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The Vatican is The Illuminati

The Vatican is the Jesuits, and The Jesuits are the Illuminati

November 2000 – Introduction: Are the Illuminati taking over the world?

"what I will be writing on is a controversial topic, one that cannot be answered easily. if a person states that the Illuminati are planning to rule the world, many in the media immediately label the person as a 'conspiracy theorist' with the wild-eyed look of Mel Gibson in the movie of that name. or accuse them of 'fanatical fundamentalist Christianity' as if that were an epithet (oh, that we lived in a world where that was considered highest praise instead of a term of shame).
on the other hand, to ignore the evidence that appears to be accumulating worldwide would take either a large dose of denial (which is apparently available in maximum dosages in many media quarters) or a desire to ignore the obvious.

other factors also complicate answering this question readily.
1. members who are survivors of this group, and who leave, are reporting what they were taught within the text of cult programming. it can be difficult at times to separate cult rhetoric from the actualities that are occurring, or events may be interpreted with a bias due to the programming.
2. people will also be influenced by other factors, including: their core beliefs about humanity, religious faith, the nature of good and evil, and the possibility of organized abuse on a global level.

I readily admit to all of the biases above, and ask that the reader be aware of this. I am still trying to undo the influence of a lifetime of being taught lies, lies which I once believed whole heartedly. lies which make it difficult even now to sort truth from fiction, teaching from fact.
but I also believe it is important to share what I know about the agenda of what I believe is one of the most destructive organizations operating today.

until the age of 38, I was a programmer with this group, and as such I was aware of much of the underlying agenda behind the programming. I had to be. I was teaching other trainers to do their jobs better, more efficiently, and as a former member of the group, totally 'sold out' on the ideology that motivated me, I became excellent at what I did. the reason? I believed that the group would rule the world within my children's lifetime. in fact, I was told that my children would be leaders in the new order, which would be brought in by the middle of this century.
I was taught this from infancy on. my parents believed it, the leaders around us taught and believed it. and the things that I saw certainly showed great organization and concentrated effort towards this goal.

what things did I see that indicated this? there were several:
I saw a large amount of money being used to fund the projects of this group, funds that poured in from around the northern hemisphere and the world. couriers were sent to the corners of the globe, and many of the top financial institutions had a vested interest in bringing this 'new world order' to pass. this was discussed in leadership meetings, shown in videos to members of the group (such as the grainy films I saw in the 1960s showing a large round table with 13 members sitting around it, and the words 'these are your leaders' spoken as the members rose and pledged allegiance to the coming new order. I will not mention the figures shown in this film in order to avoid the claim of 'libel' but they were well known, influential, and many were behind the banking system of the modern world.

The Illuminati are funding this coming world order quietly, behind the scenes. they believe that money not only 'talks' as the saying goes, but buys media coverage, or silence, protection, and the influence needed to shape our modern world. 'as the economy goes, the nation will go,' I was taught in my teens by leaders in this group. they are practical pragmatists, in spite of their occult bent, who understand the motivation that drives much of mankind: greed, or the desire to gain wealth and power.

other indications of the worldwide agenda: the Illuminati have been slowly linking themselves with other world wide occult and religious organizations over the years. there are no press releases announcing the merger of Illuminist intellectualism with a local coven's leadership, but this has been occurring with regularity over the past decades. they have been funding paramilitary groups, extremist groups, and any groups with an agenda that includes hatred, ego-centricism, racism, or other isms to an extreme.

they are funding educational institutions, believing, and rightly so, that the youth of today will be molded by their education. this influence is subtle, but certain classes have been opened up, or certain instructors brought in, due to the subtle influence of quiet businessmen who has contributed heavily over the years. again, the cynical pragmatism of the Illuminist leadership comes out, as they wield influence with financial power, power gained, unfortunately, through their esoteric practices and contracts with evil.

local and national media have been influenced for years by their financial pull. I was taught that the average person would be slowly and unknowingly 'edged towards' acceptance of more and more immorality and idolatry. all a person needs to do is read or look at a magazine from the 1950's and compare it to those on the market today. to watch a movie from 50 years ago (when John Wayne was considered 'action') compared to a modern tale of violence and spirituality. or compare the changes in modern television programs to see that the media has had an enormous (and, I was taught, calculated) impact on society.

The Illuminati have not created our modern society's ills or weaknesses. but they have encouraged and exploited them, often laughing at the gullibility and lack of moral fiber of the 'average citizen'. we as human beings have created the familial and social climate that is present today in our country. more and more, this is a climate adversarial to fundamental Christianity and morality. mankind without God will turn to fill the vacuum, and the Illuminists and other occult groups have rushed to fill it.

are the Illuminati out to rule the world? yes, and this is what they teach their members. they are working avidly towards this goal even as I write. will they succeed? not if our nation turns to prayer and repentance, and asks the mercy of God on the world. The Bible teaches that only God knows when the end times will come, and also teaches that God is holding back that time in order that 'none may perish', that all may have a chance to repent and turn to Him. this kind of faith can prevent the domination of evil in a world that often seems hopelessly snared in the coils of the enemy. the choice is up to us. God offers the choice, and we must decide to take a stand and pray. to pray for our nation, to pray for individuals caught in groups that teach lies and deception. to pray for ourselves, for the spiritual strength to resist evil when it occurs and to choose righteousness and the love of Christ instead of selfishness. to be those who are not merely bystanders, watchers of moral decay, in a world where evil won because 'good men did nothing', but instead to be those who follow Jesus and 'did something' to make a difference."

*   *   *

Born Into The Illuminati, A Friend Fears For Svali's Safety As She Has Come Up Missing

After going public with details of her lifelong experience in the Illuminati, including childhood torture and brainwashing, Svali has disappeared.

07'26'06 by Greg Szymanski

"in January, a woman named Svali told an incredible story about being born into the Illuminati and witnessing a young child being sacrificed in the catacombs of the Vatican.
her eyewitness testimony was verified by an Italian woman named Maria, who said she suffered through the same type of gruesome ceremony, telling her story to this reporter only weeks before she reportedly took her own life jumping from the Vatican roof in the early 1980's.
having interviewed both women, the details of the Vatican child sacrifice were remarkably similar right down to the detailed description of the room where the ordeal took place, as well as the details about the particulars of the Satanic ceremony.
details of both stories can be found in the Arctic Beacon archives under a four part series entitled 'The Secrets of the Dangerous Illuminati.'
although Maria was found dead on the cobblestones of St. Peter's Square under suspicious circumstances, Svali remains alive, giving an exclusive interview on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, in January 2006.
however, recently on the word of a reliable source, Svali has come up missing, as all attempts to contact her have turned up empty. further, her rather detailed website has been taken down and her telephone number disconnected.
one of her close friends, who wanted to remain anonymous, fears something serious has happened. with that in mind and in an effort to keep her publicly protected and her story alive, the Arctic Beacon is reprinting a transcript of her lengthy interview from her appearance with Greg on the Investigative Journal radio show of January 17, 2006.
Svali's startling comments, as well as the Arctic Beacon series on child sacrificing, should serve as a reminder how the evil intentions of the New World Order knows no bounds or limits."

17 Jan 2006 – transcript of a radio interview...

SV: I was born in the group. I was born in Germany and came to the US very young. I basically went through all the training that all members of the group do undergo. training to various degrees, depending on the role. by the time I was a teenager, I was a youth leader. and by the time I was 22, I became the youngest member of Leadership Council in San Diego County. at that time I was a head trainer. I was the sixth trainer and eventually moved up to the second position.
when I was twelve, I had mentioned with you the ceremony at the Vatican that they really do make all leadership in the group undergo at some point.

GS: now basically when you were growing up, I remember you told me that you were instilled at a young age. you were born to a very wealthy, well-to-do family. you moved back to the States. you were told at a very young age you were special, you were "chosen". correct?

SV: well, they tell everyone in the group that they are special and chosen, and that's one of the things that made me very cynical when I was older. you will never meet a person who is an Illuminati who has not been told or programmed for years that they're special, they're the only one that can do things for "Family". but I was told, yes, I would do great things for Family one day.
the reason why I can filter some of this with an objective view is that I know what my role in the group was. it was over quite a significant number of other people. so I don't evaluate my role or specialness within the group so much by what I was told, but by what I did.

GS: so you reached the age of 12, and then you're told by your parents you're going to an induction ceremony in the Vatican. can you tell us how that happened and what occurred at that ceremony when you went there?

SV: (deep breath, voice becomes stressed) okay. um, this isn't easy to talk about, as you know.
when I was twelve I was flown over to Germany. and I was at I'll call them the German Fathers' house over there. and there was some preparation for a few days, beforehand, and I was told that there would be a very important ceremony.
and it was considered a sealing ceremony at that point. and basically I was told a little bit about what I was expected to do during the ceremony.

when we got there we went through the Vatican. underneath the Vatican there is a large room that I described to you when we talked before. it has 13 catacomb chambers leading into it. and what they do is as you go down these steps into the room, you can see that it's circular, so they're all rounded. and they bring out the mummies from the catacombs and they set them beside each one. [each of the 13 catacomb chambers] and they say "that's the spirit of the Fathers watching over the ceremony."
during the ceremony, there was a large table in the center of the room. it was on top of this huge golden pentagram. they had a ceremony there.

GS: so how many kids, how many other children were with you being inducted into the Family or the Order, as they call it?
SV: there were two other children at that point. but there were several adults too. see, the Church also brings in adults to swear their allegiance, too, just so you know. I was told, and I don't know if this is true, that if you want to rise to a certain position within the Catholic Church hierarchy, you do have to go through that ceremony as well.

