Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Redeleted Retweets 20 – 22 November 2014

"So a little shit-stain left a comment on My blog and I am literally crying right now... of laughter."
09'21 @SurreyToilet I know, he sounds like a bundle of fun!

"Dear men, if you're going to watch porn, at least learn from it."
11'19 @The_Whip_Hand porn is impersonal, absolutely. it's like the basic level of sex: clinical fucking.
faked passion soullessly expressed. nutty

09'28 -pic* My new routine.

04'30 Inject me with fresh imagery.

09'22 "Wie spannend. Barbara hat mich in London auf der Straße angesprochen und gefragt ob sie mich für ihr tolles Projekt fotografieren kann. Jetzt bin ich eine der '100 Strangers'! Wie ich mich freue...
Thank you Barbara. Was a pleasure to meet you."FACEBOOK

09'18 -pic* Bisschen Sightseeing muss ja auch sein... schick euch Küsse FACEBOOK

"we've all happened upon the same words, attaching different concepts to the meanings, we pretend to communicate"
11'17 regarding the fact that you could be happy under a false pretense for so long
@sweethellsbells and there's more... TWEET

@lifessubatomic I'm too heart evaporated to pay attention to anyone but...
@sweethellsbells If you give me too much attention my stalker will stalk you. Maybe not now that I called it out.
@lifessubatomic I'm intrigued
@sweethellsbells he's @cosmopinciotti A serial stalker of many. Beat him to the punch, if you want.
11'19 @lifessubatomic you still know how to turn me on, babe. may I invite you on my member?
feel the heat! TWEET @sweethellsbells

11'16 I'm unfollowing you because all the porn you keep posting is making me want to kill myself.

11'16 no one will ever replace you.
when we were together in my irreplaceable dream, there were two people in the entire world.

11'16 what I gave to you in my heart of my heart and all that I am I have never given to anyone, the purity, faithfulness, and dream of it

11'16 I just kept falling deeper and harder for you every time. I thought it was going somewhere beautiful.

11'16 and I believed that you felt the same.
so I'm fucking sorry that you didn't realize what it meant to me a few words or a well-timed truth

11'16 for over a year everything I did was with you in deep and profound consideration

11'16 could be the height I placed you above all else how I worshiped you and the space between what I believed and what was true

11'16 no one has ever had so much power over me and misused it so blatantly

11'16 you knew everything and I knew nothing

"From now on, my heart is going to follow me and not the other way around."
11'19 @bobbyflybynight how about a definition what it even is, boy?! TWEET but I guess you don't want that either. like anybody.

11'18 Twitter is what became of the broken hearted

11'18 The best thing about being female is when we groom each other like monkeys.

11'19 Neue Alllianz der #EFF für das verschlüsselte Web: Let's Encrypt! WEBSITE 

"Welcome to the revolution @cosmopinciotti. Glad you could join us."
11'19 @TheRealBlaze1ne thanks, Blaze! my rough direction TWEET as a little introduction...

"My boy kid dropped a battery in my coffee... Is he trying to help?"
11'19 @lifessubatomic did it hurt? TWEET

10'07 -pic* Want Your Own Drone? Here you go! PRODUCT

10'08 @red_pill_junkie @Grimerica Dude... you can't say bomb and airplane in the same tweet!!!

11'18 @AmandaMarcotte Companies or even entire industries buy off journalists all the time.
How is this a revelation to anyone??

11'19 @JonEadler in the 80s, climatologists said that Baltimore would be underwater by 2000.

11'19 @JonEadler and in the 70s, IPCC climate expert Stephen Schneider said we should cover the Arctic with soot to prevent the next ice age. sigh

11'18 @sophistifunk @AsheSchow I think/hope most people realize the feminist movement has little to do with the pursuit of equality at this point.

11'15 I knew #Syria #Heroboy was fake. How? Because my initial assumption is that ALL NEWS IS FAKE until I can confirm it somehow.

11'15 The way the fighters didn't start yelling UNTIL the camera saw the kid on the ground was a dead giveaway. #heroboy #Syria

11'15 Anyone who believed the #Syria #HeroBoy – now is the time to seriously reassess your faith in the media, and maybe your grasp on reality!

11'15 #Heroboy wag-the-dog fake-ass bullshit is Perfect Twitter microcosm: vehemently defend your position, then name-call when your proven wrong.

11'14 BREAKING #Syria "hero boy" sniper video faked by Norwegian director BLOG POST via @offshore_race

11'14 @LADowd Egg-zackly. This is a travesty of epic proportions... quite possibly the largest scandal in US history. #obamacare

11'20 @AsheSchow @CHSommers there's been more complaining about complaining than actual complaining.
Let's all drop it about #shirtstorm

11'20 Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls modern feminism "trivial bullshit" and calls them out for ignoring scientific breakthrough to complain about a shirt.

