Friday, 3 October 2014

Redeleted Retweets 8 – 12 September 2014

08'08 @natalietran Sadist identified.

09'07 Eric Jon Phelps – The Vatican Behind the Creation of Islam VIDEO 

08'31 Jordan Maxwell – Maritime Admiralty Law and America Land of Lawlessness VIDEO

08'16 Dear unfollowers, congratulations.

08'11 -pic* Fuck Off Spray. Keeps idiots and assholes away for up to four hours.

05'23 -pic* @RobertDowneyJr strapped in. where are we going again? #myglassesarentascoolasyours

04'23 @Jess_The_Muggle @RobertDowneyJr Robert Downey Jr., is that Irony man?

08'13 I can't believe I'm still allowed on the Internet.

04'17 @RobertDowneyJr I'm naming my next cat after you.

04'12 @RobertDowneyJr It took me 3 years to get 12k followers. It took you 3 hours to 400k. #wtf #thanksforthefollow

04'12 @RobertDowneyJr If I can do it... ANYBODY can.

04'12 140 characters will never be the same. Welcome @RobertDowneyJr to Twitter

05'16 -pic* At Michael Bublé concert. I'm pretty sure you could get pregnant from just his charm on stage

04'27 -pic* Partner took this photo after I fell asleep at my desk last night. #seductivemuch

03'31 I don't know what's more upsetting. That I was talking to my cat for so long or that I realised it wasn't my cat, just a pile of clothing. 

09'09 Me: discussing multi-dimensional consciousness change on Twitter
DH: watching football #mylife

09'09 @cosmopinciotti It's all about connection.

09'08 @thatnerdychik More often than not, my hugs are reserved for children. Those things are good huggers.

05'23'13 I wonder how long it takes a giraffe to throw up?

09'09 Getting rejected will never not suck.

09'09 After being married for an eternity, I now have a female roommate. I feel the need to apologize to men. Women are fucking insane.

08'22 -pic* @KaiDiekmann führt ein Doppelleben als SPD Direktkandidat

09'09 World Leaders Call for Ending Criminalization of Drug Users and Responsible Legal Regulation of Drugs

09'09 Time psychedelics stopped being "politically radioactive". ARTICLE

09'06 Ayahuasca – The Unrivaled Healer #Ayahuasca #Monologues #HealingCulture 

08'18 Speaking of #Aliens and #Ayahuasca, here's Graham Hancock on the subject #MidnightTube

09'09 I woke up with morning wood so strong that I built a tree fort on it.

09'07 I am a fire nymph

09'09 Sex so good the cops come to the door and ask "What the fuck are you doing to her?!"

09'09 Unless you get to the root of a problem, you will only wage war with the symptoms, not the actual cause.

06'06 Have you tried switching me off and then turning me back on?

09'10 -pic* No tan, no bronzer. Maybe a future #WhiteWalker

09'09 You can only love someone as much as they let you.

09'10 @lifessubatomic What you are and how you act are just fine.

09'10 Him: It's so good to finally meet you. I'm happy to shadow you for the day! What's next?
Me: Well you're just in time for a dance break.

09'08 you're my slut #threewordsshewantstohear

09'02 While most boys were trying to unhook a bra one-handed, I was trying to unlock her heart with a single conversation.

03'28 My boss wrote a book. You should get it. WEBSITE

03'27 -pic* Yogi bear caught in the act ..@leeunkrich you just destroyed my childhood

02'10 Sorry for making you cry tonight, America. #toystory3 #abc

11'11 Laura Palmer offered me a drink in her kitchen. That happened.

11'11 I was a HUGE Twin Peaks fan. And one random night I found myself at Sheryl Lee's Hollywood Hills home watching episode with cast.
...@leeunkrich then you must read this about how Sheryl was cast. We knew she had that special something!

09'10 If you really care about how many followers and stars you have on social media, it is probably because you have none in real life.

06'28 "Double-u"? Man, the alphabet was really running out of ideas.

06'09 -pic* @UncleDynamite Worst bridesmaid's dress EVER.

06'02 @ClaudiaODoherty it's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


09'10 Whenever you're in my TL I swear I can hear the Pink Panther music in the background. 

04'27 -pic* Stalking @DinaMeyer

09'10 My seduction technique is to make things awkward and then not speak to you for a while.

09'08 Shut your dick holster.

09'11 People who aren't degenerate don't have to hide.

08'12 this piece by @PFTompkins on Robin Williams is beautiful

08'21 ejaculate serpents and scorpions

09'09 -pic* I seriously freaked out when I saw these beauties in real life

09'09 intimate torture session

09'08 -pic* "There's nothing wrong with you."

09'10 -pic* Climbing Sassiere! 

09'11 what a world it would be ARTICLE

09'10 The unconscious mind is still the most powerful technology we possess.

09'11 If you weren't in NYC when 9/11 happened you'll NEVER completely understand how horrific it was...

08'21'13 True D/s will never be about the sex. It will only be about the connection. The sex is what you do to express that connection.

09'11 Is Ayahuasca an Alien Intelligence? Be a part of the conversation on Sep 15, 8pm EST. Register now.

11'15'12 A cunning linguist.

11'14'12 Wow. Twitter just goofed so hard I got a headache.

11'14'12 I just had a social media site cause me physical discomfort. Holy shit.

11'14'12 And I can be condescending as fuck to people who piss me off.

09'07 -pic* you never know how close you are #nevergiveup

09'08 Holy shit what is this water from the sky????

09'11 -pic* Chaill's dog, sleeping and dreaming

09'11 -pic* Sometimes you need a bit of derp.

09'11 It's almost 3 am... I worked. I worked out. I ran a lot. Why aren't I sleeping?
09'07 Academia's Treatment of Critical Perspectives on 9/11 – Documentary showing 9/11 is "untouchable" ARTICLE

09'12 @lifessubatomic Well, WOMAN, don't you think for one second WE won't have conversations.

09'12 The Day Before 9/11. Suspicious Events of Sept. 10, 2001

09'01 The 2001 Anthrax Deception. A New Book from Graeme MacQueen

05'21 PNAC 2.0: DC Think Tanks Create New Cold War Tipping Point

07'27 CIA Director George Tenet Facilitated 9/11

08'17 -pic* Look at this amazing crucifix that my roommate's parents put up at my new place! #LoveIt #Awesome

08'12 -pic* The truth, right here! #dating #marriage

08'18 -pic* Today's Mass featured the most heretical, Protestant-esqué song I have ever heard in my life. I do not like my new church. #collegeproblems

08'22 "Meaninglessness does not come from being weary of pain. Meaninglessness comes from being weary of pleasure." G.K. Chesterton

09'12 Every Sept. 11, my rage, my unfettered hatred for Islam, is renewed. Few things would make me happier than to see it fade from existence.

12'09 The truth about 9/11 makes me sick to my stomach.

09'12 The truth about 9/11 would hurt you.

09'12 Politics aside... 9/11 is the day we truly have to ask ourselves about. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth VIDEO

09'12 9/11 is a sad day and all but come on you can't tell me the government's telling us the truth about it all.

09'12 -pic* Yes, they lie all the time, little girl. So why would we trust them to tell the truth about 9/11? #911WasAnInsideJob 

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