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Outpourings of a Mushroom November 2014 pt 12

11'16 What if Snowden isn't who he says he is? BLOG POST
11'25 @amtvmedia Stone's involvement speaks volumes.
"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." Winston Churchill COMMENT
@amtvmedia That's the beauty of conspiracy theories: you never know what or who to believe.
11'25 @ZabucaRodrigo it's important to feed the conspiracy myth @amtvmedia TWEET
this infowar must go on TWEET 

12'21 If "trusted media" are among the powerful conspiring against the powerless, they cannot and will not present an accurate portrayal of reality.
11'25 @Jentastic23 there's no bigger business than making others believe TWEET 
This subject is taboo for scientific exploration.
11'25 @Jentastic23 why? nobody wants that TWEET why? hmm, most people are mostly terrified by themselves TWEET 

11'25 "If...the...TTIP treaty becomes law...corporations will have completely taken financial control from elected governments." ARTICLE 

11'25 Snowden's "9/11" Panopticon Prison 11'16 ARTICLE by Christopher Green

"what if Edward Snowden isn't who he says he is? what if Snowden is still working for the U.S. government? 
what if the leak was an elaborate smokescreen, what some call a 'LIMITED HANGOUT' or PSYOP? 
is the Snowden leak a part of a U.S. intelligence 'PR' operation to disseminate some truthful information while at the same time protecting what really might be compromised? you know, give the American people something to chew on while at the same time covering up and protecting the real damning information. 

...a limited hangout, or partial hangout is defined as a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details.
it takes the form of deception, misdirection, or coverup often associated with intelligence agencies involving a release or 'mea culpa' type of confession of only part of a set of previously hidden sensitive information, that establishes credibility for the one releasing the information who by the very act of confession appears to be 'coming clean' and acting with integrity – but in actuality, by withholding key facts, is protecting a deeper operation and those who could be exposed if the whole truth came out. in effect, if an array of offenses or misdeeds is suspected, this confession admits to a lesser offense while covering up the greater ones.

a limited hangout typically is a response to lower the pressure felt from inquisitive investigators pursuing clues that threaten to expose everything, and the disclosure is often combined with red herrings or propaganda elements that lead to false trails, distractions, or ideological disinformation; thus allowing covert or criminal elements to continue in their improper activities.

is it possible that what we're seeing today with the Snowden leak meets this definition? is Snowden a front man still working for the same government he says he exposed? again, a lot about Snowden doesn't make sense.
he supposedly left a six-figure paying job in Hawaii, a beautiful girlfriend behind and jeopardized his entire career, life and future so that he could expose a traitorous U.S. government and its criminal spy operations.
again, I want to believe this too but my bullshit detector is on high alert. let's not forget that Snowden actually worked for the U.S. government, NSA and CIA (he was one of them). he was a high-tech spy (according to him) and if he is telling the truth, he flipped. that in and of itself should be questioned. now it's not to say this doesn't happen from time to time and there are legitimate whistleblowers, truth-tellers and good people out there. there are. but the question is, is Snowden?

one of the key things about Snowden that doesn't smell right is how put together and polished he is. it's as if he is working from a well prepared script. leakers like Chelsea Manning for example are discombobulated, strange, not well prepared and disorganized. not Snowden, he's prepared beautiful PowerPoint presentations, speaks simply and fluidly, looks the part and seems to have thought out every response and answer to the questions posed to him before they are given. he really is a PR genius. but I thought he was a tech nerd?

also questionable is the quality of the leak, subsequent leaks and the information it exposed. Greenwald for example keeps promising more damaging information to be released with the next Snowden revelation but it never really comes. I don't know about you, but I have serious blue balls right about now. ask yourself, what do we really know that we didn't already know? again, was it not obvious that the U.S. government, NSA and intelligence agencies have been spying on us and other countries for some time now? it may be a surprise to the conditioned masses (the very definition of a limited hangout) but for inquisitive minds and those paying attention none of this comes as a surprise, it's just confirmation.

did Snowden release anything about the September 11, 2001 terror attacks we didn't know about before? has he incriminated a single powerful person, banker or politician? has he ruined anyone's career, forced Congress to act or change policy of any kind? has anything he released really been that dangerous?

according to one BLOG POST, here are the top ten biggest revelations Snowden has leaked so far...