GS: okay, so you're down in this room. your parents weren't present.
SV: no. no. the German Father and the French Father were.
GS: okay, and at that point tell our listeners what you witnessed.
SV: (pause, additional voice stress) well, there was a table. it looked like dark glass in the center of the room. it was made out of a stone, but it was very shiny and darkened black. it may have been something like obsidian or onyx, I'm not sure. this was the only time I've seen stone like that.
around the corners it had these gold channels that, you know, collect fluids. and a little boy was placed in the center of the table and drugged. I think he was drugged, because he was very quiet. he didn't move or say anything.
GS: this was a little three or four-year-old boy, right?
SV: yes. yeah. yeah.
GS: and then they continued to do a child sacrifice.
SV: yes, they did. yes. I told you about that before. yeah.
GS: now afterwards, quite, what, you know, an unbelievable experience for a youth, I mean, for a 12-year-old. what went through your mind when that happened?

SV: I was terrified! I mean, I was absolutely horrified. I... I... I... I can't describe the terror you feel when you go through something like that.
GS: and do you remember the words they were saying as this was going on?
SV: (pause) the man was in scarlet – he was speaking in Latin. and basically he was saying, "please accept the sacrifice on this day." and then he said, "this sacrifice will seal the ceremony." and then he did it.
again, I was so terrified that... (sighs) have you ever been in a situation where your heart's racing, but you can't do anything? you're just kind of sitting there, and you're kind of fading in and out?
GS: well, I can remember as a youth being frightened, but I don't think I've ever had anything quite like what you've had.
SV: imagine your heart rate going up to about 220. you can't move. you're kind of shaking, but you're trying like not to show it.
I mean, it was horrible. actually, I keep thinking inside, "I can't wait 'till it's over. I can't wait." you don't say this, but inside you're just saying over and over, "I can't wait 'till this is over. I can't wait 'till this is over. I can't wait 'till it's over."
afterwards, the man in scarlet, he had a huge golden ring on his hand. he came over to the center of the room. each of the people that were swearing that day had to go forward and kneel before him and kiss his ring, and swear my allegiance to the New Order, to the New World Order for all... until my death.
GS: now at that point you were escorted out.
SV: yes. yeah. after the ceremony was all over. I mean, the other people also did theirs as well. they had to swear their allegiance too.
GS: and they were the same age as you?
SV: the two children were, but there were also three adults that went forward and did the same. and afterwards, we were told, (slowly and precisely): "may the same to you or worse occur should you ever break this oath."

GS: so it's basically... whew! imagine at that age, what [this would do]. and you weren't really prepped for this, were you? I mean, you were told there was a ceremony, but you didn't expect anything like this, from what I've gathered talking to you.
SV: it was very difficult to go through, just because the sense of horrific oppression down there was the worst I've [ever felt.] I've gone through some ceremonies in my life in the Illuminati, you do go through them. but I have to say that in my experience this was the worst, just because... I can't explain the amount of darkness in that room. it was just pure evil. and unless you've ever been in a... seen a person... it was just horrible. it wasn't just what happened, but just... I mean, the oppression.
and I'm a Christian now, and I know the difference between when there is evil present – oppression – or when God's love is present, which is joy and peace. that's the exact opposite of what there was in that room.

GS: now you know what I find quite interesting about this? about 25 years ago, I was a reporter and a freelance writer in Rome, and I spent six years there. I walked through the Vatican many, many times... hundreds of times, covered the papal addresses, things like that. and during that time – I was there during a Vatican scandal, which involved the Church bank and other things: members of the Illuminati, the Freemasons – I was approached by a woman, Maria -ooo*, and I'll never forget this, Rome's a small town. people knew I was covering stories about the secret societies, things like that, because I had to ask people.
well, this woman came up to me and told me similar stories. she wasn't quite as specific because she couldn't handle it without breaking out crying, and tried to commit suicide twice, because she couldn't get out of the Illuminati. she was a member, born into it from a very wealthy northern Italian family. she told me basically the same ceremony took place with her.
and so, when I started talking to you, I wanted to relay that to you, and also to relay to my listeners that I also heard about this, 25 years ago, from a woman by the name of Maria and several other people in Italy that I talked to. I was never able to locate or really, probably for my own safety, ever find out what happened. but again, Svali's corroborating a story that I heard about 25 years ago.

GS: Svali, you leave the induction ceremony. you walk out into the Vatican courtyard with one of the fathers, I believe. what did he tell you then?
SV: at that point he just told me to never forget. he told me that I had performed well during the ceremony because I didn't scream or pass out or anything like that. he said "you did very well," and he was pleased. then we stayed at a home nearby. it must have been a local person, I didn't know them. we spent the night there before we went back to Germany.
GS: okay, and what about the other people during the ceremony. how did they handle themselves? do you remember?
SV: (sighs) I'm going to say, unfortunately, I was so... when you're in that kind of situation, the last thing you're thinking about sometimes is what the other people are doing. (laughs) I was just so trying not like to lose it myself. I do know that no one screamed or shouted or anything like that, everyone was quiet. I think to say "dead silence" is, unless the person was spoken to, true – or unless they had to go forward and kiss the ring.

GS: a question I've wanted to ask you, and this is such a wide subject. I've had a chance to talk to you for a number of days, and I've done some stories about it. you go back home, you're twelve years old. you say you were schooled in the twelve disciplines.
so your life begins, and you know now you're in some type of organization that is very different than what most people experience. tell us... I guess what I want to do is leave it open to you to begin. you've written so in-depth on this story. I'm just going to give you the microphone and let you begin. tell the listeners what you think is important about your original training, about the group and about many things that I know people want to know about the Illuminati. go ahead.
SV: okay. well Greg, first I want to say that my purpose in talking about this is not to glorify evil. there are very wicked people out there, very powerful people. and I don't want to at all magnify their power, but I do want people to know that this is real, that these people exist. that people who say there are people out there that are involved in these activities... it really happens.
I also, because I know that there are children being hurt in the group every day, and that's my motivation for coming forward. I don't like giving interviews for obvious reasons. I am willing this one time to lay aside my privacy and personal safety, because these people need to be stopped. they need to be stopped.

normally children in the group are born into it. The Illuminati very rarely does outside recruitment, that's not their main method. it's just passed down generationally from father to son, and mother to daughters, to children. and so the whole family line is in it. throughout the centuries people have tried to escape, but a lot of times they were either poisoned, murdered or set up to look like a suicide. they don't like it when people leave, and they try to make it very difficult – simply because it looks bad. (slight laugh)
they go through an enormous amount of training from the time they are an infant. you undergo indoctrination. and when I say indoctrination, I don't just mean like cult programming so much as watching your parents and seeing what they do. my parents modeled their behavior. to them the group was very important for growing up. I saw that three times a week, everything was dropped to tend to the activities.

basically the training process is designed to help you take on your adult role in the group. The Illuminati cover so many levels there too. it goes all the way from what most people think of as a Satanic coven type thing, at the very low local level, all the way through... it's a huge, enormous business corporation.
at the mid-levels, you have people overseeing finances and administration, who are overseeing... I mean, these people are making a LOT of money through gun running, through white slavery, prostitution, pornography. they have links and ties to the Mafia, left and right. and, in fact, the mafia are afraid of them. (laughs)
well, think about it! because they know that you don't cross the members of the group. they have a very spiritual orientation. they are not Satanic, though, they are Luciferian, which is different.

the ultimate goal of their spiritual philosophy and their sense of discipline is they believe that should you complete all of your training, you become a god. that is their actual end goal. they believe in the achievement of Godhood – of Illuminist philosophy – through what they call Enlightenment, or Illumination, which is how they got their name.
they are international. in Europe there are twelve fathers who sit, who represent the different nations of Europe. they are very expectantly awaiting He Who Is To Come, and during that ceremony in the Vatican, on my knees, I had to swear my allegiance to serve He Who Is To Come. they believe that the coven...
GS: Svali, why don't we just pick it right up where we left off at the break. you were telling us about this hierarchy that starts with twelve fathers. can you just run that down for us so people know exactly how this group is organized?

SV: sure. at the top levels, it's in Rome. that's the power center or the heart of the Illuminati, that's where the power base is. and that's why all leadership must swear fealty in Rome, because that's considered the core of... the spiritual center of the universe. that's how they view it.
from there, in Europe there are twelve fathers – one for each country in Europe. when I was younger I had to also meet with the fathers at one point and kiss their ring, and go through another ceremony of allegiance to them as well.
in the Illuminati, the European Fathers though rule over what are called the different houses. for instance, if you are from Germany then you belong to the German House. if you are from France you belong to the French House – they call them Houses. UK, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and others. from there, America was considered a mission field for them. and in the 17, actually in the 1600s, Pittsburgh became the first port of entry for them. that's where they first settled. and so that's why it's still considered a spiritual power base for the group on the East Coast in the US.

GS: you know, I did want to mention one thing. a caller, a listener, a reader of your stories sent me an email, and said, "Greg, check into the reason why President Bush, right after being elected, went to Pittsburgh and talked to a Masonic group there." I found that quite interesting.
SV: it's the spiritual power base for the group.
from there, it spread out across the Atlantic seaboard and then throughout the nation. the nation is divided into many regions: multiple regions, but seven main regions. the East Coast region has its spiritual power base in Pittsburgh, but the administrative power base is in Alexandria, Virginia. that's where they administer the finances during the day to day operations.
the West Coast, or the West region, or west of the Mississippi, has its power base in the San Diego area.
GS: and that's where you spent a lot of time, correct?
SV: yes, the Alexandria Council sent me to San Diego to help them out.
those are the two, of course, main regions. and then each of those regions are divided into sub-regions.
so then you have your Regional Councils sitting over those and overseeing activities. you can think of the structure of a large multinational corporation – that's really how the Illuminati is structured. then beneath each of the regional councils are your local councils. they call them sister groups or sisters, or your local councils. then you have your local groups under those as well, or what they call the sister groups.
so any major metropolitan city could have anywhere from five to fifteen groups, depending on the size of the population base. or more.

