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Outpourings of a Mushroom November 2014 pt 3

"If you blow the whistle, you should be thanked. You should be protected for doing the right thing.
You shouldn't be ignored and certainly shouldn't be punished." President Obama, 08'07 ARTICLE

"Blowing the whistle within official channels does not guarantee public disclosure of the information and does little to facilitate what Yochai Benkler has called 'accountability leaks… that challenge systemic practices.'
...The Obama Administration, famously, has initiated eight prosecutions under the Espionage Act –  more uses of the 1917 Act than all previous US presidents combined."

11'05 @raymcgovern "Obama is giving hypocrisy a bad name" he's not the only one #AllRoadsLeadTo911
"too bad Kafka is dead" yes! and Nietzsche either

The Berlin Wall and Missed Opportunities – fake CIA viewpoint ARTICLE 
11'05 @raymcgovern "what a graphic demonstration of the bankruptcy of communism"
wasn't that the main reason for Vatican II? TWEET 

11'05 Whistleblower Karen Hudes "is quite certain that the Jesuit Order and the Vatican sit in the middle of this entity." BLOG POST

11'05 @lifessubatomic and this is a very powerful existence if information as such really constitutes the superior concept TWEET "what did McKenna mean when he said 'the world is made of language'?"

11'06 "I don't do feelings... mostly, but when I do? Boy howdy, you wish you were the target." @AnnieCatten

"My ability to coherently describe or discuss a subject is proportional to its distance from my heart."
11'06 @cnstantstranger you sound like someone with kind of an orbit and sort of an atmosphere...
@cosmopinciotti Perhaps? Can't get far enough away from myself to know for sure.
@cnstantstranger this isn't just a fascinating picture, it seems to be a good start to think about the heart in new, not too romantic ways.
11'09 @cnstantstranger let's consider romantic truths as being factual TWEET
how could this fit in with the notion of intuition?
11'10 It's your intuition, it's your logic that you create with your life – rationally as much as romantically.
The Window TWEET
11'10 there's one rule in the universe of intuition:
"the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding"
11'10 "We need to develop a new sense of the wonderful complexity of the self." OPEN SPACE 
"the complex wave of...mystery is collapsed – into the word" THAT'S A BIRD.
11'12 one's beliefs define one's intuition, and vice versa.
this feedback mechanism is the main part of what's called the heart

11'06 "Dialogizit├Ąt und sequenzielle Verdichtung in der Forenkommunikation – Editieren als kommunikatives Verfahren" SUMMARY

11'06 @ExistentialINFJ elitist? not this time. deplorable...
it must be hard to "cycle through personalities" without any chance of understanding.
@cosmopinciotti the original tweet says "completely."
@ExistentialINFJ albeit the "cycling paragraph" asks: can there really be any understanding at all?
"The Western mind is a house of cards."
@cosmopinciotti point being if the subject changes, than prior understanding/knowledge is irrelevant as it is now a different entity.
@ExistentialINFJ some things you could take at face value through many turns. some people could. @cosmopinciotti
11'06 the way of understanding itself is elliptic, and it's a path where every single step matters. wannabe elitism in form of hyped-up and factitious, vague-as-fuck abstractionism or infantile daydream-wondering without the slightest clue of anything, without even a hint of consistency, has nothing to do with it, not a bit.
11'06 @lifessubatomic @ExistentialINFJ I cannot waste my time with notorious hot-air artists TWEET
thanks for the clarification.

11'06 piety science:
"We need a new kind of perception that will enable us to see things that are not real but virtual." STATEMENT

11'06 @lifessubatomic you are completely meaningless, the absolute Ground Zero of reason.
and if that helps you to survive, you can't be not alone
11'07 sure, there are millions who exist on the basis of meaninglessness deifying the chaos but none of them will make you feel a little less lonely

11'07 your words have no weight, no depth, nothing.
the minute you catch a glimpse of what feels insightful you immediately destroy it.
I'm amazed how long you've got through with it!
logic literally implodes in your presence, you are like a black hole of sense.
it is your most important passion, your central and crucial characteristic.
you obviously hate what I love and live for, as if you'd fear coherence as a burden or as maybe something much worse.
so go and live your childish thinking habits, we're struggling here unnecessarily.
meaning can only flow where it's wanted STATEMENT 
our differences are not just irreconcilable, our needs are antagonistic from scratch.

