Monday, 1 December 2014

Redeleted Retweets 1 – 4 November 2014

10'29 PHOTO by Jarle Refsnes of #Viking-themed artwork, Sand Sculpture Festival Søndervig, #Denmark  

10'27 Bruce Clarke's PHOTO of #paragliding at Combe Gibbet, U.K. Share your aerial #photography.

10'30 -pic* Gorgeous cityscape by Maxime Breitung of #HongKong skyscrapers. PHOTO 

10'25 -pic* my mind's a mess and my heart's a wreck and yet my cute can't help but happen so whatever...

10'07 Before Twitter, I used to be stupid in the privacy of my own mind.

10'10 I enjoy the finer things in life, like touching your butt

10'25 My boyfriend changed his Twitter name to @FupaFiasco. I can't deal with this kid

10'25 I say this as someone proudly displaying my MAJESTIC BONER

10'27 Sometimes you feel up my nuts, sometimes you don't

10'19 @GodlessLiberals @RickyGervais I'm not an #atheist. But I do agree!
Get your religion out of my schools! #education #indoctrination

10'31 My heart holds heavy what you may not even see. I wish I could tell you...

10'31 That's deep. My life versus the truth. #ScandalThursday

"Why periods? Why can't mother nature just tweet me and be like "Waddup girl. You ain't pregnant. Have a great week. Talk to you next month'"
03'14'13 @lovemydogduck Now we all gotta live w/ it. IMO periods add to the feminine mystique :-)

10'29 "In January 1933, the Belgian mathematician and Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre traveled with Albert Einstein to California for a series of seminars.

After the Belgian detailed his Big Bang theory, Einstein stood up applauded, and said, 'this is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened.' Lemaitres theory, the idea that there was a burst of fireworks which marked the beginning of time and space on a day without yesterday, was a radical departure from prevailing scientific understandings, though it has since come to be the most probable explanation for the origin of the universe." FACEBOOK 

01'02'11 Culture is the effort to hold back the mystery, and replace it with a mythology. -Terence McKenna

10'25 -pic* New Orleans here we come! Looking forward to seeing you!

10'22 Far Out: Psychedelic History with Rick Doblin, Founder of MAPS WEBSITE | ARTICLE

10'06 What Is Cognitive Liberty And Why Must We Defend It? STATEMENT

IT'S. OKAY. NOT. TO. BE. PERFECT. *has a panic attack and passes out*

11'02 Fuck, and I thought I'd be to bed early tonight.

10'25 -pic* Wine lips
@lifessubatomic you are my angel and have such a sweet and peachy heart

10'27 Merely when lips are stained with wine, tongue tastes of sweet whiskey nectar, and you are in the hollow of my throat

10'27 One so magical and nubile is not welcome here

10'29 There's no such thing as not being good enough for what you want.
Because everything is about thoughts. Thoughts change your perception.

10'30 Inspire me, fuckers.

10'30 Happy is the new creepy.

11'01 The Psychology of Fairy Tales | Asheville Jung Center WEBSITE 

10'12 -pic* Next set of location sketches – hamlet, village, town, fortified city. Castle lines for scale ref

11'03 Never underestimate the power of kissing a woman's collarbone.

11'04 It'll be different this time. Bullshit. It won't be different.
It's never different. Different is an illusion.

@MischievousJam @cosmopinciotti what isn't an illusion?
11'03 @lifessubatomic "9/11" is a unique mirror which shows precisely who we are and how we live.
that for instance is a fact. thanks for asking
@cosmopinciotti you are welcome, Mr. Mushroom
@lifessubatomic and that this very special mirror offers an unique opportunity to learn isn't an illusion either.
the essence of a moment...

11'02 He uncovered the strength in me that I didn't know I had.

09'12 9/11 was a devastating tragedy. If only more people – understood the ugly truth behind it. #NeverForget
@pierce_jordin "9/11" is not over. inculturations are projects for the long haul

11'02 You drive me crazy. And I like it.

10'28 -pic* Big thanks to @ShirowDiRosso for creating this awesome illustration of your humble stoner host!

10'15 -pic* The perpetual cycle of war

10'24 Listened to Robert Sullivan | Cinema Symbolism | on @HighersideChats @Stitcher PODCAST

"This is the personal revolution. #Quote #AlanWatts"
11'04 @KarmicBytes @evolveandascend being at one with the universe does not mean being at one with God, right?
there is no Jesuitism involved here
@cosmopinciotti I do not subscribe to the theory of god. The oneness I espouse comes from observation and experience.

02'04 -pic* If you wanna be a believer, great. IMGUR 

10'28 I tried to think outside of the box but I found the box too distracting

10'29 Playing hide and seek with my problems and responsibilities. sssssshhhhhhh! Here they come...