GS: now you were saying that, how many people are in this group in America now, from your estimate, of knowing a lot of this stuff? go ahead.
SV: pure Illuminati, I would say about one percent, give or take, based on population.
GS: so it's a fairly big organization, correct?
SV: yes. oh yes.

GS: now their goal, basically. just give us the broad overview goal, and then I want to get into some of these, you know, your role in it, and some of these ways that the Illuminati makes money that you learned about.
SV: you know, when you say "to rule the world," it almost sounds laughable – like "yeah, right", you know. I think people get ideas of thinking or wanting to rule the world. but really, that is their goal. they believe that they are the intelligent leaders, and they believe that the rest of the world are sheep that need wise... they see themselves as wise leadership. so they believe that their goal is to rule the world.
but at the same time, they have occult ways of doing that. their main way of doing that is behind the scenes. they believe in infiltration of the media, of education and of government – those are the three areas – and of the financial system. and they have successfully done quite a bit of all four throughout Europe and the US, as well as other countries.
GS: now you said that the Illuminati is basically divided into about six or seven different groups, and everyone is born into a group. can you outline what those groups are?
SV: well no, it's all one group, there are just different levels.
GS: yeah, that's what I mean. like the Sciences, the Government, or...
SV: oh. oh. okay. The Illuminati is divided into different branches of learning. these branches include Sciences, Military, Government, Leadership, Scholarship and Spiritual. those are the six branches of learning. and while all children need to undergo some training or teaching in each area, as they get older... they begin profiling you from infancy, and they know where your activities and abilities are. then you're, you really go into... most people specialize in one branch or possibly two branches of learning.
GS: and you were involved in what branch?
SV: I was heavily involved in Sciences, and also to some degree I did some Spiritual as well – but mainly Sciences.

GS: just to backtrack one minute, these twelve disciplines. as a child, you were rigorously trained in this, correct?
SV: yes.
GS: okay. and what were those disciplines?

12 disciplines, from Svali's online book:
1. to not need
2. to not want
3. to not wish
4. survival of the fittest
5. the code of silence
6. betrayal is the greatest good
7. not caring
8. time travel: "the child will be taught spiritual principles of 'traveling' both internally and externally, with set ups, role playing, and guided exercises reinforced with trauma. the goal will be to reach 'enlightenment', an ecstatic state of dissociation reached after severe trauma."
9, 10, 11: "sexual trauma, learning to dissociate and increase cognition, decrease feeling."
details of these 3 steps vary according to child's future role in the cult. these roles include informers, breeders, prostitutes, pornography, media personnel, preparers, readers, cutters, chanters, high priests, trainers, punishers, trackers, teachers, child care, couriers, commanding officers and behavioral scientists.
12. coming of age ceremony: Vatican underground sacrifice

GS: I mean, if... you don't have to go through each one of them, but what primarily were you taught?
SV: (pause) I think the best way would be to give you an example of just one type of training that they do.
GS: okay.
SV: I was two years old. I was left in a room for probably a 24-hour period. when you are that age it is hard to estimate, but it was a long time. I know that the sun did go around (laughs) at least once, and it wasn't just like a few hours.
and at that age, when you are two and you are left alone without food and water, you are terrified. and at the end of the time, I was just dying of thirst. my morale was just... I have never been so thirsty in my entire life. and my mother walked into the room. a lot of times they have the children, you know, or the parents train the children at these early ages. and there was a table in the middle of the room and I was sitting at it. she brings in this cold pitcher of water and she starts pouring it. I said, "Mom! I want a drink of water." and she slapped me out of the chair. (pause)
GS: hm.
SV: and I remember crying! and as I'm crying, she's drinking the water in front of me, and she leaves! she takes the pitcher of water. and a couple of hours later, she came back in and did the same thing. and I said, "Mom, Mom, I want water!" and she slapped me! I mean, across the room.
after this had happened about three times, luckily I was bright enough that by the third time she came in – I mean, I remember crying silently, but – I just looked at her, I didn't ask. and after she got up and left with the pitcher, then a man came into the room. he said, "you did very well that time." and then he gave me a drink of water.

that was part of the "learning not to want" stage.
and looking back on it, I realize now as an adult that the part of that training was to teach me not to recognize my own physiological needs and respond to them, but to look to outside people to tell me what I wanted or needed. which is what...
GS: now you basically, you told me you led a dual life in the Illuminati. that's basically how they function.
SV: oh yeah!
GS: you have a day job, and then at night time you're quite busy sometimes with the cult activities, correct?
SV: yes.
GS: okay. what I wanted to get into... you were talking about these groups. I remember I mentioned to you, you said you had these meetings three times a week. I said, "well, what about if I wanted to go and visit, and maybe do a story about them?" what would happen, or how could... would I be able to find one of these meetings that were going on, in your area of Escondido?

SV: well no, because of the security measures. and (a) you really don't want to show up unannounced at a meeting if you could get through their security, because the chances are you would never make it out alive. let's just say that a certain auto accident would occur, and be reported in the papers: "unfortunate accident – man accidentally runs into tree." (laughs) I mean, I'm serious!
the security that they have during group meetings is so intense that it would be very difficult. they have security at the one-mile perimeter, the three-mile perimeter and the five-mile perimeter. they have three people assigned. usually one is up in a tree where you can't see him at the five-mile perimeter. and then you have one person who is standing who looks like a security guard for the estate, because these are often large, wealthy estates, which is appropriate. he is dressed in a uniform. the third person is standing hidden behind a tree. as cars come through, and they come through the gates – remember these are gated estates.

so if it's not someone on their approved license checklist, they will stop the car. it's just like at a military installation. they will say, "can I help you? are you lost?" their goal is to delay the person. now if a person is saying, "oh, is this blah blah blah..." and they are just asking for directions, they will give them directions, be very pleasant, and send them on their way to where they are supposed to be going. but if they are acting as if they want to go further into the estate, and this is not an okay person, then they will say, "uh, all right, well, HE'S NOT EXPECTING YOU." that's a code word. that tells the person either behind, up in the tree, or hidden further back – they radio ahead and they say "UNEXPECTED VISITOR." at that point, everyone has been trained to pick up and leave immediately, within five minutes – with no traces of the activity.
GS: so this is some of the methods they go through so you don't get caught. I know that you wrote an article about why the cult doesn't get caught.
SV: oh yeah.
GS: it's pretty specific. you have so much stuff here, and we can't get into it all in two hours, so please pick and choose what you think is most important. but I find that to be interesting - why the cult doesn't get caught. is there anything in just a brief time you could explain to us... that?
SV: well, their security, their money, their influence. some of these people even own newspapers. imagine trying to get an (laughs) article published, you know, disclosing... there's a lot of reasons why they don't get caught. that's the first thing people ask.
then my next question is, "how many child pornographers are there out there, that the police have been chasing for years, and have never found or caught?"
GS: correct.
SV: and they're not even members of a secret organization. they're just trying to hide, you know. so when you consider that...

GS: you were a mid-level person in this organization, a head trainer. we're going to get into those specifics in the next hour. but you know, what did you learn about the infiltration of this group into all our different areas of government and media? they are basically at the high levels of most of our financial institutions also, correct?
SV: yes.
GS: and that is a great way to pursue their goal. I guess I've got to ask you this. how come things are moving a little bit faster in America now? I remember back in the 80s when I was confronted with this, when I came back home I didn't really see this kind of New World Order movement... all this different symbolism that you see now. what is going on, just for our listeners, right now? why are things stepped up since "9/11"?
SV: I believe it's because they can see the fulfillment of their goal... see, I'm going to sound very cynical now, and please forgive me for this, okay? their goal is to rule the world, and personally I believe that they do – it's just not open yet.

and they say they're now preparing people for when they disclose themselves openly. does that mean that they can't be stopped? I believe they could. I believe it would take a miracle, because of the amount of infiltration I see at all levels of society, and the world. these guys, these people have a lot of money. they have a lot of influence. and your average person has no idea of how much is going on behind the scenes that no one understands.
but, with that said, basically, I think that they're already there, they just aren't open. these people just don't know where they're going! (laughs) if they did, I think the average person would be horrified to know how much is going on behind the scenes that people really don't know.
GS: yeah, and the point of this interview, one, I had two goals...
SV: but... but you see, I don't want to sound disparaging, because I am also a strong Christian. I have faith in God, and I believe through prayer, and through people knowing... I mean, I would like them to be stopped. I just don't know, at this point, how do you take on the financial institutions of the world, the major oil enterprises of the world, you know? (laughs) that's the question! (laughs) you know?

