Thursday, 9 October 2014

Redeleted Retweets 20 – 23 September 2014

09'20 -pic* fighting lions

09'20 -pic* divine elephants

09'07 The German word kummerspeck means 'weight gained from emotional eating'.
Literal translation: grief bacon. Twitter needs to change its name.

09'20 -pic* We all need good roots :-)) El Tardon, Seville, Spain PHOTO 

09'13 -pic* There is a special #BEAUTY in decay.
Empty but still remembering the past abandoned palace #Poland by Pati Makowska

09'18 -pic* Sometimes a paw and a lick is all you need. #LOVE #COMFORT

08'29 -pic* "@spacep0rn: NASA captures a picture of Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupting from space."
looks like icecream to me

09'20 -pic* If the doors of perception were cleansed... #WilliamBlake

09'20 "Many people think that Congress regulates Wall Street, but in fact it is Wall Street that regulates Congress." Bernie Sanders

12'29'13 And then I was like, "whatever bitches"... and the bitches whatevered.

07'27 @Petote funniest shit ever

09'17 -pic* oo() @GangsterFeels The type of flowers your girl really wants when it's a special occasion. ()oo

09'19 -pic* daily shit

09'10 -pic* @HappyCampersTHC best grinder

09'18 -pic* Alyssa Bong Goddess Selfie

09'11 -pic* @JheneAiko: #SouledOut so beautiful

09'17 -pic* Wait a minute... "@LosBeOnIt: What dumb bitch created this stupid ass shit?!"

09'18 -pic* a best friend like...

09'10 What kind of God would let The Beatles end and the Stones go on, Nirvana end and Pearl Jam go on, Bill Hicks die and Ralphie May go on?

09'17 -pic* I'm cold. Carry me!

09'02 I'm tired of being told to keep my #atheism to myself.
Religion shapes opinions, people vote, those votes affect me. #atheist #jesusislord

09'25 -pic* Tommy Chong

09'17 Lava creatures in my magmatic tummy

09'18 How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you.

02'20 Robin Ince's awesome ARTICLE about Bill Hicks really gets to the heart of his appeal as a performer from the comics... 

04'11 American – The Bill Hicks Story

09'10 Comedian Bill Hicks on what freedom of speech really means – his remarkable LETTER to a priest 

09'03 The daily routines of famous writers ARTICLE 

03'24 An artist's impression... Hicks, Carlin, and mushrooms DRAWING

09'16 "The war on drugs is so obviously phoney. It's a war against our civil rights, that's all it is." Bill Hicks

09'08 I'm a big fan of Twitter. It means I no longer have to go for a walk if I want a stranger to call me a cunt.

08'12 The world just got a lot less funny. Robin Williams is a tragic loss.

07'09 Germany was less terrifying in 1940. #WorldCup2014

03'03'11 I'm Bill Hicks and I'm dead now.

09'18 -pic* -bill hicks (about how drugs shape a culture)

07'18 -pic* "I'm glad mushrooms are against the law..." #BillHicks

05'21 -pic* the intelligence of the heart  #BillHicks #quote

12'16'12 Amelia Earhart on marriage – brilliant, liberal-for-its-time LETTER circa 1931 

03'15 How love works – Stendhal's fascinating 1822 model of "crystallization" and the seven stages of love ARTICLE 

09'19 John Dewey on the True Purpose of Education and How to Harness the Power of Natural Curiosity ARTICLE 

09'03 How To Be Alone: An Antidote to One of the Central Anxieties and Greatest Paradoxes of Our Time
ARTICLE "We live in a society which sees high self-esteem as a proof of well-being, but we do not want to be intimate with this admirable and desirable person." 

09'16 Hannah Arendt, the first woman to deliver a Gifford Lecture, on truth vs. meaning ARTICLE 

09'18 @brainpicker I actually love you.

09'18 "A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us."
Kafka on what reading does for the soul ARTICLE 

05'03 "The ego is this strange transference of loyalty from the group to the self, the individual body." #McKenna

01'13 "Psilocybin is a pharmacological tool that helps people recognize how it feels to embody the present moment." Roland Griffiths #podcast 385

05'07 "The moment is where we spend most of our time." Terence #McKenna
PODCAST 399 from The Psychedelic Salon 'We Are At The Cutting Edge'

12'14'13 "Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give to an American." – Edward Snowden

11'17'13 "You do not measure the depth of a universal mystery with the neural network of a primate." #TerenceMcKenna

10'30'13 Anarchy Is Order Without Power BLOG ENTRY 

10'14'13 "Television is not reality. Television is the cultural myth about reality." Terence McKenna

09'30'13 "Clearly, what is happening, I think, is there is a kind of global emergence of a new mental order." #TerenceMcKenna PODCAST 

03'11 Jimmy Carter: America no longer has a functioning democracy ARTICLE 

09'08'13 The American people have suffered a coup d'etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge it. BLOG ENTRY 

08'30'13 "In a sense, sexuality is the built-in psychedelic experience that only a very few people manage to evade." Terence McKenna

09'05'13 "What is always left out of descriptions of the psychedelic state, the deep psychedelic state, is how weird it is." Terence McKenna

08'31'13 "One of the core elements of this psychedelic thing is freedom, on the broadest scale." Terence McKenna

09'19 Imagine a world in which schools actually teach kids how to think.