1. Secret court orders allow NSA to sweep up Americans' phone records
3. Britain's version of the NSA taps fiber optic cables around the world
4. NSA spies on foreign countries and world leaders
5. XKeyscore, the program that sees everything
6. NSA efforts to crack encryption and undermine Internet security
7. NSA elite hacking team techniques revealed
8. NSA cracks Google and Yahoo data center links
9. NSA collects text messages
10. NSA intercepts all phone calls in two countries

does this not prove our point? outside of wiretapping Angela Merkel's cell phone what have we really learned from Snowden that we didn't know before?

in stark contrast, Chelsea (formerly Bradley Manning) leaked thousands of documents that proved U.S. torture, abuse, war crimes, soldiers laughing as they killed innocent civilians, U.S. complicity and involvement with repressive Arab regimes, changed our entire perception of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, future wars and threatened people's lives and careers. I mean, we are talking serious and very real shit. note that Chelsea rots in a box in solitary confinement and received a 35-year prison sentence while Snowden lives the high life, shooting movies, drinking Russian vodka and partying with his pole dancing girlfriend in Moscow. must be nice.

is it possible journalist Glenn Greenwald and filmmaker Laura Poitras are being used? are they a pawn in the elaborate Snowden game or are they also a part of the coverup? isn't it strange that Snowden, the most wanted man alive when the leak first broke was able to escape detection from the entire global intelligence community? he literally snuck out the backdoor of a Hong Kong hotel unscathed and unnoticed. this is incredible. he must be superman. then he boarded and flew on an airplane where he was stopped at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow where he was held for almost a week without a single intelligence agent, journalist or civilian bumping into him or snapping a photo to post on Instagram. strange.

I have a feeling if you were Snowden and you were the most hunted man in the world, you would be triangulated and compromised immediately by the same Orwellian spy network that you allegedly exposed.
but not Snowden, he's smarter than the entire global intelligence community.

we need to ask, who and what does the Snowden leak serve? who benefits? do the people? has there been any real reform since the leak exposed the NSA and a vast illegal and anti-constitutional wiretapping program? has Obama or any other politician for that matter intervened in any material way to change and/or stop what is now public knowledge? the answer to that question is an obvious and startling no. in fact, I would argue that the leak has actually served the NSA and their interests more than it has the American people. again, if Snowden is a limited or partial hangout what the leak did is remind every American and citizen of the world that they are being watched (surveilled) at all times and anything they say or do in private or public will be used against them. an omnipotent and ubiquitous government spy grid. this is ultimate control. it is psychological power and the very definition of a PANOPTICON prison. 

although these are good questions, it still doesn't answer what is probably the most penetrating. if Snowden is in on it, still working for the U.S. government and global intelligence agencies then why is he being held over in Russia? why would he agree to that? is it possible that Snowden has been brainwashed by the same people he represents? is he on his version of a jihad mission in what he believes is serving the best interests of the United States? I mean think about it, if he really is protecting the best interests of the U.S. government from a much greater leak that would threaten national security, is he not a hero in his own mind?

