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talking is sex – using language symbiotically

instead of rhetorically... 

Organic DMT: "the society beast can only be tamed with truth..."
12'06'13 pinciotti: on the contrary. "truth" is exactly what makes society a beast, because everyone believes to know it... everybody believes to possess "the truth".

Kendra: "why does an orgasm feel so good?"
12'07'13 pinciotti: imagine an earthquake within your soul... sex is your personal ultimate truth.
the deeper the soul, the deeper the feelings...

"'you,' he said, 'are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain." 12'04'13 Beatrice: "this has been accurate, on occasion, both for me and many whom I know and love."
Charles Bukowski: "we're all going to die. all of us. what a circus! that alone should make us love each other but it doesn't. we are terrorized and flattened by trivialities. we are eaten up by nothing."

pinciotti: but Bukowski couldn't say why. neither could Freud, Nietzsche or Kafka...
Beatrice: "it is because we perceive reality with such intensity and believe in good so fervently where there is such precedent for evil. it's the disappointment that we feel, when the reality of an evil and brutally selfish world rears to strike, that pains us. we, who give our all, feel the pain of a world in which so many refuse to accept even a tenth of what is offered."
pinciotti: alway always ALWAYS always almightily trapped in a preacher's mentality... meanwhile, the web offers something completely new.
Beatrice: "explain what you mean by 'always trapped in a preacher's mentality'."

sure. with a little help from you and from Twitter I believe we can handle and clarify this subject. step by step and once and forever.

let's start with "I'm just a girl armed with words and a camera. INFP" and her tweet:

12'04'13 Raine: "when I grow up I want to be a forest."

because she genuinely marks the difference: I'm in the mud like she's in the thicket.

the bird's nest's equivalent in terms of (re)presenting your perspective is of course the pulpit, which nowadays under cyberspace conditions is being entered by every single voice, every fucking blogger, who furthermore conglomerates into oases of piety, where you can treasure your beliefs, widen your nest, heighten your pulpit and repel critique. and that's no wonder where modern education goes back to Loyola's anthropology, including the main principle of science. and only because he was a fucked-up soldier we now have to fight against one another? always? this is absolutely crazy and insane.

10'01'13 Beatrice: "father/brother/uncle/cousin are all pastors."

so each of my four "always" counts for one of them... unknowingly – that's funny. although I didn't mean you personally with this little appeal for help. that deep sigh had more to do with political slogans like those:

12'05'13 Peace of Mind: "create your own religion based on your beliefs, thoughts and morals."

12'04'13 Abstract Thoughts: "define your own truth."
12'04'13 Abstract Thoughts: "everybody is a hypocrite in one way or another..."

12'06'13 pinciotti: alltogether, I think, your thoughts are a little bit too abstract, because they are incompatible with one another.

you say you view your work as sacred. by canonizing your perspective/truth/work/life/sexuality etc. you devaluate everybody else's. I, on the other hand, can understand my perspective/truth/work/life/sexuality etc. much more better if I'm capable to understand everybody else's too. you, for instance, like Bukowski or Nietzsche, are blessed with sensibility. without sensibility no intelligence – perception is everything.

the disappointment that you feel, like Bukowski or Nietzsche, originates, from my perspective, from a very conscious incomprehension of how people, who are less exceptionally gifted, do conceive the world. as if all three of you would reject the notion that character equals destiny. and until today nobody has really found a formula to change a character significantly...

Jung: "what he'll never accept is that what we understand has got us nowhere. we have to go into uncharted territory. we have to GO BACK to the sources of everything we believe. I don't want to just open a door and show the patient his illness, squatting there like a toad. I want to try and find a way to help the patient reinvent himself. to send him off on a journey at the end of which is waiting the person he was always intended to be."

"talking = sex" could be the step that Freud wouldn't have gone, because he thought this wasn't necessary. and Jung couldn't do it, although he desperately wanted to, because you have to have a much broader general understanding of what social structures are really based on. today through computers, "9/11", and Facebook it's relatively easy to grasp.

are you familiar with Bruce Lipton's "New Biology: where mind and matter meet"?
the symbiotic relationship between mushrooms and trees delivers the prime example to interpret language organically. it also delivers the prime example for what computer communication could become in the future...
rhetoric is confrontative. maintained and enforced by militant priests of all sorts. the education principle is catholic which means universal, all-embracing – now every blogger is kind of a politician of his own... in reality every citizen is by birth a legally recognized corporation.

12'04'13 Rachel: "beauty in simplicity"

part of my perspective is therefore the need to understand other viewpoints as well as my own.
opinion makers don't do that. conspiracy rhetorics for instance don't waste any thoughts on the notion that a conspiracy cannot work on the cultural level. the problem of being subject to massive crime and mystification is that much bigger than a conspiratorial construct. which by the way could easily understood if it would be one, actually.

