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Redeleted Retweets 28 – 30 September 2014

04'18'13 -pic* preview #Cooked: some stinky cheese...

04'17'13 -pic* quote from #Cooked: "The microwave oven is as antisocial as the cook fire is communal."

09'10 They never put the amount of regret on the nutrition label.

10'04'12 @jacqui @ejacqui I'm still waiting for life to STOP feeling like an episode of Twin Peaks.

09'11 Fuck. PHOTO -CHECK-

09'19 Watch Twin Peaks with me and touch my butt so I know it's real.

09'28 Sometimes I wanna create brilliant works of art, and other times I just wanna draw dicks on things.

07'31 -pic* Boise's Twin Peaks newest Hostess, yours truly.

09'17 -pic* Cooper and Diane

08'03 -pic* Join us as we examine the mammoth Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Blu-ray Collection

09'26 Spanish Fashion Label Designs Twin Peaks Clothing for the Audrey Hornes and Laura Palmers of Today

09'28 A damn fine interview with Sherily Fenn, and damn fine comments from the appreciative crowd. INTERVIEW 

08'02 -pic* Miss Chriss
08'29 -pic* Miss Chriss

09'28 -pic* #OccupyCentral begins in Hong Kong ARTICLE 

06'02'12 Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio talks to Neil Kramer about his new book The Unfoldment

07'02'12 Ted Torbich talks to Neil Kramer on The Stench of Truth radio show, part of the Inception Radio Network

09'29'12 Neil Kramer talks to Greg Moffitt, independent journalist and host of Legalise Freedom Radio

11'20'12 Henry James Borys talks to Neil Kramer on Mind Matters Radio

04'17'13 Thatcher – Agent of the Unreal: When a prominent public figure bites the bullet, the corporate media is not in the business of providing truthful reflections of their life...  WEBSITE 

09'27'13 The Journey of Divine Will: Neil Kramer talks to Henrik Palmgren, host of Red Ice Radio.

11'19'13 Cult Of The God-Men: "For 237 years, there has been a determined campaign to reign in the unruly experimental republic of the USA. The second term of President Obama is 100% about implementing an extraordinary new phase of this grand maneuver." ARTICLE

09'23 -pic* fear---ignorance---hate

08'12 Quantum Mechanics Reveals How We Are All Truly Connected

08'18 "The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish." Terence McKenna PHOTO 

02'17'13 "Unexamined cultural values and limitations of language have made us unwitting prisoners of our own assumptions." Terence McKenna

02'21'13 "We have the money, the power, the medical understanding, the scientific know-how, the love and the community to produce a kind of human paradise. But we are led by the least among us. The least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us, and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons." Terence McKenna

11'30 "Ego is a structure that is erected by a neurotic individual who is a member of a neurotic culture against the facts of the matter. And culture, which we put on like an overcoat, is the collectivized consensus about what sort of neurotic behaviors are acceptable." Terence McKenna

05'01'13 "Personal Empowerment means deconditioning yourself from the values and the programs of the society and putting your own values and programs in place." Terence McKenna

06'14'13 "Culture is a perversion. It fetishizes objects, creates consumer mania, it preaches endless forms of false happiness, endless forms of false understanding in the form of squirrelly religions and silly cults. It invites people to diminish themselves and dehumanize themselves by behaving like machines." Terence McKenna

09'17 "We tend to disempower ourselves. We tend to believe that we don't matter. And in the act of taking that idea to ourselves we give everything away to somebody else, to something else." Terence McKenna PHOTO

02'06 Opaque Lens talks to Neil Kramer on Shamanic Freedom Radio

07'18 Roots of Hidden Reality. Neil Kramer talks to Mel Fabregas, host of Veritas Radio.

09'08 Neil Kramer – Guerrilla Psychonautics. Full Presentation VIDEO 

09'27 -pic* girl bites lion

09'27 Shout out to people who quietly enjoy my web presence.

09'27  Any moment I don't have a notification on Twitter or Facebook is a failure.

09'27 I'm not sure if I've lost weight or gained weight but I look GREAT.

09'24 @HEELZiggler @RealTenaciousD You are the greatest person ever and I will write you an anthem anytime you want.

09'14 Why put anything in your body you're not totally crazy about?

08'03 I just left a party because I missed my phone.

09'14 -pic* This Halloween, I promise I will be a little more creative with my pumpkin designs!

08'04 -pic* Gusting solar winds and blasts of charged particles from the sun give us this amazing spectacle of lights.

08'02 -pic* The constellation Sagittarius glows at the left, with Scorpios on the right. Stunning!

12'24 If Michael Cera doesn't start a t-shirt company just so he could have the slogan "Try Cera Tops" well, then he's an asshole.

09'29 @AnnieCatten I was called a Cracker by a Twinkie tonight.

