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Outpourings of a Mushroom November 2014 pt 2

11'02 @TheMistressVee I would give as much of a fuck as you precisely wish for, because not one single thing about you wasn't worth the adoration.

11'02 where does government end? maybe in your own mind? aren't court reporters and teachers or psychiatrists government too? so many questions...

11'02 @GrantMcCovey are you @inhumanbeings maybe aware of a technical term for what looks like "personality type racism"? TWEET

@cosmopinciotti are you still seeing Janine at all?
11'03 @lifessubatomic yes, I do. we love to talk to each other, to play, to just let it flow, you know. it's great! deeply satisfying. and so easy!
@cosmopinciotti that's what it is about.
11'03 @lifessubatomic since some days ago I have this strange notion in my mind to look at daily life situations as if they were running on some sort of computer screen and I'd think about which detail to like click on for further pieces of information or imagination. and it could have something to do – maybe – let's say, how Janine handles me. we are kind of surfing through each other's mind
@cosmopinciotti like the undercurrents of the seas?  
either you are not this awkward in real life, or she is as special as you.
  11'05 @lifessubatomic the undercurrents of individuality... "terrifying" TWEET "we live in conversation" TWEET
@cosmopinciotti will you say you two are in love yet? You've resisted saying so before.
11'05 @lifessubatomic I'm not sure, it seems as if there was no craziness involved.
we are like singles who don't need and want to look for others
  11'03 one tweet asks if it would be scary to have your best conversations only with yourself. it's more like that, you know. that you can just share everything, ruthlessly in a way. without theater one might say.
cruising together through open water
@cosmopinciotti yes, I know this. however, my version doesn't involve intercourse. if integrated universal language isn't 'a language' but a translator? these things you deliberate of all the days through?
11'03 @lifessubatomic that's right, any language is a translator.
take a wild guess who's collected all the languages that there are on the planet
@cosmopinciotti aye, Rome.
@lifessubatomic that is correct. Jesuits have digged out even the most remote ones to turn them into dictionaries

@cosmopinciotti Have you read into the Apologies/apologetics?
@lifessubatomic not one bit, no. maybe I should... since it's science now TWEET apologies?
@cosmopinciotti you get some idea of it during preparation and conversion. sorry, confirmation.
I left preparation a wee bit shy of my dignity's and ethic's demise.
11'03 @lifessubatomic you also get some idea of large-scale intimate brainwashing after "11/9" as an ex-citizen of the GDR TWEET
@cosmopinciotti it's the formula to the doctrine
@lifessubatomic I'm not gonna make a difference between the Bible or the Dead Sea Scrolls etc. and all sorts of theological conjuring tricks
@cosmopinciotti doctrine: crossing oath with logic and high 'social' esteem (money, sex, dominance = taught images of power).
@lifessubatomic soldiers take oath, lawyers take oath, physicians take oath etc.
that's why my question where government does actually end.
@cosmopinciotti even between two a government will be established.
11'03 @lifessubatomic this corporate machinery can't be described as a conspiracy, although it works like kind of an army. one army under Jesus...
@cosmopinciotti Do you think Jesus is only symbolic, or relevant at all, either?
11'03 @lifessubatomic IMHO Jesus sets, roughly spoken, the benchmark of how psychedelic the Vatican-led West is allowed to be BLOG POST 
@cosmopinciotti virtual impressions of virtues, for if virtues could be obtained by dirty selves.
11'03 @lifessubatomic and Jesus is a myth, a joker, mythological holly wood. like "9/11" or the Big Bang. 
to tell your children what to believe... and everybody takes part in this game what's known as truth. 
truth as such is like the equivalent of all career shenanigans.

@cosmopinciotti First you must tell them how to talk. Swallow slowly. They must know perception – perception can be gained through observance or experience. Observation of the other skin bags.
11'03 @lifessubatomic "the reason psychedelics are so frightening to the guardians of social order"
@lifessubatomic in short, "9/11" is much more traditional than conspiratorial, and in this sense @RealAlexJones & Co. are misleading as fuck
  11'03 I'm awkward enough to clarify the shit out of anything, meaning, I'm putting thoughts into any kind of riddle. and she's not afraid of just thinking things and dealing with my considerations, expressing own suggestions, all that... this is our sex
@cosmopinciotti sounds good
11'03 @lifessubatomic don't bewitch me with your avi!
@cosmopinciotti Bwahhaha. Whatever. Psh-ah, for realz, yo.
@lifessubatomic what else are you doing there than enforcing your world-wide tyranny of subatomic mind control
@cosmopinciotti I'm not even looking at you in my avi.
@lifessubatomic which disturbs me even more...
@cosmopinciotti that is sort of quantifiable funny
@lifessubatomic paying tribute to your new aphrodisiac FOR YOUR INFORMATION

11'03 affairs of the heart... "it's emotional training on a self control level, but not controlling the emotion, just the behavior" @LoveAnINFJ

11'03 @inhumanbeings I wonder where this weird emotional need to put oneself above others comes from.
side-effects of the personality cult perhaps?
@inhumanbeings it will mostly boil down to the struggle for truth and professional position logically TWEET but who knows

"If you're so passionate about the 'truth' why don't you go tell a family affected by 9/11 that it was an 'inside job'?"
11'03 @TheSillySoAndSo you think they could possibly be less interested than myself in who's really behind the "9/11" strategy and this mass murder?

