Thursday, 30 October 2014

Redeleted Retweets 1 – 3 October 2014

09'20 #jesuit Tom Finlay (1848-1940) congratulated by James Connolly on his understanding of Marx

09'20 #jesuit Tom Finlay 'probably the most universally respected man in Ireland'

09'20 #jesuit Tom Finlay produced publications like #studies to 'change the system from within'

09'29 -pic* determination in light blue

09'26 MT @Crux #Jesuit @JamesMartinSJ on the attraction of Jesus and Francis ARTICLE 

09'22 RT @KenHomanSJ Some of the Jesuits at the #PeopleClimateMarch. People of faith for #ClimateJustice!

09'29 -pic* naked behind thin veil

09'29 -pic* flexible blonde in black latex

10'01 Inventor of the World Wide Web Pushes for Internet Bill of Rights ARTICLE 

11'20 -pic* I Love His Confident Demeanour

01'24 -pic* laughing girl with jizz on her face

07'06 -pic* I am the luckiest Mum in the world to have such sassy brats.

09'29 I relived my first week of college to see if students have changed

09'03 *photoshops my face on nudes of Jennifer Lawrence*

09'25 -pic* anyone can have the body, it's the mental connection

09'24 -pic* @LapsedSaint you have a way with words

09'21 -pic* bound in #leather

09'21 -pic* my balance is off along with my mood

09'21 -pic* there's that skinny girl again sitting the other way round

09'30 -pic* the next fire nymph

07'02'13 I don't know, you guys. Clusterfuck sounds pretty hot to me.

10'01 -pic* yellow mushroom
@lifessubatomic did he follow you, this little, yellow fucker? (yes, all funghi are masculine, for your information)
10'02 @lifessubatomic I actually thought of you when I was adding them.

10'02 -pic* nice men tattoo

10'02 I'm tongue fucking warm chocolate chip cookies right now... just saying.

11'23'13 my meal earlier today. fit for a #goddess

10'02 -pic* @redzillart I'm 3

10'02 Reading about logical fallacies. I have so much to learn...

10'01 Existential meltdown time.

09'30 I'm just here to fuck with your thought bubble

10'01 I'll be impressed when your dick can write in cursive.

09'28 It's the strangest thing, to feel the weight of this sadness and not know why, or where it's coming from.
I was just happy a second ago...

09'26 -pic* Give me your PIN number little piggies!

09'28 -pic* Don't fucking tweet me unless you have sent tribute! Idiots!

07'29 -pic* Contrails my ass. #contrails #contrailsmyass #chemtrails

08'31 -pic* #contrailsmyass #chemtrails

09'09 -pic* #obviousasfuck #chemtrails

09'15 -pic* Virginia #chemtrails. #fakeclouds #sprayedonweather

09'30 -pic* @Tayoneo1234 Hahahaha, no. Not at all.

10'01 -pic* WUT

09'29 -pic* Giraffes are beautiful

09'27 -pic* Need I say more?

08'26 -pic* RT if you know you're in trouble #assworship #heelfetish #FemDom

09'11 We cannot trust in our own strength, but only in Jesus and in his mercy.

09'06 Jesus is the Good Shepherd. 
He seeks us out and he stays near us even though we are sinners, indeed because we are sinners.

09'02 The Christian who does not feel that the Virgin Mary is his or her mother is an orphan.

09'28 Reminder for those losing at winning my attention: I am attracted to shiny objects. #findom

09'14 @jennywantsugar may I pay

06'25 @GiovanniMiche16 Because I've fucked with your brain so much your somatosensory cortex is bewildered. #psychological #underfoot

06'25 @slavetofeet2 My feet are independent necromancers.

10'02 Stupid little losers ALWAYS come crawling back with their tail between their legs! #iamthebest #comebackformore

06'08 The Mistress withdraws, yet the ticking of your atomic clock still resonates.
Distance does not negate #underfoot.

06'16 -pic* It's called "Financial Domination". Want to play?

06'19 @SirLukeWagstaff Scars are merely evidence of a good time.

06'19 @SirLukeWagstaff Only a more permanent memento.

05'18 -pic* time for Sunday brunch #mistress #findom
@TheMistressVee sheer perfection. the lithe and svelte frame, impeccably dressed, that contains a Tigress
@Cuck4Snowbunny Indeed.
@TheMistressVee thanks for showing us a little of the bottoms of Your shoes, Ma'am
@Jpfootslave You know what you would be doing...
@TheMistressVee my mind wanders so many possibilities, Ma'am...
@Jpfootslave Well, walking all over you would be the first order of business, leaving a trail of heel prints... PHOTO

05'11 -pic* Oh, the flattery. Let's replace the words with something tangible, i.e. cash.