11'07 You also have to consider that a great amount of people can't even stand a shred of consistency any longer due to the truth bombardment from all sides: family, school, religion -psychology- science, media, advertisement, politics/activists etc. maybe rhetoric in general. Any form of meaning is completely lost on them. They apparently have found peace in just being kaleidoscopic, and that as senselessly as possible. Open-minded to the extent of declared infancy, a status where nothing really matters anymore, absolutely nothing. They think like dogs, cognitively speaking. TWEET | TWEET We've talked over six months to each other... with high intensity.

"Loneliness is like a disease of the blood, dispersed throughout the body so that one cannot locate the matrix, the spot of contagion."
11'07 @aSylviaPlath nice kitsch and a great help if you don't like to think a little bit deeper

"I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you."
11'07 @MyFairCharity tough job to make yourself understandable to someone whose own perspective you're not familiar with... the crux of the matter

11'07 Why do they call it a conspiracy? Because the media do their job?
The Jesuit nature of the CIA is an open secret... TWEET
11'07 "There's simply no institution better suited to host a discussion of the topics we are tackling today...It is a privilege for me." John O. Brennan GEORGETOWN
11'07 @cosmopinciotti we transform now the whole world into a fascist superstructure by means of the Jesuitical Argument that plays with the heart

11'07 @CIA  what if "the Nation's first line of defense" is responsible for the "9/11" strategy with all its trimmings? that will be a nice future

"What a fool one is to sincerely love."
@aSylviaPlath sincere love means true passion, and this is the key to everything. your only chance to live life to the fullest. fools renounce that
11'07 @aSylviaPlath What a fool one is to believe that sort of psychological nonsense.

11'07 @janhoglund who enjoys their own piteousness though TWEET will annihilate any drop of meaning TWEET and
11'07 @janhoglund ..this is not a minority. they act like allies for the perpetrators on top. and love it!
a piety-scientific topic par excellence

11'07 @LiftedConscious Flower of Light's "boat thing": TWEET | TWEET | TWEET 
"I am not trying to make sense. I'm just building little boats made up by words and your little feels board them and come to my mind. If I made it a mission to try and make specific sense to everyone, my boats wouldn't be able to sail the ocean of consciousness. They would get destroyed because my ocean is emotional and would make waves within its own depth from the turmoil of limited godliness."

11'07 @Zeteticus I need collocutors, TWEET not followers. TWEET thanks though, Mr. Dotson.

11'07 @johncusack "9/11" is just business as usual for soldiers, lawyers, teachers, journalists... for any economic grades and everybody who needs popularity including artists etc.
who wants to make money in the system is not allowed to think deeper TWEET 

Why Science Is Reality ARTICLE 
"Now, in the 21st century, scientific views have undergone a 180-degree revolution. 
Today scientific theories have become so numerous and so ubiquitous that we tend to regard them as fact instead of hoax until proven otherwise. And religious truth has become secular in many instances in order to adapt."
11'08 @EdwardAPrice "Science discovers reality, as does religion, in its own way."
You believe in God, I believe in the Mushroom. @Bahai_Teachings
11'08 "it is evident then that each elemental atom of the universe is possessed of a capacity to express all the virtues of the universe" bullshit

11'08 @davecontrerasfm And is there no option to enjoy it?
I mean, I could be angry for good reason... TWEET 
11'08 @davecontrerasfm I need my "bad vibes" too, you know, to feel good and to feel complete.
I'm surely not gonna start to fuck with my intuition.