GS: yeah! you know, it is a difficult question. now you're in the mid-level of this group. you worked your way up to a head trainer, correct? now what did you learn... before we get into specifics, you outline some in of your writings, the big money-making... the ways this group makes its money. can you go over and outline some of those methods?
SV: again, if you can think of an illegal activity, they're probably involved at some point. maybe not overtly, at the point of where the actual money is first shaking hands – but when you have child pornography, prostitution, white slavery, gun running, gambling, then at some point where the money is changing hands, buffered by about four layers of people, there's going to probably be someone from the Illuminati involved at that point. these guys have their fingers in everything.
but they also use legitimate means. and they launder their money. when you have a lot of money, you have to do something with it. and so, these men don't come in and say, "hi! I'm a member of the Illuminati and I want to like run your bank." what they'll do is they'll quietly come in and become a quiet investor, start buying up shares. and over a period of maybe, almost a lifetime, they will get a controlling interest in the bank, or become a very... you know. or maybe in their son's lifetime.

that's the other thing about The Illuminati. The Illuminati do not see it as "this is what must happen now, in my lifetime." these people have goals that last for centuries, for two centuries. they are very, very patient.
GS: and that's why the specific training of the children is so important, correct?
SV: yes. it's to teach you PATIENCE. everyone knows, growing up in the group, we may not see the coming order disclosed or open or revealed in our lifetime, but our children or our grandchildren may. so they will spend their entire life trying to bring about the goals of the organization.
GS: (chuckles) hm. incredible. so now you're in the mid-level. I can see now where they used these programming techniques, the different mind control techniques.
SV: well, they did a lot of what you might call human experimentation. and they had a lot of research protocols going on. so one thing I did was to supervise the research going on. I was teaching the younger trainers and head trainers how to do things more efficiently, how to do their job well, but also reviewing their research reports for errors or problems. eventually I became kind of a consultant. if a problem occurred, or they didn't know how to install something, or if they needed assistance, I would help them with problem solving as well.

GS: okay, we're talking about jobs in the Illuminati, the practical daily jobs that these members of this group, who are infiltrated in America heavily... what they do. now one thing I find interesting, Svali, knowing the media... I'm not going to name names or anything, because I don't have any specific information. but I find it interesting.
doing some background checks on a lot of the top media people in our country, they all come from these very wealthy families. (laughs) now that's not the typical MO for a journalist. a journalist is somebody, you know, who grows up on the street, wants to talk to people. I mean, I can think of Jimmy Breslin, guys who never went to college, didn't know how to type, and just got in there, took their tie off and started writing stories. but you know, as you look at the media now, there are all these silver spoon kids – growing up with silver spoons. I find that quite interesting. how deeply infiltrated, from your knowledge, are they in our media?

SV: wow. pretty... I do know, uh, fairly deeply. I remember that when I was in San Diego on Leadership Council during meetings, they would laugh about how people had no idea of how much they were being influenced and didn't even know it. they found that kind of amusing, which is... I mean, that's the mindset of people in the group, though. they're like, "the sheep have no idea that they're being led by the hand." and they find it amusing, because they show it as evidence of – I'm sorry, I mean, I'm just describing what they say, I don't agree with it now, but – they see it as evidence of the stupidity of the m... of the average person that they have no idea.
I'm not saying that every news story or every newscaster is a member of the group... by no means. but, they specifically do teach and train and educate children that show an aptitude for the media, because they want that. and if the person has a bright, charismatic personality, and presents well, then that child will go into that, if they have their verbal communication and other skills required.
GS: well, you know, that could explain why a lot of our stories really never get covered, outside of the influence they have financially and the ownership of the media.
SV: that's absolutely not by coincidence.

GS: Svali, what type of programming do they actually teach you, and how do you learn these different techniques?
SV: well, you're taught from childhood on. my training in how to be a programmer started very young. I was mentored by another programmer at the age of 5, by a doctor at George Washington University. and not only did he do the programming on me, but also taught me how to do it to others. the types of programming... again, that could be a whole ten-hour segment to go into depth.
just briefly, I mean, from the time a child is an infant, all through their life basically, they're tested, they're profiled. trainers can create a psychological profile, and then they update it frequently.
basically, they are trying to install in this child the ability to obey, loyalty to the group, and the ability to do their job within the group.

now those jobs vary in complexity. you may have on one side a child trained to be a prostitute. on the other end you may have a child trained to become a governmental figure, which is a lot more complex programming. but as long as the loyalty to the group is instilled, and that is the first and foremost programming always installed, then no matter what their eventual role is, they will remain loyal. and that becomes their first loyalty. whatever nation, whatever their public role in life is, their first and foremost loyalty will be to the group, and to serve its goals – whether they know.
a lot of times, the goal they choose is to be able to help the child create that complete division between their day role and their night role. so a pleasant, charming, wonderful, kind person in the daytime could be an absolutely cold, ruthless person at night – or during the day, you know, it's also during the day they do it.

then you may have a housewife with children who goes out and completes a courier job for the group. and no one would ever suspect her. who is going to suspect this lovely-looking little housewife with a baby in a car seat is actually carrying some valuable documents?
again, the first and foremost other thing was to instill loyalty, and they want to discourage people from questioning orders. they really don't want you questioning that, and they want you to obey their directives. should people show signs of not doing that, then they go on for tune-ups. actually people are being programmed all through their life. we used to call them tune-ups. it's a lifelong process for members of the group.

GS: but what went wrong with you? I mean, the dropout rate probably is very low...
SV: extremely low. (laughs)
GS: ...considering the number of, considering the training. but what went wrong with you? they somehow missed something.
SV: when I was very young I absolutely believed in the goals of [the group]. you never saw a more loyal group member. I thought that they were saving the world. I thought that we were doing a wonderful thing. but the older I got, I started to see the methods that were being used for so long, and that the ends did not justify the means. I became increasingly cynical, partly because I saw what I was doing to people. I was lying to them. I was manipulating them. I was telling them things that weren't true. I remember questioning this, thinking "I was told lies as a child too, then. I was manipulated." and finally you start to question, as an adult, the things you were taught.
GS: Svali, I wanted to ask you a question before we get into how you finally left the group and what happened to you afterwards in your life now. you wrote an article that is very interesting: A Day in the Life of a Trainer for the Illuminati. tell us what you went through in a normal day in your role at the Illuminati. go ahead.
SV: okay. basically I would get up. at the time that I described in that article, I was teaching at a Christian school. and so I would get up, I would get my two children dressed and ready for school. just like a normal mom, you know, go through the day, come home. we'd have little friends over and play, and stuff like that. then, you know, have dinner. I was a good mom. I was your average American housewife – on the surface.
GS: okay.
SV: but underneath the surface, then my husband and I would remind each other on nights when there was a meeting. and then what we would do is when we would go to sleep, I had programming in place that would allow me to wake up within ten minutes of the specified time. if I knew there was a meeting that night, I would wake up ten minutes before it was time to get ready and go. a lot of times we would even go to bed with our clothes on. and I never really thought that was abnormal, you know? I thought everyone went to bed with their clothes on. I didn't even question that, you know, on nights when we had meetings. I thought, "oh, it's warmer." (laughs)
GS: okay.

SV: and then we'd get up and go, and drive to the meeting. I was also very involved in Military in San Diego. in fact the group has a lot of military orientation.
so on top I would take the kids to their area, there was an area where the kids would go and change. they had a room and we would have like baskets of clothes, and we would change our clothing. you'd pick out your clothing, it had your name on it, and put on your uniform. or whatever you wore that night. the kids would wear these little miniature military uniforms. and then they would go out and do their training exercises. they were learning how to march, how to shoot. all kids in the Illuminati, at least in that area, know how to take apart a gun, put it together and shoot with deadly accuracy by the age of eight years old. martial arts, there's a lot of martial arts training. sometimes I'd help supervise that, or fill in if there's a military trainer [who] was [absent].
everyone had to be – there was a lot of cross training. but most of the time I supervised the training. I would be working on implementing programming, or what we'd call tuning up – reinforcing previously installed programming in adults.
at that point I was normally supervising the younger trainers. they would be doing it, and I would be there watching and making sure they did it correctly. or I would be also evaluating whether – sometimes every once in a while we'd be working on something that was somewhat experimental, and then I would be taking a more active role, assessing the person's responses to the new protocol, recording it, and if there was any difference between established parameters for that protocol or expected responses, I would be flagging that.

SV: oh! I can tell you that in San Diego, twenty percent of the active members of the group were active military. and think of military intelligence. think high-ranking officials, colonels, (laughs) commanders. my ex-husband was a lieutenant commander in the Navy, getting ready to become a commander, okay?
GS: all right.
SV: these are not stupid people.
GS: so you were basically working on the programming of the members involved.
SV: yes. oh yeah. yeah. no, we didn't program people who were not members of the group. you CANNOT install significantly traumatic mind-control programming in a person who is not a member of the group.
now there are certain... what you can do is what we call passive programming, which is basically through media means. if someone's watching a television program, they go immediately into alpha state. everyone in the group, even a baby in the group knows that, because these people are very much into behavioral psychology. that's a trance state, almost, a very relaxed state where messages can be implemented. and that's why I very strongly suggest people be very careful about the TV shows they watch! that's all I will say about that.
but no, you cannot take an adult who is not a member of the group and do what we did to them. they would go psychotic, or they wouldn't survive it, probably. they wouldn't be able to psychologically handle it.