I don't care about football. 09'30 @Maineshvlbum and it can suck my dick.

09'29 Them: I don't understand how your mind works.
Me: don't try too hard. You'll just hurt yourself.

09'28 If you feel a strange tingle that's me thinking about biting you.

09'30 People who think they're important and therefore deserve my attention usually end up very disappointed.

07'26'13 Ken Robinson: How To Change Education – From The Ground Up VIDEO 

03'25 -pic* RT @jabucky92: "Best book I ever read. This has been the adventure I needed."
thank you. delighted to know that. Ken Robinson: The Element – How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

06'18 -pic* RT @andyvanweele: "What an amazing read!" #edchat #creativity
thank you. delighted you think so. Ken Robinson: Out Of Our Minds – Learning To Be Creative

04'10 -pic* "You cannot improve education by alienating the profession that carries it out."
@SirKenRobinson @CurtisCFEE @joe_bower So so true. So what next?

06'13 -pic* RT @AbundantLion: "Finding Your Element trade paperback is hitting national bestsellers lists" Thanks for news. Ken Robinson: Finding Your Element – How To Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life

12'07 Check out my Size Matters Twisted Triplets Nipple and Clit Suckers Review

09'25 -pic* a total must for next cling wrap scene

08'30 -pic* my first cozy experience in the #VacBed

09'30 I'm not trying to undress the innuendos.

09'30 Jesuits' history shows trust in God amid trials, Pope Francis says

09'30 First woman appointed to a Vatican congregation joyful

08'17 -pic* Chaplin with Einstein

09'28 Think I'll totally disengage from Western "news" cycle. Layers upon layers of propaganda has become too absurd.

12'08 @BridgetPhetasy the trouble with meditation is that it's too much like sitting around doing nothing

09'28 -pic* fire nymph

09'23 -pic* miss you babes so much

09'20 Dirty talk is important. LEARN IT!!!

09'20 @Lypiphera_ Or a big hard cock. I mean, whatever, I'm not fussy.

09'20 It won't be the first or last time I humiliate my mother!

09'27 Your standards for strangers on the internet are too high.

09'25 Some of you take everything *way* to seriously.

09'26 I dreamed that @WryGuy77 seductively stripped me in front of everyone at the party.

09'23 you might be his reality, but I'm his fantasy

03'01'13 This is a fun game of let's get to know each other but not enough to be vulnerable.

09'27 I'm a debater. Forming an argument, backing it up with proof and facts and presenting it is fun.

09'27 @nymphspoly I appreciate you standing up for all of us poly people.
I don’t have the stomach to argue with bigots on Twitter.

09'27 I'm in a feisty mood tonight. You better watch out trolls, I'm coming for you.

09'27 @RyanMGasaway It isn't promiscuous sex. You are wrong again. I don't sleep with just anyone. I have sex with people I have a deep connection with and am typically in a relationship with. So again, you are wrong.

09'27 @kulturkampf33 Hardly. My husband is a introvert. My boyfriend is a middle ground type. And my lover is a severe quiet introvert. different personalities, different people help to contribute to my growth and me to theirs.

09'27 @kulturkampf33 If someone is that important to you, you find time. I am a college student full-time, work part time, have a husband, a BF, a lover, friends and family. And still time time for myself. You figure out what is important in your life. And not everybody wants or needs 100% attention all of the time.

09'23 "The starting point of all achievement is desire. Weak desire brings weak results." -Napoleon Hill

09'26 Kafka: Follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.

07'14'13 I swear, I just died #dead #funny #text #iphone #vagina #cult #sad PHOTO

07'21 -pic* Monday (coffee beans)

07'27 -pic* do work (bee)

08'01 -pic* blackberrying

08'03 -pic* made from scratch

08'08 -pic* I love agave

09'11 -pic* One bite, and all your dreams will come true.

09'01 -pic* Today's our 6th wedding anniversary!

07'11 -pic* Sunflowers are starting to bloom!

09'17 -pic* Time machine tune, earth angel.

09'07 Nola woke my mom up hysterically crying "They're all burning, the plane!"
The next day Chicago Flight 191 burst into flames, worst US crash.

09'30 The propaganda I'm seeing from the powers that be is mind boggling. They need new scripts.

09'06 I would have been burned at the stake.

09'10 Petrichor – the scent of rain on dry soil, it's all very scientific.

09'29 cosmic cellular connection

09'27 -pic* fawn and cat smooching

06'14 -pic* The Rain Falling Reminds Me Of You Because It's falling Hard And I'm Too

09'26 @cnstantstranger You're good at it, too. I've only caught you once.

09'12 Finally getting to read Quigley's Tragedy And Hope! WEBSITE

09'24 There is a kind of security in mediocrity.

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