Monday, 15 December 2014

Outpourings of a Mushroom November 2014 pt 5

11'10 "with the single exception of human beings who have been poisoned by language" TWEET

"We seal ourselves in within a linguistic shell of disempowered perception."

11'10 If the majority of the Americans secretly supports the wars in the Middle East, the massacre in Manhattan, economic hitmen around the world – or in a nutshell – global hegemony under CIA rules of engagement etc. the guilt of Bush, Clarke, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Co. scatters enormously.

11'10 @sibeledmonds Why hasn't the notion of a conspiracy already solved the "9/11" controversy – what do you believe? Maybe because it is none?
11'10 @sibeledmonds Maybe because on a cultural level any conspiracy thought is a joke? 
maybe all convinced truthers need a second major awakening
11'10 @sibeledmonds simple story: if you face someone who isn't just let's say ten times more intelligent than yourself but really really really smart, what chance would you have in a power play? nearly none. a phenomenon no party wants to talk about... not a conspiracy.

11'10 "one can make an argument that the Jesuits were injecting the high degrees with mystical Roman Catholicism. 
the evidence for this is overwhelming"

11'10 "One has to bear in mind that the Jesuits of 1545 to 1773 were Europe's version of the CIA while Ignatius of Loyola designed the order based on the mysticism of the Knights Templar and the arcane priesthoods of Egypt.
The inner workings of the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, and Freemasonry are all based upon the occult machinations of the Society of Jesus." INTERVIEW with Robert W. Sullivan

11'10 "in Christianity, the dying and resurrected 'sun-man' character is, of course, Jesus Christ.
Hiram Abif is surrounded with solar symbolisms"

11'10 imagine a marketplace for muses... a bourse network to integrate knowledge.
with curiosity, creativity, clarity and synchronicity as stocks

"I had a hangover in my Avi."
11'11 @lifessubatomic your new Avi is not fair, John... I'm weaker than it. hangovers suit you, baby

"The last person I showed told me I was nothing, nothing is meaningless, so then the scars are too, right?"
11'11 if talking IS sex... and you're fickle as fuck in your mind, there will be no depth, no intensity, nothing.
just what you've now.

11'11 The PNAC Sacrifice
11'11 The Masterminds and Chief Designers of Christian Corporate Culture

cosmopinciotti Hi there. What do you mean by pro-9/11? TWEET

@Mintensity like the Bay Street broker when you follow the given link. LONGER "It had to be done."

@cosmopinciotti I find any sort of conspiracy theory absurd and disrespectful. We were attacked by a then-unique foreign force aka terrorists. I am a patriot who accepts that the USA is inherently flawed like any country is but that we are the best that has ever appeared in the course of the human endeavor. Imperfect but far more good then bad. My tweet was about remembering those who were killed and reminding people we need to remain angry and vigilant.

@Mintensity thanks, man. not a conspiracy, an act of inculturation.
the corporate system works like an army as a whole, especially in the mind. LOYALTY!

Loyola – loyauté – loyalty = blind obedience TWEET

@cosmopinciotti I respect and appreciate the right for everyone to believe what they want.
But to me some theories are simply crazy and irresponsible. Anything that applies any explanation to 9/11 other than crazy nutty murderous terrorists is not even worth discussion or any of my time. Be well.

@Mintensity precisely. thank you so much. you absolutely nail it.
I love this sense of clarity, without it – no intensity...

yes, it has had to have been "crazy nutty murderous terrorists", because otherwise YOU would look like a little crazy or restricted, wouldn't you. any other logic could break your heart.

cool baby, you're absolutely right: "9/11" is a tremendously fucked-up thing, a true masterpiece of darkness. 
I even call it a drug meanwhile contrarily to how Terence thought low of television.

you love your country, so there's romance involved.
and what would patriotism be worth if it wasn't about responsibility...

look, this is how I think, to boil my tweets down a bit.

as German (Hitler/Himmler/Holocaust past) and ex-citizen of the GDR, I'm fully aware of the possible consequences of a hardened mentality under a flag called "angry-united".
I see my patriotism in thinking things through. same as you.

"absurd and disrespectful" sounds like utter disgust. under these circumstances, can you look at the evidence to understand why the attack is so abysmally controversial?
do you know, for instance, that more rescue workers have died from the toxic fine dust in the aftermath than the unfortunately 3000 locked-in in the towers during the demolition?

it is like I said: all believe what they want to believe, basically.
the broker has his version of the mass murder – The PNAC Sacrifice ("a catastrophic and catalyzing event") – you have your perspective – Osama's al-Qaeda ("attacked by a then-unique foreign force") – and for those who operate in the field of criminalistics all roads lead to the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon.

and no one believes what they don't think was true. so any beliefs are expressed as truths usually. like you protect your heart with walls, you know. that's our cultural tradition.
this is how we use language. we don't differentiate rational from romantic notions, we always mix them together.