GS: tell us some examples of what you were doing. program techniques.
SV: (sighs) sometimes, (sigh) it would involve... normally we would start with a hypnotic induction or even sometimes we would inject a medication. a lot of times especially young children have a lot of fear when they are going into programming, but adults do too. we want them to relax. we give them a very short-acting medication to relax them. we would then invoke a hypnotic state in them. if it was an older person I would be checking that the codes are already installed. if I was getting ready to install programming in like a young child, I would tell them, explain to them very patiently exactly the behavior expected. I'd say, "I want you to do this, and this, and this." I break it up into steps. then I'd say, "first we're going to practice this." I would show the child what I want them to do – I would model it. I would then tell the child, "DO IT." the child would then do it, okay? but, normally they won't do it well the first time, so she would... she or he would get shocked. that was called, because the group very much uses what they call positive and negative reinforcement. okay? if a child did not do it perfectly the first time, they are shocked. that's the negative reinforcement. then I would say, "DO IT AGAIN." they would show me the behavior.

now at this point we start associating the behavior with an external stimulus or cue, too. now a lot of times a child... if this is a behavior, though, that we want associated with a specific code, the child will often then be traumatized very heavily first to create a fragmentation in their personality, and then the behavior and the associated cue are given. like you might hear a tone, like "ding ding ding." [I say,] "all right, I want you to do this." ding ding ding – the child hears the tone, they get up and they do the behavior. once they can perform it perfectly, they're rewarded with praise. good job, or a hug. children like hugs, or something like that. then you do it over, and over, and over. that's why trainers have to be very patient people. because then maybe after the child has done it fifty times, then they hear the cue, they get up, [and] they do it. it's not even a conscious [decision]... it's reflexive. at that point it's considered installed. for very, very important  programming, I'm talking about like end-level assassin programming, because we did train people how to assassinate people, and that's a whole other topic I don't want to go into here...
GS: okay.
SV: we would then do a ritual to seal the programming afterwards.

GS: just something, I was looking at some of your articles. one was "Christmas in the Cult." just to get off on a different subject here...
SV: sure.
GS: you say this is quite different for you, when you were growing up, than it is for most children. can you just kind of briefly tell us what you meant by that?
SV: yeah, um... (sighs) I mean, we had trees and presents and things like that. but for most children, Christmas is just happy time, you know, lots of presents. but in the group, there are some very high ceremonies that are celebrated. several times, in fact many times, I flew to Germany. and there, there wasn't a Santa Claus. they had a figure called Father Yule who represents Christmas there. but he is not the kind of benevolent Santa that you see here. this is a man with a golden scepter dressed in a white robe and a golden sash around.
and I was once at the German Father's house, where there was a gathering with children and adults, and Father Yule was present. and he raises the scepter and basically strikes down a child in front of everyone.
GS: (laughs in disbelief) oh my God!
SV: I know!
GS: (shocked) he strikes down a CHILD? I just...
SV: I know. yes. he struck down the child with his, his scepter. and that... that is not what you call a happy Christmas, you know?
GS: no. (sighs)
SV: and at the same time, yes, we did have a tree, you know, and fruitcake and all that, and decorate the house, but there is another side to Christmas. it's, it's...

GS: (in shock) you know, I'm just listening and I just can't believe, you know, we're, you know, we have leaders in our country that have probably gone through this kind of stuff. I mean, uh, it's just incredible, this group. I know they've been around for a long, long time, thousands of years, and gone through it, came here. George Washington was a 33rd degree Mason...
SV: oh, YEAH!
GS: ...and we go on. uh, the quest... you know, I just, I want you to understand, just from my point of view, I just wonder how... you know, you write a story, "The End of the Illuminati." how do we get rid of these people? I know, you're out of it. you couldn't take it any more. you think we can inspire more mid-level people to just LEAVE, like you, so they have no one to DO this kind of INSIDIOUS... CRAZY... PROGRAMMING and lifestyle! what do you – what do you think?
SV: well, I believe that, as strongly as a Christian, that it's a spiritual warfare as well as an emotional and psychological warfare. I believe that, by the grace of God.
but I will also say that when I was in the group, a lot of the members are not happy. you have people in the group that are there because they love it, because they believe in our goals, they are totally dedicated. but to be honest, a lot... I often knew as many people who would have left in a minute if they thought that they could get out, and make it.GS: you know, about your husband, uh, just to break in and then go back into that. do they marry you to somebody in the group, or is that forced on you?
SV: yeah. yeah. no. in the group, the marriages are always arranged, in my experience. in my 38 years in the group, I never knew of a couple, in the Illuminati, that did not have an arranged marriage. it can't be...
GS: you just mentioned a couple that I suspect. Clinton and uh, Bill and Hillary.
SV: oh, well, YEAH! (laughs)
GS: (laughs)
SV: YES! definite. definite.
GS: yes. Bill?
SV: yeah.
GS: go ahead.
SV: yeah. a lot of times, these marriages are arranged for the compatibility of bloodlines – to bring the right bloodlines together.

GS: okay, we're back on The Investigative Journal. I'm your host, Greg Szymanski. and let me tell you, as an interviewer, and someone who has researched the Illuminati for a long time... it started way back when, when I was a young reporter in Rome... it's a whole different ballgame when you're actually talking to someone with experiences like this. it takes it out of that realm of what is quasi-fiction fact, into the realm of reality. and it's – it's really shocking. and, uh, I'll be honest with you. this is a story, uh, that folks, you have to listen to – because this is going on in our country. all the things you're seeing regarding our rights being taken away, the police state, the war in Iraq, "9/11" – all these things have to do with this powerful group.

Svali, you know, we're talking about mid-level people. now we're going to talk about some of the lower-level people. I'm interested in who they are. but you said they weren't happy, but a lot of them probably stay because it's very... I mean, this is a... it's a very lucrative way to live, I imagine.
SV: oh, yeah!
GS: all these wealthy families...
SV: oh, yeah! that's the main thing, that's one of the factors that keeps people in. the reason more people don't leave is because leaving means giving up your husband, your children, your entire family on both sides, your money. and basically, for a lot of people, leaving the group means giving up everything, and starting out penniless and alone. not only that, but you're combating child programming to re-contact, to go back, to be loyal, to be a good member. and I've known many people have tried to leave and went back, because they just couldn't take it.

GS: do you, uh, do you want to take a phone call right now? break it up?
SV: sure!
GS: okay. Marilyn, in California. you're on The Investigative Journal. Marilyn?
Marilyn (ML): yes, I've been a part of this. I lost part of it, I've been listening on the Internet. I didn't quite catch it. how did this woman become involved in this Illuminati training?
GS: uh, go ahead, can you explain that, Svali?
SV: I was taught it from early childhood. I was mentored into it. trainers in the group are mentored. you work with older adults and they show you, and you are given increasing responsibility. and so by the time you are in your teens, you are basically doing adult training responsibilities. you've been taught for years.
ML: your parents put you in it, or...?
SV: yes, they were members.
ML: oh, I see, so it comes down through the parents – one parent to another.
SV: yeah. or from both.
ML: (shocked) are these private SCHOOLS?
SV: well, my children were schooled at private Christian schools. they were all Illuminati. (laughs)  okay?
ML: (surprised, "now I get it" voice tone) oh, you're saying that the CHRISTIAN schools are Illuminati!
SV: SOME of them are. not all – but some.
ML: yeah, obviously.
SV: no, no. the ones that my children in were, specifically. but no, there's a lot of good Christian schools that have nothing to do with the group, but some can be. now I went to a public school, but what's interesting is, out of three public schools I went to as a young child, two burned down. (sadly) so there's no access to any school records.
ML: (completely shocked) I'll be DARNED.

GS: Marilyn, just to get you up to speed. you're born into this, then you're trained as a young child. you go through an induction ceremony in the Vatican. and this is going on with one to two percent of our population, according to Svali. very serious, in all levels. government, and everything else. go ahead, Marilyn, do you have another question?
ML: yeah. when you say the Vatican, now that is not a Christian religion, okay? now I'm a Christian. we don't look at Catholics as a Christian religion, we look at them as the precursor of the New World Religion. so...
GS: well, you know, if I may just break in. I grew up a Catholic. I don't get involved in the splicing of the religions. I'm basically stating that when I started researching the Illuminati as a reporter in Rome, and I realized there was a bad portion of the Church, I looked at it. I had to deal with the evil and the good. and so that's the way I reconciled it. the evil WITHIN the Catholic Church, at the high level of the Vatican, which seeps down into many, many areas. go ahead.
ML: okay, well I won't argue that point.
SV: now... now... now...
ML: I won't agree with it, but it sounds like you have become possibly born AGAIN to get out of this? would I be correct in that?
SV: yes. yes. now I very much... now first, I do want to say I am not slamming the Catholic Church or the average Catholic. I have many good friends that are Catholics that are strong Christians. I became a Christian, and that was the only way I could get out. but just so you know, too, a lot of card-carrying Illuminists, well we don't really carry cards, but I'm using that term...
ML: yes.
SV: ...are members of the Baptist church, are members of Pentecostal churches. it... this... I was on a worship team for a Wesleyan church in San Diego ... in my day life. okay?
ML: oo-kay. uh, yeah. very, very confused. I mean, I, uh, I think this is interesting. many people say that the Catholic Church will be the forerunner of the New World Religion. there's some very good books out. in fact, I think you may have interviewed one of these men – The Grand Design Exposed by John Daniel?

SV: the average Catholic has no idea of what's going on in the Vatican.
ML: yeah, yeah. I think that's interesting that, that the average Catholic would not know what's going on. that's just my take on it. (laughs)
GS: well, I'll tell you something. as an average Catholic going to Rome my first time in 1980, I didn't know what was going on, and I grew up as a Catholic, went to Notre Dame High School. it was quite a learning experience for me.
ML: I think the Catholics, when they find out how evil the church is, stay in it! I mean, they really... why would they want to stay in it? that's what bothers me. I know some good people who are like that. and I don't get it! (laughs)
GS: well, the only answer is... it doesn't... (laughs) I don't know. there are many Catholics who aren't actively practicing.
ML: yeah. thank you!
GS: but anyway, we'll leave that for another time. thanks, Marilyn.

