Saturday, 7 December 2013

madness is akin to ecstasy

09'14'13 Beatrice: #truth "I'm a lady, but when I'm mad, I'm an evil sadistic demon spawned bitch from hell that'll make you wish you were never born... and when I'm happy, I bake cookies and shit."

01'10'13 Beatrice: "don't sell yourself short: find a domme that understands you in ENTIRETY. only the well-trained, ethical, and knowledgeable should be seen!"

Dandyland Diaries

09'27'13 D.M. Dewey: "this slave is on his way to me. I wrote about him in my book. he is my very fav!! 
SO EXCITED to see him."
10'01'13 Beatrice: "fantastic work – I adore the painsluts, as they always offer such a willing canvas. cheers to your continued enjoyment!"
D.M. Dewey: "I just adore them too! and they are hard to find! real ones, that is. I think you would like my book. it's hilarious.
where do you live? I would love to do a double session with you. we are kindred spirits."
Beatrice: "I'm in the BUF, but if we find a lucky enough victim, er, sub, I'll look into a little trip! we'd work in excellent harmony. also, where do I find your book? want!"
D.M. Dewey: "it's on Amazon!!!
its first hand my experience learning I am a Domina.
yay!!!! I will keep an eye out for the perfect specimen."
Beatrice: "oh, definitely getting my paws on this... I've been keeping memoirs for years... you've inspired me to start a new project!"
D.M. Dewey: "I think I sent you a link to a pic... hold please."
Beatrice: "also, ain't you cute! LOL yes you did. holding..."
D.M. Dewey: Dandyland Diaries
"do it!!!! so easy now to self publish!!! get your story out there!!"
Beatrice: "also, I'll be in L.A. in two weekends... there's a wedding I'm attending, but I have two days with free time beforehand! oh my."
D.M. Dewey: unfortunately that not me. just a pic of hair that I want to show my hair stylist LOL!!!
Beatrice: "HA! I dig the concept. keep it spicy. I actually got new clients through my stylist here in BUF when I first moved from CLE."
D.M. Dewey: "what!!!??? yes!!! we can both work on my pain slut!!  
he has a fabulous clit... it's hard not to sit on it.
we need to spend this time wisely!!!"
Beatrice: "BAHAHAHAHAHA – I'll leave the sitting or not sitting to you, my darling. email me at!"
D.M. Dewey: "LOL! I'm a perv. will do!!"
Beatrice: "wholeheartedly agreed."
I've published work of the vanilla variety. I'm getting pretty pumped up. (read: Hans und Franz – pump *clap* you up!)"
D.M. Dewey: "oh!!! amazballz!!! definitely a risk. there's no going back in the bdsm closet after this. friends seem to be embracing it."
Beatrice: "pseudonyms are wonderful things. I'm currently (and slowly) co-authoring a book on BDSM applications for Brazilian JJ.
oh, that closet. father/brother/uncle/cousin are all pastors. I view my work as sacred, but I have huge coming out fears."
D.M. Dewey: "holy fuck balls!!! I have always let my freak flag fly since I was little so it is not such a huge leap but still scary!!!"
Beatrice: "you know, I was always told to trust those who swear freely. consider yourself trusted."
D.M. Dewey: "I'll take that as a huge honor!"

