Sunday, 1 December 2013

I love going to bed smelling like fire

03'08'13 Kendra's daughter: "there's more to my life than cheap, fake romance. I want the real deal"

03'14'13 Jeff Zander: "Kendra, if I were to ever have a kid I would want you to be involved in their lives. you are such an awesome inspiration!"
Kendra: "that is seriously the nicest compliment I have ever received! thank you! working on a parenting post now..."

03'15'13 Kendra: "I was at a conference one time and I met a kind, powerful man. later I sat behind him and noticed his barely visible hearing aids. not sure why, but his subtle, peekaboo hearing aids made me more intrigued/interested in him."

03'16'13 Kendra: "I love my life."

03'19'13 Kendra: "I love to..." [Hop on Pop]

03'23'13 Kendra: "I think my friend @piecesofjade is calling my gang bang VANILLA. hmpf!"

11'28'13 Kendra: "Jade and I are sluts – that's how we roll. a slut = a person who is in touch with their sexuality."

03'26'13 Kendra: "are men who pay for sex normal, or weird?"

03'26'13 Kendra: "I say men who pay for sex are as normal as the people who pay for massage, psychics, chiropractors, acupuncture, etc."

03'26'13 Kendra: "prostitution is a therapeutic or entertainment service! not a big deal."

03'28'13 Kendra: "In the meantime, read this guest post I wrote about how we can overcome our sex-negative culture."

04'13'13 Kendra: "I have a dirty imagination and I'm not afraid to use it."

04'16'13 Kendra: "@ChrisRyanPhD is one of my Top Sex-Positive Recommendations!"

04'18'13 Kendra: "submissive men tend to try wasting my time. Instead of adding value, they drain energy. here is my gripe with them."

04'19'13 Kendra: "9 out of 10 sub men I have encountered attempt to suck my time and energy. I'd rather be energized than depleted."

05'27'13 Kendra: "this tumblr featuring review excerpts by men who use sex workers is chilling. read at your own risk."

05'28'13 Kendra: "our society is rigged for failure. we need to restructure, make big changes, reprioritize. clearly, status quo is not working."

06'04'13 Kendra: "This is what I've been telling you – when it comes to sex, women can be just as animalistic as men."

11'27'13 Kendra: "we replaced the fear with love. and now I can suck dick proper again!"

06'13'13 Kendra: "a peek into our open relationship – it's complicated. oh, not really."

06'02'13 Stormy: "woah – when did Playboy start doing this?! MT @TBK365 Is Playboy magazine designed for 12-year-old boys who find them?"
Kendra: "No Vulva for You!"
06'02'13 Molly Moore @TBK365) "just saw your post about Playboy. don't know if you've seen this but exactly what you are saying in your post."

06'10'13 Kendra: "so do you think I should swallow everyone's cum and have anal sex with everyone in order to empower them?"

06'17'13 Christopher Ryan: "the mainstream embrace of polyamory continues. feels like the 'traditional heterosexual monogamy' levee has been breached..."

06'11'13 Kendra: "sigh. I'll never understand why some people think grownups shouldn't have toys. or enlightenment, for that matter."

06'12'13 Kendra: "hell yes! but not in the eye. that cum-in-the-eye porn makes me squeamish!"

06'13'13 Kendra: "ha, you are funny. anal is only something I engage in every once in a while. I have to trust the person."

06'15'13 Kendra: "I finally watched Game of Thrones in bondage. it made it even better!"

06'18'13 Kendra: "I hosted a fascinating and intimate event last night. it was all about scars."

06'19'13 Kendra @hugoschwyzer) "I think both men and women are screwed in our society unless they consciously choose to reinvent themselves on their own terms."

06'25'13 Kendra: "putting on a mask. no doubt you know what that is like."

06'25'13 Kendra: "just sat on someone's face for a while... and now I feel much better, phew! #gameofthrones"

06'25'13 Kendra: "I feel like I'm a sow with eight teats, and 16 piglets are trying to drain me dry."

06'25'13 Kendra: "here's a hot face sitting porn clip... and then it goes into anal."

11'14'13 Kendra: "I love kissing him as he cums inside another woman."

11'15'13 Kendra: "feedback from a client: 'it was the most positive sexual experience I've had in a long time, likely ever...'"

11'15'13 Kendra: "I feel most natural and sacred when I'm sharing erotic energy with another person. feeling the teasing, pleasing tug of yin and yang."

11'15'13 Kendra: "I embrace it! I love cozy, and you can't have cozy without cold. "Hygge" is pronounced "hue-gah" – check it out!
11'15'13 Kendra: "YOU GUYS. I'm super cold-blooded and used to dread winter, but ever since I discovered the art of "hygge"..."
"I simply love it."

11'15'13 Kendra: "you can't be cozy in Miami or the Caribbean. balmy, breezy, sultry – yes. but not cozy. you need cold for cozy."

11'16'13 Kendra: "I love going to bed smelling like fire."

11'16'13 Kendra: "I have a sex blog CHOCK FULL of hot naked pics of me. and you ask me to send you a pic? AND I'm not dating you? FUCK YOU."

11'23'13 Kendra: "took a hot shower. so clean and ready for my relaxing, healing massage tonight. I totally deserve this."

05'12'13 Kendra: "The Mango Talk. this is one of the many sex-positive conversations I've had with my daughter."

05'14'13 Kendra: "sex snippets."

05'18'13 Kendra: "this is the pic that just made me cum. I've been turned on all day!"

05'29'13 Kendra: "sexual acts are where I shine"

05'21'13 Kendra: "a good writer makes you FEEL. surviving a scary plane snafu."

05'21'13 Kendra: "someone took issue with my Killer Kinks list."

05'24'13 Kendra: "exploring cock cages with Sissy Maid! I want to help him get a good one."

Kendra @AniKnits) "what therapy aims to achieve is not health, but compliance to social norms." – Barbara Ehrenreich
11'27'13 @TBK365 "your famous saying is carved in block letters on my heart: 'whatever you do, give up any idea of trying to cure them.'" Jung/Freud

11'27'13 "he best way to make a male-female-female threesome happen is to widen your focus and open your relationship up..."

06'25'13 Kendra: "the word 'nice' comes from the Latin word 'nescius', which means 'ignorant'!"

06'26'13 Kendra: "a guest post by Lisa, on what it's like being a single, polyamorous woman."

06'30'13 Kendra: "if I don't get back to you quickly, this is why. thank you for understanding."

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