09'18 -pic* New dress... Needs to be taken in by at least two inches at the waist.

09'20 I may be as hot as fuck and a little wild but *whispers* I'm kinda a huge nerd.

07'04 "I usually solve problems by letting them devour me." Franz Kafka

09'20 Ever feel like you are in slow motion while you watch people move around you laughing and loving?
One of the most heartbreaking experiences.

09'20 Until you recognize the truth, you will never be able to let go of the lies.

01'15 As an adult who's been through a few things, I've found that learning is as much about unlearning as it is about anything else...

09'17 When my 5 yo little girl asked why Daddy treats me like that with tears in her eyes, I knew I had to leave. #WhyILeft

09'17 He convinced me if I didn't go to the hospital it wasn't abuse. He told me he knew where the line was and stayed just below it. #WhyIStayed

09'09 #WhyIStayed: Kept telling myself if he didn't hit me, it wasn't abuse.
#WhyILeft: Learned I didn't have to get beaten to fear for my life.

09'10 #WhyIStayed At least there was no physical abuse.
And hard to recognize emotional abuse when it's your "normal".

08'13 My wife's a bit of a sex object. I ask for sex, she objects.

05'24'13 There's way more than 140 characters here on Twitter! Just sayin!

12'02'13 "Outlandish things are going on inside the psychedelic experience." #TerenceMcKenna

11'19'13 "A Psychedelic Point of View" new #TerenceMcKenna PODCAST 

09'04 Trying to be funny when all you want to do is matter.

06'02'13 If there's a wrong way, I'll find it.

02'12 I think I'm more afraid of the regret I'd feel by not saying what I want than by potentially being inappropriate.

09'20 WOW, we really Are fucked!
RT @disinfo Scientists Turn to Pope Francis and World's Religions to Save the Planet ARTICLE 

09'03 The Doublespeak Dictionary VIDEO 

09'08 -pic* @1Marchella @Rothbardian1627 This one also makes a concrete statement (on the actual monetary decay)

09'17 I'm embarrassed I campaigned so hard for Kerry in 2004, but it was before I woke up to the emotional blackmail sham of the two-party system.

09'11 #NeverForget911 FBI Whistleblower: Pentagon, CIA, NATO and MI6 Were Masterminds Behind 9/11 ARTICLE 

09'15 The Lone Gladio. Here is another in-depth REVIEW by someone who obviously 'knows' his 'stuff'. 

09'15 One of my favorite REVIEWs of 'The Lone Gladio' (Thank you Pearse!) 

09'14 It was a great pleasure to be interviewed by my partner and favorite host Guillermo Jimenez on The Lone Gladio PODCAST 

09'11 Ex-FBI Language Specialist @sibeledmonds tells Lew Rockwell about the secret crimes of the U.S. empire. VIDEO 

09'13 The Deep State Factionalized: REVIEW of Sibel Edmonds Book The Lone Gladio by Cindy Sheehan

09'15 #MustRead: The 2001 #Anthrax Deception @sibeledmonds ARTICLE 

09'10 -pic* "The U.S. spends more on defense than the next eight countries combined." War is Big Business. #StopWar

09'15 -pic* BREAKING: #netneutrality activists park a truck with giant video billboard outside the @FCC ARTICLE 

09'14 -pic* Amazing pics from #Barcelona. Where estimated 1.8 million people protested for independence #Catalonia

09'14 -pic* From #Egypt to #Palestine to #Ferguson, U.S. made tear gas, sold on the Almighty "Free" Market, represses democracy.

09'18 The Rise of the Barbarians and Why the United States Has Lost All Credibility ARTICLE 

09'17 My 13 year old is holed up in his room, listening to Nirvana.
Remember when your parents said "I hope you have a kid just like you!"? Yeah.

09'16 the secret street where tattoos come alive

09'16 -pic* this brilliant cartoon by @INFJoe #INFJ #MBTI
"The manual weighs more than the kid. I'm NOT delivering BOTH!"

09'05 @KristinKling Being opposed is not the same as hating.

09'13 Rush Limbaugh is seriously one of the most absolutely horrifyingly disgusting creatures on this planet.

