Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Redeleted Retweets 5 – 7 November 2014

11'05 -pic* "If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it." Mark Twain BLOG POST 

10'29 Why are Christians obsessed with pain and suffering and violence? #tweetsduringchapel

09'22 @ben_thurley Given the power of religion, I wonder how many have looked into the issue with objectivity?

"Why I think Jesus didn't exist: a historian explains the evidence that changed his mind." VIDEO
Good, scholarly lecture.
09'21 @RichardDawkins happily retweeted.

"Asshole of the Day award goes to @ABC" #RIPRobinWilliams
08'12 -pic* @Kallisti @DannyDutch @ABC sums the media up perfectly!

08'13 In a sadistic kind of way I like getting up early.

11'05 The gunpowder plot was nothing more than a failed 9/11-style attack lead by the NWO.
Guy Fawkes was a Jesuit conspirator. #MillionMaskMarch

11'03 Guy Fawkes was a Jesuit 'mercenary' and paid assassin who attempted mass murder for those corrupt men in power. ARTICLE 

08'25 Guy Fawkes was a Jesuit Mercenary. The Truth about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot: VIDEO

11'05 -pic* "Remember, remember the 5th of November" How quickly you forget history...

06'01 Guy Fawkes was a #Jesuit WIKIPEDIA Be careful who you idolize.

07'27 July 25th 1922, Ignatius declared Heavenly Patron of Spiritual Exercises BLOG POST 

11'04 Watch @BobWoodruff interview Elisabetta Pique about her new biography
"Pope Francis – Life and Revolution" VIDEO via @ABC

05'11 Rob talks the Counter Reformation, Guy Fawkes and the Jesuit Treason, and Freemasonry ARTICLE

05'06 "Did you know that the historical Guy Fawkes (1570-1606) was not a freedom fighter, rather he was a Jesuit Counter Reformation agent hell-bent on returning England under the yoke of the Roman Church." FACEBOOK | WEBSITE

11'04'13 The Vatican Global Chess Board part 2 #Jesuit ARTICLE 

11'05'12 Guy Fawkes trial aka the Gunpowder Plot or the Jesuit Treason was listed as a failed assassination attempt in court transcripts. #GuyFawkes

10'26'12 Guy Fawkes was no friend of the people, he was a Jesuit Roman/Vatican agent. 
Represented the most totalitarian form of government ever conceived.

10'31 Jesuit schooled, ultra-religious Roman Catholic "ex-CIA" Raymond McGovern puts on a show to further his street cred. ARTICLE 

10'22 Knight of Malta Joseph Schmitz is a Blackwater Counsel ARTICLE 
Four Blackwater guards found guilty in 2007 Iraq shootings of 31 unarmed civilians. ARTICLE 

03'24 What did McKenna mean when he said "The world is made of language"? REDDIT
11'05 @OpPinkPower "Language is syntax, and so is the universe." this is it, plain and simple.
or: the universe searches for meaning in everything

11'04 I fill the spaces, between breaths and beats of my stuttering heart, with so much thought that it's dizzying when I'm asked what I'm thinking.

10'31 Titanic, but everyone is a moose, and it's on a bus, and it's called Moose Bus.

11'03 -pic* "My favorite parts of the Bible are when Jesus is alone talking to God (himself) and someone who wasn't there is writing about it."

11'02 Hypersexual and yet capable of devotion: you wish you had a bitch like me.

11'03 -pic* Muffe – sleeve

11'02 -pic* @CleavageFetish

11'02 And suddenly everyone at the gym wants to spot me. Narf. #thepowerofredheadswithgianttits

11'02 Running 7 miles with 25lbs of extra weight. Le roar.

11'02 No YOU'RE dancing lewdly to Bang, Bang. I would never.

07'24 I want the heat and the sting.

07'12 An adult only wears their hair in pigtails so they can be used as handles. True story.
Yes, my hair is in pigtails.

07'24 -pic* cats on the net

07'12 Dammit. I will never deceive you in the poetry of my soul, you fuck.

07'12 Out of all the uncertain things in this existence that I may desire to trust, I choose the universe.

07'11 -pic* Hunger to be surrounded by company and gazed upon as the pith on my opulent nights when I am this

07'06 I do not love him, but he is here and you are not

07'08 when you're really quiet and you move really slow, that's when you really reach me

07'14 -pic* FUCK SHIT COCK! VINE via @vineapp

06'24 Being in love sounds boring

07'29 when he walks into the room and you know without even turning your head

07'30 @ExistentialINFJ It is truly an amazing experience, especially the first time.
@OutreDragon yes. The substance and frequency were so intense it literally induced a dream state or feeling comparable to psychedelics.

07'30 My dog just walked up the stairs, sat on the couch and lit a cigarette, asked me for a drink

03'04 Much like my ability to be polite to strangers, my Twitter account has become mostly dormant.