"I respect and appreciate the right for everyone to believe what they want."
hey, me too. no doubt about that. it is the main reason why I've come to the conclusion that everyone believes to do the right thing, even those who actually did it.
who have planned "9/11" in the 1960s when the towers were built...

I believe that they believe that this is the right way how human beings are governed best with.
Rome thinks imperially. empires are a constant in the history of civilization.

"I am a patriot who accepts that the USA is inherently flawed like any country is but that we are the best that has ever appeared in the course of the human endeavour. Imperfect but far more good then bad."
according to this, wouldn't it be the best for the world to just become American more or less?
I mean, I can't imagine you wouldn't welcome a world empire based on U.S. corporatism, okay?

in short, the three mentioned truths or point of views are all way too superficial and too one-sided for my liking. you have to think big enough to get a coherent and consistent picture of what's going on today. who doesn't do that runs the risk of being used as a sword by means of one's patriotism. the "Men in Black" have sacrificed the German divisions under Hitler in Russia exactly like they did with Napoleon and his French troops before.

the most plausible explanation for me is that "9/11" was inevitable. here's why:
the World Wide Web is the biggest thing on the table, the elephant in the room of culture.
a novelty only comparable with the invention of the letterpress 500 years ago.

remember the crazy things people believed then with no access to books? what personal truth could you have developed on your own when the medieval cyberspace was filled with Jesus? where could you have found something similar, which would have been able to compete with the dazzlingly beautiful and much-loved Son of God even rudimentarily?

do you get my point? I think we're right in the middle of a major reformative shift these days.

step one: the World Wide Web brought down the wall between communism and capitalism.
the confrontation paradigm got obsolete TWEET

step two: the World Wide Web brought down the towers to redefine the Cold War paradigm in accordance with the new internet conditions TWEETTWEET

and to introduce "a true world political authority with teeth" TWEET

this goes deep, Mr. Intensity. you have to study language, law, money, religion, history, philosophy... all the basics of civilization to really understand "9/11". because isn't it obvious?
if this is a lie, pretty much everything must be a lie also. and it is! it really is

"The Western mind is a house of cards."
there's a huge deficit of soul in all of us thanks to Mr. Loyola and the Roman priesthood...

piety is the key TWEET

Prof. John McMurtry – the Bay-Street-broker link – sees not the whole cultural or corporate dimension, but he sees more than most researchers.

"For over a decade before 9-11, there were three U.S.-propelled global trends that almost never come into the understanding of 9-11 itself. 9-11 truth seekers themselves have focused on the foreground technics and the transparent motive for oil. But these are undergirded by deeper sea-shifts of geopolitical and economic wars of seizure and destruction by other name against which the world's people were rising. 
To compel books of analysis into one unifying frame, transnational corporate-rights treaties from NAFTA to the Maastracht Treaty to the WTO overrode all other rights across borders, the private "financialization" stripping of social sectors and welfare states had advanced across the world, and the totalizing movement of the system across all former "cold war" and cultural borders was "the new world order" in formation. Together these vast shifts towards transnational money-sequence rule of all reversed centuries of democratic evolution. And every step of the supreme value program was life blind at every step of its global operationalization." ARTICLE

the Jesuits are fanatics and extremists but they're also the masterminds and chief designers of Christian corporate culture as a whole. TWEET

with that said, I wouldn't waste my time with an anonymous mushroom-creme-soup-in-his-cock guy on Twitter either. come on, this is ridiculous! I just wanted to show you respect with a reply. take care.

11'11 @sibeledmonds *proudly presents Mr. Intensity* who will show you why it's not conspiratorial TWEET | TWEET

"Please do not ever again make public our private chats. I ask that they be removed immediately."
Who said that this talk would be private, Mister?
11'11 @Mintensity is it something you wouldn't say in public? no.
or do you want to prove my point: TWEET -the conspiracy is us-
11'11 @MIntensity you're quite a role model for loyal behavior, what's the problem? where is it gone, the land of the free and the home of the brave?

11'11 "It behooves us to grant equal recognition to the truth of an explanation within the worldview where it appears."

