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Outpourings of a Mushroom November 2014 pt 7

11'13 @W911 @sibeledmonds there are no such things as different estates in corporatocracies.
check out The Corporation Nation by Clint Richardson! it's not a conspiracy.
11'14 @W911 it's not a conspiracy when fathers tell their kiddies that there is a Santa Claus and then a Holy Ghost... "9/11" is child management!
11'13 @sibeledmonds we are no better in our hearts than any corporate commander.
the mentality is exactly the same on every level @FBIsMostUnwantd

@FBIsMostUnwantd @corbettreport I'd rather classify them as 'Criminals': Their willful act has been resulting in murders around the globe.
11'13 @sibeledmonds agreed TWEET nonetheless, everyone believes to do the right thing... TUNNEL @FBIsMostUnwantd
11'13 @sibeledmonds and maybe they're right, you know @FBIsMostUnwantd think about it... TWEET

11'13 "in the 21st century 'American exceptionalism' has destroyed seven countries in whole or in part. millions of people are dead, maimed and displaced"
American Exceptionalism: What Obama Told Us at West Point.
"Americans are the New Master Race. Inferior Humans can be Bombed, Invaded, and Sanctioned." ARTICLE

11'13 "Obama's 'anti-terrorism' rhetoric is in fact a cover for state terrorism, which closes the door on peaceful resolution of overseas conflicts." OPEN LETTER 

11'13 what would be if the Superior General decided to nuke an entire city instead of just an architectural complex and blame it on the Muslims, on Iran, North Korea, or another terrorist group? maybe Mr. "Intensity" really does the right thing to not think further than the corporate Mainstream media tell him. maybe their angst and apathy are the healthiest for all of us...

Bill Maher for instance BLOG POST surely isn't such a nasty piece of work, he just has to do his job as in duty bound according to the norm of corporatism, which may make him a partner in crime of the real "9/11" perpetrators, but so is the law. He's betraying every "9/11" victim in the past and in the future, but that's how a culture works that's formed by pieties. all conviction aside, we are living in a Society of Jesus...

"Dr. James Petras: Obama's systematic falsification of the results of past wars and current military interventions"
11'13 @sibeledmonds "You will be asked to defend an Administration which has pillaged the Treasury to bail out the 15 biggest banks, who paid $78 billion dollars in fines between 2012 – 2013 for fraud and swindles, and yet their CEOs received double digit pay increases" It is a mafia system.

11'13 "Washington's escalating military pressure against Russia and China is bringing both Eurasian giants into close economic and even military cooperation." ARTICLE

"William Blum: Another Symptom of the Banana-Republicization of America" BFP ARTICLE
11'13 "The story is false."
"But the propaganda version is already set in marble."

11'13 "Did the mainstream media pick up on this or on the previous example?
If any reader comes across such I'd appreciate being informed." William Blum: The Anti-Empire REPORT #127 
11'13 "How can all these mistakes, such arrogance, hypocrisy and absurdity find their way into a single international speech by the president of the United States?"

@charlesfrith @Jan_Bennink @ahmadalissa
Also, remember, starting in 2011 US/NATO began training rebels in US Base in Southern Turkey
11'13 do you believe, Mr. "Intensity", it would make a difference for Rome if you're an American or an Arab?
remember the sword? TUNNEL

"And an Oligarch Shall Lead Them: Omidyar, Greenwald and First Look Media's Attack on the Future of the Press" BFP ARTICLE

11'13 "Omidyar's Omidyar Network had co-funded Ukraine revolution groups, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of several years into the same NGOs as the US government."

11'13 Interestingly enough, Greenwald's lengthy, scoffing response to the Pando exposé, entitled "On the Meaning of Journalistic Independence," proved almost more telling than the article itself.