"Little doubt left in my mind today as I get ready to sign papers and swear in tomorrow" #Nine11 #NeverForget #USMC #SemperFidelis
11'03 @Gonzo1316 yeah, become the next victim of "9/11"! TWEET 
your personal truth is your life. or death TWEET

11'03 who wants to change his worldview because of "9/11"?
that's a valuable lesson about dimensioning critical maneuvers of psychological warfare

11'03 the long-term strategy behind "9/11" means a new kind of Iron Curtain beneath everybody's skin, world-wide. the Hand of God will become real

11'03 microblogging goes macro: BLOG POST | BLOG POST

11'04 @lifessubatomic the overwhelming majority of Americans is pro-#Nine11
they're backing its strategy up. for a couple of unuttered reasons...
@cosmopinciotti yes
11'04 @lifessubatomic I mean who's really outside "the inside job"? TWEET 
they killed Bill Cooper for the sake of @RealAlexJones

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have.
Make the NOW the primary focus of your life." @EckhartTolle
11'04 @evolveandascend @EckhartTolle but I want the NOW DEEP, not trivial.
to find some soul and some essence of the moment TWEET
11'04 @evolveandascend @EckhartTolle cause as long as there are no time travels I'm trapped in the NOW anyway like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day...

11'03 "It's just Pinciotti, gawwwd. Why do people get so worked up over its sensitivities?"
11'04 @lifessubatomic do they? so I've made it from a puppet to a device... Fine!
a machine? a sex machine? no mushroom creme soup for you, biatch
@cosmopinciotti you will have to come up with something that sounds more appealing.
11'04 @lifessubatomic something like "who are you? don't they miss you at the Olymp?! you're too good to be true. you're just too sexy to be real"
@cosmopinciotti I was thinking of potato soup, but that works.
11'04 @lifessubatomic think about this "fine line": we both do not take part in the truth game, but you're dismissing the making-sense game too...

11'04 @lifessubatomic it's not my term, "9/11", that's why always quotation marks. this controversy is so huge and mysterious, we don't even have a name for it. just an innocent, non-partisan number...

11'04 @lifessubatomic "a great life/death would be a destruction of conscious, a void.
that's a lullaby for me" TWEET heart core
@cosmopinciotti I still think it is. That would be it.
@lifessubatomic sure TWEET and you became very good at it TWEET you are perfecting this sort of lullaby
@cosmopinciotti wait, what?
11'04 @lifessubatomic no questions, baby, no irritation... VOID! classic cosmic vacuum TUMBLR
11'04 @lifessubatomic "there is a certain healing effect in non-resistence"
maybe you like the flow TWEET and not merely emptiness

"I heard a crunch."
@lifessubatomic The poetess is back.
@cosmopinciotti Did you notice by Stephanie? I know you wouldn't be watching otherwise.
11'04 @lifessubatomic Fucking Spectacular, Damn!
@cosmopinciotti do you see that strange black iris phenomena here again?
@lifessubatomic yes I do, spooky. maybe you're not what you think you are
@cosmopinciotti what do I think I am?
11'05 @lifessubatomic subatomic stardust, ectoplasmic primeval soup, an anomaly of personality, the female Donnie Darko, a cock hungry snow bunny.
  @cosmopinciotti ... or Photoshop maybe. Maybe? Would I?
@lifessubatomic no way, you're the Devil. isn't that obvious?
ectoplasmic dark matter at its finest. explains all your cocknitive reluctance
@cosmopinciotti you don't believe that.
11'04 @lifessubatomic I don't believe that. but I do believe "9/11" can't be understood as a conspiracy if it is in fact a disease of civilization

11'04 -pic* @cnstantstranger that is – I have to admit it – a very special erotic composition altogether

11'05 @GnosticMedia @HighersideChats
Terence is pretty impressive and effective in revealing the religious dimension of science TWEET
11'05 @GnosticMedia @HighersideChats
I mean, to what extent is science just the pulse beat of idolatrous corporatocracies? TWEET

11'05 @DanielleJanof sometimes your fine art of sensuous-subtle but distinct eroticism feels like hot wads of smoke under my skin... fire nymph

