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Redeleted Retweets 14 – 17 November 2014

06'02 William Engdahl: The Geopolitical Implications of the Recent China-Russia Gas Agreement | BFP ARTICLE

06'02 BFP PODCAST De-Manufacturing Consent: Psychiatry's "Useful Fictions" and the Pathologizing of Dissent 

05'31 2014 #Bilderberg meeting includes MI6 and NATO and NSA's General Keith Brian Alexander, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, Wallenbergs and other Swedes WEBSITE 

06'02 Boiling Frogs Post: No Sugar-Daddies like Soros and Omidyar for our site.
We solely depend on "You" and "Your Support" TAKE A STAND

04'08 William Blum: Another Symptom of the Banana-Republicization of America | BFP Today ARTICLE

04'07 @charlesfrith @Jan_Bennink @ahmadalissa
Also, remember, starting in 2011, US/NATO began training rebels in US Base in southern Turkey.

04'06 @kemalhicelik Think about it: who is the main employer/boss of Hersh? The New Yorker. Well, look who owns and runs New Yorker...

04'06 @kemalhicelik Maybe more innocent than that: The Zionism and establishment loving media outlets owned and operated by establishment and Zionists...

04'06 @kemalhicelik and of course, deep inside, there is always a tiny soft spot for Israel when it comes to Hersh. However tiny, it is there.

04'06 @kemalhicelik He glosses over the fact that it was NOT Turkey that started this in 2011, but NATO/US direct order and operations.

04'06 @kemalhicelik For example: Hersh conveniently bypasses how US/NATO set up camps in Southern Turkey in 2011 and began training the rebels.

04'04 @sibeledmonds Jeremy Scahill is an "independent-minded journalist" eh?
He doesn't write stories independent of government propaganda, so I agree.

04'03 According to Greenwald: "Omidyar is somehow the $250 Million Dollar exception to the rules"
BFP Today Exclusive ARTICLE

10'07 "Now, like so many ideas that were at first highly controversial, people say: 'Well that's obvious'!"

09'05 The new Milgram Experiment conclusion makes far more sense. Well done researchers. ARTICLE 

06'30 Holy shit. Blackwater threatened to murder a chief State Dept investigator in Iraq in 2007.
Huge James Risen scoop: ARTICLE 

06'29 Mind control experiments through Facebook ARTICLE

11'14 Establishing a place in the cannabis universe for and by cannabis users since 2012 WEBSITE 

11'14 -pic* Tor And Mozilla Team Up To Protect Internet Privacy ARTICLE

11'14 I kinda miss my theory of knowledge class but you guys replace it pretty well
@cosmopinciotti @lifessubatomic @FarikoBrainiac @BhaINFJaan
@LoveAnINFJ Always at your service, Your Highness. @lifessubatomic @BhaINFJaan
@cosmopinciotti ain't I special.
@LoveAnINFJ ain't all INFJs.
11'14 @LoveAnINFJ you're one of my most curious followers. TWEET 
@cosmopinciotti broadening the horizons. I was in a rather small bubble for 18 years.
11'14 @LoveAnINFJ feel free to elaborate on the glory of cybotronic interconnectedness.

10'18'13 -pic* I want a pack of these

11'06 @introspektre @BhaINFJaan
I find that I can eventually accept most hurtful things as long as I understand why/what's going on.

11'06 @BhaINFJaan The weirdest thing to me is those people who are curious about things but totally fine with ambiguity.

11'06 @BhaINFJaan I have a near pathological drive for answers and certainty, both of which are elusive in this life.

11'06 @BhaINFJaan It's hard to accept not being able to know. :-/

11'12 -pic* My mask allows me to survive #sixwords

11'14 -pic* cat mum giving a hug

10'07 -pic* Men are like Bluetooth. Women are like Wi-Fi.

11'03 Very wise words from @Graham__Hancock at Horizons 2014 VIDEO 

10'28 -pic* Decided there's no good way to get to the bottom of Islam's beliefs than to go to the source.
Already a bit concerned.

"Indeed Alone"
@Diana_M_Joice I assure you, you don't have to follow me to be in my mind, Diana.
I'll show you how soon, I promise. TWEET 
11'15 @Diana_M_Joice your artistry to condense the erotic experience into something extremely precious is outstanding in my eyes, acutely arousing
@Diana_M_Joice I do feel a strong bond with the bones under your skin, your sweat and mental fever, with the fine web of your nerve endings.
11'15 @Diana_M_Joice I'm profoundly excited by the beauty of your instincts, your intellect, the beauty of your bravery... your sensuous ultimacy.

11'12 Scientists Have Discovered How Common Different Sexual Fantasies Are ARTICLE via @BI_Science

11'04 If you want me to read your pathetic doggerel, again, bribe me.

08'07 I play the game so well, I don't even have to hunt. You come to me, slaughter yourself at my feet. #topofthefoodchain

08'07 Checkmate. #mindgames

08'05 I am not dazzled by typical male antics. I possess more wit than that.

08'05 Hypnosis can only make you do what you truly want to do.
You just aren't ready to admit your desire to yourself.