edging is fun

10'02'13 Beatrice #Dominas) do you prefer confident, seasoned submissives or new, malleable submissives? reasoning? @MarabelleBlue @GoddessSinPlay
GoddessSinPlay: "I prefer seasoned subs but I get a lot of newbies. TPE is best felt when both parties know what they want."
Beatrice: "excellent observation, on the TPE. I think it's safe to say that TPE is only an option with a veteran sub."
Marabelle: "I like new. they are willing and humble to explore and learn. I miss my newbie slave." @OWNEDbyMBlue
Beatrice: "I do love the humility. there's such a sense of wonder, and teaching is always a thrill."
Goddess: "that's what I crave most in a sesh. I crave the look from a slave that shows the moment of total submission."
I'm Your Slave: "Goddess, I read your conversation. what do you mean by TPE? I can't figure it out.
Goddess: "Total Power Exchange"
I'm Your Slave: "thank you."
Goddess: "but the look on a newbie once they realize this is not a game and I am truly in power is priceless too."
Marabelle: "in gaining our BDSM community back we must educate. too many uneducated chiefs."
Beatrice: "watching self-realization and the moment of awakening are incredible aspects of what we do. also #itsnogame"
Goddess: "ok, now I am turned on again... damn it.
Beatrice: "no damnit! edging is always fun."
Marabelle: "all blog posts are up."
Beatrice: "also, I have a new technique for erotic entrancement I've been dying to try in dual delivery. you game?
thank you! exciting!!"
Goddess: "I miss my playtoy already. his bottom's sore from the harsh flogging and his pee hole a little bigger.
HELLS YEAH!!!! DO TELL!!!!!!!!!! I'm a little excited."
Beatrice: "Simple, really – going for a cacophonous effect – saying the same phrase(s) but starting at different points.
the effect is one of never ending suggestion that is murmured and whispered and delivered to both ears at once.
the longer is lasts, the softer or louder it gets, depending on if we're lulling or trying to frenzy the sub."

Goddess: "panties are wet. this is a good sign."
Beatrice: "ha! oh my sweet summer child, we're going to have such fun!"
Goddess: "so much fun. my slave is very excited. you will love how quickly he responds. it is like buttah."
Beatrice: "like BUTTAH. let me give you a topic: the Royal Family, neither royal, nor a family. discuss!"
Goddess: " LOL! how beautiful is this image. D/s relationships have intimacy in its rawest form."
J. David Clarke: "Game of Thrones reference! I knew I liked you Madame Beatrice."
Goddess: "I'm about to pack up and head out to Vegas. my sub is missing his domme. book release tomorrow. life is good."

female superiority

Sachero: "caged twins... double the fun... double the frustration... and when I own the keys to your cage I enjoy every minute of it!"
Beatrice: "lovely demonstration of power and supremacy."
Sachero: "sexuality pave the way to the cosmos of female supremacy. on this ground women have real power."
10'08'13 Beatrice: "naturally. our is the power of will, tantalization, ownership, and mental control. ours is the true power."
Sachero: "men try to cling to the illusion of a "glorious past". pathetic. nobody believes more this pitiful glory locked in a cage."
Beatrice: "men attempt control with violence, the threat of death, and with blackmail. we need nothing more than our minds and bodies to rule."
Sachero: "man is facing destruction. the rejection of Female Superiority breeds fear of women and misogyny."
Beatrice: "mankind would rather see itself implode than seek salvation in the superiority and intelligence of women.
they view need as weakness, and so, destroy themselves from pure spite."
Sachero: "men become violent cause they've 0 argument. anger is a confession of helplessness and weakness. crazy beasts facing downfall.
the biggest challenge: patriarchy leads to ruin. mankind prefers collective destruction to confession of his carelessness.
malice, dishonesty, disloyalty and stupidity rather than open their eyes to the evidence.
they want their natural submission remains secret... alleging that sex is a private matter. but who is still fooled?"

10'09'13 Beatrice: "I love photo tributes from my talented fans! attention to detail never fails to impress me."

10'15'13 Beatrice: "put aside fear. embrace the chance of hurt along the way. expect the best of yourself, and others will follow suit."

10'27'13 BDSM Dominatrix: "ageplay is a common theme within the BDSM/Fetish lifestyle. age differences either real or imaginary set the stage for erotic adventures."

10'28'13 Beatrice: "few things trump waking up to your sub begging for your strapon in his ass. god bless morning sex."

10'28'13 Beatrice: "whore is a compliment. pass it along to the sub you love. new blog post is up!
whores = happiness."