also, what smells foul is that Snowden has been acclaimed as an international hero and has been immediately sprung into the spotlight. he is the star of a new Poitras documentary called Citizenfour and even has a film in the works by famed director Oliver Stone. I thought he said he didn't want the spotlight? even his soon to be hinted at fiancée was flown out to Russia (undetected or stopped by the U.S. intelligence community BTW) to live with him in a hidden, secret and non-disclosed location so she could join him and the celebrity lifestyle that makes up Snowdinia. really? are we really expected to believe this? I call bullshit.
why is the media and Hollywood giving him so much attention? everyone knows that one of the first rules of mainstream media propaganda is to lie by omission. in other words, if the media wants to hide something significant or cover something up, they drop the story and let it die. the people will assume the story has run its natural course, is no longer a headline (therefore not significant) and because the masses have what is called short-term memory loss will quickly forget controversial events like public protests, bank bailouts and political scandals. but not for Snowden, he's Hollywood now and the media is highlighting it. to me, this smells like a dirty sock.

but again, we didn't answer the original question. the most penetrating one. why would Putin be in on this? how does this serve Russian interests? isn't Russia an enemy of the United States and is this the red herring?

is it possible that Putin stopped Snowden in Moscow while on his way to flee to another country, interrogated him, and then decided to use him to his advantage in a vast propaganda war against the United States? or is it possible that Putin and Obama struck a deal? did they make a trade? could it be that the information about to be exposed by an unknown whistleblower was so damaging and controversial that it compromised not just the United States but also Russian intelligence? remember, even enemies work together at times when it is in their best interest to do so. it's good business. what's the old saying, 'Keep your friends close but your enemies closer?'

we may never know all the facts about the Snowden leak and it may take years to uncover more information. who knows, maybe the bombshell revelation we've all been waiting for is just around the corner? or maybe Snowden isn't who he says he is."

"I saw it with a friend who was a few minutes late because she was watching the Giants' game. in discussing the movie afterward she questioned just how important some of the issues raised were. Greenwald and others speak passionately about the dangers of the surveillance state, but my date pointed out that she can't feel much fear that the NSA is going to be breaking down her door because of anything she's said on the phone or in e-mail. my own experience is that friends and colleagues on the one hand self-censor and don't mention politics, drugs, Bittorrent use, etc. in e-mail or social media for fear of the all-knowing eye, or on the other hand seem oblivious to any danger – why worry about Google programmatically reading every single e-mail sent or received, if it means free e-mail and potentially more accurate search results when shopping? Snowden at one point convincingly says he doesn't think it is possible for anyone no matter how brilliant and educated to individually fight all the electronic surveillance systems in existence. we're told of the multitude of methods of surveillance and repeatedly shown NSA officials blatantly lying to Congress about their existence. the lack of accountability for this last has been personally troubling to me – I remember Watergate and Iran-Contra – how is it that the heads of the NSA can with impunity flat out lie to Congress about spying on American citizens? what will viewers come away with when walking out of the theater after Citizenfour? I'm wondering how many will see it as a call to action, and how many as a well-executed depiction of Edward Snowden's experience, which may not be seen as intersecting our own." COMMENT

"How sick is it that 'truth' and 'truther' have become mechanisms through which concepts and people are reflexively derided and discredited?"
11'25 @Jentastic23 as sick as normal.
two different paradigms are fighting each other religiously: "sheeple" vs "truther". TWEET

"One of the best books about the Jesuits and Roman Catholicism and their contrast to America and it's Constitution"
11'26 Uncle Sam or the Pope, Which? by L.L. Pickett ARCHIVE

11'26 "The Patriot Act was written prior to '9/11' by the Jesuit Georgetown Professor Viet Dinh." WEBSITE 

11'26 @tlthe5th "study Propaganda Techniques and you'll see he uses many of these.
Alex Jones is 100% Psy-Op. I believe he's CIA or Army Intelligence." WEBSITE 

11'26 RT @tlthe5th Ripples of the Big Bang Are Seen Through 'The Times' ARTICLE

11'26 Loyola High School of Los Angeles Kicks Off Its Sesquicentennial As Oldest Continually Operated Educational Institution in Southern California. MESSAGE