11'20 Ayaan Hirsi Ali says @VP Biden once said to her: "let me tell you a few things about Islam."
She left the conversation at that.

11'11 Make no mistakes, I respect veterans, most of us joined to serve the people, but who and what we fight for is corporate America, not freedom.

11'11 Please don't thank me for going overseas to "serve," aka terrorize innocent people who opposed imperialism, capitalism, and corporate fascism.

11'11 @Public_Enemy_2 Holy shit, I said that without even looking at your profile!

11'11 -pic* Who's worse? Bankers, or defense contractors? BLOG POST

10'01 Scientists Caught Red-Handed ARTICLE

11'10 Debunking Education: Exposing The Syndicate by Clint Richardson BLOG POST

09'28 Your Birth Certificate is worth Billions in Credit! VIDEO #WhatYouShouldKnow

11'17 Learn about propaganda. Defend yourself from predators #propaganda Start here: WEBSITE

11'17 Know your fallacy arguments. Teach your kids #fallacy #propaganda #mediawatch WEBSITE

11'19 Corbett Report added to SIGTRUTH @corbettreport
11'19 Gnostic Media added to SIGTRUTH @GnosticMedia
11'19 Tragedy and Hope added to SIGTRUTH @tragedyandhope
10'31 Reality Blogger added to SIGTRUTH Support Clint's work. WEBSITE

11'18 Choose Your Side WEBSITE

11'18 Talkshoe Radio With Guest Walter Burien "The Biggest Game InTown" VIDEO
About The Government CAFR Wealth Shell Game BLOG POST

01'07 Sanity was never an option

05'10 -pic* Hayek on corporatism and conservatives.

11'21 Me: what do I always say? Them: fuck that shit? Me: the other thing. Them: crack whores are sneaky? Me: sigh. Why am I in charge?

11'20 There's been a trend of guys asking me to marry them lately.
That half serious joking type thing w/hint of hopeful in their eyes.

11'18 My head keeps saying it's wishing you'd come waste your time with me.

11'12 -pic* This exists, and trillions more like it.

11'19 I carry the sun stone and the moon stone. I am a mistress of the half light, half dark.

11'19 Reservoir Dogs is rolling... Ok, where is my silk robe and cigar? Where is a lover?

09'01 -pic* Twitter meet up

11'21 Remain diligently aware that all persons and groups pursue an agenda, even if subconsciously.
If there is a brain, there is a bias.
@Feenohmenal not this she @lifessubatomic but you can tell me mine... or who has said that?

11'17 Not the culturally expected female, not only do I get along with, I run the boy's club.

"You've glimpsed a lone thread of my existence. Sorry it unraveled you."
11'21 @Feenohmenal winsome girl!

12'08 Life was so much more pleasant before I took the blinders off

11'21 Why Germans Work Fewer Hours But Produce More: A Study In Culture ARTICLE

11'17 I love charts, languages, and THIS 

11'14 Apple is now worth more than Russia, Italy, and Singapore BLOG POST 

07'17'11 "It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education." Albert Einstein

11'21 One in five US adults dealt with a mental illness in 2013 ARTICLE via @medical_xpress

"you do not realise: I am already lost"
11'22 @OutreDragon now what, Tyler Durden?
@cosmopinciotti I had to google this. Not sure what you mean.
11'22 @OutreDragon You don't know David Fincher's Fight Club?! WIKIPEDIA
"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."
@cosmopinciotti no, sorry, that's new to me. Interesting idea though. Difficult.
@OutreDragon if you weren't so female you had to see that movie – a true milestone, very iconic.
you surely won't like it. or maybe you will

11'15 Veritas odium parit ... Truth brings hatred

07'16'13 Pro #cannabis activists in Gottingen Germany planted lbs of seeds across city – now sprouting everywhere. ARTICLE 

07'28 New entheopedia entry completed: WEBSITE #psychonaut #dmt #psychedelic

"One sentence... One sentence can signify so much more than the words it contains. In-between. Below the surface."
11'22 @DanielleRitchot part of the charm of Twitter... and it's always a true challenge to bring abstract code back to life TWITLONGER
@cosmopinciotti ooh! I love that. Thank you for sharing :-)
11'22 @DanielleRitchot he was so special!
"they speak in a language which you see. and this is completely confounding..." BLOG POST

12'18 Watch Dr Brené Brown's full talk "The Power of Vulnerability" VIDEO and "The Power of Empathy" VIDEO 

07'29 Those killed by PMA are victims of the war on drugs | Ian Birrell ARTICLE via @guardian

11'02 New piece by @VICE: The Psychedelic 'Drugs Wizard' behind one of England's biggest #LSD Labs ARTICLE 
11'22 @psychonaut_org @VICE typical example for the consequences of the illusory, naive belief, Columbian corporatocracies would be democracies...

10'12 A fascinating interview with Terence McKenna on #psychedelics and #culture: VIDEO
"Culture aims only to perpetuate itself."

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