11'08 Prof. John McMurtry: The US is a Police State ARTICLE via @sharethis

11'08 Prof. John McMurtry: The Moral Decoding of 9-11:
Beyond the U.S. Criminal State, The Grand Plan for a New World Order ARTICLE 

11'08 John McMurtry: Understanding the U.S. War State ARTICLE via @sharethis

11'08 Prof. John McMurtry: "Global Society Destruction" and The Ukraine Crisis: 
Decoding Its Deep Structural Meaning ARTICLE 

11'08 Prof. John McMurtry: Corporate Child Abuse – The Unseen Global Epidemic ARTICLE via @sharethis

11'08 John McMurtry: "Social State" versus "Corporate State":
From European Fascism To "Global Money-Sequence Absolutism" ARTICLE 

11'08 John McMurtry: Humanity's Evolution and the Great Reversal:
An Antonomy of the Corporate Right Counter-Revolution ARTICLE 

11'08 John McMurtry: Beyond Equivocal Equality and Masking Myths: 
Grounding Justice in What We All Need to Live as Human Beings ARTICLE 

11'08 Prof. John McMurtry: Understanding the U.S. War State:
The New Fundamentalism – "America is God" ARTICLE via @sharethis

11'08 John McMurtry: Why the Facts of "9/11" Must Be Suppressed
Understanding the Ruling Group Mind Behind the War Without End VIDEO 

11'08 "it's easy. all you have to do is tell the people they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism..." H. Goering

11'08 "formal pieties and aversion of the facts ruled...the long genocide was diplomatically sanitized by abstractions"

11'08 "The appeasement now was on the level of the mind itself. No-one dared to say what was happening."
Who dares to even think about #Nine11?!

11'08 "it is unspeakable – so long as the ruling group-mind remains the invisible prison of our collective this era, the group-mind is American"

11'08 "I was sceptical of the 9-11 event from the first time I saw it on television.
It was on every major network within minutes. All the guilty parties were declared before any evidence was shown...Even 11 years on these questions are still not answered."

11'08 "While all the media and most of the people asserted the official 9-11 conspiracy theory as given fact, not all did.
A Bay Street broker with whom I was improbably discussing the event in Cuba had no problem recognizing the value meaning. When I asked what he thought about the official conspiracy theory, he was frank:
'You can call it what you want, but America needs a war to pull the people together and expand into new resource rich areas. That what it has always done from Mexico on. And that is what it needs now.'
When I wondered why none in the know said so, he smirked:
'It would be impolite,' adding, 'it affects the entire future prosperity of America and the West.'
And all the deaths?
'It had to be done – far less than it could have been.'
The 19 Arabs with box-cutters reducing the World Trade Center buildings to powder in a few seconds?
He shrugged." ARTICLE The Moral Decoding of 9-11:
Beyond the U.S. Criminal State, The Grand Plan for a New World Order

11'08 "It had to be done." TWEET what he overlooks obviously:
#Nine11 goes much deeper and is much bigger than the PNAC paradigm

11'08 "this account @big_ben_clock wins Twitter" @griffincandey

"Truth isn't a matter of opinion or 'world view'. A belief that contradicts facts is false. Period."
11'08 @WinsorJohn People only believe what they think is true.
"I prefer to avoid thinking of things in terms of facts." TWEET 
11'08 @WinsorJohn meaning, beliefs are based on "truth", truth defines them.
the crunchpoint here is, there are rational and romantic truths. and..
11'08 @WinsorJohn What's missing COMPLETELY is some sort of piety science who deals with the cognitive level of the heart. TWEET

11'08 @janhoglund the notion of truth is in constant turmoil because no one developed an instrumentarium to distinguish and harmonize its rational with its romantic nature

11'08 "Brzezinski had already hinted at the usefulness of a 9/11-style domestic his 1998 book The Grand Chessboard" ARTICLE

11'08 journalistic and social integrity means the same: you back up the "9/11" corporate states structure, no matter what. loyalty's everything...

11'08 @WinsorJohn and what is with business truths? are they more reasonable or more wishful? 
beliefs are also defined by hope and power relations

11'08 Loyola's Knights' Patriot Act ("9/11") redefines the nature of integrity for a True World Political Authority in the corporate person's mind.

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