"I'm decisive. The only thing about me that is ever up in the air is my ass."
11'26 @Feenohmenal In the words of Red Forman: "How would you like your keen eye to watch my sure foot kick your smart ass."
@cosmopinciotti Ass kicking needed lately. The world has been beating me up plenty, though in an irritating way, not a humbling one.
11'27 @Feenohmenal I can imagine that it gets harder to be decisive the more an irritation strikes deeper-seated beliefs. TWEET 
11'27 @Feenohmenal but aren't you just cinderblocks on the run? TWEET | TWEET away from: TWEET
11'27 @Feenohmenal when microblogging goes macro TWEETTWEET | TWEET | TWEET 
11'27 @cosmopinciotti I enjoy your linking of ideas. I assuredly tweet contradictions – some are feelings, others beliefs. Change energizes me.

11'26 Government wants to control information and control language because that's the way you control thought.
George Carlin VIDEO 
01'07 @dear_winsome "pialogue recognizes that true genius has its own internal language that facilitates genius for that specific person" WEBSITE

"This 'JOURNAL ENTRY' is so suspect. #Ferguson" 
11'27 @dear_winsome allowing for deep-seated and business beliefs I consider career journalists as being government assets TWEET

"They can't kill Truth."
11'27 @dear_winsome no, that's my job... TWEET | TWEET | TWEET
11'27 @dear_winsome "The inquiry, knowledge, and belief of truth is the sovereign good of human nature."
Francis Bacon, Essays, "Of Truth"
Inscription on a wall in the reading room of the Library of Congress VIDEO Riddles in Stone by Chris Pinto
11'29 "A simulacrum of truth has blossomed..." ARTICLE

11'27 "the most influential preacher in America is not Jim Bakker or Jerry Falwell or John Cardinal O'Connor.
rather it is Bill Cosby" ARTICLE 
"this year 'The Cosby Show' and 'Family Ties' became, respectively, the first and second most-watched programs in the history of television"
"A modern version of the medieval morality play has slipped into prime-time television almost without anyone noticing it."
11'27 "Family love is one of the tiny windows through which the Good or the Possible or God, if you want to use the term, peeks at us. It is in the little things of life, isn't it, that we often find the meaning of the big things?"
"Having recently watched a couple score of tapes of 'Cosby,' 'Family Ties,' 'Growing Pains,' 'Mr. Belvedere' and 'My Sister Sam,' I am prepared to propose that anyone who can certify that they have viewed two of these programs in a week can be dispensed, if not from weekend religious services, then at least from the sermon.
They do it a lot better than we do it."

11'27 "Adding new beliefs on top of a foundation of opposing deep-seated subconscious beliefs is generally not a good recipe for lasting change." Andrew Maneker
11'27 @cosmopinciotti "approach the emotion as information" – I'm intrigued TWEETTWEET | TWEET

@cosmopinciotti Impulses and feelings turn the cogs of thought, yet few have the stamina to power an entire belief system for me.
11'27 @Feenohmenal I see intuition as the instinct of the "languaging being" BLOG POST relying on conscious and sub-conscious beliefs
11'27 @Feenohmenal if the heart works individually the same way as mentality for groups, impulses and feelings are always "colored" by convictions
@Feenohmenal "we don't see the market itself, we see our projection. it is simply human nature to see things through our own personal filter"
11'27 @Feenohmenal in case you're familiar with The New Biology, imagine beliefs as the nucleus and intuition as the membrane TWEET 
11'27 @Feenohmenal Let's call it taste, if you will. TWEET Beliefs and intuition stabilize each other... TWEET
11'27 @Feenohmenal or take your notion of intuition and look how blinders are actually functioning.
like the height of the walls of someone's heart
11'29 a theory of the blinders must be a concept of the heart. and it will define death as being emotionally detached from the cognitive dimension
11'29 there's a strong connection between an I-love-you TWEET and total coldness towards the death of the towers/death in general
11'30 "anything is possible. everything's worth the same. nothing really matters.
life's but a cosmic chaos: an absolutely meaningless, black vacuum"

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