"Ladies, not swallowing is a huge fucking inconvenience. Respectfully, Men everywhere."
09'15 @iGreenMonk why don't you swallow a bucket of semen you piece of shit

09'08 mom, dad... you're adopted

09'05 A cake is always tastier than the sum of its ingredients.

07'29 -pic* Hey, my roses are like bam.

07'30 I don't like feeling like I'm being maneuvered.

07'30 You know how when you're intimidating to someone you tell them you don't bite?
I would never say that.

07'31 @cnstantstranger it was just a normal clap, written in words by a computer on the interweb.

07'29 @TechnicallyRon @Adam_Leedham cheese is something else's breast milk that's gone off a bit.
Only acceptable on a pizza.

07'30 I could limbo through the space you leave between words. Pick up the pace.

07'28 @Thunderflask she said her cognitive clitoris is excited and I shouted GROSS

07'28 TWITTER. Let me tell you why I love you.

07'31 Imaginings and illusions cannot bear my weight. I need a solid ground on which to stand.

07'31 @shadow_abyss It's true.
I think we can have great clarity when it comes to others but we don't see ourselves as well.

07'31 @shadow_abyss In typical INFJ fashion I have high standards for myself and tend to focus on areas that need improvement.

07'31 @findyourownroad Many thanks Adam :-)
The feedback from everyone here really helps encourage me to stick with it.

07'30 I'm so angry I'm mostly speechless which, for those of you who have met me in person, would agree is nearly impossible.

07'30 I'd like this person to fuck off to such great heights that a new system of measuring fuck offs has to be invented.

07'30 I stopped talking to you because I started feeling like I needed you.

07'30 Soulmates are real... Block them before they find you.

07'30 I've been trying to find the exit out of this place for over a year now.

02'18 Sorry my wife says I can't have a TC

07'27 It could be nothing... But it feels like something

10'29 -pic* connected

11'01 When ex is really happy and you're slightly envious of how easy it is for some people...
Give me some feelings I can't ignore and we'll talk.
@AnnieCatten Great Show!
@cosmopinciotti what show?
11'06 @AnnieCatten Your Twitter parade – to all intents and purposes, but also specifically...
I don't think it's theater, don't worry about that.

11'02 Sometimes eye contact feels like stripping.

11'01 I need fucking when I wake up. It's as vital as coffee.

11'01 Him: so can I have your number? Me: no. Him: why not? Me: well, the things is- *walks away*

10'26 I like this part of Twitter. It's full of new and edgy material. And dicks.

10'26 I Could Be Flirting With A Psycho And Other Fun Twitter Adventures

@PuncherJetpack quick sketch of said idiot TWEET 
10'27 -pic* @PuncherJetpack wait. It got better. The sickest idiot on the block

10'25 Here's a thought: if you want to be smooth, maybe talk to me in the bar RATHER THAN IN A CREEPY DESERTED PARKING GARAGE YOU FUCKHEAD

10'26 -pic* Now I'm double mad. Here's my pouty face. I'm very good at making it.

11'03 -pic* UNFFGFFDGFD #bae

10'26 -pic* Meow *purrrrs*

10'26 -pic* My lil snuggle bug

11'04 The mind is my favorite spot to go cliff diving.

05'31 -pic* Dinner is ready boys!!

11'06 @cosmopinciotti I've had lots practice going through this process, so it's easy to describe.
@cnstantstranger everybody knows that to a certain degree I think, but the intensity of your experience makes it special: original and rich.

05'13 -pic* Super chest is taking a super rest. I'm curvy.
The kind of body that says "yeah, I eat nachos" mmmmnachos.

06'03 You all think you're so funny with your witty observations and excellent wordplay. Fuck you.

11'24'11 At the dinner table today... encourage dialogue.
The ancient meaning of dialogue is "the flow of meaning". This is a flow of the Spirit...

12'30'11 TRUTH!! RT @GreatestQuotes: "Educating the MIND without educating the HEART is no education at all." #Aristotle

09'12 -pic* Forever Grateful. "9/11" #neverforget #NYC
@RedEyeInc all you need is a good show...

09'02 @dphaw Be careful of people who want to control the flow of meaning. They are the mind masters. 

03'16 Nearly the same reality, but so many details are perceived in a tunnel vision way, their essence gets lost in the flow of meaning.

11'07 I don't want a relationship anyway. I want a creationship.

11'07 If you are gonna lack creativity, let it not be in your life when you are creating a relationship. Seriously.

11'07 How boring is to have a relationships according to everyone you ever knew or silly tumblr posts.
Lacking creativity!

10'27 Russell Brand Says He's 'Open-Minded' To 9/11 Conspiracy Theories #GoogleAlerts
@TonySobrado "9/11" a conspiracy? come on! against whom? Americans love a good show. they embrace the new myth.
what's with you? do you too? Loyola is everything! TWEET 
my chief attraction aren't the priests who burn people on marketplaces, it is the crowd who watches the spectacle and either loves or feels impotent against it. tenderized not only from religion nowadays but from incorporated/militarized media for the main part which exude psychology, treating the unconscious as the new Almighty...

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