09'19 When I say I'm misunderstood I am not looking for sympathies.
What I mean is that I feel existentially alone with few to relate to. #INFJ

09'08 @antifempsycho You know in Sweden being a feminist is the norm.
Most MEN here are feminists, because they know the FACTS.

05'27 I silently mouth the words "what the fuck?" at least 20 times a day.

09'03 There are days I wish my brain was as quick as my emotions.

09'18 -pic* House Votes Overwhelmingly to Audit the Federal Reserve ARTICLE  #EndTheFed #FederalReserve

09'12 -pic* Weird, what happened to that Senator who promised to end wars and stop illegal wiretapping if elected.

04'23 -pic* Jim Carrey with a big smile at the White House

09'22 @cosmopinciotti Well done, no TV in my home too... and you are right... you are right VIDEO 

09'11 Violence is not the answer. War is not the answer. Total instantaneous vaporization of the entire human race, THAT'S the answer.

07'15 -pic* The Trinity of Globalist Control

09'21 -pic* The ONLY way to "fix" DC #politics is to opt out en masse – in other words, withdrawing consent from a rigged game!

09'04 -pic* The truest stories are written in the depth of the eyes.

12'20'12 Some of my best friends are words on a screen.

09'03 The squirrels are quiet today. Too quiet.

09'09 The cult of the State is the biggest in the world. Meets all the criteria of a cult.

09'09 @FearDept Am I the only one that fears the US government more than ISIS?

09'08 -pic* #Munich Library Now Offers Free #Ubuntu 12.04 CDs for People with Windows Systems

09'22 @MrsCatCrawfield @Sexyskeptic So, a believer tries to impose a law over me, based on fiction, and I'm supposed to be quiet? Fuck you.

09'22 @MrsCatCrawfield No. It cannot. We have politicians writing laws based on it and fighting wars for it.

09'22 @cosmopinciotti Of course it's not necessary but it's human proclivity to cling to bliss.
Acceptance of impermanence is a lifelong pursuit.

09'22 @KimYim The intense moments have to be limited in order to maintain balance.

08'23 Some people make my brain hurt.

06'28 I love people that get offended on Twitter. They sort of make it all worth it.

08'20 Yes, I secretly judge you by which of my tweets you retweet.

09'22 #EmmaWatson inspiring UN-speech on the importance of #Feminism. please watch #YesAllWomen ARTICLE 

03'18 A must read for all INFJs. @infj_problems @hspinfj @INFJProblems ARTICLE

02'09 "As an atheist, I am angry that we live in a society in which the plain truth cannot be spoken without offending 90% of the population."

09'11 -pic* full body latex suit, red

09'22 -pic* Parisian Chic #tight #shiny #latex #rubber #erotic #sensual #exotic #fetish

09'19 -pic* I have had enough too. #atheist

09'23 -pic* RT @cnni: Could "magic mushrooms" treat depression? ARTICLE Leading scientists think so.

09'21 -pic* This week in technology. Full references here: PHOTO 

09'19 In the U.S. charities are only obliged to give away 1% of the money that people donate, they can do whatever they want with the other 99%.

05'23 @OutreDragon @BhaINFJaan #tactfuldragon

05'22 @OutreDragon Right, how many times do I have to say "Mmmhmm" before you get the message that I don't care?

05'22 My idealistic heart sighed with longing and recognition when I READ THIS 

09'05 -pic* THAT'S A Nice Ass!

08'27 -pic* latex enthusiasm

09'22 -pic* sexy freckled #redhead

05'21 For all my fellow romantics: "The crush reveals how willing we are to allow details to suggest a whole." ARTICLE 

09'17 -pic* Alabaster Girl

09'23 Hold what you love with an open hand. #remindertoself

09'23 Do not obsess... do not obsess... #repeat

09'13 Most Critical Writing Is Drivel ARTICLE 

09'20 Assange: Google has revolving doors with State Dept VIDEO 

09'22 I'll never push my beliefs on to anyone.
But if you throw your beliefs in my face and won't shut up, I'll defend my beliefs and will win.

08'06 @MichelleMadow I don't think it's a barrier. I think it's just a more shallow version of connection.

08'06 @MichelleMadow But that doesn't make it a barrier. Sometimes small talk can lead to deeper topics.

06'08 @MichelleMadow I totally understand what you mean by deeper connection.
I'm trying to figure out how to quantify this.

09'22 -pic* "This is an Islamic organization about as much as this is a Christian organization."

09'21 What if life is a dream and death wakes us up?

09'23 Have we forgotten what "science" really is? ARTICLE 

09'22 Awakening Sexual Intelligence – Dispatch 5 of #rewildyourself live! Check it out: ARTICLE 

09'22 When Brian Williams does this, we'll be getting somewhere. ARTICLE

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