11'05 -pic* she's like November. crimson lips, breathless sighs... and kisses made of fire

10'25 -pic* with sensuous grace she's a rare orchid, only blooming at midnight

09'18 -pic* don't let my heart slip through your fingers

09'18 -pic* he sees beauty reflected in the rainfall of her soul

"how do you write about the things you can't find words for..."
11'16 @OceanOfSong alchemically TWEET 

11'16 -pic* Neuschwanstein Castle looks like something from a fairytale. Photo by Luis Miguel Justino

11'14 -pic* Zaubermaus

11'14 -pic* Today I am a corpse
@DanielleJanof and I'm a terrible monster today... a mushroom berserker. athirst for at least a half-dozen irresistible playmates like you!!

11'16 But that's why I love me. Because I am a fucking idiot. A genuine fucking idiot.

11'16 Your perfection is in your flaws. That is what makes you "you".

11'16 Contradictions in everything endlessly without apology.

11'12 Am I really about to stumble down to the kitchen dancing naked at 3 AM to indulge in the raw banana strawberry nice cream I made yesterdawn?!

11'11 Josh Klein on rebellion and its connotations of progress VIDEO

10'15 Great introduction to #OpenSpaceTechnology, a powerful tool to have meaningful and transformative conversations. VIDEO

11'15 I'm about to get drunk and take a nap at 1142am. I live the fabulous life of a local celebrity.

11'16 -pic* #sexyasfuck beauty #blowjob #cumshot

11'16 "Let's trade in all our judging for appreciating.
Let's lay down our righteousness and just be together." Ram Dass

11'15 Creating a pretend reality, creates walls that keep us separated.

11'15 @moonlightbaby Weight probably is false thoughts.

11'14 I have learned there is nothing wrong with my #Introversion, but what was wrong was my understanding of my Introversion.

11'05 @tiffanyreisz I prefer "A truly creative person rids him or herself of all self-imposed limitations."
Gerald G. Jampolsky

11'27 "Welcome to the Thunderdome, bitch!" How I wish Twitter greeted me every morning.

04'06 What's the worst that could happen I said as I registered for Twitter.

11'08 The unjustifiable crime of censoring yourself.

"With you, everything feels like a first."
@LoveHateSexCake This.
11'17 @Darkest__Star "Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures." @LoveHateSexCake

11'12 I think I'm in one of those relationships where I'm single

04'23 I feel like a stripper performing for an empty bar when I tweet.

11'13 Words can go well beyond standard meaning to convey a vibe and connect those on similar wavelengths.

11'11 Please tell me more about how big your ego is I'm patiently waiting on the edge of my don't give a fuck.

11'05 Report from yesterday's launch of the Psychedelic Society in London ARTICLE from @VICE

10'05 Check out our WEBSITE and sign the petition to legalise mushrooms.

09'11 Some BOOKS of interest to psychonauts

11'10 Mozilla says it will soon begin hosting its own high-capacity Tor relays: BLOG POST

10'07 LSD is no shortcut to salvation or wisdom. 
But it is an opportunity to experience oneself and the world in a new way – and to learn from that.
@psychonaut_org the psychotherapeutic value of psychedelics is exaggerated w/ too much hyperbole.
@baconbadge I think that's right. it's fantastic that the therapeutic benefits are now being explored, but the rhetoric could be cleaner.
@baconbadge @psychonaut_org Maybe your reading selection is biased.
@elizabchang In general the excitement is justified. MAPS, for example, have been very precise about what the benefits are. The therapy they talk about isn't a one-off administration of a psychedelic. It's a carefully designed programme. And some have overlooked that, understandably. Who knows what the potential will ultimately be. But we felt there was some truth in what @baconbadge said.

10'06 Only criticism is lack of different perspective.
I agree with much I hear, but it would have been nice to also hear debate. #GuardianLive

09'15 "Facts and figures don't change peoples bigotries. Relationships do." -@mehdirhasan #GuardianLive

10'13 "The current drug laws are like a modern version of the Hexenhammer (Malleus Maleficarum)." Christian Rätsch #CognitiveLiberty

09'27 -pic* @runasand @DerbyCon This chair is under arrest for loitering.

11'15 Seriously @Twitter? I can report a tweet for being "annoying?" Half of my own tweets annoy me. #callingthethoughtpolice #lame

09'10 Catch report from @WHOhd and @MeganReuther on @wrightdmps where every teacher is a resident of the Twitterverse. VIDEO 

10'26 @gbelljnr @flexlibris You want to argue with coily-dicked misogynist authoritarian trash humans, have fun.
10'26 @gbelljnr @flexlibris Blocked
11'17 @gbelljnr @jilliancyork I blocked you because you expect me to sit here and politely engage with professional trolls running a...
11'18 @gbelljnr @jilliancyork I'm not going to let a pair of fucking fascist rapists run a smear campaign against me and not fight back.
11'18 @gbelljnr @jilliancyork I've unblocked you because you seem to be talking in good faith now, but I don't exactly trust you on this.
11'18 @gbelljnr @jilliancyork I know. You seem to expect me to have unlimited emotional reserves in face of a relentless harassment campaign.
11'18 @gbelljnr @jilliancyork Once again, *stop victim-blaming me for fighting back against these monstrous fucking fascist trolls*
11'18 @gbelljnr @jilliancyork It's having a serious negative impact on my mental health, frankly.
11'18 @gbelljnr @jilliancyork Okay. Sorry I blocked you. It was probably a bit too reactive.

11'02 @matthew_d_green @runasand It should be noted that in FB's use case, the server end of the circuit isn't actually hidden.

11'16 But the U.S. isn't a police state or anything. ARTICLE

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