10'29'13 Beatrice: "to be owned is to be given purpose and the security of service. no greater peace exists than that which stems from true submission."

11'02'13 Marabelle Blue @MadameBeatriceX) "you are the best!"

Michael Makai: "BDSM is not a religion..."
11'04'13 Beatrice: "most excellent."

11'10'13 Beatrice: "when you are outed in a malicious manner, remember: whomever took it upon themselves to out you is insecure, pathetic, and uninteresting."

11'10'13 Beatrice: "those who would slander, hurt, or humiliate any member of the kink community should rethink their actions. we are not the complacent types."

11'10'13 Beatrice: "each of us is responsible for the end of hate, stigmatism, and ignorance. be your best – those who slander you cannot combat your character."

11'10'13 Beatrice: "I show my face on each of my pages because I can say, with full assurety, that who I am and what I do are not shameful."

11'13'13 Beatrice: "it's not the things I've done that make me special. it's the way in which I've done them."

Beatrice: "lick them!"
11'15'13 Will: "there is no better word to hear from a woman then obey, especially as she shoves her feet in your face."

11'25'13 Beatrice: "I love ashing into a perfectly clean crystal ashtray, held by a man who lives to watch me blow smoke in his face."

11'26'13 pinciotti: you can let my excitement nearly explode through a fleeting touch in form of a sentence.

11'26'13 "it's a big fucking job. you DON'T get to be weak. you don't get to be trite. you don't get to be trivial."

11'26'13 "the truth is, our kinks are only as wrong/dirty/unacceptable as WE believe them to be."

11'11'13 Outing in the BDSM Scene (A Story with a Rude Beginning and a Happy Ending)

11'26'13 "engines of desire and control"... "a beautiful instrument of destruction"... "an all-encompassing vantage point"

11'26'13 pinciotti: I'm now fired up for studying your mind: your lovely female cruelty and all the things that make you poly.

11'27'13 Beatrice: "every mind is a new delicacy to devour. thank you, for giving me yours."

11'27'13 "she does not give two tenths of a fuck. no, I take that back. she knows she’s powerful. she knows her BODY is powerful."

11'27'13 "he told me, point blank, that my behavior was hurting me and hurting him."

11'27'13 "small touches provide the greatest and most consistently felt security."

the cages

11'27'13 Beatrice: "never mistake loyalty for naiveté, nor love for weakness."
pinciotti: your idea of loyalty is based on independent thinking – problematically in real life. and love can become extremely dangerous.
Beatrice: "love is only dangerous/damaging in the absence of honesty."
pinciotti: entirely true. but honesty requires a lot of attitude and decency in this (kafkaesque) world...
Beatrice: eradicate the word "but" from your vocabulary. it inhibits the path toward change.
pinciotti: for me it's easy. for me honesty is fun. BUT only after I was standing on the ground of this abyss which Kafka discovered.
after that I became addicted.
it has something to do with this, you know "the struggle is the best part of bondage"
pinciotti: "think outside the cage. be open and honest. accept others for who they are – including yourself."
Beatrice: "for a very long time I lived inside cages of my own making, because I accepted the cages in which I was put."
pinciotti: as we all do, Madame...

feel it

11'27'13 pinciotti: "that constant mental engagement must be comprised of teasing." this sentence made my day! thanks.
Beatrice: "you're most welcome."
pinciotti: I can feel it.
Beatrice: "where, exactly? thalamus, spine, between your legs?"
pinciotti: downwards from my stomach, to be precise.
Beatrice: "perfect. arousal is one of the highest levels of compliment."
pinciotti: absolutely. and you don't give me any chance... my heart is pounding like made at the moment! 
Beatrice: "mad... very good. madness is akin to ecstasy."
pinciotti: I know. and I can nothing do against it! how do you feel at the moment?
Beatrice: "relaxed."
pinciotti: quite the opposite therefore... your blog is a real treasure chest for me.
Beatrice: "I'm very pleased to know that. by all all means, keep up the mental excavation in the dirt I have provided."
pinciotti: "with pleasure. most of your honed sentences strongly resonate with my deepest thoughts... that's why my explosive excitement."