"I don't understand how showing us that 'In God We Trust' means there is a god..." #tweetsduringchapel
11'05 @leeannaindianna if God is discreetly designed to be and to act as kind of a Soul of or for a community TWEET it'd make sense

11'05 @ben_thurley @dloewen2 in other words, truth depends on what people believe.
it depends on opinion streams... right? TWEET
11'05 @ben_thurley who really needs Jesus will find a way to him @dloewen2 TWEET | TWEET

"All politicians should have to wear suits like Nascar drivers. Members of the media, too."
11'05 -pic* @YALiberty Kafkaesque corporatocracy

11'05 "July 20th 1944 Failed plot to kill Hitler leads to arrest of Alfred Delp SJ" @JesuitHistory BLOG POST #JesuiticalArgument

11'05 "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasure."
@loyolapress @PaulCampbellSJ

11'05 @GnosticMedia the trivium "only" helps you with "formalities", not one bit with the logic of emotions TWEET 
11'06 @GnosticMedia Richard and you helped me with the trivium tremendously, now I highly recommend to you
1. Juanita Brown's World Café TWEET
and 2. David Bohm's Flow of Meaning TWEET "dialogicity"? @HighersideChats
11'07 @GnosticMedia and there is more: TWEET @HighersideChats

11'05 @raymcgovern
please, don't tell me you'd expect me to believe this little Jesuit charade on the fifth of November...

"'God is not a magician': Pope says Christians should believe in evolution and Big Bang" ARTICLE 
In the Book of Genesis, God commanded Adam "to name everything and to go ahead through history," Pope Francis said. "This makes him responsible for creation, so that he might steward it in order to develop it until the end of time."
He warned that it was a "grave sin against God the creator" to destroy the environment, and scientists held a special responsibility to protect God's creation.
"Therefore the scientist, and above all the Christian scientist, must adopt the approach of posing questions regarding the future of humanity and of the earth, and, of being free and responsible, helping to prepare it and preserve it, to eliminate risks to the environment of both a natural and human nature," Pope Francis said.
"But, at the same time, the scientist must be motivated by the confidence that nature hides, in her evolutionary mechanisms, potentialities for intelligence and freedom to discover and realize, to achieve the development that is in the plan of the creator."

11'05 @tlthe5th "The Big Bang and evolution...are essential to understanding God." The Pope
exactly what I'm talking about TWEET

@tlthe5th "He does the disappearing act awfully well for someone who isn't a magician."
1300 comments... I can't handle this! thanks though.
  "science is not just the information gathered. science is the process by which we determine which things are more likely to be true and which do not match with reality. that it is self correcting is a strength and not a weakness. "
  "learn what a theory actually is and you might not sound so ignorant on the topic."
  "stick with fairy tales, I wouldn't want to overload your thinking with anything above simplicity."
  "when I went to Catholic school all thru the sixties, they taught evolution and saw absolutely no problem. but back then, Catholics also did not consider a blastocyte a 'soul' till after it attached to the uterine wall.
  "I thought he said 'I am the Abra and the Cadabra.'"

Ecstasy Was Named And Popularized By A Catholic Priest #KnowledgeNuts ARTICLE

"Curious, chemist Alexander Shulgin whipped up a batch in 1965. Then it sat on his shelf for a couple years – it wasn't until 1967 that he ingested some, and needless to say, he was surprised at the effect.
...It wasn't until almost 10 years later that Shulgin gave some to a psychologist friend, who thought it could have myriad applications in psychology (the friend, Leo Zeff, had been preparing to retire, but after trying MDMA, he decided not to). Slowly, over the next several years, a network of shrinks developed – about 4,000 of them – who used the drug regularly in their practices. They found it incredibly effective in removing emotional barriers; one called it 'penicillin for the soul'.

...The spread of MDMA in clinical settings went completely unnoticed by law enforcement until 1984. Of course, some had leaked out onto the streets, and it was in limited circulation as a party drug. That's how it fell into the hands of seminary student Michael Clegg in the late '70s, who says taking it was like 'hearing Moses on the mountain'. Anxious for others to share the experience, he began giving it to friends, then selling it to cover his costs, then selling it for profit. But MDMA seemed too clinical, so he came up with a brand name: ecstasy. By this time, Clegg was a full-on Catholic priest.
...By 1984, Clegg was moving tons of the drug to local nightclubs and had even set up a mail-order service with a toll-free number. His business had made him a millionaire. Of course, this finally made authorities sit up and take notice. By the following year, MDMA was illegal and classified as a Schedule 1 narcotic.

11'05 @tlthe5th "'MDMA damages the brain. Acid heals everything.'
The quote belongs to Owsley Stanley..." TWEET

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