Summoning strength through ignorance, he writes: "Despite its being publicly disclosed, I was not previously aware that the Omidyar Network donated to this Ukrainian group. That's because, prior to creating The Intercept with Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill, I did not research Omidyar's political views or donations. That's because his political views and donations are of no special interest to me – any more than I cared about the political views of the family that owns and funds Salon (about which I know literally nothing, despite having worked there for almost 6 years), or any more than I cared about the political views of those who control the Guardian Trust.

There's a very simple reason for that: they have no effect whatsoever on my journalism or the journalism of The Intercept. That's because we are guaranteed full editorial freedom and journalistic independence. The Omidyar Network's political views or activities – or those of anyone else – have no effect whatsoever on what we report, how we report it, or what we say."

11'13 "corporate employees don’t need to be told what their bosses want. they know without being told" Glenn Greenwald ARTICLE 

11'13 "Successful editors and reporters tend to internalize the necessary values so no pressure is necessary. 
At other times, the pressures can be explicit. The effect is that the news is altered, unbeknownst to the public, in a manner it would never had been had the newsroom been independent and freestanding."  
Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols: The Death and Life of American Journalism

11'13 "Thomas Jefferson called the free press 'the only security of all'."
corporate media are the foundation and the surety of "9/11". day by day

"On Language and Truth. An Open Letter to the People"
11'14 @wagner_claire beliefs and intuition... TWEET
"Understanding just falls through the phenomena of the world endlessly."

"Over the last 17 or 18 years I've grown stronger I can handle any amount of rejection this world can throw at me."
11'14 @ripster31 tell me, Johnny Ayahuasca, what's the stronger, more delivering, more liberating drug IYO:
DMT or "9/11"? TWEET
@cosmopinciotti DMT, when vaped, or delivered via IV. Vaping is easy, fast, and highly effective.
@ripster31 so you have tried "9/11", interesting... thanks for your professional evaluation TWEET | TWEET
11'14 @ripster31 "9/11" is my drug, my psychology, my philosophy, my business... protection and health. 
it's the big picture that includes everything
  11'14 never ever did something
more surprising,
more horrendous,
more mystical,
more extraterrestrial,
happen live in front of TV cameras world-wide
11'15 the towers were giving off clouds of smoke until every news channel was cut in... they didn't just collapse, they have erupted like volcanos
11'15 most Americans look at the Patriot Act/PNAC Sacrifice aka "9/11" like East Germans looked at the (Berlin) Wall, the Iron Curtain: no way out
11'16 "9/11" will become the global Internet Iron Curtain between "Patriots" and "Terrorists".
and that beneath the skin. TWEET
  11'15 most believe it would be a waste of time: "9/11". but if you have the brass neck to deal with this monstrosity... it's the chief corner stone
11'15 meaning, only "9/11" gives you the full scale, the whole depth, the clearest sight. 
any other investigative perspective is just fragmentary.

11'14 -pic* @DalienTha_Alien is this how I'd look like after I had developed this kind of immunity? BLOG POST
how do you handle criticism?

11'14 if I had to categorize types of personality I would do it related to... well, sure, "9/11"
11'14 because if you live myths your mind can only be a house of cards

"Being truly understood is a luxury."
06'20 @xosm @SPNNlogic only if you are not allowing it. only if you want to keep the heart a myth
11'14 @xosm @NUN_YA_BZNZ the question was, do you really want that?
do you even want to understand yourself sufficiently? TUNNEL

"When did people stop having anything close to relevant conversations?"
11'14 @penpalarsenal not all did TWEET would be interesting to hear what you think about it... TWEET 

11'15 You are just 50 percent of 50 percent of 50 percent of 50 percent of 50 percent of 50 percent of 50 percent of 50 percent of 50 percent...
11'15 You mean nothing to me, you piece of sweetness.
11'15 you literally absorb the modules of logic like differentiations, summaries, relations, conclusions, which makes your wondering insubstantial
11'15 your mental substance is constantly shapeshifting when your soul and your universe are derivations of an physical reference model
11'15 I imagine your mind being like these "self-transforming elf-machines". BLOG POST 
maybe you know more than I ever could!

