Saturday, 30 November 2013

culture is formed by pieties

Beatrice, the philosophical domme

11'22'13 Kinky Musings: Sounds, Med-play, Ruined Orgasms, and Syringe-Fed Cum

"I adore strapping men down and then getting out my tray with all the instruments.
it's a head rush to lay out each instrument, one by one, and watch a sub's eyes stare in nervous lust.
urethral sounds, speculums, Wartenberg wheels, many and various clamps, electro stim attachments, vibrating attachments, dildos – anything the imagination allows, really.

I especially love laying out sounding sets. all that cool, clean, shining silver-colored metal. glinting, waiting, ready, and patiently waiting to be used – not unlike my patient.

the feel would be cold and sterile, for the setting and execution, culminating in a ruined/minimized orgasm."

pinciotti: therefore you practically go sky high with the erotic charge, in my understanding, by extremely minimizing the sexual carrying out... right? I have to admit: this makes me instantly hellishly horny... as if your fingernails would scrape directly over my cerebral cortex... slowly, hardly, kind of metally. and due to the immense excitement I couldn't pay that much attention to the moment when my semen actually pours out into your saucer. milked like a stud stallion, just significantly more cruelty and sensually.

Beatrice: "you certainly understand the concept. well said!"

pinciotti: you can let my excitement nearly explode through a fleeting touch in form of a sentence.

11'26'13 Hostility Has No Place, Here

"when a woman is comfortably and confidently overt in her sexuality, it does NOT give you permission to be a D-bag. you do not have permission to bombard her with either advances or moral chastisement, or a finely-blended neurotic buffet of anger/judgement/envy/hatred."

pinciotti: it's all about inspiration, you know. if one's able to internalise this one single distinct notion, everything else will fall in its place. easily. absolutely cool... but that's very problematic, because the whole education system is based on loyalty, the very opposite of it.

Beatrice: just to clarify, what is the opposite of loyalty, in the context of this comment?
and yes, if we can all internalize the need for respect, we will get far further on our OWN journeys, sexual or otherwise.

pinciotti: to make it short: all the subjects at the centre of the School Sucks Project for instance. and in my experience, inspiration and loyalty (deduced from Loyola) are the most direct and most important antagonists that there are.
if you internalize the principle of inspiration you will be respectful automatically. and even nicer.

Beatrice: "succinct clarification, and very well put."

11'06'13 On Varied Love: An Open Letter to My pet/Husband, on Polyamory

"yes, I want to enjoy the bodies, minds, and junk of other people.
yes, I want to lap at a woman's cunt until she loses her mind.
yes, I want to feel the security of submitting to a man who knows his way around a flogger and the female mind, from a sensually sadistic standpoint.

it's not easy to make these statements, nor are they statements that I make lightly.

I realize that making these statements, and doing so in a public manner, may have intense repercussions in my own home and with you, my own devoted partner.

I also realize that, in order to be the best Domme, wife, and partner possible, all cards must be on the table.
all truth must be transparent and accessible.

is this terrifying?
I'm scared-near-shitless to be speaking my truth."

pinciotti: WOW Jesus this is great stuff. I am impressed, blown away:
"I have been trying to find an accurate way to express this for over a decade. being able to finally do so, in a moment of writer's clarity, is one of the great reliefs of my life."
thanks a lot, Cyberspace, to make such things possible!
I deeply admire your ability to make these statements, Beatrice. they're relevant beyond imagination, I believe.
I find them tremendously powerful. your energy is simply mind-blowing, mentally as well as emotionally. pretty the same experience that I had with Cara Sutra and Molly Moore. and the reason for this is very explicit: it's the way you love, the way you digest your wildest wishes, your basic instincts, your need for intensity plus intimacy... to finally live the life to the fullest.
"the Truth has a funny way of making itself heard."
yeah, tell me... diggin' in the dirt is absolutely fascinating, multifariously and satisfying, can't get enough from this beautiful shit. I'm now fired up for studying your mind: your lovely female cruelty and all the things that make you poly.
"it is based in the personal and interpersonal knowledge that Love can exist between more than two people and still be True." my favorite sentence. your truthfulness inebriates me.

Beatrice: "Cosmo – I'm pleased you enjoyed this corner of my mind. the way you put it, digging in the dirt, is the perfect description of what it is that I love to do."

11'27'13 I'm Thankful for Kinky Sex

"I'm thankful for every single person who has opened up, and talked about their kinks, with me.
THANK you, yes YOU, for feeding my never ending quest to revel in the sexiest corners of your mind!
and, as always, thank you for, so willingly, allowing me to help you explore them, too."

pinciotti: "it's time to be thankful for kinky sex: cerebral kinky foreplay, chats that turn a little window into full-on subspace, biting and scratching and whimpering and CUMMING."

where poetry goes genital...

I couldn't say another word after my confession and after I had seen your festive fotos, especially the one with reference to watching porn and feeling feminine through orgasms. I felt your eyes would eaten me alive... madness was akin to ecstasy, you've said to me on Twitter – well, there's a lot of madness in your eyes. maybe eye contact is part of my fetishism, because for me your focussed thoughts, your bravery, your broad experience with real passion make your expression tangibly intense.

Mr. Intensity: "focus on deep philosophical discovery and connection. it is from that foundation that other intensity can emerge."

Mr. Intensity: "if there isn't philosophical alignment then powerful chemistry between dominant and submissive is nearly impossible."

I'm deeply thankful for the sheer existence of your blog and its distinct philosophical approach.

my confession: 11'28'13 "I'm thinking of you... wanting you already. it feels as if my sperm was floating through my whole body. like high and low tide... high: concentrated in my cock, low: washing over every single nerve ending.

11'29'13 Impossible is an Opinion

"once I looked at my own power, I realized just how fucking powerful I can be.
I can challenge.
I can dominate.
I can change.
I can help.
I can heal.
I can give.
I can trust.
I can create.

I can love.

coming to these realizations, and acting on them, came at a high price: the whole of my doubt, fear, and insecurity."

pinciotti: the whole of your fear? wow, congratulations!
"I lived in the world I'd been given, rather than looking beyond it..."
that is indeed the crucial question. if you want to escape from a certain mentality you have to discover its belief horizons: culture is formed by pieties.

"for a very long time, I accepted the world as a small minded individual."
"experiences like this, however painful, are necessary and inevitable. without them, how can we know life?"
a line from the movie A Dangerous Methode. Mortensen is hilarious as Freud! a sole and clever celebration of language...

when I for instance lie in silence and think about what's in your mind, pondering over variations and possibilities what your kinky femaleness could hunger for in particular – the same goes for all the other "real-living vampire ladies" like Molly, Kendra, Cara, Jade etc. – I'm getting boners that are mysteriously unique. really! the most completely hardened, extremely twitchy, very profound and painful erections. it's almost as if I could masturbate without even touching myself other than spiritually.

"the vampire has spoken" link: Molly Moore

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