Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Redeleted Retweets 29 August – 7 September 2014

08'29 lost in connotation

11'15'13 -pic* you misspelled 'useless' #INTJ

07'03 -pic* The social media prenup is for real ARTICLE WEBSITE 

08'24 -pic* Information alone is meaningless.
Need to create the connections for knowledge, and focus on key areas for wisdom.

08'25 I just need him to fall in love with me so I can decide if I like him or not.

08'26 The problem is that my soulmate would be smart enough to stay away from me.

08'07 @trutherbot I didn't find it that shocking only because Buddha said the same shit 2600 years ago.
Then Zeno said it better 2400 years ago

08'28 "Voting" within this fraudulent system empowers this fraudulent system... 
The UNITED STATES is a corporation not a Constitutional Republic

04'22 Do you think our kids refer to us as numbers like we do? For example: 43 is in the bathroom crying again.

08'29 Do other types really not experience these intense, all-consuming, paradigm-shifting emotions? #mbti #infj

08'30 @LisaEinSeattle It's crazy, and uncontrollable, and frustrating...

06'14 Ahhhh my mom just breathlessly talked at me for 3 hours straight! #drained
@AmandaRLeonard it took about a half hour to extricate myself. Now hiding in my bedroom.
@cnstantstranger my bathroom is my sanctuary.
@AmandaRLeonard I can only take so much before I just glaze over.

08'30 Cats are just really good ninja disguises. Pardon? Dogs? Dogs are dogs, don't be fucking stupid.

08'29 What say you #INFJ list? RT @davidrock101 "Why the Myers Briggs is totally meaningless" ARTICLE
@jfoster58 I've seen this before and it greatly annoys me. For starters, it's just a summary that relies heavily on @AdamMGrant's article.
@cnstantstranger I haven't done enough research to make a good judgment.
Just know Myers-Briggs was life-changing/affirming for me.
@jfoster58 I thought this was a good rebuttal to Grant's ARTICLE 
@cnstantstranger I was thinking along those lines. Important to separate self-awareness value and predictive value.
@cnstantstranger Had I relied on predictive power of MBTI I would not be happily partnered with an ISTP!
@inhumanbeings @cnstantstranger I think ability to appreciate difference is as important as compatibility by type.
@inhumanbeings Yes, I'm really skeptical of using MBTI to make hiring decisions, for example.
Terrible misuse based on narrow understanding.

08'30 Trying to convince myself that what makes me happy isn't necessarily right

08'31 Don't get me wrong, I have feelings, I just don't want to talk about them.
And they have to throttle me into admitting they're there.

08'31 The last time someone wanted to talk about feelings I shouted "look over there!"
And then hid behind my couch.

08'28 -pic* "The Best Way Out Is Always Through." Robert Frost #Quote #RoadLessTravelled

08'31 When I first came to Twitter I thought this is where they wrote the sayings for fortune cookies.

08'30 -pic* 3 of The Most Dangerous Half Truths in #Entrepreneurship ARTICLE via @smallbiztrends by @TimBerry

08'03 I dream about people I've never met. They seem to know me pretty well.

08'15 -pic* Sea otter/walrus snout derp.

06'04 @stuffshethought I do love to stomp faces... with a smile on mah face.

05'29 -pic* @77StephanieG77 ditto

08'20 I'm the manager of all things apparently.

02'12 Sorry I tried to breastfeed your husband.

11'04'13 It's like you aren't supposed to yell BORING when your kid is telling you about their day.

08'30 It puts my avi on it's TL or it gets the hose again.

06'15 Not sure who's the moth and who's the flame here.

05'30 It's not what you said, it's the way you said it...

07'28 -pic* "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled." #MarkTwain #quote

08'17 Plot twist: we start appreciating all the little shit we take for granted every day instead of being bitches about it.

08'31 I hear what you're saying. I just wish that I could feel it.

09'02 @lifessubatomic I think they need to be flogged first.

05'07 -pic* become one with nature

08'15 Has anyone ever asked a clam just how fucking happy it is?

09'02 I have realized over the last few months that I am more of an introvert than I thought.
I have strong hermit tendencies.