11'15 @janhoglund The Flow of Meaning translated into talking-Is-sex language:
The Flow of Excitement/Arousel/Thrill/Resonance/Lust/Satisfaction.

10'18 sex is not me just wanting you... wanting to fuck you – no.
sex is me wanting you wanting to fuck... As! Fuck!
11'15 I don't want a blowjob.
I want you to put my whole existence into that piece of meat when it's filling your mouth in an ultimate fashion...

11'15 @LoveAnINFJ first update resp. an extension @tlthe5th
"This is the secret! It is, it is! It cannot be anything else." BLOG POST

09'04 Anonymous said: What are your favorite McKenna talks? TUMBLR
@dominatorcultur I found a profound one today, in several respects TWEET 
11'15 @dominatorcultur Terence McKenna Audio Archive – Transcripts FACEBOOK in excellent quality!

11'15 the main source of energy for hidden supremacy

you know, there's another way to examine if he has possibly been just another instrument in the orchestra of Catholic pieties: contentwise!

while you prefer to think in terms of conspiracy, I'm looking in both directions...
I mean, what happened 500 years ago?!

"This is the secret! It is, it is! It cannot be anything else." BLOG POST

"at the end of 500 years of materialism, reductionism, positivism, what we're about to discover is probably the least likely denouement any of us expected out of our dilemma. what we're about to discover is that death has no sting"... but if we kill the notion of death, Denise happens TWEET | TWEET 

"I mean, this is hair raising to me, and I've spent my whole adolescence and early adulthood getting free from Catholicism and its assumptions and I never imagined that a thorough exploration of life's mysteries would lead to the conclusion that, in fact, this is but a prelude."

after the Big Bang goes Catholic now with a Jesuit as Pope, does Terence too? TWEET 

I'm open to the possibility that an over-interpretation of psychedelic phenomena could be a cultural-political bluff, a misguidance, but I don't believe it.

are you aware of Patrick Lundborg's "McKenna reconsidered" article? TWEET

Terence wasn't consequent enough in a way, and lack of consistency is the main source of energy for hidden supremacy.

the notion of a voluntary "death matrix" – "and so I think that we stand at the brink of an enormous frontier – call it incorporeality, call it non-material existence, or, you know, bite the bullet call it death. but this is the frontier that we stand on the edge of. this is what history has been about" plus "we are going to live in the imagination" – can be seen as another very skillful and devious piety trick to blind the naive and romantic mind in order to rule the physical world all the more comfortably, but I really think that's rather unlikely.

11'15 @GnosticMedia I found a very precise transcript of a truly crucial lecture of Terry McKenna today. TWEET

Yasha Levine on Google's DC marketing arm Google Federal, Blackbird Technologies, CIA connections and much more!
Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: More from the Dark Side of Google" PODCAST
11'15 @sibeledmonds you're a corporation, you must play the corporation game.
if it's no conspiracy... then what? Clint Richardson – The Corporation Nation

"In the presence of a Queen, you kneel and pay tribute. Or the guillotine. Your choice." #findom
11'16 @TheMistressVee furniture TWEET or death BLOG POST tough decision!

"walk with me along paths lit only by the moon"
11'16 -pic* @OceanOfSong whispered the vampire... TWEET

"bruised and trying to discreetly selfie it at Starbucks"
11'16 -pic* @Madddicakes had you tried to selfie it away?

"I seem to have a knack for inadvertently winning the esteem of people I don't particularly care for."
@cnstantstranger oh, ok. oops! if only I had known that earlier... TWEET 

11'16 -pic* @OceanOfSong under the reign of Scorpio... with its sexy poison of death.

"this is what it looks like when our souls collide"
11'16 -pic* @OceanOfSong soul mush – room for two. to resonate...
to enjoy vulnerability by understanding each other. deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper

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