knight's castles.

11'12 @sibeledmonds WE ARE the conspiracy, NOT "9/11" TWEET
the notion of truth as such has in fact a conspiratorial nature...

"I feel alone right now."
@LoveAnINFJ What would you rather be doing?
@lifessubatomic It's not a "I should be out" lonely. It's an "I need someone to get it" lonely. It'll pass.
@LoveAnINFJ 'Get it' as in get you/your mind or something you want?
@lifessubatomic Maybe more along the lines of what I need from them. Hard to pin point what the heart wants.
@LoveAnINFJ Are you up for taking a stab at it? Do you write poetry or theory?
@lifessubatomic Why do you ask?
@LoveAnINFJ Creativity is vital for my processing of feels.
Either in philosophizing, painting, building/refinishing, working out, cooking...
11'12 @lifessubatomic @LoveAnINFJ Where creativity means everything and understanding nothing.
Of course it is! That clearly unravels the mystery.

11'12 "The fact is that every writer creates his own precursors. His work modifies our conception of the past, as it will modify the future." Kafka and His Precursors by Jorge Luis Borges WIKIQUOTE

11'12 @MIntensity 500,000 killed children – "We think the price was worth it." ARTICLE
So much for your loyalty and patriotism, sir.
11'12 @MIntensity absurd and disrespectful? think again! 
you don't even have the balls to go through this one article of Prof. Murtry, am I right?
11'12 @MIntensity the most ugly aspect of the #Nine11/Patriot Act design is that it turns patriots into terrorists, and that with all consequences
11'12 @MIntensity Mrs. Albright had just said what most Americans are thinking... otherwise, she wouldn't have done it. Politicians are not stupid.

11'13 the feedback phenomenon between the intuition and beliefs

shout out to all contributors, these are remarkable days for the "9/11" Mushroom Foundation.

1. I called the notion of truth as such conspiratorial essentially... TWEET

2. found an orbit and an atmosphere around Stephanie's heart, TWEET

3. discovered a BLACK BODY at the bottom of lifessubatomic's. TWEET
she builds her reality around a cavity... TWEET

4. Mr. Intensity turned out to be not a quarter as intense as I thought TWEET and

5. Terry has made one of the big news with a private conundrum which disabled him to deal with serious criticism the mushroom brought forward... TWEET

"The question being raised, and this is what troubles me, is whether Terence McKenna had gone through all his psychedelic adventures without ever actually facing an inner confrontation of personality, defenses and hang-ups that is crucial to further spiritual growth on the path of the trip." Patrick Lundborg

these are probably the most important influences on my current understanding causing a compaction of space around the feedback phenomenon between beliefs and intuition. TWEET

this could be a breakthrough, because -WE ARE the conspiracy, NOT "9/11"- explains perfectly why there's no definition of the heart. no-one wants one...
I think I know now the underlying cause of the spiritual wound that characterizes human civilization all in all as its basic principle and makes cruel acts of inculturation like the Aztec sacrificial ritual in honor of the sun, the Catholic/Dominican "burning of witches", the so-called Holocaust, Hiroshima/Nagasaki or the North-Tower/South-Tower ambush possible.
it answers pretty much all questions, especially why "we don't differentiate rational from romantic notions, we always mix them together." TUNNEL

this is it. this seems to be the core. and Jennifer may be the perfect example for it.
on the one hand, she says she wants intimacy, on the other hand, she declares she doesn't want to be understood. this kind of split-up or disunity is very typical for any statements or issues related to the heart
I mean, I already was aware of the power of mystery but its ordinariness combined with its supremacy wasn't that clear to me.

I believe that Stephanie's statement – "My ability to coherently describe or discuss a subject is proportional to its distance from my heart." – doesn't depend on let's say empirical and descriptive difficulties first and foremost, but rather on the unwillingness to really find out who you are.
My most evident observation of Mr. Intensity's behavior is his repugnancy to realize what he actually believes in precisely. as if the wish for clarity would always be subverted by the wish for its opposite – the half-dark, uncertainty, fogginess etc. this constant cognitive back and forth gives the notion of truth its controversial conspiratorial touch – its inner dialectics, if you will – and ought to be the one of the reasons for McKenna's conclusion that "the Western mind is a house of cards", including his own. TWEET

this sort of consequent, half- unconscious self-denial works as the ultimate power base for any priestly attempt on domination. it's the point where it gets interesting.

