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Outpourings of a Mushroom November 2014 pt 1

"In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?" Gabrielle Roth

11'01 -pic* @OutreDragon Alex Grey TWEET "In unknowing quietude I listen for Spirit's guidance and instruction."

11'01 "I will probably write something, perhaps an entire book, about the possibility and nature of a psychedelic society."

11'01 "Soteriology is the study of religious doctrines of salvation. Salvation theory occupies a place of special significance in many religions."

11'01 "this strange combination of your remote voice whispering delicacies directly from your heart to me mostly felt like" TUMBLR

11'01 you don't want to make sense to other people, but you don't want to feel lonely either. kind of a cardinal cognitive conundrum
@cosmopinciotti is there a difference between wanting to and caring to make the effort?
11'01 @lifessubatomic what was it worth to answer this question?
"the ultimacy of your existentialism, the intrinsic warmth plus an unbridled spirit became responsible for most of my erections" wait. what?
@cosmopinciotti Perspective, my Holy Grail.
@lifessubatomic what a cocky remark, if I may say so
@cosmopinciotti You may say whatever you wish. Will you tell me why it comes off as cocky for you though?
@lifessubatomic Because you wag your mighty holy standpoint thingamajig like the "angry gnome" TWEET with her little clit.
@cosmopinciotti My gosh, how hard up I'd get if I was half as determined to make a point as you are.
@lifessubatomic devastating, huh? in the words of a professional: TWEET "I have sovereignty. Therefore, you owe me. Don't fuck with the laws of the universe." 
@cosmopinciotti I only used 'Holy Grail' to put a smile on your face. Did I fail?
@lifessubatomic I was joking, baby, come on. you did a fine job "your wild spirit is somehow offering me space within you that I can grow into with no end in sight... not even a horizon!"
@cosmopinciotti who's words are these?
@lifessubatomic mine, 3 months ago... remember?
"this is how it feels when you're talking to me TUMBLR preferably every day"
@cosmopinciotti remember the clip, had Chaill and I been talking about how to get rid of a body at near 10pm my time?
11'01 @lifessubatomic I find the learning curve from the space without horizon towards the cardinal cognitive conundrum most fascinating, you know
@cosmopinciotti when the sun is rising or setting?
@lifessubatomic when it's half-dark. no matter how. "you're the only woman who can do that with me TUMBLR through just one genius flash of insight from your poetic nature"
@cosmopinciotti are you the girl or guy here? maybe you are the over all feeling?
11'01 @lifessubatomic remarkable things are going to happen if you dunk deep enough into another one's soul space

@cosmopinciotti It was hard to tell who you were taking to at times.
@lifessubatomic it had to be a challenge for you, all the time. and we both know why: you like the hard way
@cosmopinciotti Are there conditions, does it matter who?
@lifessubatomic of course there are, sure it does. it's like music. a serious fuck session is like jamming together
@cosmopinciotti Sometimes I think...
@lifessubatomic "I want you for always, I hope this does not affect you poorly. you're so beloved in my life, even the hard ways of you..."
@cosmopinciotti you should really try these mushrooms you are fond of.
@lifessubatomic I will. TWEET 
"My book opens with such a case, when Jean-Paul Sartre's terrifying mescaline trip is recounted. He was not prepared for the massive experience and responded with resistance and denial, which is the surest way to get a bad trip. People shouldn't feel embarrassed about having had a bad trip, so did Sartre!" INTERVIEW

@cosmopinciotti hi, are you doing me a favor?
@lifessubatomic "you are the best muse I can imagine.
you really could make me happy by just letting me lick your feet" *grumbles* kill-joy!
@lifessubatomic okay okay, what the fuck is it?
@cosmopinciotti What we've trained you to be. Not so accommodating as I'd have thought.
@lifessubatomic I understand. but I think we can agree that was before you came up with your 50% clause of always meaning just the half of anything.
@cosmopinciotti I didn't just come up with it, boy. Undecided's been my way since 6-7. Coins get flipped more often than I'd like to admit.
@cosmopinciotti and within this doctrine also stands my touted idea that if anything matters, everything matters. An imploding bomb.
11'01 @lifessubatomic you are worse than Schrödinger's cat, woman. there's no room for depth with this behavior, I'm afraid. I want my money back!
@cosmopinciotti That cat happens to be my role model. You never paid me.

