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Outpourings of a Mushroom November 2014 pt 13

11'28 @CatagnusCc "Gary Webb...was the target of one of the most ferocious media attacks on any reporter in recent history." COMMENT
11'28 @CatagnusCc "the case goes to the central question of whether the...people are getting information...or propaganda" ARTICLE 
11'28 @CatagnusCc he is the benchmark for real journalism contrary to fake corporate state propaganda including so-called truth movements, NGOs...

11'28 @lifessubatomic "Truth" is like porn, you know, it's masturbation. On both sides! 
The deeper you go, the more intense and sexier it becomes.

@cosmopinciotti are you brilliant, mad, or both?
11'28 @lifessubatomic I'm just a little anomaly in the cognitive continuum... luckily equipped with remarkable balls
@cosmopinciotti so you say. most boys turn out to be pansies. who are you in love with this week?
@lifessubatomic right now I'm in love with the idea to smack your pale ass...
@cosmopinciotti when a woman won't talk the talk, do you shut her up with some fuck?
11'28 @lifessubatomic "there's no real difference between talk and action" BLOG POST
my cock's talking the same way as my mouth does
@cosmopinciotti maybe the point comes across more clearly that way...
11'28 @lifessubatomic now I suddenly don't know what to say anymore after you have taken possession of the C-Word... VIDEO

@cosmopinciotti thank you for that, mister. looks like 'I' win. also, I didn't say clarity, I said clearly.
@lifessubatomic In no uncertain manner.
11'28 @cosmopinciotti in my certain manner...
clarity is in the understanding once received, clearly is the effectiveness in its transportation.
@cosmopinciotti or shorter: clarity is what's seen, clearly is what's shown.
@cosmopinciotti how do you strip a people of its language, it's way of producing, overcoming and experiencing human stuffs?
11'28 @lifessubatomic no other can heal you up than yourself.
"we are indeed legal patients" ARTICLE what I am doing, I do it for me
11'28 @cosmopinciotti you would not do it for humanity? I think what you've said hit one of my soft spots.
@lifessubatomic definitely not. I do it in order to be able to live among humans
11'28 "The divorce of truth from discourse and action – the instrumentalization of communication – has not merely increased the incidence of propaganda, it has disrupted the very notion of truth, and therefore the sense by which we take our bearings in the world is destroyed," James W. Carey wrote in "Communication as Culture". BLOG POST

@cosmopinciotti and you yourself came unto this ideology how?
you know, I'm far more interested in how you did it than how they did it... unless they speak for you?
@lifessubatomic You mean, what's the difference between a corporate asshole like Goethe and a free spirit like Kafka? Beats the hell out of me.
@cosmopinciotti you don't follow your own thinking?
@lifessubatomic I guess thinking is the answer to your question
@cosmopinciotti classic, this is you.
@lifessubatomic now, what do you think how an investigative journalist like Gary Webb or a CEO of a drug cartel come into their ideologies?
@cosmopinciotti some people feel most empowered seeking out their weaknesses and living them, others by removing them. Either power the same

11'29 @lifessubatomic I couldn't believe it, now I do.
and it's worse than thought: your heart is indeed thoroughly atomic... inherently apathetic
11'29 @lifessubatomic the freedom which you feel in your thoughts seems to turn out as complete unimportant passion like a video game or something
11'29 @lifessubatomic today I have found some soul. it was the most terrifying nightmare ever. 
could you be more dead as you already are? over and out
@cosmopinciotti not. I care about stuff. what? I've done nothing to you, right? please don't ever contact me again.
12'07 She could be married to a mafia boss or a bemused songwriter, it would make no fucking difference at all.
Not one bit.

Robert Parry reports on NYC police arresting Ray McGovern to spare Gen. Petraeus from a question ARTICLE 
11'28 @Consortiumnews They're both Jesuit-trained, highly experienced masters of their professions.
Why do you believe Ray's little truth theater?
11'28 @Consortiumnews McGovern is not ex-CIA, he is CIA.
he's a perfect example of the Jesuit nature of all "secret services". just ask him about it
11'28 @Consortiumnews why do you think there's no truth possible about "9/11"? TWEET
the infowar is part of its dialectic design

11'28 "once again, the CIA lied to the American public and was assisted in this effort by our national news media, which denigrated anyone who..."
11'28 "I am a patriot who accepts that the USA is inherently flawed like any country but that we are the best...ever..." TWEET
11'28 "Simon added, 'The alternative media, to its credit, honored Gary. But the community of his peers in corporate journalism never again embraced him. He could never quite get over their betrayal. When you are an investigative reporter armed with the truth, the gun often fires backwards.' America is not what we think it is."

11'28 @Consortiumnews the media Are the power structure.
together with schools and universities, banks and barracks, churches and courts... in short, Loyola's loyalty
11'28 @Consortiumnews The Company has created a framework which allows corporate gangsters to join their game without being seriously threatened.

11'28 @Consortiumnews "The corporations, which own the press, hire journalists willing to be courtiers to the elites." BLOG POST 
11'28 "The mass media, as C. Wright Mills pointed out, are essential tools for conformity. They impart to readers and viewers their sense of themselves."