11'04 @lifessubatomic what have I shown you?

11'02 The DMT journey explained with @Graham__Hancock and @davidicke VIDEO #brilliant

10'25 -pic* "To be enlightened is to be without anxiety about imperfection." -1 enso- WEBSITE

11'03 -pic* Grab a brush Daddy

11'02 -pic* #tail love

11'04 It's sweet that the Twitter logo is a little bird since this app is a fucking prison cage filled with shit and all.
I do love it though.

11'04 And while I wax philosophical, you can kindly fuck right off.
Your path may be narrow, but it mirrors your mind.

10'30 I overheard someone say "she's got nerve" about me today. I smiled and thought, exactly.
That's how the fuck I get things done.

11'02 I'm violent and filthy, yet romantic. I know, it is quite bothersome.
More problematic for me than you, as you can ignore me.

09'28 I find the most difficult rejection is the one they don't even bother to mention.
Tell me everything you hate about me. That, I understand.

"I don't want to waste time. I want to fuck, laugh, dance, hurt, heal, get wasted... I want it before the last grain of sand hits the bottom."
@Feenohmenal You plucked that thought right out of my mind.
09'28 @_Sal_Paradise_ It's always at the front of my mind these days. I don't want to wait anymore for living.
My planned out life was bullshit.
@Feenohmenal I love it.

09'25 *tumbled down the rabbit hole and fell into tabula rasa*

09'28 I'm the cinderblocks poured up to your ankles. Hi.

07'30 -pic* kissing in the rain

09'28 I think you must be a god. You bring a hope initially. Misguided devotion is given.
Ultimately though, you're unconcerned and unresponsive.

"faintly flapping flimsy canary wings. bird bath begging a faineant feline to crush with canine teeth"
11'04 @Feenohmenal basic instinct... very sexy!

09'27 Truth came. I swallowed.

09'02 Kleptomaniacs are just people who take things, literally.

09'01 Of course I'm real. Who the hell would pretend to be me?

07'30 Shirts with less than 3 dragons on them piss me off.

09'02 Everyone sells their own bullshit. If you say you don't, well, that's part of yours.
Get a fucking spittoon if you can't swallow that.

09'02 A tapestry, woven of complete fuckery on here. Get wrapped up in it. Neato.

09'02 Four came home from the beach and said she named her pet turtles Sticky and Icky.
That's gotta be a real big coincidence, right?

08'28 You're not ever not going to be crazy.

08'29 "I'm fine." – A horror story

07'29 Social media is a fun way to neglect your mental health.

09'01 Someone has told me they are unfollowing because I have changed my avi.
Please respect my privacy during this difficult time.

09'01 C'mere and manifest some fucking destiny in me.

11'02 -pic* Home again after a wet and windy Halloween, wishing I'd have more chances to let my feline alter ego out to play =^.^=
11'04 @cnstantstranger Your tweets have got eyes, WOW!

08'30 I know, you would have written it better.

"Imagine what it'd be like if we all deeply respected one another, believing that each person was entitled to be treated with dignity."
11'04 @pace_et_mente @cnstantstranger Have you heard of Juanita Brown yet?
She discovered a World Café in her living room. TWEET 

01'22 If you love something, it's totally your fault.

08'31 My enemies teach me about myself.

11'05 @lifessubatomic *kisses you coyly on the head and runs into the leafy meadow hills*

11'03 -pic* Bad dreamer, what's your name? Looks like we're ridin' on the same train.
@DanielleJanof I'm afraid we do not... you are a superior being
11'05 @cosmopinciotti @DanielleJanof She is not your superior, person. You have much wider perspective.
@cosmopinciotti I am your young baby of the cosmos, blossoming in sentience that will only grow wider.
@DanielleJanof You have potential, you have the words, and you have the face, I'm looking for your meaning.
@lifessubatomic you can't expect much meaning from others when not providing some yourself... bring the mare to the stallion @DanielleJanof
@cosmopinciotti @DanielleJanof ... when had God ever gone to the people?
@lifessubatomic every day. in their dreams, hopes, prayers, conversations, thoughts, notions, words... language is God's work @DanielleJanof
@cosmopinciotti @DanielleJanof then watch for me in all of these. it's a good thing YOU have found your God.
you already know where I've found the best of as far as language goes.
@lifessubatomic in horse speak? @DanielleJanof
@lifessubatomic "In the beginning was the argument...and the argument was God" BOOK 
God exists only there: in our language

11'04 we're together in sleeping clouds

11'04 five men in a row? that's impressive.

11'04 She was her most beautiful while thinking of him.

09'21 I'm not saying I can get off from words alone, but the right ones sure do help things along.

11'04 Never underestimate my ability to turn lemons into lemonade, load the lemonade in a squirt gun and shoot the lemon-tosser square in the eye.

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