1. It gives importance to the Flow of Meaning. TWEET

2. It shows the horizon of effectiveness of the Trivium. TWEET

3. It marks the piety-scientific research area... TWEET

you don't really want to examine your own beliefs: you'll live in constant contradiction with your very intuition.
this is the foundation of "9/11", I think. 

this is why both conspiracy myths are fighting each other like different religions. TWEET

the -"9/11" truth movement- needed a second awakening TWEET
but this won't happen with guys like Ray McGovern or Alex Jones who obviously are CIA agents.

11'13 @sibeledmonds thank you so much for all the inspiration, gladiatrix TWEET
your writing is excellent BLOG POST

11'13 Understanding just falls through the phenomena of the world endlessly

@cosmopinciotti 5. I brought up to you before, yes?
@lifessubatomic I found the link to Patrick Lundborg's McKenna-reconsidered article on the TL of @AjnaGyptian

@cosmopinciotti intimacy can be found in exploring and provoking responses, not only in finding a meaning.
like McKenna
@lifessubatomic masturbation alone or together isn't really satisfying. 
any resonance is made of meaning, and the deeper it gets, the more dense the music

@cosmopinciotti you short change yourself by predefining what you will accept as clarity.
@lifessubatomic could be, yes, but in the words of the maestro:
"Understanding just falls through the phenomena of the world endlessly."
he definitely was a great fan of processes of clarification, but he wasn't consequent enough. like Freud and Jung weren't consequent enough. like Mr. Intensity or even Sibel Edmonds aren't consequent enough.
put all these different types and instances of being inconsequentially together and you'll get a picture of what secret political power is made of, you know.
clarification is clarification. if I'd short change myself by predefining clarity, we could clarify if and to what extent this was true, and also why perhaps, right? I'm not a Scientologist.

@cosmopinciotti I still love you, as you are an infant, blinded by your hunger.

@cosmopinciotti however, I'm proud of you for not disappointing me in my request.

@cosmopinciotti You got anything else before I go to bed?
@lifessubatomic I really doubt you have understood anything of it. 
because that would require to be serious about something, which you can't
@cosmopinciotti summarize what you would have me take away from this acquaintanceship.
@lifessubatomic your 50/50 attitude turns everything into Schrödinger's kitty.
your warmth's made of swallowed and transformed enlightenment
@cosmopinciotti can you separate one water from another once they are mixed?
@lifessubatomic another typical example for your childishly contextless wondering. 
@ExistentialINFJ has nothing to say either... talk to him
@cosmopinciotti you are nothing of consequence to me, maybe that's what you want.
@lifessubatomic I think you're consequent in being broad, like you said.
meaning, you think a lot of things on but not one really through...
@cosmopinciotti What do you hope to glean from the #INFJ community when you won't satiate curiosity?
@lifessubatomic since when do I hope, lab pet? TWEET
why would one want to know how to think properly... trivium, baby, trivium
@cosmopinciotti see, you still call me baby, just for a different reason, or maybe this was it all along?

@cosmopinciotti Indexing. You do it your way, I do it mine.
Pieces fall together sensibly from where I view them.
@lifessubatomic this does not correspond neither with my instinct, nor with my intellect, but I can understand why you want to believe it...
@cosmopinciotti again though, you cannot understand what a thought is without words to it, right?
@cosmopinciotti This is where the empathy/hive nature comes into play. You have to get inside.
@cosmopinciotti Can you understand things without description?
@lifessubatomic can you say what the breakthrough is that I mentioned?
@cosmopinciotti no. this is where the empath/hive nature comes into play. you have to get inside.
@lifessubatomic I'm prefering the unhived mind... WEBSITE you like the "9/11" herd. I do not.
@cosmopinciotti I didn't say I was part of the hive. I'm the empath. God, you are so judgmental.
@cosmopinciotti don't you recall I'm too disjointed to type conclusively? 'Nothing'.
@cosmopinciotti Still, shooting the breeze with you gives me a narcissistic thrill.
It's why I'm still here with you. Ego monster nomnomnom.
@lifessubatomic I would bet that the success or popularity of the MBTI grid squares is depending on the ego to let's say at least 70 percent.

11'13 @lifessubatomic are you saying I had stolen my piety approach from someone? TWITLONGER

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