11'23'13 Wilrieke: "the largest conspiracy ever...
"I'm talking about a conspiracy in which both you and I – and everybody around us – is involved. it's not guided by the government or anyone. we are the ones who've created it a long time ago, and we are the ones maintaining it."

my new approach as "piety theorist" however differs from the rest. you won't find any open piety scientifical faculty world-wide, because saintliness is the biggest business at all. I mean all kinds of pieties, not only religious or ideological ones.

understanding each other is "the most crucial foundation of sex". one of my deleted comments from Cara Sutra's sex blog.

11'19'13 Melli: "to really be the first generation of women in my family to begin to break free of that religious shame is amazing. to own my sexuality..."
11'19'13 Melli: "...and owning my sexuality by choosing to be submissive – the irony is not lost on me."

this is where we are.
priests kept people in the dark for centuries by asserting that they were enlightening the faithful. this is how powerful language can be. as well as how dangerous and unbelievably toxic. schizophrenic by all means.
language enables the biggest despisers of mankind to sell themselves as the greatest philanthropists that there are. possible through superior intelligence.

words are the most intimate things... nobody says it better than you did:

10'25'13 Verbal Stimulation – using your words to get results

"every day I'm learning just how painful but important it is to encourage and bear witness to the verbal expression, written or spoken, of his new and slightly unnerving journey toward self awareness.
that's what verbal interaction is all about, for both dommes and the subs they love and the clients with whom they work: self awareness that leads to self fulfillment.

physical pleasure is high on the list, and no one's denying it. I thrill every time I see my sweet pet or one of my clients absolutely lose themselves in sensation. but the true high, the true ecstasy for me, comes from their understanding of those sensations and clear ability to ask for those sensations.
am I on the cerebral end? you're damn right. do I want to get inside the minds of every sub I encounter and lick their motor strip and processing centers until they cum? double-damn right.
however, since lobotomy and cranial lingual stimulation are not recommended, I get to use my tongue in other ways – I get to use my words

I get to describe, entice, tease, create, and titillate, all with the mere touch of my tongue to my teeth and hard palette.
I get to show my sweet favorite that I love him by telling him, outright, and by telling him what I love to do to him, his mind, and his body.
I get to encourage, praise, and correct with the softest direction and the most lustful demands.
I get to lead by example.

with every submissive, I strive to use my words in an effort to show them that they, too, can have exactly what they need through the simple act of asking.
hell, you go ahead and beg, you beautiful submissives – you know I like that.

articulate begging, and even barely-lucid begging, are hugely aphrodisiac in their effect.
but you have to start somewhere – you have to start by talking, and by asking for what you want.

believe me, your words will yield amazingly tailored and pleasurable results."

"awareness is the food of the soul" – that's right. and what's the point of going kinky?
isn't it first and foremost the higher degree of intensity? and intimacy, consequentially. a kinky relationship is far more symbiotic than the cultural standard, isn't it.

for example:

06'13'13 Mr. Intensity: "the journey of D/s is more intense and clear. you will never feel so female and feminine as when in the hands of a man who owns you, yet frees you."

11'24'13 Mr. Intensity: "the key to delivering strong mastery sits not in focusing on what you hunger for, but truly understanding what she hungers for."

11'22'13 Mr. Intensity: "identify what 'moves' HER not you. then you can accept your responsibilities as her dominant and architect the path that enslaves her."

01'10'13 Beatrice: "don't sell yourself short: find a domme that understands you in ENTIRETY. only the well-trained, ethical, and knowledgeable should be seen!"

12'04'13 Beatrice: "my amusement, not your pleasure, is the goal. the sooner you learn to take pleasure in my amusement, the happier you'll be."

11'26'13 Mr. Intensity: "extreme selfishness has no place in dominance."

11'23'13 Mr. Intensity: "neither dominance nor submission is based on getting. they are based on giving."


12'02'13 tenderstorm: "I find my pleasure in your pleasure."

10'02'13 tarl bludworth: "the only thing better than having orgasms is giving someone else orgasms."


04'23'13 Mr. Intensity: "her body is a decoy designed to distract you from the place of her truest femininity and most beautiful vulnerability: her mind."

04'20'13 Mr. Intensity: "D/s moves the discussion from sex acts to mental cravings. it takes us from sex to sexuality."

04'14'13 Mr. Intensity: "D/s is where intellect meets sexuality."
Desiree: "and where sexuality takes precedence guided by intellect."

can you see my point?

11'30'13 Seated Sir: "properly nurtured, D/s is a fascinating and logical dynamic. both parties desiring precisely what the other offers freely, urgently."

what I'm trying to say is that in symbiotic love affairs the own excitement begins outside of you, inside the other. so how about transferring this D/s principle from making love to the way we talk to each other? in the most general sense. see, since Cara has called me a comments stalker I'm saying that "talking IS sex... can't you feel it?"  
why not talking together like having a nookie, you know? instead of doing it like preachers and teachers. that's what I am doing: choosing kind of an orgasm-oriented approach to language... finding myself within the other and let him feel that, so to speak.