GS: okay! uh, you know, they're not going to get me. that's for sure. my house is anti-Illuminated. it's not going to happen, folks. just to end that, Svali, before I get back to you, just to end that conversation we had with Marilyn about Catholicism. I look back at it, and I really thank my dad. and I do it in kind of a way, I'm just thinking about it now. I didn't know what the Church was about. but you know, something strange did happen when I was young.
my mom died, and I was ten years old. my brother was six months old at the time she died of leukemia. it was a very, very tragic affair – left my dad and me and my brother alone. and I remember my dad literally took a priest, a head Monsignor in our parish, and I won't even tell you where. Saint John -ooo°, right outside of Chicago. and this man came into our house – I'll never forget it – and said that he was going to put ME and my little BROTHER in an ORPHANAGE. and my dad literally picked him up and threw him out the door! literally.
SV: wow.
GS: and from that point on, my dad never went back to church again. my brother never went to a Catholic school. I of course asked if I could finish, only because I had friends there. but you know, who knows what would have happened, you know, looking back on the craziness that goes on in that Church.

but anyway, Svali, you were talking about, uh, you know something? these people that are too... that do not want to get out because of the financial ties. but let's go back to when you were in the Illuminati. how did this happen? how did you finally leave? tell us this whole story about you leaving the Illuminati. we haven't touched on that yet.
SV: sure. well, I do want to say one thing that I agree with Marilyn on. without faith in God, I couldn't have done it. because I became a Christian and that was for me revolutionary. because it made me question again more of what I was being taught or had believed all my life. I began to realize that what I was doing was wrong. I became increasingly cynical. I also then started standing up to the head trainer in the county who despised me. because he would do things that were just blatantly cruel for no reason whatsoever.
I'd say, "you're wrong". well, people don't like that. (laughs)
and he took it out on me in a lot of horrible ways. I finally made the decision to run. I ran to another state, because I knew that my chances of getting out while still staying in that area with people I knew, surrounded by people who were in the group, was not going to be very good. so I went to another state.

GS: you had to leave your family and everything, right?
SV: everything. well, my children were with their grandparents. at that point I thought that was better than them being with my husband. and I was going to go get my kids, but my husband then called and he said, "I want to reunite with you." and I said, "okay, that's wonderful." and I said, "but you have to get help. you have to get some treatment, because we can't go on. you've got to get out of the group." he said, "okay. help me get the kids and I'll meet you in a week."
so the day before, he called and said, "I'll be there tomorrow," blah blah blah. and so I was excited, thinking, "oh, he's getting out, he's getting out, that's wonderful!" instead, he went... he had gotten the kids several days before. he was lying to me, and I didn't know it. he had gone to a judge.
and the day that he was supposed to arrive, there was a knock on my door. it was a policeman serving me DIVORCE papers, and also a restraining order, saying that I could not come within a hundred yards of my husband or my children. and at that point, I felt slightly punished (sigh) for leaving the group.
I fought that, and it... (sighs) I fought for four years with a court system that said things like this didn't occur, because my husband would go into court and say, "this woman is psychotic. she's making it all up. there's no way. ha, ha, ha. this stuff doesn't happen in this day and age." and the judge would say, "you're right." slam. full custody to their father. and I had to have supervised visitation for four years with my own children, because I was considered a kidnap risk.

but through a lot of prayer – I had my whole church praying for me here in Texas – and through Lambley Research and miracles, my children were finally allowed unsupervised visitation with me. after four years. and during that time, I said to my daughter, who was fourteen, I said, "I want so badly for you to get out". and she looks at me, and she starts going... (hyperventilating, extremely terrified): "oh! you shouldn't have said that, Mom! you shouldn't have said that, Mom!" you know? she just... she just freaked out. she just totally lost it.
and I realized that it was her programming cycling, because she was just terrified. you know, she's like, (terrified, very rapid): "why did you say that, why did you say that", and I said, "it's okay, it's okay, honey, calm down, calm."
and the following... she was just shaking and shaking. and then finally she said, "well, I don't want to go back and get hurt." and then I said, "YOU DON'T HAVE TO."

and at that point I faced several prison sentences, but I called my ex and I said, "I will face... I will not let those children go back and get hurt again."
and he flew out to get them, and he could have put me in prison at that time, because I was breaking the custody visitation. and you know how strong the courts are on that! and I said to him, "please... look." because it was so nice. my daughter and son both said, "we don't want to go back, dad. we don't want to get hurt. we don't want to do this anymore." he looked at them, and he said, "I want to go think about it." he went home, and I was praying for him at the time.
and then that night he called me, and he said, (delirious, hyperventilating): "oh my God. oh my God." I said, "what is it?" he said, "we've gotta get out! we've gotta get out!" (laughs) and I said, "YES! you do!" and then he said... and then he made the decision to get out. at that point he went to a Notary Public. he gave me... he did a legal case document giving me full custody of my children. and then he said he was so sorry for, he put me through, the H. E. L. L. he had put me through for years.

GS: now, have you had any reprisals from people in the group since you were leaving, or any warnings? to keep quiet, or anything like that?
SV: yes. oh, yeah! oh... yeah, of course! there's one time when I did write one article that named some specific dates and times. and I got hurt afterwards, and that made me very cautious. and that's why I don't give a lot of radio interviews, and why I don't do a lot of this. that's one reason why.
GS: well, I appreciate this, because you know, the number of people you're going to help, by... maybe, maybe waking up the American people to what is really going on. sometimes you can wake up many more people by a person like you than talking about a hundred million different generalities.
let me take a call. Chris, in Washington, you're on The Investigative Journal.
CH: (calm, relaxed cadence): hi. Svali, I just want to say how much I appreciate your bravery in presenting this information in the way that you are. I've read your website recently. and my question is very simple. based on the information that you're presenting, I'm wondering what timeline the organization of the larger Family that you're describing has for implementing the New World Order?
SV: okay. I was told it would occur during my generation. I was told that by the year 2050 that they would be revealed. now again, their timelines change, though. in fact, I jokingly referred to them as being like the Soviet Union, because you know how they had their five and ten year plans, and then things always got changed? in my own lifetime I saw several different timelines for things that were supposed to occur and change.
but as Greg noted, I've also heard of, from different people, that actually there is a HUGE push in the last few years. it's like, "it's CLOSE. it's CLOSE. let's make things happen more quickly." so I couldn't begin to guess whether that's an accurate timeline or not. I know what I was told.

CH: I have a follow up question and this will be it for me. I have recently, against my own resistance to doing so, investigated, started to investigate fringe matters, if you will. among them the upcoming date on the Mayan Calendar of 2012. and as I've done this research, I've allowed myself just to be open to this information without believing anything I'm reading. one of the ideas that is presenting itself is that around 2012, not just according to the Mayan Calendar
but many other theories out there, that we will be undergoing, as a planet, a revolutionary shift, if you will, of some kind or another. and I'm wondering in the back of my mind if there might be any kind of race against the clock on THAT scale, if you will – especially if we're talking about a potential spiritual warfare...
SV: oh, yeah.
CH: ...using your words in play here. do you see a possible relation there?
SV: yes, I do. and, 2012 IS an important year. but again, I was not told that the final revealing would occur then. but I believe that probably... what will happen is that there will be events taking place that will help to set the stage.
CH: okay.
SV: but it's going to be... I was told... and again, I'm telling you what I was told while a member of the group, so please take it with a grain of salt. as I know, these people aren't always honest or trustworthy – they are deceptive. but I was told that there would be an enormous economic collapse prior to the revealing. that basically the stock market would destabilize.
CH: well, that appears to be already happening.
SV: yeah. yeah. and I was told it would make the Great Depression look like Sunday school. and at that time, it's going to... they're going to really be manipulating finances to bring about chaos, confusion, warfare, and then... but see, I don't like to be so negative. but I am telling you what I was taught when I was in the group, you know?
CH: well, I so appreciate it. and I'm sure we all do. you're a great voice.
SV: well, thank you! I appreciate that very much. but out of this chaos they said would come order. you see, the group believes that out of chaos comes order.
CH: well, I don't want to take any more time...

GS: let me take another call. uh, Harper in Canada. Harper? go ahead.
HP: great, thanks Greg. and Svali, I read your expose when it came out on a few years ago, and I always wondered what happened to you, because you vanished from Suite 101. so it's great to hear about you. a couple quick questions, I'll make them real fast. first is the term Moriah Conquering Wind. I'd never heard that before or since I read it in your expose. I wondered if you could elaborate on that term a little bit. I also wanted to ask you if this cult, as far as you know, claims to or believes to derive any of its heritage from Atlantis or any other lost civilization. okay?
SV: I'm not sure about the reference to Moriah (pronounced like "Mariah" Carey) you're describing, because Moriah is... is our name. but I certainly can address the second question. The Illuminati completely believe that Atlantis is real. they teach it to their children as part of the oral history. they believe that it was one of the greatest civilizations that ever existed, and one of the most advanced. what they teach... their take on it is that Atlantis was a great race of highly intelligent people who had a highly advanced faith, and who were highly enlightened.
but what they teach the Illuminati children is that then this prophet of the enemy, who was a prophet of God, came and foretold their destruction if they didn't change their ways. because they were definitely Occultists, they were Luciferians on Atlantis. I mean, that was the religion. and in fact, a lot of the advances that Atlantis enjoyed was passed down to them through supernatural means... that is what I will say. so they laughed at the prophet. in fact they killed him. and, he... I guess sometime afterward, we were taught that a few inhabitants escaped, but that tragically the great city was lost. The Illuminati to this day mourn the loss of Atlantis, because they feel that these were... that the few survivors that left were among the great people who helped found the Free... what you would call the precursors of Illuminism.

