Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Redeleted Retweets 23 – 26 November 2014

11'12 40 Powerful Photos Show Why Banksy Is the Spokesman of Our Generation ARTICLE via @micnews

09'28 Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis says #LSD "was certainly much more important than any courses I ever took", and credits his discovery to LSD.

11'13 -pic* I am totally in love with these beasts I met yesterday! PHOTOS 

11'18 "You are incredible. You are unstoppable. Your vagina smells disgusting.
You better buy our toxic perfumed products." -@Always #LikeAGirl

11'13 If you could be my Tyler Durden I could be your Marla Singer.

10'18 -pic* Magic is an October swim under blue sky in crystal green water, naked, of course.
Autumn in Ardeche is a second Spring.

09'27 #psychedelics are powerful tools, but they won't make your life meaningful if you do not give your daily life purpose WEBSITE

12'10 "Magic Mushrooms" Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term ARTICLE 

08'08'13 "Why I changed my mind on weed" Neurosurgeon Dr Sanjay Gupta ARTICLE #marijuana #psychonaut
11'23 @psychonaut_org "We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that."

11'22 Can The President Really Make Law? | REALITY BLOG BLOG POST 

08'09'13 New study shows magic mushrooms repair brain damage caused by extreme trauma. ARTICLE

08'12 Brilliant lecture, from the great Richard Shultes. #psychonaut #hallucinogens #learning ARCHIVE 

08'15'13 10 Geniuses Who Used Drugs – and their Drugs of Choice BLOG POST #psychonaut #lsd #freud #edison

02'06'13 I'm only a whore for the one I adore

11'24 My level of giving a fuck today has reached cunt status!

07'27 @remittancegirl @mistressmatisse
This conversation is very interesting and I am amazed at the knowledge I gain from following you two.

11'23 One of my favorite things to do while I talk to my mother on the phone is sit in the dungeon and rub leather dressing on all my whips.

11'24 "We pride ourselves on open internet, free access to everything, inventing the future...Tech world, I call bullshit." BLOG POST 

02'27 Just listened to Tangentially Speaking that had @cindygallop taking to @ChrisRyanPhD.
It was a jam pack full of awesomeness.

01'11 @mistressmatisse @Gnosisseeker The pleasure was all mine.
I'd love to have you on my podcast next time I'm in Seattle, if you're up for it.

07'20'13 @ChrisRyanPhD You should so contact Sting and have a nice conversation on Tangentially Speaking.
Love to hear his thoughts.

"anyone with a brain realizes the ISIS beheadings are fake and being used as propaganda so the West can attack Syria"
09'15 @amtvmedia However, the media has made it very clear that it is morally reprehensible to even watch the videos of the fake beheadings.
@KikeSantana I don't agree with everything @amtvmedia says but as a media professional I can see these videos do have some inconsistencies.
@peymangharibi71 @amtvmedia You're a fool. The US and Canada is flush with oil. We don't need Middle East oil.

11'16 Why I am convinced Snowden is a CIA Limited Hangout Operation... VIDEO #Snowden #tcot

04'02 Why are limits on donations to individual campaigns "constitutional", but limiting donations to PACs is not? WIKIPEDIA 

11'20 -pic* Met @Jamieisrunning who is running from Vancouver to Argentina for charity

11'21 -pic* The Sea of Cortez... The Baja peninsula is amazing. The roads are fantastic for bikes

12'22 We have entered a world wherein Oppositional Defiant Disorder is considered a legitimate mental illness and "truth" is delusion. WIKIPEDIA 

12'22 If you fully commit to an "alternative" viewpoint without any regard whatsoever to logic, evidence, etc you too are a conspiracy theorist.
11'25 @Jentastic23 don't you think that had been one of the goals of the "9/11" controversy to further shield and consolidate the corporate mindset?

12'22 The "conspiracy theorist" label has been incredibly effective in neutralizing information.
11'25 @Jentastic23 "White is black, and black is white."
the intelligence behind the new patriot-terrorist paradigm is battle-scarred for 500 years
12'22 That the words "truth" and "truther" are being exchanged for "conspiracy theory" and "conspiracy theorist" is as Orwellian as it gets.
11'25 @Jentastic23 "Truth" is just a rhetorical token. TWEET
The deeper you dig, the more hollow/limited every "truth" becomes.

12'22 No matter how irrefutable the evidence offered by the few who brave the shame of being labelled, most will simply refuse to look at it.
11'25 @Jentastic23 "One of my best moves with less experienced players..." ARTICLE
"it's a knockout punch." FACEBOOK

12'22 If extensive research, thorough analysis, and exhaustive reexamination do not uphold the majority viewpoint, you are a conspiracy theorist.
11'25 @Jentastic23 You will understand why and how others feel terrorized if you also take their particular pieties into account. TWEET

11'21 We are lied to by powerful people conspiring to exploit us, whose interests are aided by our ignorance.
To assert otherwise is lunacy.
11'25 @Jentastic23 do these powerful people something else than most people under corporate rules? TWEET | TWEET