09'01 Person on stilts trips and falls into a fountain. Everyone rushes to help.
Me? I laughed until I cried. *going to hell*

09'01 In ancient Egypt exploration of the mysteries was no mere theoretical pursuit.
The story of the BLUE LOTUS 

09'02 @Graham__Hancock part of the problem is that alternative sites like these have kooky designs.
mainstream design will lend credibility

05'13'13 It's always a special moment when you see someone online insult someone by calling them a "looser".

09'02 feel your way home

08'29 -pic* my sweet baby angel pie

08'30 -pic* me at dawn and me at dusk

01'04 -pic* Cassie says "Leave me alone, I'm snacking..."

08'22 -pic* pumpkin seeds are always good to nibble

09'02 -pic* Relaxing with the boy.

06'06 -pic* #worldrecord #slackline walk by #Austria's Michael Kemeter

10'08'12 Austrian daredevil walks across French canyon with no safety rope #wtf ARTICLE 

08'31 @lifessubatomic someone should kick Greg in the vagina

09'01 Brain, why must you always imagine the extremes? #relax
09'01 @OutreDragon @lifessubatomic welcome to the EnneaType 6, where worst case scenarios are a normal daily component of the thought processes.
09'01 @lifessubatomic that's a good perspective. How we label something can really affect our perception of it.

08'31 -pic* 28 Amazing PHOTOS of Lighthouses via @brasonja @chinneolhungdim

07'12 -pic* mushroom variety at @markthalle9 #foodporn @and2611

09'03 The psychedelic experiments of the McKenna brothers ARTICLE 

08'18 -pic* plenty of people supporting Baphomet statue as $28,000 was raised, surpassing goal by $8,000 ARTICLE 

08'30 -pic* Visit our online shop LATEX KLEDING and have fun

09'04 @lifessubatomic I miss the way I used to feel about love, but I think I'm more realistic now.

07'21 -pic* @hotlatexbabe Gorgeous grey. Amazing

09'02 @shadow_abyss @BhaINFJaan it seems like with astrology people tend to pick out the parts that apply to them and ignore the rest, no?

08'23 -pic* Stunning: 28 Magical Paths Begging to be Walked PHOTOS #travel #wanderlust

09'03 People who say they don't need anyone's approval are usually the ones that need it the most.

08'26 -pic* Meanwhile in Japan RT @nippon_en: Spotted on a Chiba Prefecture expressway

08'29 -pic* Incredible photo of Mount Tavurvur erupting in Papua New Guinea today (Oliver Bluett/AFP)

09'05 @cosmopinciotti that was quite an intriguing read. In my youth I had extensive experience with psychedelics. They changed me for the better.

09'05 You are disgorging intertwining leitmotifs throughout my dreams... how can I possibly find it stimulating to awaken from my mystical realm.

09'06 -pic* @MeetAnimals @kimwilliamz Do they all have the same in mind?

08'31 People who don't believe in Purgatory have never been on a church committee.

07'16 -pic* Nailed it.
07'05 -pic* Nailed it.
04'01 -pic* Nailed it.
02'26 -pic* Nailed it

08'27 It's not true at all, but it's satisfying

02'20 -pic* best tips to get JACKED

07'29 I love getting used for my vagina

08'30 -pic* As It Is In Heaven (2004)

08'29 -pic* This is the Most Dangerous Trail on Earth. Where Does It Lead WEBSITE 

09'04 -pic* It's all a matter of perspective

04'22 -pic* "@crooked_jess: @EllenPage feel free to rename my dog!" Curtis!

04'22 I love renaming my friends dogs like a total jerk.

08'31 "This is one of the most important books I have ever had in my possession." Jordan Maxwell BOOK 

08'29 You know how I know I'm watching a good show? They introduce a sexy priest.

04'13'13 I'm at my parenting best when I randomly yell out "be careful!" every few minutes without looking up from my phone.

08'27 The best part of being passive aggressive is well, you're smart, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

02'26 Julian Wash: Architects of Society and the Power of Division BLOG POST 

08'05 Jordan Maxwell VIDEO "Important Mushrooms"

08'31 Jordan Maxwell – Books The Church DOES NOT Want You To Read VIDEO 

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