HP: one more quick question, if I may.
GS: go ahead.
HP: and I wanted to ask you if you have any reason to believe that people, men and/or women at the top of the pyramid, so to speak, practice a kind of magic where they are kind of skipping through time, in other words...
SV: oh! oh! YES! oh, without even being at the top... oh, yes!
HP: ...their body leaving, their soul or spirit leaving one body and coming and being born into another one, and therefore, you know, living through time.
SV: oh yeah! yeah! oh, yes! yes, all the time. in fact, see, now this, now I didn't go there in this interview. you start telling wackos, you start discussing things like that. but in the spiritual side, they very much teach things like time travel, travelling out of body, you know, psychic battling, things like that – things that cannot be explained by logic. and I saw things that I cannot explain through human intellect or reasoning that were highly supernatural and involved all of that, and more. [Svali has reported in 2-3 different articles seeing a group of people levitate an animal and choke it to death, though here she seems to refer to more than just that.]
HP: okay, great. pleasure to speak with you, Ma'am, and God bless you.
SV: okay, God bless you too.

GS: okay, I think we have Dave Wilcox called in. I think you know Dave through emails, Svali.
SV: yes.
GS: Dave, uh, you want to say hello? and do you have a question for Svali?
DW: sure. uh, Svali, it's great to have you on the air, and I'm really glad you decided to do it. so thank you very much.
SV: oh thank you, Dave. it's good to talk with you. yeah.
DW: yeah, I feel like you're an old friend. I've been reading your stuff for so long, and you share so willingly and openly about yourself. it's a real honor to be able to speak with you in person like this.
SV: well, thank you!
GS: all right, well Dave, you may have something you want to say to Svali. go ahead. you have a question?
DW: sure. I think one of the things I'd really like to have covered here is, you shared with me in an email recently about these stages of enlightenment that they try to guide people through?
SV: yes.
DW: I would like you to try to sketch out for people how the behavioral conditioning that's coming through the media, the movies and so forth might have affected them. in other words, what personality characteristics would you see in a person when they have been influenced by these teachings? how would the average person, who is not really a bad person, start to be leaning, if the Illuminati teachings were actually having an effect on them? what would they be like? what would start happening?
SV: well, again, as I said, the average person is not going to be a member of the group...
DW: right.
SV: the influence would be much less. but the media, I believe that... well, I KNOW. I don't believe, I KNOW that some of the media that we're seeing nowadays is specifically targeted towards teaching people their philosophy or goals. all you have to do is watch the children's cartoons on Saturday morning, and almost across the board you'll see morphing, power battles, occult. and that's intentional. movies coming out.
basically, if a person is being influenced by their teaching, that person will learn to not trust their own instincts, their own feelings, their own body, their own perceptions. they will be looking outside for guidance. second of all, they will be moving towards a heavily occultic worldview – that leaning upon the occult is very heavily encouraged. all you have to do is watch Harry Potter... (pause – laughs) you know?
DW: yeah, I mean, the whole idea that...
SV: I mean, not to slam one of those Potter movies, or The Matrix. if you want to know pure Illuminist philosophy, The Matrix shows it. definitely. the entire philosophy.
DW: oh yeah. right down with Morpheus being broken down with the injections, and they said that it's like hacking a computer.
SV: yeah! that's an excellent [example...]

GS: okay, we're back with our final segment with Svali. she's telling us about her experiences... thirty years with this insidious group called the Illuminati, how deeply penetrated and infiltrated they are in our culture and our country.
Svali, we talked about the higher levels, the mid-levels you were involved in as a head trainer. how low do they go? I said all along they're involved in gang stalking, the MKUltra program, infiltrating truth organizations, infiltrating groups that are trying to do good. how far down DO they go?
SV: well, they go down to the sister group levels I mentioned. and most sister groups have anywhere from, usually roughly around 30 members. and those are what a lot of people would consider the... what you'd think of as Satanic cults with a high priest and priestess. that would be the local level, the lower level. but those people are also very active in their community. and so, they WILL be involved in intricate infiltrating activities when possible. because to them it's not
infiltrating, it's helping. they think they're helping the group, or helping people by becoming a member and spreading the influence.
GS: let me squeeze in one more caller, Roger, a faithful listener. Roger, you're on The Investigative Journal.
RG: uh, yes. thanks. I had so a big question and so little time that maybe I'll just squeeze it in...
GS: we've got a couple minutes. really try to work it in, Roger.
RG: yeah, uh, well, you will enjoy this first, and that is that I recall when Charlotte Iserbyt was here on the local Clear Channel radio show. the host was, of course, dismissive of an Illumi-Nazi agenda. it was great to hear Charlotte say, "you're telling me? my own father was a high-level"... and she, of course, was a first or second-fiddle secretary at the Department of Education. and she said, "you're telling me my own father on his deathbed was telling me, 'you go get 'em, girl,' and he was one of 'em." so that was great. anyway, my question was towards the philosophical, religious motivators, if you will, which you have been dwelling on. and I've been trying to form it up into a more cohesive, integrated...
GS: try to make it quick, we're running out of time. go ahead.
RG: yeah. to expose the ethos of the, you know, it's like the Neocons serve as the pseudo-intellectual rationale for the Illumi-Nazi agenda. and I don't presume that it turns on such fine distinctions, so much as it is a bare-knuckled lust for power. but everybody has sort of a worldview that they use to justify their actions. and of course, it's a most un-conservative, humanistic social engineering agenda on a far larger scale. now you mentioned about these people, basically, and it's as rare as hen teeth...
GS: quick, Roger...
RG: ...yeah, to find somebody that's not oxymoronically both a spiritualist and an occultist, and also a, what do you call, a hardcore rationalist. or maybe that's just a Republican assumption, right?
SV: (sighs)
GS: (slight laughing in delivery) I know there was a question in there somewhere, Roger...
RG: yeah.

GS: but anyway, thanks for calling. let me, I've only got a minute. I've got to finish with Svali. Svali, tell us in your own words, you've got about a minute or two left here. you went forward, you came forward, you're now living a life completely away from them. what's your hopes of the future in our country right now?
SV: my hope is that people will realize that this is happening, and that they will start doing something about it – that they will start looking at it. now again, we're talking about people who are mentally wealthy, but it won't be easy. but if people could rise up in prayer, and just say, "THIS ISN'T OKAY"... if people would become informed enough to learn more about it, be aware they exist... and then, possibly, PRAY. pray that people will take action against the things that are happening. because these people...
GS: okay, Svali, I'm...
SV: okay. all right.
GS: we're all out of time. we're going to end on that prayer. I really thank you for coming forward. you're very courageous. we'll talk again, and I'll be back tomorrow on The Investigative Journal. same time, same place.
SV: Goodbye.

*   *   *

Deep Within the Bowels of The Vatican and Illuminati: The Small Public Chapter of Svali's Life Coming to an End

pt 4° Svali says no more interviews but will still try and spread the word of truth through her Christian fellowship group called "The Lion and the Lamb Ministries."

19 Jan 2006 by Greg Szymanski

"'I was up all night before the radio interview today. it is very difficult to talk about this because of what I experienced as a child. it is also very dangerous, as people in this group can be very dangerous and ruthless' said Svali, 48, after making a one-time appearance Wednesday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, on both the Republic Broadcasting (RBN) and Genesis Communications (GCN) Radio Networks. on the talk shows, Svali gasped for breath several times and was emotionally shaken when recalling how she was brainwashed as a young child and then how she was subjected to watching a young child being sacrificed at her Illuminati induction ceremony at the Vatican at age 12. her graphic description of the evil Vatican ceremony is contained in pt 2° of this series.

'I hope what I am trying to tell people will help save the lives of other children, as well as show people how organized and dangerous these people in the Illuminati really are,' said Svali, who was born into what insiders call the 'Family' or 'Order', running from the group's evil clutches 10 years ago. 'growing up in the secret organization, I was one of the most loyal followers, rising fast in the group's power structure. by 22, I became a head programmer and trainer of others in the secret group. but as I grew up, I began to see the lies. I finally risked everything and left, understanding that the Illuminati ends do not  justify the means.'

although Illuminati mind control programs are numerous and diverse, Svali became an expert in the group's brainwashing techniques, as a head trainer overseeing the work of at least 60 others in the San Diego area. recalling a typical day in the life of a mind control programmer working on other Illuminati members, Svali wrote down an hour by hour summary of one of her days which didn't end to the early hours of the next morning. note how Svali admits to changing her personality from day to night like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a result of years of Illuminati brainwashing. her story is picked up 9:30 pm in the evening after a full day and just before going to bed:
'9:30: I get ready to go to bed. I have to get ten to twelve hours of sleep a night, or I am completely exhausted. many times, I fall asleep reading to my two children. just before falling asleep, I say to my husband, °remember° and give him the code that lets us know we have to wake up later. he replies in German that he remembers.

1:00 AM: my husband wakes me up. he and I take turns being the one to wake up the others. we don't need an alarm, because our internal body clocks wake us up. I am in my sweats, I fell asleep dressed to make it easier when I rise in the middle of the night. I am finally me, I can come out now and see the outside world, not locked inside as I am during the day. °get the kids° he says in a low tone. I go upstairs and tell them °get ready, now.° they are up instantly, completely obedient which is very different from during the day. quickly, silently they put their shoes on and I take them down to the car.
my husband drives, I am in the passenger seat. he drives with the headlights off until we are on the road so we won't wake our neighbors up. we live in the country on a dirt lane and there are few houses to worry about. my job is to keep alert, looking for anyone following us, to alert him if anyone is coming.
once we are down the road and turn onto the paved road, he turns the headlights on and we go to the meeting. °I didn't finish my homework° my son says. my husband and I turn briefly to him, enraged. °we don't talk about day at night, EVER!° we remind him. °do you want to be beaten?° he looks hurt, then the rest of the drive is in silence, the children looking out the windows of the car as we glide silently to our destination.