12'21 If MSM has a vested interest in lying, any factual information offered will be made to fit the narratives most advantageous to the powerful.
11'25 @Jentastic23 Scientists, soldiers, teachers, journalists, doctors, lawyers – they're all part of the government also TWEET

10'17 Snowden says: "We are building the biggest weapon for oppression in the history of mankind," and we're letting politicians ride all over us!
@sonofr @debbiedaywalker They're merely whores for Corporate U.S.
Zero morality, perfectly illustrated by their treacherous support for #TTPI

12'18 The Gates Foundation's Hypocritical Investments BLOG POST 

12'02 @MichaelKeaton He is the single best thing that has happened to the Catholic Church! #PopeFrancis #Catholic

11'17'13 The Big Problem With Calling People "Conspiracy Theorists"
CIA behind the term's use as a weapon BLOG POST via @EsquireMag DOCUMENT 

11'23 -pic* Sir knows what I need.

11'20 Assistant: you're always so commanding and self confident... So strong.
Me: yeah. *tired of always being that*

11'21 -pic* Appropriate office behavior.

11'20 maybe we're not born innocent but rather born without knowledge of the depth of our darkness.
The depravity of our souls. (How I ruin brunch)

11'20 -pic* Grrr.

11'24 @redzillart more like I just like stalking you on all media types.

11'22 -pic* Kickboxing... Also: squats forever. Squats are like sex: the deeper the better. Gasping-very yes.

11'23 I'm so close to starting WWIII in this house by making a passive aggressive, sarcastic remark about Jesus.

11'22 If I make eye contact with a guy, they take that as an invitation.
So I basically just stare at the ground most of the time to be safe.

11'22 What a beautiful day to be dead inside

01'15 -pic* "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn." So true...

11'20 -pic* Lovely little piece of street art

11'10 -pic* Street art in London.

11'25 Coolest and scariest thing about dating a fellow intuitive: he can read me.
@cnstantstranger and the little 4w5 in you won't be able to lie about it, right?
11'25 @lifessubatomic Nope, I'm a terrible liar. It's scary because I'm not sure about the extent of his insight.
11'25 @lifessubatomic He doesn't read my thoughts though, he reads my energy. But my stupid face gives me away when emotions are also involved. I think that's courtesy of Fe.
11'25 Also scary and cool: he brings out a side of me I've never seen before.
11'25 I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of my relationship problems exist only in my head.

11'24 What does it mean that I have something important to say to someone today, and I'm literally losing my voice?
11'26 @cnstantstranger "cognitive activity is our salvation.
it always has been and it must be now. there's no going back" TWEET 
@SevenLokas As luck would have it the conversation just presented itself via text. Problem solved. (Kind of.)

11'09 -pic* tree art

11'19 "My words are visceral. They might be jagged like blood-etched fingernails bitten down to the skin. They open a window to a grey world with blue sunlight and mist.
My words are visceral because they are my innards. This is not a poetry describing my feelings in words, this is an anatomical survey of my body, told by my body. The description sublimes from my guts straight to information. My brain lays in a altered state of consciousness as ones and zeros flow through my umbillical connection to this computer. Do you wish to critique me? Is visceral too cliche for our time? There is no such thing. I am not an artist. I do not draw with ink, I weave molecules. I am not a poet. I am a scientist. I am an animal. Incapable of human thought. I speak from somewhere inside, at abysmal depths, where pain and love originate."
@lifessubatomic Oh lord. The teenage angst! Preempting criticism!
Disavowing the words as they're written! Fucking rookie. @cnstantstranger
@chesspeaceface Also, are we ever too old for teenage angst? @cnstantstranger
@lifessubatomic @chesspeaceface NEVER. Never, I say.

11'12 @Madddicakes I can't unsee the rhyme I just did in that

11'10 @feelickss I'll rip your face off and wear it.

11'08 My mission in life is to snuggle all the baby animals

11'05 And yes I just implied that you are all my pets.

11'26 -pic* CNN just aired 10-seconds of New Yorkers chanting "Fuck CNN!"

11'09 This is fucking MENTAL. It's a MUST WATCH!! Watch on a computer or iPad if possible.
If not, a phone will still do. VIDEO 

10'18 @findyourownroad Jesus Christ everyone is jumping on me for that statement yikes

06'14 Whatever is my life motto.

02'23 I don't care how hot you are, I really don't see the point in fucking someone who can't hold an intelligent conversation.

05'31 -pic* *trying to think of something good*

05'29 I honestly do not give a shit about the customers I'm in it for the money (which isn't even much).
I'm as fake as it gets at that job.

05'29 To the customer that complained to my manager that I was texting: don't you have better things to do like finger your asshole or something?

05'06 This is war. And you started a war with the wrong person.

06'02 @Madddicakes when I cum it shoots back into my body and makes me throw up

05'03 I'm obsessed with art. There is no higher good than to create beauty. #truth

05'07 Honestly I'm pretty sure I get high off of sex

05'07 When you get fucked so hard you feel drunk.

05'03 -pic* Andromeda's actual size if it was brighter

05'31 Pussy so tight it will turn your dick into a diamond.

05'09 -pic* Current mood...

05'05 The key is to never think about anything, ever.

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