11'28'13 "I'd love to bottle the feeling of this night and mass-atomize it like a perfume, throughout the rest of the year."

12'01'13 Beatrice: "it's the little touches that help us infiltrate the vanilla world."

12'02'13 [kink for the thinking world]
pinciotti: are you implying there is a non or not so much thinking world?
Beatrice: "I'd say I was less implying it than shouting it."
pinciotti: where would you draw the line?
Beatrice: "at being one's self? where we cross from being happy unto ourselves to invading the safe spaces of others."
pinciotti: no. where do you see the horizon of your thinking world? let's say in regard to pieties of all sorts. not beliefs, pieties.
Beatrice: "I don't see a horizon line. I often see intersecting planes, i.e. Paganism and Christianity interacting in plausible ways."
pinciotti: sure. but where ends your thinking world? being piously means for me to put blindages on certain beliefs... building walls.
Beatrice: "I have never thought of my world, or the metaphysical realm of my thought/possibility, as having any type of limit.
I maintain that unlimited belief in the Other, the opposite of piety, allows us to have limitless avenues for exploration."
pinciotti: so do I. but there has to be a demarcation between the thinking and the non- or not so much thinking world: why shouting otherwise?
Beatrice: "shouting is necessary when most persons have consented to living in fog, whether of their own or society's making."
pinciotti: no one can really separate its individual from the public mind. and shouting in a respectful manner seems difficult to me.
Beatrice: "if we will break this down to semantics, then I will say it was declared rather than implied.
I, respectfully, disagree wholeheartedly with your presented view on separation.
I know that I have separated the two, and can inform one with the other. I do not consider my mind to be engulfed by the accepted public/mass perception.
I do consider it my happy charge to help others view the public mind from the bird's nest of their own unique perspective with a healthy dose of experience and critical thinking." 
pinciotti: the bird's nest doesn't sound like digging... I'm rather deeply in the mud of loyal mass media consumption.
Beatrice: "I think of my digging as either excavation or tactical tunneling meant to undermine such media. analyze, dissect, overthrow."
pinciotti: yes. while I'm directly amongst "the masses" exactly listening to how one believes what he wants and what he has to believe.

12'03'13 Beatrice: "I'm not interested in what you think you know. I'm interested in what you have done, what you want to do, and how you plan to do it."
pinciotti: are you maybe interested in exploring this question, Beatrice?
"what will you see blindfolded that way?"
Beatrice: "I struggle, still, with the stigma attached to my profession, even without the title of Whore (used with all due respect).
I have, since a young age, considered courtesans and temple/healing Whores to be pinnacles of two distinct female powers."
pinciotti: completely understandable, as long as "slut" is not the social standard. but that's not quite the topic I was referring to.
Beatrice: "the power to enthrall and the power to heal."
pinciotti: applaudable, very impressive. and you combine those two of course... it's your way that makes you special.

12'04'13 Beatrice: "some dommes collect keys. I collect skulls."
pinciotti: no surprise.
"Skull and Bones" stands for ultimate authority, for unrestrained power.

12'04'13 Beatrice: "my amusement, not your pleasure, is the goal. the sooner you learn to take pleasure in my amusement, the happier you'll be."

12'05'13 Beatrice: "I refuse to be devoured by anything other than bliss."
Damien Carrion: "sexuality is completely natural, however mainstream culture and society have falsely turned it into something considered to be controversial and perverse."

12'05'13 Beatrice: "yep. that's about right. born in Illinois, spent adolescence in Ohio. sailor-mouth, for me."
12'03'13 Congratulations, Ohio! You Are the Sweariest State in the Union

12'05'13 Beatrice: "I love the way I work. full speed, stop to take a porn/orgasm break, then a quick sip of something sweet, and back to full speed."

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