1:20: we are at the first checkpoint at the military base. we drove in the back entrance and are waved through, the lookouts recognize our car and our license plates. they would stop anyone who wasn't familiar or authorized to be there. we will pass two more checkpoints before coming to the meeting area. it is at a large field on a major marine base that includes hundreds of acres. small tents are erected, and temporary bases set up for the night's exercises. we come either here, or to one of three different meeting places, three times a week.

people are chatting and drinking coffee. there are a lot of friendships here, because everyone is working towards the same goal. the work is intense and the friendships are just as intense. I join a group of trainers, who I know well. °looks like Chrysa is missing° I say. °I bet the lazy bastard couldn't get out of bed.° I am very different at night. I use words that would horrify me during the day, and I am very catty and mean. the others laugh. °she was late two weeks ago, too° says another. °maybe we will need to REPORT her.° he is joking, but partly serious. no one is allowed to be late, or sick. or too early, either. there is a ten minute window of time when all members are supposed to report to meetings. if not, then they are punished if there isn't a good excuse. high fevers, surgery, or an auto accident are considered excuses. PMS, fatigue, or the car not working aren't.
we drink coffee to stay awake, since even our dissociated state doesn't stop the body's protest at being awake in the middle of the night after a full day's activities. I go to the tent to change into my uniform. we all wear uniforms at night, and we all have ranks too, based on how high we are in the group and how well we do.1:45: we start going to our assigned tasks. I have brought the logbooks with me, the °item° that I was asked to remember. I keep them hidden in a closet at home, locked in a steel box. these books contain data about different °subjects° that we have been working on.
I go to the head trainer's room inside a nearby building. I work with him, since I am the second trainer under him. he and I despise each other, and I suspect he would love to undermine me since I have made many cruel jokes at his expense. I am supposed to be afraid of him, and I am, but I also cannot respect him, and he knows it. I point out his mistakes to him, in front of others, and he often tries to get back at me.

1:50: the room inside the warehouse-like building is set up to work on the subjects. it has a table, a light, and equipment. the room is apart from the activities going on outside, so that others will not be distracted by what we do here.
the subject is there, ready to be worked on. another, younger trainer is there to help, and I tell her to administer the medication. we are working on medications to help induce hypnotic states, and are studying the effects of these medications, combined with hypnosis and trauma. the medication is injected subcutaneously, and then we wait.

within ten minutes, the subject is drowsy and his breathing is slower and heavier, but his eyes are open which is what we want. I will not describe the rest of the session here, it is too painful for me to describe at this time. I believe that human experimentation is cruel and should be stopped, but the group that I was in did it on a continuous basis. we record information in the logbook throughout the session, and I have a laptop computer into which I am putting the information as well. we are profiling not just the medication, but also this person's individual response.

we have profiles that are very complete and thorough on this person, started when he was an infant. I can pull up a special profile that tells me everything about him: his favorite colors, foods, sexual preferences, soothing techniques, and a list of all the codes that will elicit a response from him. there is also a diagram of his internal world that has been created over the years. this subject is easy to work with and things go quickly.

I correct the young trainer at one point, when she starts to do something too soon. °you have to learn patience° I chide her in German. at night, we all talk German. it and English are the two ligua francas in this group. °I'm sorry, I thought it was time° she says. I then teach her the signs to look for when the subject is ready. this is why I am a head trainer. I train the younger ones, because after years and years, I know human anatomy, physiology, and psychology inside out. luckily, I caught this young trainer before she made the mistake. if she had made one, I would have had to punish her.

at night, mistakes aren't accepted, ever. once a child is two or three, they are expected to perform correctly, or they are brutalized. this continues into adulthood.

2:35: the session is almost over and the subject is recovering. the medication is quick acting and he will recover in time to drive home. I leave him in the care of the younger trainer and go to the coffee room to take a break. there I smoke a cigarette and having coffee with the other trainers. during the day, I have never smoked and coffee makes me ill, but here, at night, it is completely different.
°how's your night going?° Jamie, a friend, asks. I only know her as Jamie, it isn't her real name, but we all go by our nicknames at night. she is also one of the teachers at the school during the day, but we aren't friends there. °slow. I had to correct another stupid kid° I say. I am not kind at night, because no one has ever been kind to me. it is a very dog-eat-dog and political atmosphere where the cruel win.
°how about you? I ask. she grimaces. °I had to march some brats around° she says, referring to military exercises with children ages 8 to 10. every night there are military exercises, because the group is preparing for the eventual takeover. the children are divided into groups by age, and different adults take turns teaching. we chat for a few minutes, and then go back to our °jobs°.

2:45: this is a short session. it is a °tune up° for a member who is one of the military leaders. I take his profile out and review it before starting. the head trainer and one other trainer are working with me. the hypnotic induction goes quickly, and he remembers his programming. it is reinforced with shock, and we check through all parameters. they are all active and in place. I sigh with relief. this was an easy one, and he doesn't fight us.
afterwards, I am soothing and kind. °you did well° I tell him. inside a little trickle in my stomach revolts at the use of brutality to teach. he nods, still slightly dazed from the session. °you can be proud of yourself° I tell him, and pat his hand. he is given his reward afterwards, and spends time with a child. he is a pedophile and this is how he is comforted after his session.

3:30: we have changed out of our uniforms, which are placed in a special hamper to be cleaned. my clothes, which were neatly folded on a shelf are back on, and we are all in the car on the way home. my daughter speaks. °I get promoted next week° she says, her voice proud. °they said I did really well in the exercises tonight.°
she knows that I and the other adults will be at the ceremony to honor the promotions. °I'm glad° I tell her. I am weary for some reason. usually, I would be glad, but tonight, although it was a routine night, was hard. I have been feeling little cold trickles inside me lately, twinges of terror. sometimes, I hear a child inside, deep inside, screaming, and I sweat as I work on children or adults. and I wonder how long I can keep doing this. I have heard of trainers who broke down or couldn't do their job, and I also heard whispered stories of what happened to them. it was the essence of nightmares, and I shove down my own anxiety.

4:00: we are home and collapse into bed, instantly asleep. the children fell asleep before we got home, and my husband and I carried them to bed. we all sleep dreamlessly and deeply.
7:00: I wake up to the alarm, tired. it seems I am always tired, and this morning I have a slight headache. I hurry to get the kids up and get ready to teach another day. I wonder if there is something wrong with me, since I seem to need more and more sleep and still wake up tired. I have no idea that the night before, I was up and living my other life.'

days like Svali detailed above happened often. for years she essentially led a dual existence, somehow balancing her day and night life through sophisticated programming techniques embedded in her psyche from childhood. now, 10 years later after finally being united with her two children after the Illuminati left her penniless, Svali still fears repercussions but believes it's important to warn Americans that Illuminati is stepping up efforts to destroy America.

'I was told in my lifetime or my children's lifetime, America would be completely taken over' said Svali. 'the group believes they are The Chosen Ones. they believe they can become God if they follow the Illuminati agenda.
America was once viewed as a missionary ground by the 12 European Fathers or heads of the Illuminati. but now they have infiltrated every aspect of government, finance and the media, preparing the population for drastic changes. the spiritual center of the Illuminati here is in Pittsburgh. yes, George W. Bush went to Pittsburgh right after he was elected to speak at a Masonic Lodge for that reason. the group and its members use signs and symbols and they are all over America if you take the time to look.
Svali said the Illuminati's display of arrogance as well as its members being programmed to feel they are invincible and above the law are now visible to all Americans if they closely watch the actions of their government leaders, a group Svali readily admits 'are card-carrying Illuminati members'.

'wars. a military state. a loss of civil rights. an upcoming financial collapse that will make The Great Depression look like a Sunday picnic' said Svali who still holds out hope that the Illuminati can be stopped before America is destroyed. 'it all goes back to The Vatican and all of our leaders take their marching orders from Rome. this is not fiction. I know because I lived it for many years.'

although many researchers of the Illuminati feel that America is doomed, Svali feels differently: 'The Illuminati and other groups that are organizing to create a world order based on the occult are hoping that this won't happen. but history is against them. they base their principles and spirituality on the occultism of ancient Rome, Crete, and Babylon. but look what happened to the original practitioners! their rules ended, and God brought those rulers filled with pride to dust. I know that this is the end of the Illuminati and any other occult groups as well. God has given us a wonderful glimpse in Daniel of their eventual fate.
'there is only one rule, one kingdom that will last forever, and that is the reign of Jesus. His reign has already begun in His church, and this gives me hope and joy, and takes away the fear of what the occult °planners° can do. I've placed my bet on the winning side, and moved from darkness to His kingdom.°'"

*   *   *

Fed Up With Lies And Deceit, Svali Turns Tail And Runs From The Feared Illuminati

pt 3 After being brainwashed and heavily schooled in the "12 Disciplines" of the Illuminati, Svali is now trying to base her life on a foundation of truth not lies.

18 Jan 2006 by Greg Szymanski

"Svali wised up. at age 38, she turned tail and ran from the clutches of the Illuminati in San Diego. no more secret meetings in nearby Escondido guarded with heavy Illuminati security. no more pushing 'The Family' agenda as a head mind control trainer. she was simply fed up with the lies, deceit, torture, bribery and killing, deciding 10 years ago to call it quits on her wealthy parents and the members of the insidious Illuminati.
brainwashed as a child, she finally saw through the lies, the evil and decided to start all over again, landing in northern Texas where she has now began a Christian ministry with a foundation in truth, not Illuminati lies.


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