11'08'13 Galileo Galilei: "you cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him to find it within himself."

11'23'13 a fifth of forever: "sometimes it's best to simply listen. we learn a lot about life, others, and ourselves from listening. no explanations, just reflection."

10'12'13 Carol N: "communication can be like fishing. sometimes it takes silence and patience before you reap the reward."

12'04'13 Organic DMT: "reach down inside your intuition and reward the people with your energy that are connected with your inner self. if they aren't... let it be. force only creates stagnant force back to the source, basically, it will create a wall of equal force where interpretations will be expressed, but not heard... listen to it all and always respect each others mind waves... everyone rides a different one, but we're all riding the same bigger wave together..."

Beatrice: "love is only dangerous/damaging in the absence of honesty."
pinciotti: honesty is what we need most.

06'28'13 Erik Allen: "vulnerability is the most confident and authentic form of honesty."

11'23'13 Melli: "in so many respects, I am tender, new, vulnerable. coiled-in. this feeling of vulnerability is new, part of my rebirth."

I think I have to bring more vulnerability to the table when I want to create another setting for successful conversations with a mental satisfaction factor comparable to an orgasm. more poetry, more joy of playing, more philosophical width. kind on an erotic setting to really act out the potential of language.

11'29'13 Wolfgang Alexander: "honesty of emotion and down to earth challenges to Stepford sexuality."

Abstract Thoughts: "religion is like a penis, it's cool that you have one but I don't need you whipping it out in public or shoving it down kids throats"
12'07'13 pinciotti: don't you penetrate the web with your religion like any fucking priest too? you too have a love affair with your "truth"...

like I said at the beginning: sex is your ultimate personal truth.
and: there's nothing more intimate than your truth.
YOU ARE your truth and your truth shows up nakedly in your sex life...

12'06'13 Organic DMT: "the meaning behind a word that is heard is filled with your perspective..."

12'05'13 pinciotti: inspiration is the instance through which life proceeds.

through inspiration gods unfold their influence and power. religious gods, screen gods, or any other cultural icons.

the sex drive is the most basic and most natural expression of a human being. his most important source of energy. and eroticism is inspiration pure. an orgasm represents the pinnacle of inspiration, its absolute maximum and flagship in some measure. and inspiration, I think, is driven by focussing on resonances instead of trying to convince somebody, you know. if D/s takes us from sex to sexuality, the use of words in a symbiotic fashion should take us from conquering another mind to exploring let's say two minds together at the same time in form of a mutual mental act similar to carnal intercourse.

12'05'13 Bohemisphere: "my brain wants to fuck your brain. 
and don't worry about the logistics, they'll figure it out."

12'05'13 GoddessDeviRani: "great minds fuck each other."

12'06'13 Alison: "vagina – a man's best friend but attached to his worst enemy."


12'02'13 tenderstorm: "I find my pleasure in your pleasure."

11'24'13 Mr. Intensity: "the key to delivering strong mastery sits not in focusing on what you hunger for, but truly understanding what she hungers for."

through their intimate nature words can be used as the most disastrous weapon at all, unless you prefer to fuck with them. you think with them, so you feel with them, then you put your feelings back into words in order that they can be understood. I don't think of that as wishful thinking, speculation or some sort of policy, no. this is what happens anyway, but we don't see it as it is actually, I believe.

in plain terms: I want to fuck you with my perspective/truth/work/life/sexuality etc. to sharpen, expand, and elaborate it, but I want the same for you in this act. "it's my urgent desire to be artistically fucked... by you and by every trick in the book." just by your mind, mistress. if talking is sex then sex is talking, which means sex is a far more spiritual thing.

Sabina Spielrein: "suppose we think of sexuality as fusion, losing oneself, as you say, but losing oneself in the other. in other words, destroying one's own individuality. and wouldn't the ego, in self-defense, automatically resist that impulse?"

let's transfer this aspect to the "talk act"... because in my eyes that's exactly the reason why blogger masturbate. they fear real sex in that sense. am I the only one who's apparent that people don't really speak with each other on the web?! everyone broadcasts, nobody corresponds. everybody is digging oneself in... to shelter his very piety. in vulnerability lies strength. while the mainstream supports willed consumer souls – the mentality of loyal subjects.

11'28'13 pinciotti @DomSigns @Mollysdailykiss) "the system squats deep in your guts" – you will need a completely new basic communication principle.