"the mass media are plagued by the same mediocrity, corporatism and careerism as the academy, labor unions, the arts, the Democratic Party and religious institutions. they cling to the self-serving mantra of impartiality and objectivity to justify their subservience to power. the press writes and speaks – unlike academics that chatter among themselves in arcane jargon like medieval theologians – to be heard and understood by the public. And for this reason the press is more powerful and more closely controlled by the state."

11'28 "to effectively disseminate state propaganda the press must maintain the fiction of independence and integrity. it must hide its true intentions"
11'28 "they use language and images to manipulate and form opinions, not to foster genuine democratic debate and conversation"

11'28 "we are transformed into passive spectators of power by the mass media, which decide for us what is true and what is untrue, what is legitimate and what is not.
truth is not something we discover. it is decreed by the organs of mass communication."

11'29 "bridging the vast gap between the idealized identities – ones that in a commodity culture revolve around the acquisition of status, money, fame and power, or at least the illusion of it – and actual identities is the primary function of the mass media. and catering to these idealized identities, largely implanted by advertisers and the corporate culture, can be very profitable. we are given not what we need but what we want. the mass media allow us to escape into the enticing world of entertainment and spectacle. news is filtered into the mix, but it is not the primary concern of the mass media." BLOG POST 

11'29 "as a formula, it is not attuned to the development of the human being.
it is a formula of a pseudo-world which the media invent and sustain"

"at the core of this pseudo-world is the myth that our national institutions, including those of government, the military and finance, are efficient and virtuous, that we can trust them and that their intentions are good. these institutions can be criticized for excesses and abuses, but they cannot be assailed as being hostile to democracy and the common good. they cannot be exposed as criminal enterprises, at least if one hopes to retain a voice in the mass media."

11'29 "scholars…journalists…who step outside the acceptable parameters of debate and challenge the mythic narrative of power…are always cast out"
"those who work in the mass media, as I did for two decades, are acutely aware of the collaboration with power and the cynical manipulation of the public by the power elites. it does not mean there is never good journalism and that the subservience to corporate power within the academy always precludes good scholarship, but the internal pressures, hidden from public view, make great journalism and great scholarship very, very difficult. such work, especially if it is sustained, is usually a career killer. scholars like Norman Finkelstein and journalists like Webb and Assange who step outside the acceptable parameters of debate and challenge the mythic narrative of power, who question the motives and virtues of established institutions and who name the crimes of empire are always cast out."

11'29 "The press will attack groups within the power elite only when one faction within the circle of power goes to war with another."
"when Richard Nixon, who had used illegal and clandestine methods to harass and shut down the underground press as well as persecute anti-war activists and radical black dissidents, went after the Democratic Party he became fair game for the press. his sin was not the abuse of power. he had abused power for a long time against people and groups that did not matter in the eyes of the Establishment. Nixon's sin was to abuse power against a faction within the power elite itself.
the Watergate scandal, mythologized as evidence of a fearless and independent press, is illustrative of how circumscribed the mass media is when it comes to investigating centers of power."

"This is why Nixon could go so far, lulled into a false sense of security precisely because the watchdog only barked when he began to threaten the privileged."
Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky in "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media"

"It was Webb's misfortune to work in an era when the freedom of the press was as empty a cliché as democracy itself."

ALVIN Miller: "is there anyone reading truthdig, that believes in anything anymore? seriously you people are nothing but a bunch of pessimistic cynics, no wonder you love Chris Hedges. I like his writing, but if you read it all the time you would become suicidal. so according to Chris everything has failed in society. the media, universities, the churches, private enterprise, government, just one big failed society. so we all should go blow our heads off. well if society has failed, then aren't all really to blame? after all, there is no society without the people. oh but then you might have to get involved and do something. that's something truthdiggers don't do. it's so much easier to bitch and complain on a keyboard, then to actually make an effort to improve our country."

bilejones: "'actually make an effort to improve our country.'
here's the bad news, kid: you don't have a country, the state has you.
it might benefit you to learn the difference between the two."

Alvin Miller: "I'm sure you'll change the country with that attitude. you truth diggers are nothing but losers."

Gustave Courbet: "'that's something truthdiggers don't do.' How do you know they don't?"

Alvin Miller: "I know you people don't vote. because both parties are exactly the same, just two sides of the same corporate coin. countless truth diggers have told me that."

"great article and so true.
I was too young to understand the Watergate Scandal, but after reading about that period it is simply amazing that Nixon and Kissinger did not go to prison for secretly bombing Cambodia. Watergate was nothing compared to their war crimes but Hedges is right, Nixon went too far by attacking the Democratic machine so the mythical free press taking down Nixon for abuse of power was born. this is why Bush and Cheney can illegally invade a country based upon lies and not be brought to trial. the administration gave the corporate media great ratings with stories of shock and awe, mission accomplished and stories of soldiers running races on prosthetic legs. Obama is more of the same, no debate about the illegality of droning and bombing countries you are not with war with but lots of airtime about increasing the minimum wage."
11'29 "If my husband turns on a Sunday morning talking head show I must leave the room, usually the house.
It makes me physically ill."