@cosmopinciotti on knowing: the difference in learning, being led to believe, and being taught, is how one perceives most readily, isn't it?
@lifessubatomic if teaching were always about let's say the art of learning primarily as an aid to orientation, this alone would change a lot
@cosmopinciotti yes, I can stand the thought that teaching is about learning, but not the other way around.
Not as a consciously manipulated act in general, anyway.
@lifessubatomic under this premise, why not?
@cosmopinciotti because in learning I'm swallowing and spitting so much that I can't readily spoon food into another's mouth precisely.
Fuck that entire analogy, and me with it.
11'01 @lifessubatomic if teaching would care about how to think first and foremost, you'll most certainly lose this urge to gag more and more
@cosmopinciotti truly, I'm not a leader.
@lifessubatomic who needs you as a leader my lady? it would be totally sufficient if you'd put forward some sort of sleek and slinky etui...

@cosmopinciotti what's less becoming: being cheap or being frivolous?
11'01 @lifessubatomic my response would be: less quality in general. now ask yourself how useful it is to implode intellectually every morning...
@cosmopinciotti leaving room for error has shown to be beneficial in every circumstance I've needed it. 
I'm erroneous, and responsible.
@lifessubatomic leaving room for error in those 50%? what does that mean "leaving room for error"?
are you provoking failure or something?
@lifessubatomic selection is how and "why systems don't fall into entropy but continue to grow and evolve into higher levels of organization"
@cosmopinciotti not higher, more connected. A more connected and planned out system of domination.
You work in ups and downs, like numbers.
@lifessubatomic but that doesn't correspond with "if anything matters everything matters", okay?
you have to select to connect a step deeper
@cosmopinciotti corresponds to me. What I do will always turn out something. I have to be willing to work with probability and eventuality.
@cosmopinciotti Determined you hasn't figured out how to cultivate depth out of nothing such as this girl yet?  
I talk to you to hear myself.
11'01 @lifessubatomic my problem is that I cannot detect any depth here in trains of thought with half-lives of less than one day or so, you see?

@cosmopinciotti Have you ever attempted to connect with disconnect? To follow that rhythm?
What is synchronicity if it's controlled?
@cosmopinciotti I think more horizontally, the view is less reaching from any point, but more inspiring for me.
@cosmopinciotti some are being the paper, the ink, the pen, or the thought written in the world's book.
Does a book manipulate itself?
@cosmopinciotti Do you want depth to reach into, direction to follow, or a panoramic view without end?
11'01 @lifessubatomic you seem not to be willing to integrate results of your constant wondering... you wonder and wonder without giving a fuck
@cosmopinciotti oh now, come on, that's not... well, it's perfectly fair. I used to though. I have an inferiority complex that shrinks back. if I think a new fragmented thought that seems irrelevant to me, would you still like to know it, even if I go no distance? Maybe I should initiate opening old things anew, just for connection sake. Many things philosophical feel old shoe to me. If you wanna spark theory and existence in me, make your stance upon your personal experience. I'll follow that white rabbit. wait. are you saying constant wonder can have lasting affect?
@lifessubatomic excuse me? wondering is completely meaningless if ephemeral as ethyl acetate. I'm wondering how one can be unable to grasp this
@cosmopinciotti mercury mercury mercury what's to grasp? The salvation of humanity? 
Is this necessary for the ectoplasmic world to continue in its graces, sir?
11'01 @lifessubatomic quod erat demonstrandum TWEET  
no sea too rough... no muff too tuff... we dive at five... that's life... baby!