11'11 @lifessubatomic intensity is the result of densifying things...
which is a mission impossible in a universe of compulsory BeLIEBIGigkeit
@cosmopinciotti What is that sound a rabid dog makes when approached? Assume I am making that sound.
@lifessubatomic You can't outawkward me.
@cosmopinciotti Bitch, please. I cut my eye teeth on fucks harder than you.
I'll do whatever I'm willing and able, or shackled and forced.
@lifessubatomic yeah you did it, you outawkwarded me TWEET
@cosmopinciotti Well, it would, and also, I made it even more awkward just now.
You're a hungry little fuck and more desperate than I.
@lifessubatomic so true! deep shit, Jenn
@cosmopinciotti It ain't deep, I ain't deep, I'm broad.
@lifessubatomic because of all the room that you let for errors?
@cosmopinciotti I've left room for you, is that a reasonable answer for ya?
@lifessubatomic very! I'm surprised.
but what kind of room? couldn't find a docking station there... was it a gas planet or a vortex or so?
@cosmopinciotti it is a grave

@lifessubatomic @cosmopinciotti well, that escalated quickly
11'12 @BhaINFJaan it's a long story, you know TWEET forever lost in a conundrum... TWEET @lifessubatomic
@cosmopinciotti @BhaINFJaan it's not that long
@lifessubatomic on a scale from your toes to your neck how long is it? @BhaINFJaan
@cosmopinciotti from my heel to my ankle
@lifessubatomic not even nine inch long?
11'12 @cosmopinciotti don't you recall the black body theory? WIKIPEDIA
I've expressed it to you yesterday, and months ago. That says enough. 
@lifessubatomic hollow whateverism collapsing into holy blackness
@cosmopinciotti well, you've seen anything I care to foster.
@lifessubatomic sure. and I don't want to hear a peep from you anymore
@cosmopinciotti Peep, peep, Ritchie. I bet you don't even understand that tweet, do you?
@cosmopinciotti I tried being mean to you yesterday, apparently you only fell more in love with me.
I'm not a miracle worker.

11'11 @BhaINFJaan this woman isn't human. she seems to believe I'm a vampire.
well, I could fuck her in bright daylight, you know @lifessubatomic
@cosmopinciotti correction, broad daylight
@lifessubatomic broad, of course. like you are. broad Jenn, broad light – got it.
if only I knew how to satisfy mercury TUMBLR
@cosmopinciotti ... you aren't even German
@lifessubatomic "I realized that I could become jealous over you, and that you're willing to hurt me, even like.
I'd be no better with you."
@cosmopinciotti and then I reverted. There's a reason for that word, you know.
11'12 @lifessubatomic insubordination will only turn you into a fuck apparatus more categorically, WOMAN! 
#flashingdiabolicaleyes #chains #despair
@cosmopinciotti The point in time of our collision has been removed and still you insist on provoking the matrix. Sir, you've other work to do.
@lifessubatomic I am just used to that shit to clarify things till the cow comes home...
there's no need to feel addressed by my outpourings

11'11 @dominatorcultur I'm immensely grateful for your diligence.
Terence himself is a heroic dose! TWEET | TWEET 

11'12 "Either way, both fascism and socialism take advantage of identical anti-individualist philosophies in exercising control over the population." ARTICLE

11'12 Once you share a soul with someone, the rest is gravy.

"I wish I had x-ray vision, but for hearts."
06'17 @cnstantstranger not so difficult any longer once you really know what it is exactly
@cnstantstranger I'm thinking you may already have some ability to sense or feel whats in the hearts of others
@AstroPistachio perhaps I do, in my own heart, but I'm still learning to silence the doubting voice in my head
"Maybe this is a case of 'be careful what you wish for'."
11'12 @cnstantstranger it would only be uncomfortable for those in my opinion who don't want to know what they're actually believing in precisely
@cnstantstranger I don't think so. clarity can never be a handicap
@cnstantstranger you can lend my goggles for awhile, but careful, the power can be overwhelming.
@cnstantstranger I'm learning that not every heart is as gentle as an INFJ.
@findyourownroad True. It would hurt to learn that some people do not love us like we thought they did.
But we learn that anyway in time.
@findyourownroad Also, we might find that some people love us more than we suspected.
That would be nice. It's possible, right?
11'12 @cnstantstranger I think we really need it after #Nine11 TWEET
because piety science exists in the hand of "our fathers"...

11'12 in the circles of fire... WEBSITE

11'12 "The institution of Corpus Christi as a feast in the Christian calendar resulted from approximately forty years of work on the part of  Juliana of Liège, a 13th-century Norbertine canoness, also known as Juliana de Cornillon, born between 1191 and 1192 in Liège, Belgium, a city where there were groups of women dedicated to Eucharistic worship." WIKIPEDIA 

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