10'01 I am your unrequited love. #mistress

09'27 @SugarKovalczyk I agree. Qualities often associated with patriarchy are not all negative.

09'27 @BCbob11 "In appreciation of your treatise on the governance and subjugation of the submissive male."
You're welcome. #domina

08'01'14 -pic* @vic_toria813 you know me so well!!

10'03 Never run away from your problems, unless your problems are overweight security guards who just caught you shoplifting.

10'03 If you don't stop giving me ultimatums, we're finished.

10'03 If I could choose, being eaten by lions while David Attenborough narrates would be my ideal way to go.

10'03 "Life is a flower of which love is the honey." Victor Hugo

10'03 I love people. I think that's hateful enough.

09'12 "9/11" was terrible, but I think the truth about it is even worse.

10'02 -pic* me n u

10'03 -pic* @qixdoxobxip coffee cat

10'03 @lifessubatomic You have no idea what this does to the muscle fibers of my heart.

10'03 -pic* An albino lion enjoying a smooch.

10'03 @adamrensch Thom Yorke?

10'02 I don't like being so busy. Too broke for that shit.

09'12 When I hear people say they still think 9/11 was done by a foreign enemy, I shake my head. 
The truth is so clear and so easily obtainable. 
@LOLMaddy yeah, criminal cases are legend. Sherlock etc. the TV's full of it, day in, day out.
but "9/11" isn't a conspiracy @heatherjayy23
10'03 @cosmopinciotti @heatherjayy23 lol cause I care to listen to someone who's picture is a mushroom

09'07 -pic* the sun with sun glasses

10'01 -pic* Raw Cucumber Avocado Sushi

09'29 -pic* Broccoli-Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms

09'29 -pic* Sushi

10'03 You can't just add "but for your penis" to a word and call it a fucking joke.

01'26 -pic* angles

01'25 I don't like being told what to do, unless I'm naked.

10'01 -pic* random pic... to make you feel all slavey and stuff #FemDom #Stockings #Legs #Boobs #FemaleDomination

09'26 -pic* Lovely weather today in England... got to sun my bum a bit again... between doing naughty things

09'30 Can't help but admire the creative kinky mind of @MistressTdotnet. She is absolutely brilliant!!!

11'14'12 Woah. That's weird. Someone actually told the truth for once. How do I deal with this!?

09'11 If I was a victim of 9/11, would I find it more disrespectful to my memory, that people seek the truth, or that people buy the lies?

10'03 @Stanky_Pickles LMFAO! Paxton made him a card when he was 5 that said "happy birthday Clit!"

09'07 @hackneywick1 basically right but people love to believe in many fundamental things that are just cultural phantasms really... @Consensus911

08'31 @natalietran give me five hours

10'03 Peter Russell on Consciousness: The Global Brain (1983) VIDEO 

09'27 -pic* the sweet diaphanous Dani at sixteen

08'16 -pic* My Swiss colleague and I drive off into the sunset in search of urolagnic, mycopedophiliological truth. BOOK Mushrooms and Mankind. The Impact of Mushrooms on Human Consciousness and Religion

09'30 Lizard tongues everywhere

09'30 Skeleton angel on a blood planet Skeleton angel on a blood planet

09'30 One of these days and it won't be long, you'll look for me, but baby I'll be gone...

09'29 @nyctogenesis the only eternal thing are words

10'03 @carli_pi @DanielleJanof tenderest Fupasmooch on the subject 'How would you describe a cocknitive connection?'
10'03 @cosmopinciotti @carli_pi You are my favorites. It is as if a sex hex. Venereal from comely men, though. Electric mystery and we are magic.
@DanielleJanof you're half my age but at least 3 times more magical than me in terms of poetic talent, Gaara girl. what a pleasure @carli_pi

09'28 A compass for my feelings.

09'28 I love the night air

09'28 Will thou excuse me? I'm merely going to rip my heart out, throw it into the stars, and catch it on a spear.

09'27 I want to work out in the sky.

09'02 I love my wife 100%, but if she ever laughs at the Southwest flight attendant's pre-flight safety announcement jokes, this thing is over.

08'08 There are people out there attracted to women who eat peanut butter out of the jar while editing youtube videos, right? RIGHT?

09'30 I'm so happy for George Clooney. I thought he'd never recover from our breakup.

08'23 You don't choose who you fall in love with...but I usually fall in love with rich people. #love 

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