@cosmopinciotti but you said you loved me... :-(
@lifessubatomic did I? "you're a very very special woman that I very very love, Jennifer" yeah I did, indeed!
Yo dude, what's crackalackin'?
"you want a lesson in obsession?
when I'm driving the feel of the steering wheel sliding under my palms makes me think of you"
@lifessubatomic I can't waste my time with quicksilver ectoplasm groupies.
that's not an option in times of unprecedented reckless endangerment
@cosmopinciotti fine then.
You use your super powers to resist commenting back while you're saving the world and eventual I'll dissipate.
11'01 "the way you deliver your thoughts, how you can make them be felt. 
the way you're integrating fantasy and reality, but without losing yourself"
@cosmopinciotti besides, I love someone else now.
11'01 "I've not been intimate with someone I connected with emotionally/intellectually. 
I've for looks, talent, fun, obsession, security, what have you, but not on a psychic level."
@cosmopinciotti not even fleetingly?
@lifessubatomic is this a subatomic or an ectoplasmic question?
@cosmopinciotti it's a feely question.
@lifessubatomic I am very touchy-feely, yes. if that is a help...
@cosmopinciotti how well do you know me?
If I found a painted clay pig head, who would I want to give it to?
@lifessubatomic I'm more concerned about this imaginary knife which you hide behind your back, to be completely honest with you.
@cosmopinciotti Can't be much threat to an imaginary knife, huh?
Hey, here's a thought I had the other day: why so few words for imagination?
@lifessubatomic shouldn't you talk to your new love?
@cosmopinciotti I don't have a new one, haha. You've said it to me, I took it better I think.
@lifessubatomic I love her now. PHOTO that's what I said.
you are just too sweet in your quantum physical form of appearance

@cosmopinciotti Thanks for reminding me of your quick and sharp tongue.
@lifessubatomic no. this kind of knife can't harvest my dowsing rod
@cosmopinciotti it does something for me.
Makes my heart sink into something like an oil stained, smoke filled, bar gully scent, rainy night
@lifessubatomic I don't know, I really don't know, but sometimes, sometimes you tweet like a girl, Johnnifer TWEET

11'02 @cosmopinciotti I used to like most when a man could make me think. Do you know what I like most now?
@lifessubatomic I don't know, but that makes sense. a lot of it even.
maybe not a sharp tongue any longer, more a fleet and persistent one?
@cosmopinciotti to be made to laugh. you must keep in mind, this is all perceived as hypothetical to me, and I must psych myself out really to get into it at all
11'02 @lifessubatomic a really extraordinary case you are.  
I think you should get your teeth into the basic notion of aggregation.
@cosmopinciotti Fuck, I've just realized words confuse me as much as numbers do. case?
@lifessubatomic my little lab rat TUMBLR 
@cosmopinciotti goodnight, Arthur
@lifessubatomic no, call me Mr. Mushroom from now on
@lifessubatomic what?! I'm trying to be funny! TWEET 
@cosmopinciotti I can't take a joke or a compliment well.
I overanalyze, or miss the point completely. Make me laugh or appreciate.
11'02 @lifessubatomic what I do, always: asking myself what's the most important part of something, the main aspect of it, its core theme...

11'01 Patrick Lundborg: a long-lived mystery cult and lifestyle TUNNEL

"I have always felt somewhat annoyed with the approach to psychedelic drugs that developed in the '50s-60s and which, to some degree, still shapes the field today.
The idea that this otherworldly, often life-altering experience and its subsequent effects on personality and creativity, was some kind of subset to psychology or new age religion strikes me as absurd.
...Once you start viewing psychedelia as a unique phenomena, a long-lived mystery cult and lifestyle, the whole approach to hallucinogenic drugs begins to change.

...There is no ontological difference between an acid trip and a nightly dream, and all of us dream.
So there is a reasonable analogue, at least.
...At the same time, it will be a theoretical understanding only, which will lack the gut confirmation, private memory references, and emotional response that, hopefully, an acidhead or DMT smoker has when reading about the different levels of the trip, the entities and symbolic gateways, and so on. So I believe an 'outsider' understanding is possible, but insufficient.