12'01'13 Michael Cooper: "my grandma once said to me something rather profound: that she does not know how to think."
comment: "I do not think that free thinking is encouraged in the current curriculum."

why can't talking be more about learning?

according to: "why can't education be more about thinking?" (12'05'13 Jordan Shapiro)

today, 12'07'13 pinciotti: I am NOT broadcasting. (like Cara, Molly, Epiphora or you or any clown who preaches his truth)
what am I doing instead? I'm learning... I don't need your webspace, your feedback, your goodwill, I'm corresponding... no more, no less.

the cyberweb blatantly obvious shows how limited everyone's knowledge is. nevertheless everybody believes that only he knows "the truth".
this belief in some sort of personal truths or let's say personalized truths alone tends to be ridiculous in my opinion. is there really no other way than to have a romantic relationship with your truth? this is how education forms a mentality, characters and the climate of the public. if you believe in A truth you're just about on the warpath. the purpose of a conversation should be distinctly anti-rhetoric, making the conversation itself as highly erotic as possible. to learn from each other instead of permanently fighting like living a life of a pea-brained heeler.

corresponding with the aim of reaching a climax together – that's what I am talking about.
or in the sense of the following article, transferred into the realm of language:

11'05'13 The Orgasm Paradigm
"if sex is much more than penetration, the goal is much more than orgasming. in fact, the practice is the goal. which erases the goal completely!"

11'12'13 Oscar Wilde: "everything is about sex, except sex. sex is about power."

12'06'13 pinciotti: reclaim your mind, exactly. fuck all those plumbers of piety and every single opinion maker... every priest and every blogger. fuck! them! all!
and do it hard... but also gently!

12'05'13 Stanley Behrman: "the way we interpret what people say is determined by how we feel for them and not always by what was said."

11'27'13 Melli: "the thing is (and here's the clincher): I'm a whore who believes in love."

11'22'13 Melli: "my signature move is thinking I'm already at the destination when in reality I'm only still on the journey."

in a general sense, the human soul is pretty ambivalent. nevertheless, most don't play with words, they fight. day in, day out. it's like a big rhetoric fight club – the opposite of cruising symbiotically together.
communication à la Twitter works more indirectly, more subtle, more free-flowing. as if you wanted to mix your perspective with all the others and see how it works together. for you AND the others. Twitter is a true playground for language and opinions. and although you can block critical voices like a blogger, you can't really hide something or preach or establish any kind of mental fortress.

08'09'13 Moosstaccha: "I didn't mean to offend you. that was a bonus."

logic, the Trivium, rhetoric – no linguistics does include the feeling. they "have no idea" of lust or love, hate or disgust.
so far, the pure logic of language is blind to the romantic nature of the human soul. big mistake or political strategy? because this is unnatural. THIS is theoretical. you only can FEEL inspiration, not just think.

it's all about inspiration, you know. in every second, so to speak.
"The Shawshank Redemption" as best rated movie on is most of all about inspiration.
Loyola, of course, is inspirational too, but Jesuits aren't honest.

to clarify a conversation...

"I, respectfully, disagree wholeheartedly with your presented view on separation.
I know that I have separated the two, and can inform one with the other."

wholeheartedly – yes, of course. see above. so you have separated your "thinking world" from the "non- or not so much thinking world".

what I wanted to know from you when I was asking
where would you draw the line?
where ends your thinking world?
where do you see the horizon of your thinking world?
was: when you define or separate a thinking world then how would you describe the rest, the world outside of it?
because I think a lot of common categories are simply artificial. and therefore not useful.

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  1. There is lots of nice poetry in this talk.
    But the design is horrible.

    Natural DMT horrifies me. My common sense says, doing research to influencing the brain by poison may be interesting, but must be accompanied by healthy brain experiments like yoga or Buddhist tradition, in order to make such research fruitful in a spiritual sense. In that way health and sickness can both be researched. Best spiritual exercise that I know, is reading John Calvin with the respect he deserves. You may get attacked by folks that than call you "Calvinist" or other insults, but John Calvin puts the tail on the donkey in regards to popery. If you want to defeat the Jesuits, you will need to understand what Catholicism is. Jesuits are Catholics, even when they where expelled from 1773 to 1814, they are romanists, papists, Roman Catholics.
    Communism is popery.

    I am not sure how far you can bear truth, but being a human being means, that you are more evil than any demon, satan, more evil than Lucifer. Lucifer may even be innocent, because if no angel would have followed him, he would have not been able to pull off a rebellion. And if truth makes you fearful, there is something dishonest in you. Try to repair that.
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
    And I am not preaching that, I just tell you how it is. If you call truth "preaching", than you are accusing me falsely. I don't care whether you fear the Lord, although you may waste my time. I read your stuff because of my concerns over you and your children, I do not get shocked by brave common sense about medicine like DMT. The legal drugs are more dangerous than LSD or whatever, some even are clear poison designed to murder people.