11'29 "Did you know it is illegal to accuse somebody of being in the CIA and if you do so the police will arrest you for it?" COMMENT 

RICK D: "during the seventies a Southern Air Transport craft would land at Oakland Airport on Tuesdays.
by Thursday the area was flooded with high quality heroin, and several overdose deaths would always occur due to that quality of product. Southern Air Transport was a CIA owned airline. WIKIPEDIA 
while the article is up to Mr. Hedges high standards and should be quite shocking to all what is missing is any suggestion of how to confront and alter this problem."

11'29 Michael Levine joins Montel Williams with Gary Webb to discuss the CIA's active sabotage against the American people, and their unwillingness to cooperate with open investigations. VIDEO

11'29 "A theology mediates between a cultural matrix and the significance and role of a religion in that matrix." Bernard Lonergan SJ ARTICLE
11'29 "As a virtual matrix is of artificiality is being built up around us, and as we unwittingly accept and wallow in this destructive social media, THIS BLOG is all I can do to cry out in the digital wilderness before we all fall in too deep."
12'02 @cosmopinciotti "Reality is a very thinly spun cultural fiction." #TerenceMcKenna TWEET

11'29 "Charles Wright Mills (1916-1962) – probably the most influential American radical social theorist after Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929)."
"this is a theme that appears time and again in Mills's work. it involves him in constantly looking to the relationship between the whole and the parts. by looking to the whole – and seeing the parts as elements of the whole – we are able to see the connections between things. to see how one element cannot exist in this way or that – without the presence of another."
11'29 "Whether he knows it or not, the intellectual workman forms his own self as he works toward the perfection of his craft." ARTICLE 
11'29 "know that many personal troubles cannot be solved merely as troubles, but must be understood in terms of public issues – and in terms of the problems of history making. know that the human meaning of public issues must be revealed by relating them to personal troubles – and to the problems of the individual life."

11'29 "This generality does not consider the notion that many of those stupid people have never heard the religion of truth." BLOG POST

"What is the Matrix?"
11'29 @dear_winsome "truthiness" (superficiality – as tendency)
the old art of war to let you in the dark about the actual nature of "the heart".
11'29 @dear_winsome
"double standards, something that a careerist like Leen knows in his gut but doesn't want you to know" ARTICLE
11'30 @dear_winsome "there is no truth"... BLOG POST
(well, there is, of course, but it's really very tricky) TWEET 

"American money is nearly as worthless as modern romance. Let's keep going!"
11'29 @Feenohmenal Why are you believing that the dollar was worthless? BLOG POST 
"In fact, it is one of the biggest fallacies ever."

11'29 U.S. Government In Debt To Itself ARTICLE

11'29 "the agency's relationship with the Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [it was] general Times policy…to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible."
The CIA and the Media by Carl Bernstein COMMENT 

11'29 "Clearly Mr. Leen hasn't read the recently declassified document brought to our attention by the folks over at the Intercept, about how the CIA 'handled' the Webb stories through their contacts with journalists across the nation." COMMENT

11'29 "Jeff Bezos' company Amazon has a $600 million contract with the CIA." COMMENT | ARTICLE 

11'30 "It sits there like an ugly growth beneath articles, bloated and throbbing with vitriol."
Comment Sections Are Poison ARTICLE

11'24 So viel Nazi steckt im Islam. ARTICLE 
Vor 10 Jahren haben mich Journalisten wegen solcher Aussagen noch für verrückt erklärt...
11'30 @UdoUlfkotte in other words, Nazism is part of the ideological spectrum of both, Islamism and Catholicism TWEET
11'30 @UdoUlfkotte "Wutbürgerliche Panikmacher"
von Katholik und "Ritterianer" Patrick Bahners... WEBSITE | WIKIPEDIA 
11'30 @UdoUlfkotte und Vorsicht: ich kann jeden, der "die Wahrheit" predigt, nur noch bedingt ernst nehmen. TWEET 
11'30 @UdoUlfkotte Barry Zwicker for instance is up in arms about "The New Pearl Harbor" "9/11" but advocates the false flag attack back then 1941

11'30 "The bearer of bad news was to be publicly executed." @UdoUlfkotte ARTICLE
11'30 @UdoUlfkotte "Man sollte sich von der kakofonischen Wucht, die entsteht, weil via Internet jeder mitpublizieren kann, nicht blenden lassen."

11'18 German Politicians Are U.S. Puppets And So Are German Journalists – Udo Ulfkotte INTERVIEW 
11'30 "one wrong sentence and your career as a celebrity journalist is over.
everyone knows it. and everyone's in on it." INTERVIEW
11'30 "the judges decided that a person cannot refuse to work with the BND, and it's not a problem that one might lose one's job for resisting"
11'30 "the FAZ will file court charges against me for violating criminal, civil and labor legislation, as well as corporate standards in journalism"

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