...In my early 20s I even considered a scholarly career on the subject, until I realised how crowded the field was with Oxbridge and Ivy League big-shots.
...I must have read over 100 academic studies of Eliot, Pound and James Joyce, and the average quality of this literary criticism is very high. Among the critics I ran across was Hugh Kenner, a Canadian professor and friend of Marshall McLuhan, who became my ideal model for the scholar-researcher. 
Kenner's masterwork is the 1972 The Pound Era, in which he sums up all his experience, private and scholarly, of the London modernists, and from this bank of knowledge he spins an amazing carousel that mixes theoretical insight with amusing snapshots of the old poets and their idiosyncrasies.

...What I see in the future are independent societies that have cut off essentially all ties to the traditional nation model, so that they are not operating within something else, but rather outside everything else. 
A new form of state.
...The bottom line to all this is that the existing nation-states, both in the West and East and South, are so fucked up that there's no way they could be retro-fitted to the ideals of a psychedelic community. 
The typical psychedelic response is to simply turn your back to all the idiocy, hook up with people who are on the same trip, and start walking in a different direction.

...It is a problem related to the hopeless lack of precision in mass-media.  
Once mass-media moves its hysteric personality to other fields, the atmosphere around psychedelic drugs improves quickly, since there is much less propaganda, peer pressure or scare headlines.
...My book opens with such a case, when Jean-Paul Sartre's terrifying mescaline trip is recounted.
He was not prepared for the massive experience and responded with resistance and denial, which is the surest way to get a bad trip.

...There are few tools as efficient as psychedelic drugs to de-condition people from the materialist-positivist brainwashing that the modern Western lifestyle entails.

SD: Can psychedelics assist in attaining soteriological states of enlightenment?
PL: That is the $64,000 question, isn't it?
My response would be that psychedelics can show you the highest end-states of a liberated consciousness, such as nirvana, but it will only be a display of the state, not the experience of the state itself.
...I find these sign-posts along the spiritual road to be comparable to psychedelic experiences – the acid or mushroom will point you in the right direction and save you some time as a shortcut. But the final leg of the journey cannot be traversed with the use of psychedelic drugs, if you want to achieve a change in consciousness that is permanent rather than just a glimpse.

...The mystery to me is how and by whom images from our cerebral repository are selected and combined into the amazing stuff you will see once you get deeper into the trip. Because there is no way that your conscious mind is doing this – if it did, you wouldn't be as stunned and surprised as you are by what you see. Another thing is the exceptional intelligence often demonstrated in the creation of these complex visual images, where you can suddenly be presented with powerful metaphors that are like the visual equivalent of Shakespeare. Rich and multi-layered, but also with a vital message concerning yourself or your world. This is not Jungian archetypes but something much more dynamic and organic. I consider it the supra-conscious rather than subconscious.

...With Psychedelia I am expanding my scope from writing primarily about psychedelic pop culture to a situation where pretty much anything related to alternative spiritual traditions can be researched, analysed and presented, whether it's one of Plato's old dialogues, or a Shakespeare play, or shamanic rituals. 
I find this new-gained freedom very inspiring.

Patrick Lundborg the entire INTERVIEW

11'01 "LSD also de-conditioned people from the state-approved Christianity they've been instructed upon since childhood" TUNNEL

11'02 @michellemalkin "The only way to world peace is through mind control of the masses."
Ronald Reagan to Mulrooney. eye-witness: Cathy O'Brien

11'02 @michellemalkin "these are the worst, most fringe, cookiest, discredited academic crackpots who believe that the Secret Service and the CIA planted a controlled demolition..."

11'02 @michellemalkin I like your style but you seem to be pretty robotic -no offense- so I just wanted to let you know... TWEET

"Addicted to the chase."
11'02 @lifessubatomic "I've been sleeping harder at night lately and the only thing I can contribute to it is the relaxing effects of your words."

And fuck        too.
11'02 @lifessubatomic Cheney, this cocksucker?
@cosmopinciotti this

11'02 @sufranke Twitter ist eine Link-Maschine.
Als Motor verwendet, kannst du damit antreiben, was immer du willst. @talkabout @PR_Doktor

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